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If you’re frustrated because you struggle in the entertainment business, then Branding for Entertainers podcast will help. If you’re looking for valuable insights into the most common and frustrating identity issues that both amateur and even professional entertainers face, then the BFE podcast will help you shine. Billy Diamond brings you practical advice and formulas to get people to remember who you are and keep them talking about your brand. Billy and the world’s leading experts will help you polish your visual, verbal, and virtual identity so that entertainment buyers, agents, and your live audience will listen. Each episode is geared to help you get your message out, grow your business, stand out in the marketplace, and have a blast doing it!

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Branding doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. You can do little bite-size things that will put you on the right course. In this episode, Billy walks you through some more powerful branding and marketing tips that you can use right away to strengthen your brand. Here are some highlights...Mixing Up Your Social MediaGetting Personal on Social MediaSmall Acts of KindnessCross-Branding with Your LogoBless and You Will Be BlessedDoing the Opposite of OthersManners & Public PerceptionOnline Scheduling Done RightPhoto Ops Give You AnalyticsADDITIONAL SHOW NOTES:Get the FREE 18-page companion PDF Download for episodes 22 & 23 by going to the following link. All we ask is for your email address and name. a reminder, our Black Friday Deals Days will be going on for 12 days from 11-22 to 12-03-2021. With it, you can get 30% OFF Sitewide for products and services. Just use coupon code BIG30 at checkout. 

Nov 22

32 min 23 sec

Do you know and understand the 4 ingredients that go into making your brand stand out? In this episode, Billy walks you through the key ingredients and then also gives you three additional tips that others in your field probably are not taking the time to do. These tips will make you stand out and get you remembered (and booked) for a long time to come. Part 1 in a series.

Nov 7

31 min 53 sec

Harry Houdini was an entertainer who created major publicity and even his name has become legendary --- even 95 years after his death. He was a master at planting brand perception in the minds of his audience. In this episode, we talk with magician and magic historian Carnegie (a.k.a. The Magic Detective) about  Houdini’s successful publicity. We also talk about some techniques Houdini used with great success and how you can take some tips from Houdini's playbook.Carnegie's marketing book on Houdini's publicity is coming out in 2022. Through it, you'll learn the secret techniques used by The Great HOUDINI to become a superstar and how you can use those same techniques to move ahead in your life. You can get a sneak peek FREE excerpt from Chapter 3 of Houdini Marketing! by going to great content by Carnegie can be found on the following links ...The #1 Magic History Blog on the internet: TheMagicDetective.comCarnegie's podcast, The Magic Detective Podcast can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts or stream it at  MagicDetectivePodcast.comThe Dead Conjurers features the graves of famous magicians and a few other celebrities.Carnegie's website: CarnegieMagic.comBe sure to also visit our website for some other free resources or to learn more about our products that help entertainers brand their show in a fun way.

Nov 1

30 min 51 sec

Follow the journey of a middle school teacher as she strived to become a national comedy club headliner.Check out Sharon's website at sharonlaceycomedy.comSharon has visited Uganda, Africa four times. She performs comedy for Ugandan audiences and delivers food and supplies to two schools and many elderly people. HELP support her efforts... just $5 bucks at a time by purchasing a bracelet. The Uganda ProjectSharon on YouTubeFollow Sharon over on Facebook at

Sep 1

37 min 53 sec

Ken Dyne, a UK entertainer speaks about pricing, cash flow issues, getting paid, and how to get your money upfront, before you even get to your gig.Show Notes:Ken's top 10 book list - must-reads for entertainers. Download the list at:

Jun 22

33 min 16 sec

Howard Baltus created one of the first magic shops on the internet. After years of having his successful shop, he packed up and moved from the USA to Mexico, where he lives today. He talks about culture, rebranding, and moving beyond your fear to take your next step.

May 28

49 min 41 sec

Whether performing on the high seas, or on TV shows like Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Fred & Bobbie Becker are a magical duo that knows how to live and convey their brand. In this episode, Fred speaks about what he and Bobbi have done during the pandemic and how they have pivoted to stay engaged with their audience and clients. He also lets you in on some secrets of the cruise ship industry that he has gained (50 years combined experience along with Bobbie) in the cruise ship entertainment market. RESOURCES WORTH CHECKING OUTFred & Bobbie’s Vlog files: for Cruise Ship Entertainment JobsEver thought about being a cruise ship entertainer? Gigs On Ships – Everything you need to know to book your act on cruise shipsFred Becker & Becker Magic WebsiteThe Becker's on FacebookThe Becker's on InstagramAlso, Be Sure To Visit us at BrandingEntertainers.comCHAPTERS:00:00 Intro: The Love Boat & Princess Cruises03:27 Welcome Fred - It was going to be a great year05:36 We planned for the future06:59 A different sort of thought for virtual shows11:43 Did the shift change your branding?13:05 Taking your time to get it right14:41 What’s next16:16 Cruise ship state of the industry18:27 Land versus Sea19:35 How does a person become a cruise ship entertainer27:59 Promo reels30:50 Being the face of the brand on a ship32:10 Markets are segmented & service-geared36:53 Show notes and outro37:27 Bonus: What happened to The Love Boat?

Feb 28

38 min 5 sec

IN THIS EPISODE:As a young boy, Jason Michaels was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. The diagnosis could have stopped him in his tracks but he chose to chase his career in acting and later as a magician. Today he combines his love of performing, sharing his story, and also training people on how to be resilient. You’ll love Jason’s journey to get to the top and his thoughts on branding.LINKS:Jason’s Website - https://www.jasonmichaelsmagic.comResilience Training - Podcast with Jason & Stephen -’s Book can be purchased on Amazon. You Can Do the Impossible, Too! Jason on TEDx - Jason perform on Mike Huckabee - Intro03:25 TedX Excerpt03:46 Is Jason Michaels your real name?05:32 What’s your background in entertainment & how’d you start?09:07 What led you to want to speak more than just being a magician?12:09 Transitioning to more speaking gigs14:29 About Tourette Syndrome and education18:36 Paralyzed by a diagnosis20:04 Ripping of the label and finding the tools to help yourself (and others)22:26 Resilience Training Course23:14 About #DoTheImpossiblePodcast with Jason & Stephen (Bargatze)25:38 Transitioning and the Rebranding of Jason Michaels28:52 Five words to sum up Jason Michaels & using them as a brand30:14 Upcoming Episode info30:56 Wrapping up with Jason Michaels31:45 Resources and Outro

Feb 13

32 min 36 sec

In This Episode:To say 2020 was a hard year is an understatement. We take a look back and a look ahead for 2021 with this call-in episode.

Jan 15

33 min 28 sec

There’s a science behind colors and branding. The best brands know exactly how to target the audience they’re trying to reach. In this episode, Billy talks about an iconic brand that helped to solidify Christmas as we know it today. You will also receive a lesson on how to implement colors that identify with you as a performer and how to choose them.

Jan 1

20 min 39 sec

EPISODE: Special guest Tim Mannix talks with Billy Diamond about knowing your market, who you are, and the business of the show.BONUS EPISODE MATERIAL: Get your FREE DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET to Become Your Superpower (click the image to get it now).EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS:- Your Ideal Audience - Treat It Like A Business - Know Your Market - Know Who You Are - Show For A Johnny Cash Party - Riders & Adjusting To Your Workspace - 5 Adjectives That Describe Tim Mannix The Entertainer - If I Was A Car... - Free Download To Discover Your SuperpowerADDITIONAL EPISODE NOTES:Tim's website: TheFresnoMagician.comSee Tim on YouTube: Tim on Facebook: on Instagram: Tim on Twitter: more about the Magic Castle in Hollywood:

Dec 2020

30 min 58 sec

In This Episode:The idea of fear and rejection in the entertainment industry can hold you back from moving forward. Special guest Tim Mannix shares his story of defeating failure, along with some great tips and advice.Lecture and being afraidIt’s all about the presentationRehearseQuitting the bizAddictionTherapyRobbed of joy & stealing of dreamsThe Devroe AgencyRegrets, Fear, performing for other performersFear holds you backShow Notes:Tim's website: TheFresnoMagician.comSee Tim on YouTube: Tim on Facebook: on Instagram: Tim on Twitter: more about the Magic Castle in Hollywood: MagicCastle.comOther performers mentioned in this podcast episode:Mac King - Caveney - Lenert - you find yourself struggling with life or just need to talk to someone here are some great (SAMHSA's National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service) (Talkspace is a paid subscription service that gives you 24/7 access to reach out whenever you ne

Nov 2020

30 min 4 sec

IN THIS EPISODE…- The history behind those three little words "Trick-or-Treat" and how it came to be.- Part 2 of 2 with guest Dean Carnegie. Topics include past pandemics and stories from years ago, how we shift, and what we do now.ADDITIONAL SHOW NOTES:The Magic Detective Podcast with Dean Carnegie, Episode 49 Harlan Tarbell, The Magic TeacherFind Dean at ZoomMagicShow.comDean's upcoming show - Astonify: The Ghosts of Christmas Past. A festive, and family-friendly show loosely themed on the classic book, A Christmas Carol.

Nov 2020

19 min 49 sec

Part 1 of 2 with Dean Carnegie. This episode topics include starting out, coping with a job, and developing your style.Airing Oct. 31, 2020 - The Very Spooktacular Virtual Magic ShowDean's podcast - The Magic Detective podcast 

Oct 2020

30 min 46 sec

The way that people are buying and viewing entertainment these days is forever changing. Billy interviews Paul Draper who is an award-winning mentalist, magician, an anthropologist, academic, and filmmaker (some appearances: Disneyland, Yale University, Caesars Palace, The Magic Castle Hollywood, History Channel). Show Notes LinkIN THIS EPISODE...- Shifting and change strategies for your show during Covid19 - Online shows do's and don'ts - Building a professional studio for a very low cost - The tech side of doing internet shows - A variety of ways to make money doing a web showADDITIONAL SHOW NOTES:Contact Paul through his official website at mentalmysteries.comMake money performing shows from home! If you want to "Create a Professional LIVE Broadcasting Studio for Under $200" you can purchase it directly from Penguin Magic (as an instant download) by going to Meetings for desktop and mobile provides the tools to make every meeting a great one. https://zoom.usReal-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers. DISCOUNT FOR A CUSTOM BACKDROP:5' Wide by 7' Tall Portable Backdrop that is custom designed for you can be found on our website at Be sure to use Coupon Code: MEMORIALDAY2020 for 15% offWant free help with your brand? Go to

May 2020

35 min 56 sec

Covid has hit us all in some form or another. Billy shares a quick update for what's next.Stay tuned for tomorrow's podcast episode (05/26/2020) and a special guest. We'll talk about Demystifying The Online Show and what many are doing during our new normal in 2020.

May 2020

7 min 44 sec

This Thanksgiving episode is filled with phone call conversations and with a variety of entertainers who share why they are thankful to do what they do, especially at this time of the year. Need help with your brand? Go to: BrandingForEntertainers.comGuests/Calls include:- Billy, along with his kids, Ryan and Chloie- Conrad Cologne, #themagicofconrad - Landon Harvey, #LandonHarvey #LandonHarveyVemntriloquist - Kevin Lee, #KevinLeeComedyShow - Dink Gowen, #DinkyGowen - David Davinci, #Thrillusionist, #DavidDavinci - Dennis Vander Houwen, #DennisMichaelMagic, #DennisMichaelComedyMagicShow - Doug Stafford, DougStaffordMagic - Dick Kolhafer, #KohlAndCompany - Graham Rogers, #MagicFundraisingShows #GrahamRogersMagic - Bryan Sanders, #MagicIsBs - Joe Gandelman, #FamilyEntertainer #JoeGandelmanAndFriends - Howard Baltus, #HowardBaltusMagic - David Ginn, #DavidGinnMagician

Nov 2019

50 min 37 sec

One of the most difficult processes of being an entertainer is being able to look in a mirror at the end of a day and know that the reflection looking back at you is the real true you. This episode covers how to find and stay true to yourself both onstage and off.The Greatest You PDF FREE Download >>>> the FREE Brand Personality Quiz >>>>


Nov 2019

27 min 34 sec

Billy is joined by his son Ryan who deals out some golden nuggets on how to relate better with your online audience. Together they just scratch the surface in chatting about virtual

Jan 2019

29 min 56 sec

Billy's been missing in action, but listen to this 2 minute update to get the low down

Jul 2018

1 min 18 sec

In this final interview episode with Kris Sheppard of The Successful Performercast Billy discusses his own mental illness and what he learned along the way, through failure, in which to become REBRANDED.

May 2018

29 min 6 sec

This is part 2 of the personal interview with Billy Diamond and Kris Sheppard of The Successful Performercast. In this episode Billy talks briefly about how you can evolve your brand to get to your next step as well as his own personal life struggles that nearly ruined his career.

May 2018

27 min 1 sec

In this very first introductory episode of Branding for Entertainers Billy Diamond discusses with Kris Sheppard of the Successful Performercast - what is branding and why is it so important for entertainers.This introductory episode and interview with Kris Sheppard will be broken into several additional episodes as a launching point into the world of branding for entertainers.Don't forget to subscribe to the show!

May 2018

29 min 45 sec