Raiseology Podcast with Sharon Somekh, MD

By Sharon Somekh, MD

Sharon Somekh, MD, founder of Raiseology.com and the Raiseology Signature Program, brings you actionable advice and answers to common parenting struggles. As a pediatrician and working mother of 4, Sharon shares simple solutions that have helped her patients thrive over the last 10 years. Learn how to raise strong and resilient kids you enjoy!

  1. 1.
    51. Coping with your child's mental health concerns with child psychiatrist, Dr. Fiana Klein
  2. 2.
    50. Creating a family schedule around school, activities, and work with Danna Greenberg
  3. 3.
    49. How to help your partner be a more involved parent with Jason Kreidman
  4. 4.
    48. Navigating Work-Life Challenges for Mothers AND Fathers with Scott Behson, PhD
  5. 5.
    47. How to Cultivate a Culture of Connection in the Digital Age with Anne Moss Rogers
  6. 6.
    The one thing that can shape your success in parenting: Your Beliefs
  7. 7.
    Finding and Fostering Your Individual Identity with Samantha Siffring
  8. 8.
    Maternal Burnout: Why it’s happening and what to do about it with Jennifer Bronsnick

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