Nene Valley Vineyard

Nene Valley Vineyard

Teaching from Nene Valley Vineyard. We aim to practice the way of Jesus, together, for the renewal of the Nene Valley. Find out more at or @nenevalleyvineyard

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Sally finishes up our series 'Come Holy Spirit' by reflecting on how the Holy Spirit may move and lead us in the Church. Recorded at @Nene Valley Vineyard, Saxon Hall, Raunds, 21st Nov 2021

Nov 22

40 min 13 sec

Tom continues our series ‘Come Holy Spirit’ by exploring and challenging some common thoughts around the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Recorded 14th Nov 2021 @Nene Valley Vineyard, Saxon Hall, Raunds

Nov 16

35 min 34 sec

Maddie explores how we might intentionally invite the Holy Spirit to shape and transform us. Recorded 31st Oct 2021.

Oct 31

23 min 28 sec

Tom continues our series 'Come Holy Spirit' by exploring what we might learn about life with the Holy Spirit by looking at the life of Jesus on earth.

Oct 25

28 min 24 sec

Angie kicks off a new autumn teaching series with ‘Welcome Holy Spirit. From Nene Valley Vineyard, Saxon Hall Raunds 17th October 2021

Oct 22

26 min 50 sec

Tom wraps up our brief series on ‘Everyone Gets to Play’ by exploring the theme of the priesthood through Scripture…briefly! Check out the Bible Project Podcast series on the Royal Priest wherever you get your podcasts for a much, much deeper dive!

Oct 10

25 min 27 sec

Dick Casey introduces the Art of Neighbouring to us and launches our autumn Alpha course as we continue to explore the big idea that 'Everyone Gets to Play' in the work of the kingdom of God. Referenced materials: "The Art of Neighbouring" by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon Recorded during our Sunday service on 19th September at Saxon Hall, Raunds

Sep 20

45 min 1 sec

On our first Sunday as Nene Valley Vineyard, Tom opens up a short teaching series called "Everyone Gets To Play" by exploring how we might practice Serving Others to become like Jesus and do what He did. Referenced materials: - A Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren Recorded during our Sunday service on 12th September at Saxon Halls, Raunds.

Sep 15

35 min 45 sec

We'll be uploading talks form our Sunday services for you to listen again, or catch up if you missed it. Follow the podcast to hear this, and find out more about us a

Aug 31

28 sec