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The closest these two guys have ever been to professional athletes is working behind the bench, filling the water coolers. The WaterBoys Podcast, hosted by Julian McKenzie and Frank Pavan, is an all-encompassing sports podcast, with a WatchMojo twist. Listeners can look forward to listening to weekly interviews with reporters, athletes and other sporting personalities from around the globe. This show is brought to you by WatchMojo.

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Hey everyone, it comes with great sadness to say that The WaterBoys Podcast will be coming to an unfortunate end. Julian can no longer commit to the show, his career has taken a turn for the better, and has had many new opportunities come his way. With that said, he no longer has enough time to record the show on a weekly basis. Everyone from Frank, Ashkan and the WatchMojo family is excited to see what's in store for Julian, as he continues to blossom into one heck of a sports journalist. Frank and Julian are incredibly happy this journey happened. They first met in Journalism school around 6-7 years ago, so the fact that they got to work together, and see each other develop into true professionals was a proud moment for the both of them.While we don't want to say this is the absolute end to the show, there will definitely be a stop to it for the considerable future. We'd like to thank ALL OF YOU who listened on a weekly basis.If you want to continue following Frank and his work for WatchMojo, please subscribe to the two other shows he currently works on.Here are the links:Music show called 'Innersleeve': Culture show called 'Poppin' the Culture': Thank you all once again for your support. Take care, much love <3

Sep 23

54 min 48 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank breakdown all of the news surrounding week 1 in the NFL. Major storylines, shocking victories and good ol' fantasy football!They then delve into the NHL, Canadian and American olympic roster decisions and finish up with the smoking hot Toronto Blue Jays and Manchester United's blunder against Young Boys.

Sep 15

49 min 35 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank kick things off interviewing Moe Jeudy-Lamour from Ted Lasso. Moe plays the role of Thierry Zoreaux in season 2 (and upcoming S3). Moe tells us how he and Jason Sudeikis become good friends, what playing the role of a Montrealer is like, and runs the RAPID FIRE gauntlet. This interview was a blast, you'll love it!Julian and Frank go through the weekly rundown during the second half of the show. They discuss, week 1 in the NFL, the Thursday night opener between the Buccaneers and Cowboys, fantasy football strategy and the disappointing end for Jesperi Kotkaniemi in Montreal. Enjoy!


Sep 8

1 hr 12 min

Julian and Frank sit back and take you through an audio jersey this week. They get into some of the TV shows they've been watching lately, preview next week's guest ;) and then dive right into the Jesperi Kotkaniemi saga, which will be settled this coming Saturday. They weigh in on the pros and cons for both Carolina and Montreal, Montreal's inability to develop young talent and asset mismanagement.They then discuss Cam Newton getting cut from the New England Patriots, the Canadian Women's Hockey team defeating the United States, and much more. Enjoy!

Sep 2

1 hr 2 min

Julian and Frank both went to Toronto over the weekend and let's just say...they loved it! The boys kick back and discuss NFL preseason, Fantasy Football, the Jack Eichel sweepstakes, the death of Jimmy Hayes, Premier League soccer, massive transfer news and more!Julian's two weeks off flew by so quick, and it's nice to have the boys back together. Enjoy!

Aug 26

49 min 54 sec

We're right back at it with the second part of our best moments series. You'll be able to re-live our interviews with Ariel Helwani, Cabbie RIchards and Dan Shulman.Our rapid fire word association game moments make an appearance and they are funny!These have been really fun to do, but we look forward to getting back to our normal programming next week once Julian returns!Be well and stay safe! See you all next week :)

Aug 20

1 hr 3 min

For the next two episodes, we will be giving you a montage of our best moments with guests from previous episodes. The three featured interviews will consist of legendary play-by-play announcer, Doc Emrick, followed up wbyTSN's Bob McKenzie and capped off with award-winning F1 journalist, Will Buxton.The reason for this two-part series is because Julian will be away for 2 weeks, as he's taken on more work-related tasks. We figured this would be a fun way to keep the content rolling and act as a 'summer vacation' period.We'll be back at our normal schedule in 2 weeks! Enjoy :)

Aug 13

45 min 10 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank applaud the Canadians in Tokyo, how Canada has gone through a shift in mentality in the Summer Games and Andre De Grasse & Penny Oleksiak. Julian then weighs in on why he thinks Kyle Lowry is the best Raptor of all time, more NBA Free Agency news.Later in the episode, the boys discuss the messy Evander Kane situation and what possible repercussions can look like.They wrap up the episode talking NFL training camp news and Premier League/Football transfer gossip!Enjoy!

Aug 5

1 hr 1 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank speak with Marco D'amico of & The Hockey Flow Podcast. This man knows just about everything there is in the hockey world. They chat about NHL Free Agency, surprising deals, who overpayed, and which teams have moved themselves into contention. Julian and Frank then discuss the Aaron Rodgers situation, Simone Biles, the 2020 Olympics and the new weekly mainstay, what's harder to do in sports? Enjoy!


Jul 30

1 hr 5 min

The boys keep it simple on this week's episode. They breakdown the Seattle Kraken expansion draft during the top of the episode. Was it underwhelming? Absolutely. Is there still a lot of work to be down this offseason? Damn right there is! They dissect some of the names heading over to Seattle and what we can expect come July 28th (Free Agency)During the second half of the episode, Julian weighs in on Giannis and the Bucks winning the NBA title, what it means for the state of Wisconsin and goes in on how Giannis should and can be the face of the NBA.Back next week! Stay safe everyone :)


Jul 22

52 min 52 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank breakdown the Euro 2020 final game. Italy brought home the silverware. It is, in fact, not coming home. It was a crushing loss for England, in front of their home fans. Julian also weighs in on the racial abuse England players are receiving following the loss. The boys then discuss the NBA finals, The Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup celebrations, the MLB Home Run Derby, McGregor vs Poirier III and more! We'll be back next week!


Jul 14

1 hr 2 min

Julian and Frank discuss the Stanley Cup Finals, how Montreal prevailed in game 4, and what they need to do to continue extending this series. They then shift towards the NBA finals, the EURO 2020 semifinals and wrap up the episode with their weekly Heroes and Zeros segment. Hope you enjoy!

Jul 7

1 hr 1 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank discuss the Stanley Cup Finals, what Tampa Bay did so well and what Montreal needs to fix for game 2. They also weigh in on the NBA playoffs, a potential Phoenix vs Milwaukee Finals, Euro 2020 craziness, the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault allegations and much more. You'll want to tune in! They'll be back next week with more. Enjoy!


Jun 30

1 hr 7 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank give you the rundown on all that's happening in the world of sports. They start off with the NHL playoffs, transition to the NBA playoffs and wrap it up with their thoughts on the EURO 2020 tournament as it heads into the knockout rounds. They also give you their weekly Heros and Zeroes, and sprinkle in a bit of TV/video game talk throughout the episode. Enjoy!

Jun 22

1 hr 3 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank weigh in on the Montreal vs Vegas series, and what does Montreal need to do to beat the Golden Knights? Can the Islanders keep up their strong play? The duo also discusses the NBA playoffs, the Euro Cup and provide their weekly Heros and Zeroes. Enjoy!

Jun 16

1 hr 8 min

Hey everyone! On this week's episode, Julian and Frank break down the Montreal Canadiens' sweep of the Winnipeg Jets, the remaining NHL teams, what's going on in the NBA playoffs, Julio Jones in Tennessee?! And a whole lot more! Enjoy this packed episode :)

Jun 9

1 hr 10 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank try to make sense of the Toronto Maple Leafs' collapse, how Toronto recovers from this, NHL Round 2 breakdown, Kawhi Leonard, Lebron James and the NBA playoffs and the news surrounding Naomi Ossaka. We'll be back next week as always! Enjoy :)

Jun 2

1 hr

We're back with another episode! This week, Julian and Frank discuss the highs and lows of the NHL Playoffs, The Montreal vs Toronto series being very disappointing to say the least, Lebron and his Lakers vs the Suns, PGA Tour Golf beef between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau and lastly, Julio Jones wants out of Atlanta?! That's crazy! Oh and we also have a special surprise at the end of the episode! A funny moment where Julian and Frank recorded their live reactions to Manchester United losing the Europa league final. Enjoy!

May 27

59 min 29 sec

Here is our 2nd of of the back-to-back episodes we promised! We are joined by former Team Canada Basketball member, Mark Walton, on this week's episode. We discuss Lebron James and the Lakers, the sneaky Golden State Warriors, led by a hot Steph Curry, why the Utah Jazz are being disrespected and a whole lot more! We'll be back same time, same place next week! Pce n' love :)

May 19

48 min 16 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank are joined by Yahoo Sports' very own, Justin Cuthbert. He is a host for Yahoo's hockey vertical and is the son of legendary TSN play-by-play announcer, Chris Cuthbert. The gang breaks down all of the pressing story lines surrounding the NHL playoffs and also takes a deep look into the Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs round 1 matchup. This time of year is always fun for us hockey fans, we hope you enjoy and stay tuned for our second episode of the week dropping soon! Cheers

May 18

41 min 4 sec

On this week's show, Julian and Frank go over some of the latest news in sports. However, the meat and potatoes of this week's show revolves around the Top 10 most disrespectful moments in sports and boy....let me tell ya...they are brutal! Stay tuned for next week's shows, as we're going to double up on in depth NHL and NBA Playoff breakdowns for you! That's right, two episodes coming next week! Until then, enjoy this week's episode and we'll be back soon!


May 11

59 min 31 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank weigh in on the Aaron Rodgers drama, review the NFL draft and which prospects they like moving forward, discuss Lebron James' comments about the "play-in" round and talk about the NHL, as it approaches playoff time! Enjoy and we'll be back next week!

May 4

53 min 32 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank chat with Seth Galina of Pro Football Focus. We discuss all of the quarterbacks, wide receivers, offensive lineman, first round trades and all of the drama that comes with the NFL draft. We hope you enjoy, this one was a blast, we'll be back next week!


Apr 27

1 hr 1 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank share their thoughts on the entire Super League fiasco taking place in Europe, the ramifications it has on smaller teams and leagues, and how shameful it is from team owners. Subscribe to our show anywhere you get your podcasts! Enjoy


Apr 20

1 hr 9 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank sit down and breakdown the NHL Trade Deadline with one of the brightest hockey minds in Marco D'Amico. They discuss Taylor Hall going to Boston, Toronto preparing for a deep playoff run, the status of the Canadian North Division and much more! Hit that subscribe button, we're here every week! Enjoy :)

Apr 13

56 min 22 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank chat it up with one of the youngest play-by-play announcers in pro sports, Noah Eagle. Julian and Noah became friends during their time at Syracuse university. We talk about his road to becoming a NBA PxP announcer, calling a NFL broadcast on Nickelodeon, being compared to his father and much more! Enjoy

Apr 6

55 min 36 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank give you everything. From the NHL, to the NFL, to NBA, MLB and a bit of UFC and F1 mixed in. Honestly, at this point, it's a skill that we can get through this many sports in just over an hour..We'll be back next week. Maybe we'll have a guest, maybe we won't who knows! Take care and stay safe!

Mar 30

1 hr 3 min

On this week's episode of The WaterBoys Podcast, we sat down with Dan Shulman, a Canadian play-by-play announcer for both ESPN and Sportsnet. He recounts some of his favorite and most challenging moments as a broadcaster and also describes what it'll be like announcing games remotely during the 2021 MLB season. Enjoy!

Mar 23

45 min 40 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank discuss, ESPN's newly acquired broadcasting rights for the NHL, NFL Free Agency, Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua and Julian announces some huge career news! Enjoy!

Mar 16

1 hr

On this week's episode, we were joined by Bleacher Report's very own, Cabbie Richards. Cabbie is extremely well known for his unique interview skills and infectious personality. He has interviewed the likes of Kobe Bryant (RIP), Michael Jordan, David Beckham and many other great names in sports. Listen to us break down the art of interviewing, sports betting, Las Vegas and much more!(4:56) RATE, COMMENT, helps!(6:04) Cabbie Richards intro(8:24) Cabbie's new life in Las Vegas(12:45) Difference between TSN and Bleacher Report Betting(16:55) Sports rankings in the USA(22:11) Cabbie the interviewer(27:54) An interview Cabbie wishes he can do(32:45) Cabbie's favorite artists(36:00) Cabbie on the Jay & Dan and Tim & Sid break ups(40:00) Music suggestions(42:45) Word Association game with Cabbie(52:30) Outro

Mar 9

54 min 14 sec

Hey everyone, on this week’s episode of The WaterBoys Podcast, Julian and Frank sit down with the biggest UFC & MMA reporter in the world, Ariel Helwani. They discuss the UFC 259 event coming up this weekend, a generational talent in Israel Adesanya, and Ariel reminisces about his hometown city, Montreal.(1:44) The caliber of guests we've gotten on the show(6:44) Covering events remotely(8:06) Proper pronunciations(9:56) Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya(12:54) Ariel reminisces about his hometown(16:07) Israel "the generational talent" Adesanya(18:09) A crazy story about Jan Blachowicz(22:27) Ariel's prediciton(23:27) Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson(25:41) Petr Jan vs Aljemain Sterling(29:27) Dominick Cruz vs Casey Kenney(32:08) Word Association Game(39:33) UFC 260 Stipe vs Ngannou 2(41:34) Ariel's closing words


Mar 2

43 min 11 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank run you through another sports gauntlet. Australian Open, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB we've got it all!They also give you their Heroes and Zeros of the week. Enjoy!(2:20) How was our weekend?(5:40) Naomi Osaka and the Australian Open(11:39) Lake Tahoe(16:06) The Boston Bruins and their consistency(19:58) Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs(24:35) Edmonton Oilers...are they good?(28:56) Sid the Kid plays game 1000(34:19) NBA News(42:39) Fernando Tatis Jr...'scuse me?(48:34) RIP Vincent Jackson(52:19) Weekly Heroes and Zeros of the week

Feb 23

1 hr 1 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank break down some of the best moments the NBA All-Star dunk competition has given us throughout the years. They also discuss the greatest Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin moments, what being a fan of the Houston Texans must be like and their Heroes/Zeros of the week. Enjoy!(3:06) Remembering some of the best NBA slam dunk moments, Vince Carter, Aaron Gordan vs Zack Levine, Dwight Howard, and Blake Griffin(19:24) Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin, their best moments/goals, NHL marketing it's best players, and Connor McDavid(39:10) JJ Watt released from Houston(47:30) Our Hero and Zero picks of the weeks

Feb 16

58 min 25 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank sit down with The Athletic's Robert Mays. He hosts The Athletic Football Show and also contributes as a writer for The Athletic as well. We discuss this year's Super Bowl champs in greater detail and if they're the best Buccs team of all time. We dip into QB trade talk (Wentz/Watson/Wilson), pay our respects to the late Terez Paylor and put Robert through our Rapid Fire gauntlet. Enjoy!(4:29) Robert's first full season at The Athletic(6:20) In-depth Super Bowl analysis(8:51) Was this Tom Brady's most impressive Super Bowl victory?(12:40) Is this not the best Buccaneers team ever?(17:16 Which Buccs coach were you most impressed with?(23:26) A disgruntled Russell Wilson?(25:25) Carson Wentz(33:28) Frontrunner for Deshaun Watson(36:02) RIP Terez Paylor(38:52) Rapid Fire Time!(41:09) Outro

Feb 12

42 min 59 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank break down Super Bowl LV, Tom Brady's greatness and Tampa Bay's incredible defence. They then transition into some baseball news, NBA talk and their Hero and Zero picks of the week. Enjoy!(00:55) Julian was on one of the largest podcasts in Canada?(4:26) Let's get into some Super Bowl Talk(11:41) The real MVP should have been Tampa Bay's defence(22:46) Carson Wentz next QB on the move?(31:06) Trevor Bauer finds a new home(40:18) RIP Pedro Gomez(43:40) NBA All-Star Game? And Mark Cuban drops an F Bomb(51:12) Sports video game news! MLB & NCAA(56:55) Hero and Zero of the Week(1:02:49) Outro

Feb 9

1 hr 6 min

In this week's episode, Julian and Frank break down the blockbuster trade between the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions, Super Bowl LV, the difference in hockey culture versus other sports and the boys share their Hero and Zero picks of the week.(1:17) Matt Stafford has a new home(4:23) The NFC West is STACKED and Goff to Detroit(10:39) Stafford is a gamer(12:17) The LA Rams are taking a significant risk here(15:57) Super Bowl Time(18:49) Let's not sleep on Tampa's Defence(20:56) Is KC still too strong for the great Tom Brady?(24:44) Super Bowl Predictions(25:38) Does hockey culture make you scratch your head a little bit?(29:09) Let's encourage breaking recordings in pro sports(34:29) A new segment: Our Hero and Zero of the week(42:22) Outro

Feb 2

44 min 52 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank talk Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes. The GOAT vs the future GOAT and how they looked in the AFC/NFC Championship games. They also bring up NHL news, James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets, McGregor vs Poirier, and finish up with a little game. Enjoy!(2:24) Julian on meeting Larry King...RIP(6:35) Julian got to VO a WatchMojo Video?!(10:10) Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to the Super Bowl(16:23) Buffalo vs Kansas City(23:27) Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson..the tale of two disgruntled QBs(33:52) The Pierre-Luc Dubois drama comes to an end(40:04) James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets(46:51) Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier(53:36) The Boys play a mini game(1:12:40) Outro

Jan 26

1 hr 14 min

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank sit down with Arash Madani, a reporter for Sportsnet. The boys run Arash through a sports gauntlet this week, as they discuss NHL news, Deshaun Watson and the NFL playoffs, James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets, the Toronto Raptors and much more. Enjoy!(5:00) Frank's weird weekly question(9:02) Boy are we happy sports are one TV!(12:55) Drama in Columbus(17:30) The new era of players deciding where they want to go play(23:20) Toronto Raptors (26:08) James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving...all on the same team?(29:00) Toronto Blue Jays and MLB Free Agency(34:24) The San Diego Padres are for real!(36:21) NFL PLAYOFFS!(38:28) How did you become fans of those two teams?(41:59) Outro

Jan 19

43 min 38 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank sit down with Will Buxton, an award-winning journalist/broadcaster who's been covering Formula 1 for over 20 years. They talk about Lewis Hamilton's historic career, what improvements the sport has seen over the last 20 years and who is Frank's doppelgänger? An incredible episode, make sure to listen right till the end!(3:20) Lockdown in England sucks!(5:05) Lewis Hamilton Leading the Black Lives Matter Movement in F1(10:34) What makes Lewis so good?(19:10) Behind-the-scenes of a driver transfer(26:45) Will's favorite track to visit(29:42) What has F1 improved on the most over the last 20 years?(35:08) The Nikita Mazepin Fiasco(43:20) Who is the most underrated driver in F1?(46:20) Will Buxton calls out Frank's F1 doppelgänger!(49:50) But is Lance Stroll as a driver?(54:53) Outro

Jan 12

57 min 6 sec

On this week's episode, Julian and Frank chat with Seth Galina of Pro Football Focus. They preview NFL playoff matchups, discuss who's in the running for MVP and Seth is handed a good ol' piece of humble pie. Enjoy!(4:37) How has the pandemic affected work at PFF?(11:00) Tom Brady vs the Washington Football Team(16:45) Aaron Rodgers for MVP?(29:00) Seth humbling moment with Josh Allen(44:20) Outro

Jan 5

48 min 41 sec

On this week's episode of The WaterBoys Podcast, Julian and Frank talk about strange Christmas gifts, what reporting remotely from the NHL bubble was like and they also put their Top 10 NHL jersey list to the test with special guest, Greg Wyshynski of ESPN. Enjoy!(4:06) Frank's weirdest Christmas gift(9:35) What covering the NHL playoff bubble was like(22:18) Discussing our Top 10 NHL Jersey's with Greg(43:35) Outro

Dec 2020

46 min 26 sec

Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman, Christian Covington, sits down with Julian and Frank on this week's episode of The WaterBoys Podcast. They talk to Christian about the challenges of playing through the Covid season, what it's like being one of the few Canadian-born players in the NFL and who his biggest motivator was from a young age. Enjoy!Interview: (4:28 - 32:58)

Dec 2020

42 min 25 sec

On episode 2 of The WaterBoys Podcast, Julian and Frank are joined by lead TSN insider, Bob McKenzie. They speak about his new book, Everyday Hockey Heroes, Vol. II and how hockey culture needs to be a more inclusive place for everyone. They also talk about who the most entertaining athletes of all time are later in the episode!

Dec 2020

1 hr 11 min

Julian and Frank go through their weekly rundown. All of the major news around the world of sports. They've got NFL, NHL, NBA and F1 news on tap for you all! Oh and a pretty special guest by the name of Doc Emrick stops by for a chat!

Dec 2020

1 hr 4 min

The official introduction of Julian and Frank as the hosts of The WaterBoys Podcast. This mini trailer gives our listeners a sneak peek into who we are and what we're about! Enjoy

Nov 2020

2 min 58 sec