Terence's Take

By Terence Moore

I'm Terence Moore. You may know me as a national sports columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where I spent nearly 25 years. Or, you may have seen me on air as an analyst for ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, or the most watched ABC affiliate in the country: Atlanta's WSB-TV. Before all of that, I was just Terence, a young guy working for the Cincinnati Inquirer and the San Francisco Examiner. After four decades in and around the game, I've seen and heard it all. The leagues are changing, the players are changing, and you, the spectators... you're definitely changing. Players are becoming more dynamic, both on and off the field. Coaches becoming more outspoken. I've made my mission as a journalist to cut through the noise and call it like it is. So I've set out on a quest to continue my mission and deliver my take, Terence's Take, directly to the people. Join me every week at tmooresports.com where we will give a quick, no frills runthrough in the latest of sports news.

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