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Created by physician/blogger/writer and proprietor of the Doctor Pundit suite of internet radio media properties, Michael Douglas; Music Makes Me High! is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of music in any facet of our lives. You won’t find any elitist, conceited pontification — or earnest quasi-academic criticism here; rather, each episode is one music fan’s treatment of the music that means the most to him.

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The final episode of Season One, that's right ... the season finale. Michael Douglas discusses Teddy Pendergrass's classic 1988 album Joy. Though the collection houses only 8 tracks, it represents a transition for Pendergrass, bridging the first stage of his career and its tumult with the subsequent understated creative strength of the latter aspect of his storied time in the spotlight.

Nov 25

57 min 52 sec

Michael Douglas discusses the now-classic Mac album Tango In The Night, his love of the production, melodies, and the earnest effort by the band in putting the project together -- as we last knew them in happier times. Included is an Entertainment Tonight interview with the band upon the album's release. (Source - YouTube)

Oct 24

58 min 26 sec

Michael Douglas discusses the debut album from a group that is a little bit of a needle-in-a-haystack nowadays.  The group is Z'Looke, and the album is Take U Back To My Place.  Included are snippets of a recent interview from one of the bandmates. (Source - YouTube)

Sep 19

1 hr 2 min

Michael Douglas discusses his love-hate relationship with an album from a band whose ambitions with this album just may have lead to its breakup, which could not have happened at a better time.

Aug 1

51 min 1 sec

Michael Douglas recounts his experiences with what he feels is the most crucial title in the R&B band's catalog.

Jun 19

57 min 36 sec

Michael Douglas discusses his ambivalence -- but ultimate endearment of -- Gary Wright's The Right Place.

Jun 9

41 min 58 sec

Michael Douglas discusses "the greatest greatest hits" album of all time. 

Jun 6

46 min 4 sec

Michael Douglas discusses Patti LaBelle's herald collection of the 1990s, Burnin', an album which finds her in peak form and still lures him to this day.

Dec 2020

1 hr 7 min

Michael Douglas discusses Daryl Hall and John Oates' most successful commercial album, H2O, complete with interspersed interview footage from a 1982 MTV special on the closing days of session recording for the album, specifically the track, "Go Solo". It's a solid album and a solid podcast episode. 

Nov 2020

1 hr 11 min

Michael Douglas discusses the 12th Diana Ross album which heralded a new post-Diana (1980 album) era, Why Do Fools Fall In Love.

Nov 2020

46 min 19 sec

Michael Douglas waxes fondly on the album that introduced him to Linda Ronstadt as a teenager, Mad Love.

Nov 2020

41 min

Michael Douglas discusses one of his favorite artist compilations, Themes, from Vangelis.

Nov 2020

1 hr 11 min

Michael Douglas discusses Keith Sweat's follow up (I'll Give All My Love To You) to his debut album (Make It Last Forever).

Oct 2020

56 min 36 sec

Michael Douglas recalls one of his favorite soundtracks, playing some of the tracks from the Bright Lights Big City soundtrack from 1988.

Oct 2020

36 min

Michael Douglas will be discussing the 1980 album from The Jacksons --Triumph -- one of his all time favorites. The 9-track set represents the post-Motown act at the peak of their performance, with classic tracks, "Can You Feel It" and "Lovely One" included. Quite fitting for an initial podcast episode. 

Oct 2020

53 min 48 sec

Podcast Trailer

Oct 2020

57 sec