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Cleo Mclaren is a lawyer, keynote speaker, and leadership, mindset and confidence coach.Each week, Conversations with Cleo shares inspiring interviews with accomplished guests from the worlds of business, entertainment, sports, science, health and literature – digging deep to find the tools and strategies listeners can use to navigate challenging times, achieve success, and elevate life, business and relationships.

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They said I would never make it up the CORPORATE ladder, so I decided to build my own ladder instead" Junior OgunyemiJunior Ogunyemi is a serial entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. For over a decade, he has been making headlines for launching many successful companies. His business portfolio ranges from local sports academies, to global tech ventures. His achievements have seen him collect numerous national awards and become one of the most sought after business speakers. Due to the remarkable impact of his work, leading educational institutions regularly call him in to help design their entrepreneurial curriculum.  He has produced one of the highest ranked courses on Udemy and is the best-selling author of the highly influential book, “How to be a Student Entrepreneur”.  Junior has appeared on Tedx and has worked on government initiatives both locally and internationally. His dynamic inspirational messages have helped thousands of business owners gain clarity, learn how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and maximize their full potential.  Junior talks about the power of mentorship and fellowship.  Mindset and the keys stages that every entrepreneur must go through on their journey to success.  "Everyone can be trained to be an entrepreneur".Check out Junior's instagram @jr_entrepreneurGet the highly influential book, " How to be a student Entrepreneur" at: or on AmazonFollow me on Instagram and twitter:  @cleomclarenFacebook: @cleomclarenlondonVisit my website:

Dec 2020

34 min 52 sec

Who is Jason Carty?An interview with the 2019 World Masters Indoor M45 60 meter Champion, Gold Medalist and M45 60 meter Indoor British Champion, 2018 World Champion in Malaga M45 100m, and 200m Gold medalist.In addition to being a world class athlete Jason is an elite coach a mentor.Jason is known for his Resilient Mentality (the one lung warrior), but it’s his big heart that is truly admirable. He is constantly reinventing himself and continuing to pursue new dreams.I was so thrilled to come interview him!Sprinter, back to his best after beating cancerA cancer diagnosis and a speedy return to athletic competition don’t often go hand in hand. This does not, however, take into account sprinter and sporting champion Jason Carty’s determination and self-belief to return to athletics, despite this monumental set back.Cancer diagnosisIn June 2016, thinking he was suffering from an asthma attack, Jason took himself off to the Accident and Emergency department of his local hospital, feeling concerned, but not prepared for what was to come.Having had chest x-rays done, the doctor told Jason to sit down. They had found shadows or ‘furriness’ around one of his lungs and, after a biopsy, the lung cancer diagnosis was confirmed.Cancer surgeryIt was quickly decided that, due to the severity of the cancer, the whole of one of Jason’s lungs would have to be removed in order to stop it from spreading any further. Naturally, this was a devastating blow – especially for a top-level athlete.Thankfully, the surgery went well, ridding Jason of his cancer and setting him on the road to recovery. Both physically and mentally, however, he was at a low ebb. The chemotherapy was making him ill and the pneumonectomy left him breathless.Cancer recoveryNone of this dimmed Jason’s determination to return to competition, however. Just two weeks after the operation, he set himself the challenge of being able to walk two miles in 10 days and his aerobic capacity began to grow slowly the more he pushed himself. By week four he was walking round the athletics track and, just six weeks after his operation, he was returning to training, working on his acceleration routines, something his doctor wasn’t particularly thrilled about.Jason has gone on to have some fantastic successes on the track. He has won the European Indoor Championships, the British Championships and even gone on to take the British record.To be able to achieve all this in the aftermath of a serious cancer diagnosis, major surgery, the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, as well as all the mental strain he would have been under is quite incredible. The whole episode pushed Jason to the very limits of his mental and physical endurance, but he was able to come out the other side healthy, happy and fit.Jason says: “Break the Circle and Create a New One.”Jason talks family, motivation and gives insights strategies to take back control when things are spiralling by breaking the circle and creating a new one.Note. Since recording this interview Jason was diagnosed with brain tumours and at the cusp of lockdown 2.0 underwent surgery – Posterior fossa craniotomy. We are sending him love and positive energy for a speedy recovery and will be welcoming him back for more insights in the near future.Check out Jason's instagram @jasonjugglercartyTag me on instagram @cleomclarenVisit my website: cleomclaren.comFollow me on Instagram:  @cleomclaren

Nov 2020

27 min 36 sec

"Only measure yourself by how much you love."Chris Abay is a yoga and breathwork teacher who – after swapping the hustle and bustle of London for the golden shores of Sydney – discovered Power Living Australia Yoga. He has since invested over 400 hours training with its founder, Duncan Peak.Now back in the UK, Chris has turned his back on corporate life, devoting 100% of his time imparting the lessons he continues to learn from his yoga training and travels, to helping other stressed-out and time-strapped individuals practice yoga at their own pace.Chris’ story shows how we can reinvent ourselves and live life by design.Check out Chris' website: Chris on Instagram: @abayoga_studiosVisit my website: cleomclaren.comFollow me on Instagram:  @cleomclaren

Nov 2020

23 min 12 sec

Who is Andrew Flemming?Mr Drew Fleming is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in aesthetic (cosmetic), hand, and reconstructive surgery. He grew up in Zimbabwe and spent his early medical training years in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.After studying medicine at the world-renowned University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital, he worked as a General Surgeon in Zimbabwe for eight years before returning to Cape Town, where he qualified further in General Surgery, Trauma Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.Clinical director of surgery at a London NHS hospital Andrew Fleming’s private practice involves a mix of cosmetic surgery, hand surgery and a lot of skin cancer and other reconstructive surgery.Living life on purposeAfter 23 years as a surgeon he still enjoys what he does. Andrew Flemming’s story shows how living a live ‘on purpose’ can lead to one of impact and long-lasting fulfilment. The importance of playing it forward when you are an expert or leader in your field.When leaders and experts pay it forward, gems are createdWhat could you do to pay it forward when you are a leader or expert in your field? Andrew talks about having impact and his involvement in the creation of BFIRST, a UK registered charity which trains surgeons working in the poorest countries in the world to enable them to undertake reconstructive Plastic Surgery, releasing children and adults from the state of poverty and destitution associated with disability and deformity.Check out the charity close to Andrew’s heart, BFIRST (the British Foundation for International Reconstructive Surgery & Training), at, for anyone considering cosmetic surgery, key tips and the importance of having realistic expectations.Visit my website: cleomclaren.comFollow me on Instagram:  @cleomclaren

Nov 2020

22 min 14 sec