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The Problem is a podcast dedicated to fighting the Hydras of Health care – those complicated, big hairy issues that impact health care on the societal level. This is a podcast for anyone who might be interested in how these problems have developed and how they’re approached. You don’t need a PhD to be affected by them, so you shouldn’t need a PhD to learn more about them.

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In the first episode of The Problem, learn the history of opioids, get a brief overview of the opioid addiction crisis, and more!

Sep 2018

12 min 58 sec

How does the way we talk about pain affect our society? We've been told that certain drugs are the most effective ways to relieve pain, but is that true? Featuring interviews with Kurt Kroenke, MD, MACP, and Marianne Matthias, PhD.

Oct 2018

25 min 25 sec

Sometimes we need someone who's walked the same roads as us to help us with our health. Learn how Community Health Workers are moving the needle on addiction in Indiana.

Oct 2018

21 min 8 sec

Learn how large-scale health systems are doing their part to combat the opioid crisis. This episode feature Ashley Overley, chief executive officer of Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health and vice president of mental health operations at Eskenazi Health.

Nov 2018

28 min 56 sec

Why are opioids such an addictive drug? How can we treat addiction AND mental health? Learn about the field of addiction psychiatry in this interview with Andy Chambers of IU Health!

Dec 2018

56 min 57 sec

Data science and informatics are a massively powerful tool in the fight against the opioid crisis. Sometimes we have too much information, sometimes, too little. Learn about how informaticists are working to make sure we get the right information in the right hands!

Dec 2018

33 min 50 sec

Learn about Shane Hardwick and the Shalom Project, a community-based initiative helping EMTs and police officers get help to those who need it most.

Jan 2019

27 min 3 sec

What does it take to overcome opioid use disorder? In episode 8 of "The Problem", follow the journey of Robbie as he recovers from addiction and finds a new passion.

Jan 2019

24 min 15 sec

Is the opioid crisis improving? What's the real face of the epidemic? Find out in this week's episodes of The Problem, featuring Joan Duwve of the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI.

Feb 2019

29 min 11 sec

Is the opioid crisis improving? What's the real face of the epidemic? Find out in this week's episodes of The Problem, featuring Joan Duwve of the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI.

Feb 2019

21 min 26 sec

Pharmacists will play a crucial part in the effort to end the opioid crisis. Learn about how the ways they can be part of the solution.

Feb 2019

21 min 55 sec

Learn what policies are changing the course of the opioid crisis in Indiana, featuring interviews from Jim McClelland and Pam Pontones.

Feb 2019

34 min 35 sec

How can better access to data change a state's level of health? Learn about the unique work of Indiana's Management Performance Hub, featuring discussions with Darshan Shah and Josie Fasoldt, and learn what you can do to help solve the opioid problem, with more from Jim McClelland.

Feb 2019

22 min 5 sec

Take a look back at our first season as we recap what we've learned about the opioid crisis. It's the first season finale of The Problem!

Mar 2019

19 min 52 sec

In the introductory episode of Season 2, learn about the origins of Alzheimer's disease, and how it differs from related dementias.

Nov 2019

10 min 14 sec

Learn about the Greater Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer's Association in a special bonus episode of The Problem!

Nov 2019

11 min 34 sec

Learn about how Alzheimer's and dementia affect life in the community and how organizations are making change, featuring NiCole Keith, PhD, Dan Bateman, PhD, Dementia Friends Indiana,  and the Alzheimer's Association!

Nov 2019

21 min 53 sec

Learn about an innovative model of care that can help improve patient health, reduce caregiver stress, and even save health systems significant costs. 

Dec 2019

20 min 24 sec

Learn about Eskenazi Health's Healthy Aging Brain Care program, a collaborative care model that supports caregivers, improves patient health, and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations!

Dec 2019

11 min 17 sec

Learn about how Alzheimer's affects the caregivers of those dealing with the disease, and how we can support them in making decisions for their loved ones. Featuring Nicole Fowler, PhD, MHSA; Alexia Torke, MD, MS; and Greg Sachs, MD.

Dec 2019

20 min 37 sec

Learn the full story of our season-long caregiver storyteller, Mindi Winnie (CICOA, Dementia Friends Indiana), in a featured episode.

Dec 2019

18 min 8 sec

Learn about the challenges that all patients with Alzheimer's face, as well as additional challenges faced by marginalized communities experiencing Alzheimer's. Featuring Chris Callahan, MD; Dan Bateman, PhD; Dustin Ziegler; Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhD; and Alexia Torke, MD, MS.

Jan 2020

21 min 38 sec

Learn about a choir dedicated to maintaining the dignity of older adults experiencing Alzheimer's and dementia. Featuring Rick Cobb.

Jan 2020

15 min 42 sec

Learn how we screen for and diagnose Alzheimer's disease, and how doctors convey that information to patients and families. Featuring Liana Apostolova, MD; Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH; Chris Callahan, MD; and Natalie Sutton.

Jan 2020

23 min 59 sec

Learn about the groundbreaking LEADS study with lead scientist Liana Apostolova, MD, MSc.

Jan 2020

14 min 19 sec

Learn about anticholinergics, a type of medications that can be risky for brain health. Featuring Noll Campbell, PharmD, MS.

Feb 2020

18 min 57 sec

What's good for the heart is good for the brain! Learn about how diet and exercise can reduce your risk of brain disease. Featuring Dan Bateman, MD; Dan Clark, PhD; and NiCole Keith, PhD.

Feb 2020

21 min 12 sec

Learn about delirium, a condition that may lead to greater risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. Featuring Sikandar Khan, DO; Heidi Lindroth, PhD; and Sophia Wang, MD.

Feb 2020

18 min 44 sec

Season finale: reflect on what we've learned this season and learn how we can create a better world for older adults living with Alzheimer's disease. Featuring: Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhD; Dan Bateman, MD; Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH; Rick Cobb; Mindi Winnie; and Dustin Ziegler.

Feb 2020

16 min 46 sec

Learn about the origins of the ongoing pandemic in our season premiere.

Jun 2020

6 min

Learn about a powerful tool for visualizing COVID-19 data developed by the Regenstrief Institute and its partners in the newest episode of our special season focused on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jun 2020

10 min

Learn about Mindfulness and its benefits during the pandemic with Shelley Johns, PsyD.

Jul 2020

11 min

Nursing home populations are profoundly affected by COVID-19. Hear how data science can help improve care of our elders. Featuring Kathleen Unroe, M.D., MHA.

Jul 2020

10 min 52 sec

COVID-19 patients who have been admitted to the ICU face a long recovery, even after their discharge. Hear about the unique challenges they face from Regenstrief research scientists Sikandar Khan, D.O., M.S., and Babar Khan, M.D., M.S..

Aug 2020

10 min 22 sec

Nir Menachemi, PhD, MPH, is leading a groundbreaking study to understand the spread of COVID-19 in Indiana and describe the communities most affected. Learn about the study and why it's so important in this episode.

Aug 2020

11 min 13 sec

A coalition of multidisciplinary leaders have helped Indiana greatly in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Learn about this team from The Indiana Pandemic Information Collaborative leader and Regenstrief President and CEO, Peter Embí, M.D., M.S.

Sep 2020

8 min 47 sec

Recap some the COVID-19 findings and discoveries we've heard about so far in the COVID-19 season finale of The Problem.

Oct 2020

8 min 37 sec

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people, and it has a long history. Learn about diabetes, its history, and how it's impacted healthcare in this season premiere. Featuring: Tami Hannon, Aaron Carroll, George Huntley, David Marerro, and Ann Albright.

May 21

28 min 20 sec

Life with diabetes is difficult, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live well. Listen to the stories of two individuals who haven't let diabetes stand in the way of a full, rich life.   Featuring Jalissa Gascho, James Hamstra, Will Hamstra, and Tami Hannon.  

May 28

33 min 17 sec

People living with diabetes face serious complications if their disease goes unchecked. Learn how experts are changing limb care and amputation in America. Featuring: David Armstrong, M.D.; Tamara Hannon, M.D.; Jeffrey Robbins, M.D..

Jun 4

29 min

The National Diabetes Prevention Program has led the way on reducing diabetes in America. Learn about how it got its start. Featuring: Ann Albright, M.D.; Sharon Edelstein; David Marrero, M.D.

Jun 11

20 min 20 sec

Access to quality health care can make the difference between good outcomes and bad outcomes for people living with diabetes. Learn how the system could be doing better. Featuring Victor Montori, M.D.; Jasmine Gonzalvo, PharmD; Patrice Graham-Adams; Lisa Staten, PhD; and Ron Rice.

Jun 18

30 min 52 sec

Lack of access to healthy food can be a major barrier to health for people with diabetes. Learn about the problem and efforts to address it in the season finale. Featuring Tami Hannon, David Marrero, Tyler Gough, Dave Miner, Ron Rice, Jennifer Bradley, and Jalissa Gascho.

Jun 25

26 min 3 sec