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FRANK HORROR features multi-episode story arcs of horror fiction, as well as talk-format shows centered on horror and the macabre.

Season 1 Serialized Story: SINNER'S MOON (7 episodes)

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SINNER’S MOON    Episode 1 (of 7) - When three young women (longtime friends and roommates) learn that a famous Art-Metal band is coming to town, they make it their mission to meet and party with the band. But the mansion where the band is staying to record their upcoming album has a sordid occult past - a past that lingers still within its halls and haunts their dreams.Runtime: 26 mins***Warning: This podcast contains depictions of graphic violence, sexual situations, drug use, adult language and occult themes. Listener discretion is strongly advised.***SINNER’S MOON is a 7- episode horror fiction podcast brought to you by FRANK


Nov 23

26 min 6 sec