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The Jam Pact is a new and independent podcast inspired by the activities and campaigns of the Women‘s Institute.

If you want to know what the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK cares about, you’ve come to the right place.

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Imagine you need to ask for help with a REALLY personal and complicated problem. Now imagine that the person who is supposed to help you with this problem just doesn't "get it". It's horrible, right? Ivy McKenzie helps women in this situation every day.  She works for a unique charity called Sistah Space. It was set up to focus on black women affected by abuse (very personal, very complicated). But they don't want to be unique! They are campaigning to make training about black women mandatory for those working to identify and help survivors and victims. This would mean that women would be able to access support where ever they are, and whatever the colour of their skin.  How do we do that? By having and sharing more conversations like this one... Quote of the episode: "Women come to us and tell us all the time that we make them feel a way that no one does.”   Follow me for pictures and more: Facebook: Twitter:

Nov 13

57 min 58 sec

People today say they feel cut off from nature, that we need to reconnect. But how can you reconnect with something that you were never disconnected from in the first place? 🤔 Mary-Jayne Rust is an ecotherapist with over 30 years of experience under her belt (her belt is made of braided sweetgrass and covered in flowers, by the way).  She says we feel disconnected from nature because we feel disconnected from our own bodies.  Wait... do you feel that? That's the feeling of you about to take a nice relaxing sigh and play the podcast 😍 Quote of the episode: "Knowing that we’re inside a conscious web of life always amazes me and relives that sense of loneliness.”   Follow me for pictures and more: Facebook: Twitter:  

Oct 21

1 hr 12 min

So, you're living in Todmorden in West Yorkshire (bear with me here). Things are kind of alright but the planet is burning, the ice caps are melting, and you're actually really quite worried about polar bears and pandas. Then SUDDENLY Pam Warhurst (AKA The Most Quotable Woman in West Yorkshire) turns up and tells you to start growing carrots on public land without permission.  How is that going to help? 🤔 "Food is our Trojan Horse," Pam told me, proudly. The point is to focus on small steps, to do things with other people, and to do them... without asking if it's okay to do it first  😱 Quote of the episode: "You don't need permission to make your community a more hopeful place. Be out there very publicly making it great. People will love it and be attracted to you."   Follow me for pictures and more: Facebook: Twitter:

Sep 11

1 hr 4 min

People in the UK aren't just hungry for food... They're hungry for justice! Emma Revie, the CEO of the Trussell Trust, says that food banks are a symptom of a problem, not the solution.  We have two choices when it comes to poverty in the UK: to treat it as if it is an individual tragedy or a problem with our social safety net.  This net holds us all. Quote of the episode: "We need to stop thinking of poverty as an individual issue and start thinking of it as structural.” Bonus quote: "We know what drives people to food banks. We can end the need."   Follow me for pictures and more: Facebook: Twitter:

Sep 3

1 hr 2 min

How do you cope with a tsunami?  Not a metaphorical tsunami. An actual tsunami.  In 2011, Dylan was in Japan when the tsunami struck. Her doctors tried to measure her PTSD with numbers and checkboxes and questionnaires. What does this do to our understanding of ourselves and our experiences? And what does it do when you begin to measure yourself in a new way? What happens when you leave the world of checkboxes... for comics? Quote of the episode: "I wish you could get your prescription and collect a comic." (PS: I flippin' loved this conversation.)   Follow me for pictures and more: Facebook: Twitter:

Sep 3

48 min 14 sec

So. You're me. And you've been diagnosed with autism. And you really want to tell people BUT all these stereotypes keep getting in the way. Stereotypes like... but YOU can't be autistic. You're NICE. What do you do? I'll tell you what you do... you start a flippin' podcast and you start it by flippin' interviewing Odd Girl Out author, Laura James! Together we will face the dragon of the stereotypes!  And together, we will find out... like all dragons... that they're actually all a myth. Quote of the episode: "Without these labels, we wouldn't find this community."   Follow me for pictures and more: Facebook: Twitter:

Sep 3

1 hr 14 min