The Weekly Transit: Astrology

Scott Tejerian & Ingrid Iversen

Astrologer Scott Tejerian & co-host Ingrid Iversen discuss the planetary movements & astral influences on Earth, to help you navigate more patiently, examine more carefully, and not take things so personally. Join them each week as they give a light hearted look at how to best utilize these cosmic rhythms to guide you through the week.

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The fire is lit as the Sun burns through Sagittarius, Scott and Ingrid discuss the blunt honesty that is occurring, while Mars continues to drudge up secrets in Scorpio. What is at 8° in your astrological code? Saturn and Chiron are converging with the Moon at 8°, which means taking responsibility to face the origins of the wound to your self-confidence. (5:57)- Intro (11:46) - Monday (15:45) - Tuesday (20:18) - Wednesday (24:32) - Thursday (28:33) - Friday (31:16) - Saturday (33:55) - Sunday

Nov 22

41 min 14 sec

As we push toward the end of the Sun in Scorpio, sensitivities rise and vulnerability increases. Scott gives Ingrid the space to let it all hang out in this episode, as we prepare to ride the wave of Full Moon in Taurus. It is time to get clear about what you are bringing into your karmic bonds, because as the Sun arrives in the truth telling sign of Sagittarius there will be nowhere to hide. (10:13) - Overview (11:05) - Monday (16:21) - Tuesday (18:00) - Wednesday (21:40) - Thursday (25:26) - Friday (28:01) - Saturday (29:24) - Sunday

Nov 14

34 min 48 sec

Major planetary clashes occur this week forcing some Aquarius logic onto the Scorpio passion. What a perfect time to release our new eBook, “The Basics of Astrology”! We discuss more of what the book is all about, while Ingrid helps Scott make sense of how someone who dances in public ~ community vulnerability ~ has fears of posting on IG. (17:48) - Monday (23:00) - Tuesday  (27:07) - Wednesday  (32:46) - Thursday  (35:17) - Friday (42:46) - Saturday (45:52) - Sunday

Nov 8

55 min 58 sec

Ingrid has been following the planetary rhythms, setting her New Moon intentions and has some big news to share with Scott. Perfect timing, because the astral forecast is about to intensify with the New Moon in Scorpio. Plus, Mercury moves into Scorpio and Venus moves into Capricorn this week. Be willing to expose and take responsibility for yourself so you can ascend to the next level of your relationships.

Nov 1

56 min 45 sec

Ingrid fills us in on the conclusion to her fight at work, while she frets to Scott that her dad is listening to the podcast. Meanwhile, Mars is charging into Scorpio this week, so check in on the energetic flow in your karmic bonds, as conflicts could be looming.

Oct 25

46 min 34 sec

Ingrid shares her adventures of cold plunging in a mountain stream to reset her energy. Scott describes how to incorporate the Earth Elements into your life including what would be good for Britney Spears based on her Primal Triad. Plus, learn how to harness the frequency of the upcoming Full Moon, through courageous expression of your emotions, in preparation for the Sun moving into Scorpio.

Oct 18

55 min 20 sec

More hot gossip and drama in Ingrid & Scott’s relationship as they navigate the choppy winds of Mercury’s retrograde through Libra. After a tense week apart, they find the balance and harmony by doing what Mercury is demanding for us all, communicate with greater clarity. Hopefully their chaotic hilarity helps bring you eloquence and grace.


Oct 10

40 min 6 sec

Ingrid shares a volatile work conflict that required her to step into her power, while Scott expresses his fears of vulnerability in their relationship. Balance in relationships are the theme of the week, as the New Moon in Libra urges you to set your relationship intentions. Venus begins transit through Sagittarius, creating a desire for freedom in your relationships.

Oct 3

48 min 17 sec

Mercury retrograde has Scott and Ingrid looking back and opening up about the discomfort that has arisen from exploring new territories in their relationship. By taking responsibility for being patient and willing to communicate contributes to greater harmony with each other.

Sep 26

36 min

There is a lot of support regrading relationships with the Full Moon in Pisces, the Sun moving into Libra and Mercury retrograde in Libra, which…FAIR WARNING…caused Scott and Ingrid to delve into their past and face their psychological baggage.

Sep 19

51 min 29 sec

It is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and Ingrid shares some of her dark experiences from the past which garners the direction of what it means to be present. Mars, the God of War, begins its transit through Libra, the sign of relationships, so there could be conflict in that area, which also means there is a need to check into the depths of your unconscious. What psychological baggage is hiding beneath the surface of your mind that needs to be integrated with forgiveness, love and understanding? The planets are encouraging us to face our insecurities and do the work required to take responsibility for ourselves.

Sep 13

50 min 14 sec

Scott & Ingrid laugh about how annoying Virgo's (aka Ingrid) can be while explaining how to use that nitpicking perfectionist attitude to set  intentions for creating structure to get organized & prioritise your health. Pay attention to what you eat & how it affects your mind. Pay attention to what you are consuming mentally and how it affects your body. Create a daily routine that supports your health. The better you take care of yourself, the better you will be able to serve others.

Sep 6

43 min 57 sec

Communicating with honor by doing the work necessary to pay attention to the details is the path to transforming your relationship to authority. In order to become an authority you must claim responsibility for yourself and that requires understanding and implementing the facts.

Aug 29

28 min 14 sec

With all that is happening in the world today, understand that the planets are supporting you. The key is working with the energy at hand, and this week the planets are supporting you to find the courage pay attention to the details so you can gracefully take responsibility for yourself in the community.

Aug 22

30 min 34 sec

Embrace your emotional freedom through honesty expressing your emotions. Pay attention to the details and act with meticulous focus. Showcase your originality and convey your emotional independence within your community.

Aug 14

32 min 5 sec

The Sun, Mercury & Venus all transiting through the signs that they rule creating a frequency for your to speak your heart with the articulation & reasoning of an intellectual & with the grace & beauty of a poet.

Aug 7

31 min 25 sec

Face the wound to your self-confidence & the instability in your material security with the boldness of an open hearted Lion. Set your intentions for how you would like to grab the spotlight and shine.

Aug 2

31 min 55 sec

Use your inner critic to see what's smudged in your relationships. Clarity will come when you articulate what you are feeling in your heart. Take responsibility for what it means to be sovereign in your community, your relationships and your life as a whole.

Jul 25

41 min 57 sec

The Sun moves into Lion, Leo, the sign of personal sovereignty, where it faces off with the Moon, which rules our emotions, to bring us the first of two Full Moon this year in Aquarius, the sign of the community, while Venus, the sign of love and relationships begins transit through the critical sign of Virgo. This is a time to critically analyze how you are showing up to your relationships and communicate that to the people you are in relationships by tapping into your personal sovereignty all while weaving some compassion into the mix.

Jul 18

41 min 10 sec

Get your hands dirty if you need to, trust what you feel and let those emotions flow as you delve into your roots, your childhood and the ones who raised and nurtured you; how these experiences formed your unconscious, for the purpose of healing and moving forward with sovereignty.

Jul 10

41 min 35 sec

The Moon begins its new cycle in Cancer, setting intentions for your domicile, but first Venus in Leo continues its sashay forward urging you to establish your sovereignty in relationships. To close the week, Mercury draws the mind toward your roots, as it moves into Cancer.

Jul 2

44 min

No New Moon. No Full Moon. No new planets moving into a new sign except for the Moon, but there sure is a lot happening with the planets...listen in to hear how the potent energy could be affecting you.

Jun 26

34 min 26 sec

The emotional release of Full Moon in Capricorn requires you to take responsibility for what you want to achieve, while the goddess of love, Venus, bring sovereignty to your relationships as it begins transit in the sign of the Lion, Leo.

Jun 19

45 min 35 sec

The giver of light, life and vitality moves into the sign of the roots, of your emotions, while Moon transits through Leo, Virgo and Libra, bringing up emotional sovereignty, analytics & balance.

Jun 11

38 min 40 sec

The Sun & Moon join forces with Mercury retrograde in Gemini to bring us an emotionally powerful and conversational New Moon, while Mars, the God of War, begins transit in Leo, the sign of the Lion.

Jun 5

40 min 39 sec

It’s all rooted in family. The Goddess of Love arrives in the sign representing the home, the past, your family lineage & ancestral line. Focus on your relationships in these areas.

May 30

32 min 35 sec

Let Freedom Ring! Honestly, openly & bluntly express your emotions, especially now as Mercury begins its retrograde course. Clear out any stuck energy & practice patience with yourself.

May 22

45 min 50 sec

What would you like to learn? Break out of your routine. Try something new. Follow your curiosity & be spontaneous.

May 15

29 min 40 sec

Set your intentions to establish what it is you truly value in the material realm with the New Moon in Taurus & prepare to take an expanded look at your unconscious with Jupiter in Pisces.

May 8

53 min 14 sec

The planet of communication is joined by the planet of relationships in the sign of communication, which means be curious, connect people together, ask questions and most importantly of all...listen.

May 1

39 min 9 sec

Money, Magic & Emotional Transformation. Envelope yourself in the senses. Come to terms with what you value materially. Make the karmic shifts necessary to satisfy your desires.

Apr 24

37 min 2 sec

Sensuality means financial and material security! We do live in the material world, so immerse yourself in the senses in order to come to terms with what it is you truly value.

Apr 16

40 min 39 sec

The Goddess of Love returns to her sensual home of Taurus. Embrace the five physical senses and tap into your romantic nature.

Apr 9

37 min 45 sec

Set your intentions for yourself... Create healthy boundaries, embrace self-empowerment & build your self-esteem.

Apr 3

45 min 17 sec

The messenger of the gods completes its transit through Pisces. Clear the psychological baggage within your unconscious, before you start spitting FIRE!

Mar 27

35 min 55 sec

Release what no longer serves you in your relationships. Courage stems from Self-Love. Be brave in setting healthy boundaries with yourself and your partners.

Mar 20

44 min 17 sec

The Sun and Venus in Aries, and Mercury in Pisces. Charge ahead in into the Astrological New Year as the Sun moves into the courageous sign of Aries. Venus, the planet of relationships speeds in closely behind, while Mercury the planet of consciousness begins transit through the sign of the unconscious.

Mar 16

39 min 1 sec

Time to delve into your subconscious and compassionately face your psychological baggage. Clear the burdens within your psyche that weigh you down. Greater compassion will invite greater courage both for yourself and with those you care for.

Mar 8

34 min 53 sec

In life we are given gifts and we are given challenges. The challenges are there to inspire you to open the gifts, while the gifts are there to help you with your challenges. With only two stressful alignments this week, it is time to take advantage of the gifts.

Mar 1

1 hr

Turn your attention to the details of your dreams for the purpose of driving them toward the reality you desire, while being a compassionate partner gives you the necessary support to succeed in accomplishing your goals.

Feb 22

52 min 51 sec

Find compassion and patience for yourself & your relationships, as the planet of restriction (Saturn) in the sign of community (Aquarius) squares off with the planet of rebellion (Uranus) in the sign of security (Taurus) for the first time in 498 years.

Feb 15

44 min 33 sec

The New Moon in Aquarius... 16 of the 20 planetary positions discussed are in the Element of Air, which means Air is in the Air... the key themes being Communication, Community & Relationships.

Feb 8

57 min 15 sec

The goddess of beauty spreads love throughout the community. Find a cause & a group to carry it through to fruition with you, while together embracing your individuality.

Feb 1

46 min 14 sec

How to navigate the impending retrograde & release your emotional sovereignty within the community, as Ingrid scores BIG in the game of astrology.

Jan 25

27 min 12 sec

The giver of light, life & vitality arrives in the sign of originality, independence, ingenuity & community. Tap into your rebellious nature. Bring something new to the collective in order to reshape society for the future.

Jan 18

39 min 27 sec

The New Moon in Capricorn signals a time to set your intentions toward what you want to achieve. Focus your attention on your career. Be specific about what you want to accomplish & the work required to bring your ambitions into your reality.

Jan 10

47 min 14 sec

Three planets move into new signs this week. Mars arrives in Taurus, after an extended six month stay in Aries. Mercury arrives in Aquarius. Venus arrives in Capricorn. It is time to recalibrate and ride the shift.

Jan 4

47 min 8 sec

Setting your intentions for a healthy home life that can be supported by your career. If the career is draining your home life, this is your opportunity to reset the table for 2021.

Dec 2020

53 min 36 sec

The Sun arrives in Capricorn, while Jupiter & Saturn meet in Aquarius, for an interaction the esoteric realm has been anticipating for a long time, creating a shift in the reality of the paradigm.

Dec 2020

47 min 36 sec

Four planets move into new signs this week, as Venus arrives in Sagittarius, Jupiter & Saturn cruise into Aquarius & Mercury speeds into Capricorn, all after the New Moon in Sagittarius. Set your honest intentions to be free & independent.

Dec 2020

44 min 27 sec