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The 9th Street Journal

The 9th Street Journal is a Durham news website run by journalism students in Duke University's DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy. It is published by faculty in the Sanford School of Public Policy.

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In this latest episode of our Reflections series, host Cameron Oglesby speaks with 9th Street reporter Lilly Clark about her experience covering traffic court. Clark highlights the conundrum she faces in covering even small traffic offenses and how the permanence of this digital age in journalism allows stories about mundane criminal offenses to stick with people for the rest of their lives. She discusses what journalists can do to ensure they hold the courts accountable without negatively affecting those who have earned their second chance.   Host and producer: Cameron Oglesby Dec. 1, 2021.

Dec 2

21 min 35 sec

In the first podcast of our Reflections series, host Cameron Oglesby interviews 9th Street reporter Grace Abels about her coverage of Durham District Attorney Satana Deberry, who she profiled for Pride Month. Abels discusses intersectionality and how the  reporting process helped her to more deeply understand her own intersecting identites and the complex identities of others.  Host and producer: Cameron Oglesby Nov. 4, 2021.

Nov 4

22 min 42 sec