Betatalks the podcast

By Betabit

Welcome to Betatalks the podcast, in which we talk with friends from the development community. We chat not only about technology, but what drives them, inspires them and makes them unique. Rick and Oscar, Principal Cloud Architects at Betabit, invite developers, makers, Open Source maintainers and other amazing people from the .NET and Azure development community. Looking for more content? Have a look at our Betatalks video's.

  1. 1.
    15. The perfect hybrid solution, helping ISVs & introverts and Geeks in IT' – with Mike Martin
  2. 2.
    14. From panic attacks to public speaking, Static Webapps & building Lego - with Stacy Cashmore
  3. 3.
    13. A journey into Microsoft Identity, Managed Identities and Azure Active Directory – with Christos Matskas
  4. 4.
    12. Harnessing the power of webdevelopment with Blazor & Coding After Work - with Jimmy Engström
  5. 5.
    11. Windows Azure, migrating secured systems & mixology - with Karl Ots
  6. 6.
    10. Teaching developers & the importance of sharing knowledge, REST API and GraphQL - with Irina Scurtu
  7. 7.
    9. Fluent Assertions, test styles and writing clean code – with Dennis Doomen
  8. 8.
    8. GitHub, InnerSource and the benefits of an asynchronous and knowledge-sharing culture – with Martin Woodward

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