Finding Your Cape - The Podcast

By Mare McHale

You deserve to achieve greatness, even when it looks nothing like you imagined as a kid. At the age of 33, best-selling author and former journalist, Mare McHale, became a widow, losing her husband to suicide. In an instant, she found herself the single mum of her beautiful son Thomas, born with special needs. Through extensive self-work, Mare climbed back on her feet, tripling her business, garnering close to two million views on her YouTube channel and winning entrepreneurial awards. In ‘Finding Your Cape’, Mare outlines exactly how she found her secret weapon that catapulted her healing. You too will gain the tools and confidence to find your own cape through a series of exercise as Mare shares her story, at times funny, embarrassing, touching and always vulnerable. Life tests our aerodynamics, but with your own cape, you will learn to fly into the wind with your head held high.

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