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Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

A podcast series aimed at helping all of us talk more openly about money.

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Learn Better Money Habits | An Interview with Sue Burton Episode 138 Today’s podcast episode is the fifth in the Breaking Money Silence® with Your Younger Self series. I interviewed Sue Burton, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Environment Social Governance Programs at Bank of America about her evolving relationship with money. As a former comedian and mom of two college-aged kids, she knows the power of making financial education fun.  Sue Burton has been a literacy advocate her entire career. We first met when she was the Managing Director of Products and Marketing at American Student Assistance. She hired me to be a subject matter expert on behavioral finance to aid in the development of a gamified financial education platform. Sue joined the Bank of America in 2014 and currently leads Enterprise activation of the bank’s brand with signature programs including Better Money Habits, Special Olympics, and PBS partnerships. Read more.  Here are 5 things you will learn by listening to this episode: Why financial education gives people a chance at their very best life How her money mindset made her a good earning, but a poor saver “Know thyself” is the first rule in getting your finance under control  You don’t need to know everything, just where to go for help Tips for breaking money silence with the next generation  Want to connect with Sue? Here’s how:  Better Money Habits: Free financial literacy education Social: LinkedIn, Twitter   A special thank you to our episode sponsor, Plan Well. Be Well.   Plan well. Be Well is a place that connects your financial well-being to your personal well-being. It's a place to inspire and learn. To define aspirations. To begin articulating what well-being looks like for you. And a place to provide the financial tools needed to achieve your financial goals and live your intended life. Because when you plan well, you can be well. Now and in the future. For more information, visit  Apply for the Master Class on Negotiating: Join me for this small group coaching experience and learn how to remove psychological roadblocks to earning your true worth. A new group starts January 2022. Space is limited so register today. Click here to register. .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content { background-color: #146a7d !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container .et_bloom_form_header { background-color: #146a7d !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content button { background-color: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content .et_bloom_fields i { color: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content .et_bloom_custom_field_radio i:before { background: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_content button { background-color: #f58023 !important; } .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container h2, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container h2 span, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container h2 strong { font-family: "Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif; }.et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container p, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container p span, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container p strong, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container form input, .et_bloom .et_bloom_optin_1 .et_bloom_form_container form button span { font-family: "Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif; }

Nov 29

28 min 5 sec