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You may be the farmer or married to the farmer - this podcast will help you balance family and merge your personal needs with your farm demands. You can have a profitable biz AND a lovely, fulfilled life. I teach you personal development tools & strategies to finally conquer overwhelm and the feeling that you're not doing enough in your family or in your business. You'll learn step-by-step how to create the results you want in life!

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Get on the waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales: Last week, three farmers in a row came to me for help with the same problem. One farmer was vaccinating sheep with her husband, she didn’t shut the gate fast enough and a ewe got through.  Her husband yelled and was making her extremely anxious. Another’s husband made her super frustrated when he went to make a delivery and forgot a couple of people's orders. Again.  The third farmer's husband made her anxious and guilty while they were doctoring an injured cow. Farmers show up to our coaching calls knowing I will help them.  They want me to help them NOT feel frustrated, angry or anxious. And I do. But not in the way you or they expect. The coaching I offer them always surprises them. They come wanting to figure out how to get their husbands to stop making them feel so bad. And I for sure help them to do that - but it is 180° from what you’re thinking will happen. Listen to today’s episode, #96, to hear how to finally stop being triggered by your spouse or partner on the farm. 

Dec 2

33 min 20 sec

Learn to 5X Your Farm Sales in LESS Time Here: There is a process to managing your time so you can build a profitable farm. Everyone can learn it. But very few (if any?) are teaching it. Until now. The 5X Your Farm Sales Coaching Program for farmers has mastered the process of teaching you to calm your mind and life down so you can focus on getting to profit. Lori Hernandez has learned this process working with me over the last year and made MORE money working fewer hours than ever. Hear her story on the podcast today, then join her in learning how time is created and applying it in your life. Like so many of you, Lori came to me overwhelmed by everything that had to be done on her farm. She spent her days frantic, harried, working LONG days and still not feeling accomplished at the end of her days. She was sacrificing her family life - working from home on the farm, but feeling guilty she was not at all present with her husband and kids. She knew she and her family would continue to suffer if she didn’t change something in the way she was spending her days. She joined my program a year ago and learned how to create margin in her lives, how to create breathing room between farm projects, and discovered 10-20 more hours in each week doing so. She now has Sundays & Mondays off and part of Saturdays. Now THAT ^^^ is unheard of among farmers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn the same skills Lori learned that made her more money than ever this season working fewer hours than ever before. You learn this when you join 5X Your Farm Sales. We start with “Master Your Time, Master Your Life” where you’ll learn to create time and go through your days with calm and balance. You’ll take your marketing to the highest level studying Advanced Marketing Strategies. You’ll have my ongoing coaching support each week. You’ll become a thought leader. You’ll become a mature business owner. You’ll set goals and deadlines and strategically plan and execute them. You’ll finish your day at the reasonable time you pre-determine and you’ll be a person who follows through on this commitment to yourself. No matter how many times you’ve studied my work, my marketing courses, my time management processes, you need to constantly re-apply this information. Because the process never changes, but YOU change and you must hone the process. We work together for one year. Many clients return year after year as they grow and fine-tune themselves and their farms. You are invited to join 5X Your Farm Sales and master this process of calming your life down, creating more time and building your profitable farm. See you inside. Charlotte  Listen to how Lori went from sacrificing time with her family to thinking like a leader in her business. THEN join her and me in learning and applying the process.

Nov 12

39 min 5 sec

Free Training - 4 Simple Steps to Create More Time Are you running your farm or is your farm running you? I ask because farmers regularly tell me they're being pulled in all different directions by everything, everyone AND their dog (literally - sometimes their dog ). What if I told you there's a way to finally take control and freely move through your day, calmly, with plenty of time for everything - including time for you? There are things you're doing in your day that are preventing you from feeling in-control - things that you can learn to let go of so you can build a successful, sustainable life and business. Episode 94 shows you what you're doing to waste time. So many of my 5X Coaching Clients are finally recognizing the seven ways their wasting precious time. Once they're aware, then they're able to stop. This means, they take back control of their life and farm and are finding time to calmly get things done and make money. You can do this too - take back control, feel calm and focused, and start making money. To take back control you've got to get a few things in order, first. Most important, episode 94 outlines 7 key things most people are doing that waste HOURS of their time each day. Listen to episode 94 now to learn what you're doing that's wasting your one precious life so you can finally free up time to do what you want. I know you'll probably relate to several, if not all seven. Once you become aware of these seven things, you'll be able to eliminate them and get your time back for the things that really matter. Things that really matter, like, precious family time and creating a successful farm business. Warmly, Charlotte

Oct 28

32 min 38 sec

Be sure you're on the waitlist to 5X Your Farm Sales: You have a list of to-do's to run your farm and you know exactly what needs to be done. You wake up ready to seize the day, but then you don't know where to start. ' You feel: Overwhelmed and stuck because there's so much to do Pressured to do all the tasks - so you do them, but now your days turned into nights Confused because you were able to do some tasks, but there's still so much that didn't happen Exhausted and helpless because your days feel chaotic and not manageable I am hearing this happen all too often with the farmers that come to me for help. Through coaching with me, farmers are able to learn the skills and processes they need to effectively manage their time and actually follow through on their to-do list efficiently.  ==> This means you feel confident in your work and the process. ==> You feel refreshed and ready to hit the ground running with intent and focus. ==> And you can finally have a successful farm and fulfilling life knowing you can be present and spend the evenings with your family or taking care of yourself. Now is the time to take intentional action ---- listen to this episode so you can learn how your brain can take control and you can stay committed to your plans. Listen to Episode 93 and start managing your thoughts and brain to take intentional action with your plans. If you're not signed up for coaching yet - starting in mid-November you can work with me for ONE YEAR to transform your farm, your brain and your life.  Warm hugs, Charlotte

Oct 21

29 min 10 sec

Get on the Wait List for 5X Your Farm Sales: Most farmers' plans do NOT involve: Failing 80% of the time Struggling for many years trying to get to profit Working 'til exhaustion many days Hustling to make a buck to try to pay the bills on time Yet this is what farmers are emailing me for help with daily. And when they implement the coaching I offer, including the 10 essentials I'm sharing today, they begin to have all kinds of crazy success. Success with more efficiency and ease. They create more financial success. They experience more life and family-fulfillment success. Now it's your turn to listen, learn and implement the 10 essentials that will help you get to profit and success with calm and ease. Listen to Episode 92 and do all you can on your own, then bring the essential you want to work on the MOST to our coaching call. If you're not signed up for coaching yet - your next chance will be mid-November to work with me for ONE YEARE to transform your farm and your life. Keep your eyes peeled! Tune in to Episode 92 to learn the 10 Essentials. Warm hugs, Charlotte

Oct 14

46 min 15 sec

Get on the waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales opening up soon: Recently I had a client come to me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the disorganization and chaos in her office. I hear this struggle from a lot of you and I coach on it often! As farmers, we get pulled between the enormous amount of farm work outside. And of course, we've got houses to keep clean and often, families to feed. Then there's our marketing we aren't getting to like we want, and then of course things pile up. The problem with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated is it will NEVER drive the action of cleaning up the office. Or cleaning up anything at all! When you create feelings of overwhelm and frustration, you'll find yourself avoiding the very task you think is causing it. Avoiding it by going out and working in the barn or fixing a fence or packing orders. This means, the original overwhelm-inducing project never gets done. And the overwhelm and frustration continue every time you look at it or think about it. In Episode 91, I will show you exactly how to remedy this. Remember, “You can’t build a profitable farm that is also sustainable and fulfilling unless you clean up all these little areas of your life, it’s all these little things that add up to you having a profitable farm and life.” (episode 91) Listen to Episode 91 now, to discover how to confront your brain's sneaky way of making you feel bad. I'll walk you through just how to tackle all the teeny tiny tasks causing you anxiety in an easier, more peaceful way. Warmly, Charlotte

Oct 7

28 min 19 sec

5X Your Farm Sales is OPEN for Registration: Four months ago Maggie joined 5X Your Farm Sales. She and her husband produce and sell milk, chicken and pork. AND vegetables. She was so overwhelmed and run ragged by customers stopping in at all times of day, she couldn't think straight. Just one conversation with me that week and she got off our call and made changes that IMMEDIATELY CALMED HER LIFE DOWN and made her more profitable. That was with ONE conversation. Imagine how she’s continuing to transform her business and life in our 12 months of conversations in the 5X Coaching Program!  Hear her story of what she's created in just the last 5 months: Going from losing to making money in just 4 months of coaching Took a family vacation - first time ever in the summer Setting clear boundaries with customers on the farm Farm paying for itself + new milk room + new kids' bedrooms! Maggie and her husband and children are all happier and more fulfilled Maggie found hours and hours of time in her week which she's enjoying with her family and her personal self-care Yes, it IS possible to have time for yourself AND make money on your farm. Listen to Maggie's interview on the podcast today, then join her inside 5X Your Farm Sales and start turning your life and farm around.  For the next 52 weeks I’ll teach and coach on anything you're struggling with on the farm.  We start with "The Less Stressed Farmer - 30 Days to Calm" because you can't make more money until you lessen the stress. At the same time you're calming your life down, I'll be teaching you advanced marketing strategies and offer feedback to you on any of your marketing materials - emails, blogs, videos, FB & IG posts. This is just the start of 5X-ing (or 10 or 20Xing) your farm sales. Click here to join 5x Your Farm Sales today. And remember - hit reply to this note and ask me anything you need that will help you commit to joining by tonight so I can support your goals. Charlotte  

Sep 16

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Learn More about 5X Your Farm Sales HERE: What is 5X Your Farm Sales? It’s a one-year weekly coaching program designed specifically for farmers (that's you) that want help figuring out how to stop the stress and anxiety and learn to create more balanced time to build a profitable farm. This program is for you if you're: Running out of time and energy to get it all done Being pulled in too many directions, not able to focus  Want to reach more customers Need help getting customers to pay your high prices (or the confidence to raise your prices) Eager to learn proven marketing techniques and strategies that work Need a marketing plan and strategy that will save you time and money  Listen, your family and community need you. I know you'd rather be milking cows or planting crops, but inside 5X Your Farm Sales, I teach you to calm your life down first and then learn to market your products with ease. And I'd love to have you inside the course.

Sep 13

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Free Training: 6 Crucial Business Tools To Build Your Successful Farm Sign up HERE: You’ve worked hard to care for your land and give your animals a good life, but if you’re still trying to figure out how to sell more farm products and turn your farm into a profitable business, here’s what you might be missing: Ready for it? Growing a successful farm is an inside job. And I don’t mean in the house, in the barn, or in the office creating more social media posts with no strategy. I mean inside of you. The fact is that you cannot get traction in your farm business without having the mindset to create that success.  Once you've tapped into the right mindset, there are 6 tools I've identified through working with farmers that will move you ahead. And I want to see you succeed.  That’s why I’m inviting you to my free webinar on the 6 Crucial Business Tools To Build Your Successful Farm Click HERE to sign up. You’ll learn: How having the wrong mindset sabotages your success Why doing your inner work is the foundation for a profitable farm business What highly successful people know and how that applies to your farm  And so much more! It’s all happening on September 10th at 9am PST/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET. Sign up below to get the link and to get access to the replay! Click here to sign up for the free 6 Crucial Business Tools To Build Your Successful Farm Here’s to a farm life you love! Cheers, Charlotte

Sep 3

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Click Link Below to 5X Your Farm Sales: There are two most common problem farmers start coaching with me to solve. You're not making enough money. You're struggling with overwhelm - not having enough time or money or resources so things aren't getting done.  Some tell me they're hemorrhaging money! Yet you can't afford to hire help to lessen the overwhelm. And part of the problem is, you just aren't charging enough to make it all worth it. Our family farms usually don't have the economy of scale that the industrial farms have, so we have to charge more than the grocery store, for instance, to make a profit. Yet most don't. And when I ask why not - you have a multitude of reasons, probably all the ones you'll hear on the podcast today! Before you can successfully raise your prices, you've got to know why you're not raising your prices - otherwise, your biggest fear will come true - that you'll lose customers. I go over all of this, in detail, in this week’s podcast episode. The 4 Steps I teach in today's episode will help you gain the confidence to raise your prices and NOT lose customers. I teach you how. Listen to this week's episode to learn.

Aug 26

32 min 23 sec

Click Link Below to 5X Your Farm Sales: My client created this amazing pricing course for new flower farmers that would save them 2-3 years of losing money. There's nothing like it in the industry - she's sitting on a gold mine of knowledge and help for flower farmers! Yet, she's not selling it. She's not putting it out there. I asked her why in Episode 86. She said, "I doubt if it's good enough. I worry people won't buy it. I'm afraid flower industry experts might question it." You might think those are normal thoughts everyone has. And they often are. Yet when she allows herself to think them, she spins on trying to improve the product. Trying to make it good enough. Trying to do anything to prevent the possibility of an expert criticizing it. Which means, it's still 'sitting on the shelf' not getting out there. And every day it sits on the shelf she's not making money and neither are the new flower farmers that need this info. She's stuck. NOT because the product isn't good enough. But because of her thought. These same thoughts are causing many of us to NOT put our products out there. And for sure, to NOT price them sustainably! This problem is so common because we often think that fine-tuning the product is the problem. But the product is never the problem. It's only her thinking that's the problem. The solution? It's clearly laid out in today's episode. Click HERE to listen. And remember. This is what we do in 5X Your Farm Sales. I coach you to get to the REAL problem and to fix it once and for all. Then you finally stop doubting, stop the worry, stop the incessant perfecting - and get it out there and start building your profitable farm. Your thoughts are what will keep your farm from success. Your thoughts are what makes your farm successful. It's NOT having the best product. Or having it priced just right. Or the best farming practices. You need to learn this skill of intentionally creating the results you want in life. Tune into Episode 86 to start now.

Aug 19

30 min 51 sec

Get on the waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales: The first step in me teaching you how to make money on your farm is showing you that your reasons YOU THINK you're not profitable... aren't the real reasons.  Your website, the location you live, your products not being "right", not being able to raise your prices - are NOT WHY your farm isn’t making money.  The ONLY thing in the way of you making a profit on your farm - is YOU. Lemme explain. Truth is, your farm will only be as successful as your thoughts about yourself. Wild concept, right?? But we now have the research showing us why/how some people get to great success and many don't. In order to build a successful, profitable farm, you first have to have a strong belief in you. Yourself. This is not a skill we're born with, you've gotta learn it. And, lucky you, this is the work I do. Today’s culture has taught us we have to prove our worth and ability in order to deserve to charge the price we need. We think we're being "humble" when we're self-deprecating. We're taught we don't want people to think WE think too highly of ourselves!! But - as cute as it is in a group of people, it's keeping you at a low level of success.  If your self concept is not strong, your business won’t be either. This self-belief is where I start with all my clients who want more success in their business. If I just teach them my advanced marketing strategies without increasing their self-belief first, the strategies don't work. You already suspect this. You know you're posting and emailing and doing videos - and taking all the actions you see others doing - and your actions are NOT resulting in a farm business with an ample profit margin. Again, your ample profit margin will only be the result AFTER you get your belief in yourself set. Once my clients up-level their belief in themselves (I teach you how) - more profit CAN be instantaneous. From their new place of believing in themselves (a learned skill) their flyers and emails and social media posts - create massive financial gains. Remember - it's NOT your products, your farming practices, your website, your location OR YOUR SPOUSE holding you back from being profitable. It's one thing and one thing only. Fix this, you're golden. I see this evidence daily with my clients. In this episode, I teach you 3 Strategies to Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle to Building a Profitable Farm.  It takes a certain level of vulnerability and bravery to finally make the decision to do the work on yourself. Most people won't. Will you? Be sure to listen to this week’s episode.  Warmly,  Charlotte PS: Plan on working with me in "5X Your Farm Sales" starting in September. We start with strengthening your belief in YOU.

Aug 12

27 min 44 sec

Get on the waitlist to 5X Your Farm Sales: Farmers often reach out to me for help, disappointed their website is not making them more sales. Doesn't matter what platform they have - they ALL can work. The platform is NOT the problem. There is no "perfect website platform" that when you find it then you'll FINALLY make money. It's the content you build into your site that matters - and the people building your website are not going to know this info. That's not their job. It's your job to learn, and this is what I teach you. In today's podcast episode I teach you 3 very simple tweaks I see missing from most farm websites. You can make these tweaks today and get your website on track to perform when you use the marketing strategy I teach. I understand you might be skeptical of this - why is no one else telling you about these crucial strategies? Listen, there're expert website strategists that will help you get it pretty, that comes first. Next comes my boots-on-the-ground experience with hundreds of farmers over the last decade. I know what works. I know what doesn't work. From years of experience reviewing and tweaking hundreds of websites now making my clients collectively millions of dollars. I now know first-hand what works to make sure a potential customer lands on your site and takes the action you want them to take. Make these changes to your site and then bring it to my Advanced Marketing Strategies program for a review to continue improving and up-leveling. Let's finally get your website doing what it's supposed to do - making you consistent sales on your farm. Listen now to learn and implement the 3 simple tweaks. That's just the start of your profitable farm.

Aug 5

21 min 24 sec

Book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you: Most farmers start their farms super excited to share their products and their vision with their community. You excitedly share your dreams and visions with your partner and family. Everyone's cheering you on! Until at some point, they question you. Or they doubt your vision. Or they wonder "will it really work?" and "when's this going to pay off?" Cue your immediate feelings of deflated, disappointed, defeated and totally unsupported! Suddenly, their response to your BIG exciting vision starts to make you feel like… 😥Your dream is fading away  😥You’re all alone in the business  😥You feel deflated  That’s exactly what happened to one of my clients when she didn’t feel like her husband was supporting her.  As a matter of fact, she told me it felt like a 'bait and switch' because he was so encouraging at the beginning! She's not alone - it's a topic clients are bringing to coaching calls regularly: feeling unsupported and deflated by their partners and family.  But let me tell you something about your farm dream…  You'll learn in today's podcast episode that you don't have to let a person’s comments or behaviors deflate you or make you feel unsupported. When you learn to shift your thoughts to some that are WAY more useful and productive, no one will ever "deflate" you again. You’re 100% in control of feeling supported - today's episode explains how. That’s why I want to help you learn, 3 Steps to Feeling More Supported By Those Around You.  When you make the emotional shift in yourself to feel differently about what’s happening around you, you’re telling those dream snatchers to… Scoot on over!  You’re in the driver’s seat.  Listen to Episode 83 HERE.

Jul 29

43 min 39 sec

Book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you: Do you have a timeline for when your farm should be profitable? So many of my clients come to me at first, frustrated they've been doing all the things and still aren't making money. The first thing I do is ask a series of questions that identifies exactly what's in the way of them making money.  When you pressure your farm, yourself, to… Make money  Breakeven Reach 6 figures in one year're actually hindering your farm's growth and profitability. Because here’s the thing, It’s not your business' job to serve you by becoming profitable or even breakeven. It’s YOUR job to serve your business by growing the skills needed to make it profitable. There’s so many ways you can do that. And I want to chat with you more about it in my new podcast episode, the one mistake that prevents your farm from paying for itself. But I can tell you right now, it’s not worrying about how much money you’re making. Or frantically and prematurely coming up with strategies to do so.  How about, instead, you focus on investing in the UDDER-ly (😉) amazing CEO that you are. Cause you are! And when you take ownership of that, you are going to see results. No doubt. Tune in today to learn how to finally get your farm to profit.

Jul 22

34 min 2 sec

Book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you:   Every week I coach more than one farmer on feeling afraid to put themselves “out there.”   It sounds like this:   I’m afraid I’ll let people down  But people will be disappointed I don’t like how I look/sound on camera I’m afraid people will criticize my…  (fill in the blank - prices, farming practices, that I took a vacation, think I look frumpy, and on and on)   Does that sound like you?    Listen, I know putting yourself out there is scary! But - you have to get over it if you want to be around for the long run.   Sounds so easy. And I know it’s not - because to get over it, you actually have to go through it and do it and feel the fear anyway!   And THAT sounds so scary!   This fear of what others may think of you sounds like a valid fear, but what if it isn’t?    The truth is, EVERYONE is going to have an opinion. Sometimes even more than one.    And - what if I told you, their opinion is none of your business?   'Cuz it isn’t your business. It isn’t even about you. It’s about them, where they’re at that day, what season of life they’re in, what they had for breakfast.   What they think of you or your marketing is out of your control.   And when you put the focus on what their opinions might be, you’re actually making it about you… instead of serving them.   Friend, don’t get down on yourself for this - we ALL do it.   It’s a problem for my clients because worrying about what people will think about their marketing or prices or farming or family is holding them back from making money.   This fear is keeping them stuck and small.   When you fear what others might think of you, then when you DO post or email, you’re not even showing up as you!    You’re presenting your customers and followers with a version of you that isn’t even the real you. Because that self is based on what you think they might want to see or hear.   So the “you” they like is not even the real you!   See how we twist ourselves into knots trying to pretend we’re something we’re not so people will like us?   So, how can we change this pattern of fear of what people think?    The solution is to shift your thinking.    Simple as that? Yes.    Easy? Maybe not, but that’s why I’m here. I’ll help you navigate that.   Tune into this week's episode, I’ll help you start the process.   Charlotte

Jul 16

23 min 36 sec

Deciding on Coaching? Book a free strategy session to see if the program is right for you: Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I didn’t have to work so much”? What would you do with your time?  Take a vacation?  Spend time with your kids?  Find a hobby?! (Or invest more time into a hobby?) Visit with your neighbor?  Okay! Daydream over...  You own a farm. How in God’s green earth could you possibly work any less? Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum where, actually, even thinking about taking time off or working fewer hours sounds absolutely ludicrous and sends you into a whirlwind of anxiety!  Either way, I’m here to tell you to - GET OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL!  The reality is, farmers are OVERWHELMED. Working too hard. Scatterbrained and can’t seem to focus. Consumed with tasks that seem important but actually are holding them back. You know what I mean?  Answering emails  Working in the barns & fields & beds Spending WAY too much time on Facebook because they aren’t sure what to do next…  I’ve seen far too much of this. And what you need is - an intervention.  It may sound extreme, but to combat the busy syndrome you have to tap into the brain and re-teach it how to rest.  Charlotte from the past would tell you it’s impossible! But I’ve put in the work and can confidently say that it is SO worth it and 100% possible.  You deserve to wake up in the morning and realize that you’re fulfilled and calm. Even though you still have a busy farm & family. You also deserve to know you’ve broken it off with the rat race and have ZERO guilt.  In this episode of the podcast, I teach you, How To Slow Down On the Farm and Get Things Done.  Because you don’t have to sacrifice time for success. Once you understand that, you’ll be able to kick those boots off, sit back, and appreciate your hard work.  Listen to Episode 80 HERE. Love & Rest, Charlotte

Jul 8

33 min 58 sec

Deciding on investing in coaching? Book a free strategy session to see if the program is right for you: Many of us think the diversified farm is the pinnacle of farming. Tons of research shows us how good it is for the land. But you gotta earn the right to have a diversified farm. What do I mean by that? You earn the right by proving you can be successful & profitable with ONE species or product line before you can expand to two. Or four. Or six. Here’s the thing, if you don’t learn what it takes to sell ONE product successfully with a healthy profit margin first, then when you add a second, you’ll go broke OR you’ll forever be pumping money into your business from your day job. Your diversified farm will do you in if you diversify before learning the skill of being profitable. Diversification of products dilutes your marketing. So you’ve got to have your marketing dialed in hard on the one product and working to bring you lots of profit before ever expanding to the second. Most farmers fall in the trap of not having success selling their first product and they think the solution is to add another. For instance, they start with 500 meat chickens and can’t quite sell them out. So they add pigs, thinking now they’ll attract more people who want pork AND chicken. Soon they’re not selling enough of both at a high enough price, so they think for sure when they add raw milk (or vegetables, or flowers) THEN they’ll sell and make money. But it doesn’t work that way. It’s about this point they realize they’re bleeding money and they decide to reach out to me for help figuring out why they aren’t making money. I teach them how and support them in scaling back down until they’re strongly profitable with one focus. Listen to this week's episode to learn how to focus and build profit and THEN expand. Once you nail this, you’ll be making a profit, finally be fulfilled and enjoy the luxury of time - I promise! And, you’re welcome.    Charlotte

Jul 1

18 min 43 sec

Book a Free Strategy Session to Decide to Invest in Coaching: Just the thought of needing to post on Facebook or Instagram daily can spin us farmers out in stress. I'm told daily things like: “I never know what to post!” “Who am I to tell them to buy my stuff?” “What if I turn people off?” Sound familiar? I can confidently say that everyone shares the same struggle at one point or another. Because here’s the thing, friend… As effective as Social Media CAN be to make lots of sales, it also holds a whole lotta power over us. Social Media has the power, by design, to trigger stress and anxiety, addiction-like behaviors, and feeling like everyone else is doing it right on social media and you're not!  Yes, sitting with phone-in-hand trying to come up with the perfect caption for the day - is designed to trigger your fight or flight response. The problem is, when you go into fight or flight your brain shuts down which means - you can’t come up with the right thing to say and you’re scared of rejection! If you’re reading this with eyes wide and heart pounding because I’m describing YOU - You need help ASAP.  But don’t panic! The good news is that social media is not happening TO you.  But you’re going to have to put in some work to train your brain how to confidently and effectively combat the social media triggers that are wired in place right now. In this episode I’m going to teach you 3 Steps To Get Better Results With Your Social Media Marketing! Aka. gain your POWER back.  Why? Because you deserve it, your business is counting on it, and your customers need to hear from you.  Pretty soon, your life is going to feel so relaxed and calm, EVEN THOUGH your stress and anxiety-inducing situations may not have changed.  But since you’ve learned and practiced how to manage your thinking around it, it no longer affects you negatively! GREAT NEWS! You are now managing your mind, vs. your stressed mind running the show. The 🔑 : Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes progress. You just have to start.  Listen to episode #78 RIGHT NOW!  Warmly,  Charlotte

Jun 17

37 min 44 sec

Click HERE to book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you: I was in Kansas City giving a keynote talk on farm marketing when my phone rang and I saw from the number it was my neighbor.   “Your cows are in my front yard.”   Cue gallons of adrenaline and cortisol running through my body!   Anxiety? You betcha. Or maybe more like being hooked up directly to the electric fence charger!   Here I was half a continent away, nothing I could do about it.   This is an unusual circumstance, maybe, but anxiety is an all-too-common issue farmers bring to me in our coaching sessions daily.   It’s more like, “we sold out of all our meat during COVID and we’re still not making money.”   Or, “I’m working from 6 AM to 11 PM when I fall into bed exhausted and we’re still not getting it all done.”   Anxiety is a UNIVERSAL emotion that we all have to deal with every single day living on our farms. But some deal with it better than others.    I was one of those who didn’t know how to deal with anxiety in a healthy way for SUCH a long time. I share my own battle with anxiety in a little more detail in this week’s episode, but what I will tell you is that if you don’t learn how to manage anxiety it has the potential to break you.    I want you to understand that you CAN OVERCOME! And when I say overcome, don’t misunderstand me. Many may think if you overcome it once you’ll never have to deal with it again. But that’s not the case.    In this episode I’m going to teach you the one critical skill to manage your anxiety right NOW.   After listening to this episode, you’ll find it a little easier to breathe. Not because your anxiety has been “cured”, but because you now know HOW to manage it in a way that doesn’t let it control you!   Remember: YOU CAN and WILL OVERCOME!    This very episode WILL change your life. Don’t miss out!    Listen to episode #77 right now!   Warmly,  Charlotte

Jun 10

53 min 53 sec

Book a Free Strategy Session to Invest in Coaching: I have a question for you. Are you still “all in” on the farm business that you signed up for? Like really, REALLY in?  Every day I hear from at least one farmer who’s ready to give up because things got too overwhelming. Or too stressful. Or, they just feel frustrated like nothing’s going right. Does any of this sound like you?  Then we gotta talk! The truth is, It’s easy to believe that everyone and everything else is the cause of your feeling overwhelmed, stressed and like a failure. In today’s episode, my client thought the vendor canceling her contract that was to begin in 2 weeks was causing her terrible feelings of frustration and betrayal. But what if that’s not true? Truth is, the negative feelings you’re experiencing right now has less to do with the vendor canceling and everything to do with your thoughts about the circumstance. That is GREAT news. Because if you're the one in control of how you feel, and nothing outside of you can make you feel bad, then YOU'RE the one in control of feeling better. Yes, you are totally in control of feeling better even when tough things happen. So, now what?  In this episode you will… Learn to shift your MINDSET so you can feel better now  Discover the 5 steps to managing farm interruptions and even catastrophes with ease Finally focus on the things that matter! Gifting you with the ability to hone in on the things that are actually making you money so you can finally spend that much-needed time with your family.  After this episode, you’re going to feel so much more FREEDOM and like you’re in control.  Remember, your thoughts create your feelings and those feelings drive your actions. Therefore, it’s within your control to be successful in your business even when nothing seems to be going right.  I want to help YOU know without a doubt - You can do it!  What I’m talking about in this episode is the very thing you need to propel your business mindset forward. Don’t miss out!  Listen today.

Jun 3

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Go to: to sign up for 5X Your Farm Sales. Click Here to Learn to 5 X Your Farm Sales: 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers. Inside, you’ll get: Lifetime access to three of my best courses designed to help stop the overwhelm, structure your farm for profit, and increase your sales Access to a Facebook group where you’ll meet and learn with fellow farmers on the same path as you 1 year of weekly group coaching with me where you can bring anything that comes up for you along the way and be supported in your growth Click here to learn more. Enrollment just opened and will only be available until this Friday, May 21st at midnight PT. Plus, inside I give you a marketing system that is so simple and easy to execute, you’ll probably spend less time in the office than before.  Don’t miss this, Charlotte P.S. That marketing system I talked about? Here’s what it does: “After implementing what Charlotte teaches and coaches us on, we sell out in 24 hours what used to take us months of promoting!” -Nancy Click here to check out 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers.

May 14

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Go to to sign up for 3 Steps to Your Profitable Farm. You’ll learn: Where to find customers that are happy to pay a premium for your product How to figure out which of your customers is most likely to value your product and reach more customers just like them, and How to quickly build relationships with your customers in a way that primes them to buy from you And so much more! It’s all happening on May 14 at 9am PST/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET. Sign up below to get the link and to get access to the replay! Click here to sign up for the webinar and get the Three Steps to a Profitable Farm. Here’s to a farm life you love! Cheers, Charlotte

May 7

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Sign Up for Free Training: "3 Steps to Your Profitable Farm" If you're like most farmers, you might think you sell your meat, milk, or your flowers or vegetables. But what if I told you that's NOT what you're really selling? You see, those products are commodities. You can get them at any grocery (or even convenience) store! So why would customers go out of their way - and pay MORE - for your products? Not because it's meat, milk, flowers or veggies from YOUR special farm. Instead, they buy from you because of what it does for them. Either the problem it solves OR the goal it helps them reach. THAT's what you're really selling! So then - "how do I know what my product does for people?" There's no special trick y'all. I just ask them in a very specific way! When a customer is buying something from you, it's a perfect opportunity for you to talk with them, which makes them feel amazing.  And when you make them feel amazing, they want to buy from you. In the last few episodes of the podcast, I've been going deeper into the concepts from my book, Farm Marketing From the Heart. Today we are going to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes which builds trust. Tune in to this episode,where I dive into why you need to be selling so much more than the products you produce. In this episode, I’m talking all about: The key to knowing what to post about that will get them to purchase How to get people to consistently shop with you vs. someplace more convenient How to figure out what your customers really want from you The game-changing task my employees complete each day The crucial perspective to remember {{ subscriber.first_name }}, what you are selling is NOT what you think you're selling. It's NOT your products you're selling. When you embrace the mindset that you aren't selling flowers or beef or eggs or milk, but instead you're selling a solution that your dream customer is desperate for --- you will create that loyal customer base you're looking for - one who never questions your price. Tune in now and learn how to make customers feel so deeply connected to you that they can't wait to call you their farmer and support you.

Apr 29

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Go to to 5X Your Farm Sales! Let me ask you...Why did you get into the farm business?  Most of us will say that we get into the business because we love it so much.  We want to help people.  We want to restore the land.  We love the lifestyle.  We love the idea of eating our farm-fresh food every night.  THAT’S why we start a farm.  But it’s not what makes our farm successful.  I am sharing how in order to be successful, we don't have to ignore that part of ourselves that yearns for this connection to the land, and a connection to what we do, and a connection to helping people. This love of the land and love of helping people that makes us such incredible farmers is also what makes us inherently good at marketing and selling our products.  Tune into this episode, where I share how your farm marketing must reflect your desire to help people and connect with people through the words you write, and how your passion becomes your best resource when marketing to your customers. In this episode, I’m talking all about: Why you need to create a reliable system to attract the right customers, build a connection with them, and retain them from year to year. The one skill I teach that will guarantee your success.  The one question that will make you LOVE (vs. hate) marketing. The problem with the thought ‘build it and they will come.’ A technique to naturally develop your customers’ deep trust. You can totally build a customer base that values what you do, respects your hard work, and is happy to pay your prices. You can use your love of farming and harness that into a marketing strategy that builds trust and shares your passion with your customers.  Soon you will find that the love of farming that was burning in you when you started your farm can drive the desire to serve your customers.  This is part 2 of a series all about how marketing and mindset work together to build a profitable farm. Keep listening and remember; when you keep in touch with your customers in a way that shows them they matter to you, they will trust you and they will keep coming back.

Apr 15

38 min 31 sec

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Do you ever hear yourself saying... "How do I find MORE customers to buy our products?" -or- "How do I get people to come back each season?" Most people come to me for marketing help with some version of this question. Although it might seem like the right approach, this is actually the wrong question to ask - because when you ask it this way, you'll actually attract the WRONG type of customers! When you tune in to today's episode and learn what question to ask instead, guess what? The right customers start showing up.  Join me in this episode, where I teach you how to shift your perspective to be able to grow a farm that spans generations -- you can finally create a legacy you've dreamed of, a farm you can hand off to your kids. In episode 72 I’m talking all about: How to drive productive actions to create success. What it is you're doing that's actually repelling customers.  Even if you have no customers, you can learn to attract customers ready and waiting to buy!  How to guarantee customers come back each season.  I am also sharing the MOST IMPORTANT question that you'll want to ask in order to grow and build a profitable farm.  This is the part 1 of a series all about how marketing and mindset work together to build a profitable farm. The next few episodes are going to shift your thinking so that you will have the foundation to be successful and hit the ground running building your profitable farm this year. Listen right here. Warmly, Charlotte

Apr 8

33 min 45 sec

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. How often do you catch yourself thinking what you're producing, posting, or doing in your marketing is not quite good enough? Many of my clients think this almost daily - but they also think they're the ONLY ONE thinking that their products or pricing or farm isn't good enough - - they think that everyone else is doing it right, but they can't get it right. What if - you're not alone thinking what you're producing or doing isn't good enough? Tune into today's episode to learn all the different ways you're holding yourself back and what you can do now to overcome these limiting thoughts. Join me in this episode as I share how the notion of never being good enough also affects us physiologically. This means if we feel like we're not good enough, we're already in a constant state of defensiveness and learn how THAT holds you back.  You can change all this... and I am here to tell you how. In this episode, I’m talking all about: How to overcome our socialization to stay stuck and small. How to shift away from anxiety and defensiveness start to feel good about what you produce. The real reason your farm exists - and when you believe this marketing and selling becomes so easy.  How one simple mindset shift can move you into a state of thriving. The only comparison game you should be playing. PLUS I share with you THE solution to actually improving your life. You don’t want to miss this. We need to learn to counter the inherent wiring in our brain, and in order to do that we need to learn to manage our mindset. That is the entire basis of mindset coaching. That is what I can offer you.

Apr 1

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Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. How many of you have given up on your goal because it was too hard? Or it seemed insurmountable? I’m here to tell you that most of us have. When you set a goal, the journey to reach that destination is going to be hard. But you have to realize that the struggle is the thing that's going to strengthen you and make you reach that goal with much more ease.  Join me in this episode where I discuss two crucial strategies that, when you implement them, I can guarantee will allow you to reach your goals and make the struggle much more manageable. In this episode, I’m talking all about:   How coaching raises our awareness and wires our brains in ways we can’t get to on our own The key to success that doesn't cost you money. How reaching your goal is 100% dependent on these two things. Is it possible - and WHY would you -  love the painful journey on the way to reaching the goal? How to combat our tendency to devalue what we do or produce. See you inside episode 70 now!

Mar 25

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Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. There is a misconception that building your farm should only feel challenging sometimes, but not all of the time, that at some point it should become easy. So many of my clients have this crazy desire to build their business, to be successful, and to live this farming lifestyle. But, where they get tripped up is in the idea that it shouldn't be as hard as it is. That's not true, folks. I believe and experience that any dream or goal you want in life is an invitation to grow. There’s no way to reach that dream or goal without growth. And growth, my friends, can be super painful. Join me in this episode where I discuss why growth and ease cannot coexist, and why you must grow if you want to build a successful farm business. In this episode, I’m talking all about: How in order to grow a profitable farm you’ll have to grow into the next best version of yourself. The first step that change requires is a LOT of this one thing! If you are surrounded by people who live in a fear and scarcity mindset, you might notice this one thing. How to manage the survival part of your brain might be holding you back and preventing your success. Don't want to experience the pain of growth to reach a big goal? No problem, just be sure to do this. Why going after your goals and dreams feels BAD before it feels oh so good!

Mar 18

36 min 42 sec

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you - book a free strategy session HERE. I hear from farmers regularly that you are struggling with sales, wondering what you could be doing to sell more of your products.  What you’re doing isn’t working, you're scrambling around doing all sorts of things people tell you about. Farmer's markets, deliveries, craigslist, posting at the local feed store. You are exhausted and still don’t have enough customers or a reliable way to get more customers. Is the stress of running a business where you can’t sell enough product at the price you need putting a strain on you and your family? You can change that! Join me in this episode where I break down why your relationship with your customers is vital to your business, and how to gain loyal customers who are emotionally invested in you and your business. In this episode, I’m talking all about: How marketing is about becoming a part of people’s stories. The reason there is no shortcut to selling. How to make all your customers feel like they matter to you - so you matter to them. Two marketing practices that pay off BIG TIME. Why you need to connect with each and every person you sell to. Plus, I’m sharing my number one SECRET to getting more customers. It’s short, simple, and will take you so FAR in building trust with your audience.   

Mar 11

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Click HERE to book a free strategy session to decide on coaching. Most farmers I know are not charging enough to generate a healthy profit and be sustainable, which causes so many problems in our businesses.  And, one of the main reasons farmers give me for not increasing prices is you're afraid of losing customers. Guess what? Your people aren't buying from you based on price. They're buying from you because of the relationship and the connection you have built. Join me on this episode where I teach you the six steps to raise your prices without losing customers. On this episode, I’m talking all about How to best announce a price increase. How to have your customers feel supportive of a price increase.  Why it's important NOT to explain your price increase! Two things you can do to make customers feels even more excited to pay more money. The importance of realizing you should never apologize. How to guarantee customer loyalty. Plus I’m sharing my exact email of how I communicate with my customers and why I have such a loyal and supportive customer base. It's much easier than you might think.

Mar 4

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Ready to uplevel your business and your life? Click HERE to sign up for a strategy session to decide to invest in coaching. if you’re really ready to increase your profits, there might be one essential element you’re overlooking in your farm business.   Ready to discover what it is? 🙋‍♀️   Listen right here ➡️ ‎   Join me on this special episode of the podcast, where I’m interviewed by Terrance Layhew of the Intellectual Agrarian podcast.   In this episode, I’m talking all about:   🌻 Why knowing how to market your farm isn’t enough to succeed in business 🌻 The one thing I see holding so many farmers back from their goals 🌻 How to get out of constant reactive mode and start living (and working) with ease   Plus, I’m sharing the one marketing tip I recommend to every farmer looking to increase their profits!

Feb 25

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Click Here to Learn to 5 X Your Farm Sales: 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers. Inside, you’ll get: Lifetime access to three of my best courses designed to help stop the overwhelm, structure your farm for profit, and increase your sales Access to a Facebook group where you’ll meet and learn with fellow farmers on the same path as you 1 year of weekly group coaching with me where you can bring anything that comes up for you along the way and be supported in your growth Enrollment just opened and will only be available until this Friday, February 19th at midnight PT. Plus, inside I give you a marketing system that is so simple and easy to execute, you’ll probably spend less time in the office than before.  Don’t miss this, Charlotte P.S. That marketing system I talked about? Here’s what it does: “Rather than standing around on a cold winter Saturday *hoping* for sales and making only $40, we had already reached out to our people and we *knew* they were coming for our products, making $250-$500.  We are getting more for wholesale eggs than most folks are getting retail. By the end of April, we had already made more money selling eggs than we did for the entire year last year!” -Teddi Click here to check out 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers.

Feb 12

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Growing a successful farm is an inside job. And I don’t mean in the house, in the barn, or in the office creating more social media posts with no strategy. I mean inside of you. The fact is that you cannot get traction in your farm business without having the mindset and the beliefs to create that success. And I want to see you succeed.  That’s why I’m inviting you to my free webinar on the 5 Beliefs That Create Success on Your Farm. You’ll learn: How having the wrong mindset sabotages your success Why doing your inner work is the foundation for a profitable farm business What highly successful people know and how that applies to your farm  And so much more! It’s all happening on February 12 at 9am PST/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET. Sign up below to get the link and to get access to the replay! Click here to sign up for the free 5 Beliefs That Create Success on Your Farm webinar. Here’s to a farm life you love! Cheers, Charlotte

Feb 4

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Sign up for Free Training Here: Have you set HUGE goals for 2021?  As a coach, I want to help you reach these goals. And, I know that a lot of business owners aren't aware of some pretty essential elements that create the new results they desire.  I don’t want you to struggle with this common mistake, and so on this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m talking all about how to believe new things so you can enjoy greater success in business.  To get new results in your life, on your farm, in your relationships, you have to think and believe new things.  Join me for episode 64 and discover:  Why managing your beliefs is more important than any farm work you might do The questions to ask yourself right now to uncover what you believe (and how this exercise will support your business growth) Exactly how to create beliefs that drive the results you want What to do if your new beliefs don’t feel true to you Plus, I’m sharing how I create beliefs to support the magnificent goals and dreams I’m focused on creating right now.  Ready to create the results you want in your life and business? Listen to episode 64 now!

Jan 28

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Click HERE for Marketing & Mindset Mastery I have a fantastic way to break free from perfectionistic thoughts, or those pesky thoughts that what you're doing is not quite good enough. Tune in to episode 63 and learn the 3 steps you can take to free yourself from perfectionism. Even if you don’t identify as a perfectionist, you might be surprised to discover that some of your habits (that are holding you back in business and life) come from perfectionism. Habits such as procrastination and feeling like your life and farm circumstances are holding you back. Listen to episode 63 now to learn: How the survival mechanism in your brain might be holding you back (without you even realizing it) What’s really behind your feelings of “not enough” How to use curiosity to stop procrastinating and start taking the action that will help your business thrive The steps you can take today to change any habit (you’ll be amazed at how simple this can be)  Plus, I’m sharing my top coaching advice for what it really takes to build a profitable farm (and it has nothing to do with being perfect or getting it “just right”)! Listen to episode 63 now! Warmly, Charlotte

Jan 21

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Click Here to Check Out My Group Coaching Program Are you a stickler for perfectionism, and want things to turn out **just right**otherwise --- what's the point? Whether it's sending the marketing email, posting the price increase, or giving in to the fear of sucking at something -- many of us are feeling held back from expressing our full potential in our lives. This fear of things not being right or perfect keeps many of us silent and stuck. In fact, in working with my clients I see every day how perfectionism is having a negative impact on their lives and businesses. The good news is that perfectionism is a habit and since it’s a habit, that means you can replace it with a new habit that supports you and your goals. Join me for episode 62 where you’ll learn: How perfectionism might be holding you back (without you even realizing it) The truth about being perfect and producing perfect What’s really behind your need to be perfect How to start noticing where perfectionism is holding you back in business (and how to change it)  Plus, I’m sharing the question I ask my clients all the time to help them redefine “perfect.” You’ll be amazed by how this exercise can free you to move forward! Let’s make this the year you move past your fears of imperfection and build the business of your dreams! Listen to episode 62 now!

Jan 14

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Book a free strategy session to invest in coaching: How in the world does the shame of “who I am” end up in an interview on email list building?   Tune in to today’s podcast episode to see exactly how I connect the two.   And why it’s imperative we all learn to manage shame or any other fears and doubts that might sneak into our thoughts -- IF we want success.   If we wait till we feel better about ourselves, our marketing, or our products… we’ll NEVER put ourselves out there.   In today’s podcast, where I’m interviewed by Brand Strategist Shereen Pasha, I talked about what I’ve done to overcome personal setbacks and how that propelled me to grow my list from zero (everyone starts at zero!) to almost 10,000 people.   Like I said, this is much more than a marketing interview. You’ll also learn:   How I went from 4000 to 8000 subscribers in 1.5 years. What mindset do we need to succeed at list building. What role my podcast has played to grow my brand. My insider productivity secrets for consistent visibility and business growth  My launch success mindset. And much more… Tune in and also, click here to learn more about my Tech Assistant, Shereen Pasha and her work helping entrepreneurs gain visibility and scale their businesses.

Jan 7

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Click HERE for Marketing & Mindset Mastery. What if I told you the biggest secret to reaching your HUGE goals in your life and business is not about what you thought it was? Many people think reaching goals is about better planning, creating motivation, drive, or more organization. Or they think reaching those huge goals depends on having an amazing website or getting into the right market. But instead, what if I shared new research that neuroscience teaches us - that your success depends on how fulfilled you feel TODAY? In today's episode, you'll learn what most of us are doing to try to reach our goals is actually costing us time and energy - AND I'll show you how to create that elusive fulfilling feeling that will drive your success. So let’s get started. In episode 60 I’m covering:  The key question to ask before moving forward with new goals (and why this is the key to building a fulfilling business) Why you might not need new goals for 2021 An exercise so you intentionally decide your revenue goals for 2021 The ONE question to ask yourself to have success this year Plus, I’m sharing some of the ways I’ve transformed my business and how these lessons can work for you! Let’s set you up for HUGE success in 2021! Listen to episode 60 now! Much love, Charlotte

Dec 2020

30 min 33 sec

Click HERE to book a strategy session to decide on investing in coaching. One thing you might not know about me - I'm a super-nerd for all things planning! I've learned by experience that only when I plan - do I reach huge goals. Goals I thought were impossible - until I planned them and followed that plan. I'm teaching you one of the processes I use to plan each year - today is part 2. If you’re already starting to dream and plan for 2021, this will help you know what to focus on that will get you the best results. Even if you already have a plan in place, or if you’re just getting started, you’ll want to take some time to listen to episode 59, and implement the steps to help you plan for your most profitable year in business. When you join me, you’ll learn: The one goal you need to set in order to have your most profitable year (most people skip this step) What you can do to reach more success (with ease/not stress) How to let go of things you don't love doing anymore (but feel pressured to do) A crucial step to include in your plan in order to ensure you’re building a business you love Plus, I’m sharing tips to help you free up your energy and time as you increase your profits! Let’s make 2021 your most successful year in business so far! Listen to episode 59 now! Much love, Charlotte

Dec 2020

32 min 37 sec

Book a Free Strategy Session Here: On the podcast today, learn how to have your best year EVER in business with your 2021 Business Marketing Plan. I've been teaching this process for 5 years now, and every year, I hear from at least one person who completes this process and says that sales went up almost right away. This plan is unlike anything else you’ve probably seen or experienced in business planning. I can't wait for you to try it! ​Listen to episode 58 now to learn:​ The truth about what it takes to have a successful farm The exact questions to ask yourself to create a sustainable, fulfilling business The surprising key to setting a goal that will help you grow What you must include in your business plan so that your business supports the life you want to live Plus, I’m sharing examples from my previous goals and plans, so you can discover the results that are possible when you put this process into action! Let’s make 2021 your best year ever in business! Listen to the podcast now!​ Much love, Charlotte

Dec 2020

34 min 34 sec

Click Here to Read All About Marketing &  Mindset Mastery: My client came to me for coaching to feel better and to figure out how to get her farm more profitable. We've been working together since January. She is now on track to make a million dollars on her farm this year.  That's SEVERAL times what she was making before this year. You'd think my work with her is done. But nope. Guess what happens at each new level you attain? MORE struggles come up. And her struggle? Now she's feeling guilty for making so much money! If you feel guilty then the actions you take will sabotage your money-making, and sales/profit will drop. Period. I see it all the time with farmers. But you can't just STOP FEELING GUILTY. Our brains don't work that way. You can't just STOP negative emotions that are keeping you stuck. You need to learn how to manage your mindset so those emotions disappear and can be replaced by more useful emotions. This might sound like a lot of work. But guess what? It took us all of about 5 minutes for her guilt to disappear and transform into compassion, joy and gratitude. Now she has embraced she can be an example to other farmers that you CAN make money as a farmer. And it CAN be easy. And she's LOVING embracing that as her purpose. She did this because I'm trained and skilled at eliciting from your brain what's holding you back from feeling amazing no matter what AND making lots of money AND creating a sustainable life. Let me help you in the same way, {{ subscriber.first_name }}. You'll find my help inside my new coaching program, Marketing and Mindset Mastery. Click HERE to read all about it and let's get started. This work is the most important work you will do in your life.  Period. That's what my clients tell me; that's my personal experience, too. It might be the most challenging work you ever do - but worth it. Worth every tear. And there are lots of tears when we're growing. There's so much magic waiting for you in your life you're living now. If you doubt - try to suspend that doubt for a bit, be open to the possibility that you don't have to change any circumstance in your life to feel that magic. You can find it - it's there for you. Love and hugs, Charlotte

Dec 2020

23 min 2 sec

click here to check out my new program, Marketing & Mindset Mastery I meet so many farmers with truly great products, yet they aren't making enough money, many times they're barely paying the bills and feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Or, maybe they're doing all the right things but it feels like "something is missing." In episode 56 of the podcast, I’m sharing a key practice that’s going to make it so much easier to have a profitable farm.  In fact, without this practice, it’s likely you’ll struggle. This isn’t something that’s usually talked about when it comes to marketing or building your business, so listen in now to learn about: The foundation you must have in place to build a profitable farm A simple practice you can do right now if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed (and why this will make your business easier) The “missing piece” I see so many farmers overlooking (hint: it’s probably the opposite of what you think you need) This common habit that is probably holding you back from success (no matter what success looks like to you) Plus, I’m sharing exactly what you can do to turn your business around if you’re feeling stuck or like nothing is working! When you start implementing what I’m sharing today, the transformation almost feels like magic. Click here to listen to episode 56 right now! And if you’re ready for more support with this, click here to check out my new program, Marketing & Mindset Mastery Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Much love, Charlotte

Nov 2020

33 min 17 sec

JOIN Marketing & Mindset Mastery Now:  Ever find random customers wandering around the farm NOT where they should be? (hand raised!) A boundary is meant to protect you and what is most important to you. Sometimes a boundary is needed with customers or family. Sometimes it's a boundary to protect ourselves from ourselves! For instance, for us people-pleasers, maybe we're working on something and someone drops in for a visit and we drop everything WE wanted to do so we don't disappoint them. Letting others dictate your time will hold you back. Boundaries are a beautiful protector and a gift in our lives when set properly. Listen to episode 55 where I’m talking all about how to set boundaries on the farm and with your family. When you listen to episode 55, you’ll learn: The frequent mistake people make when it comes to boundaries (understanding this is the key to setting boundaries that support you and your relationships) What to do if you’re filled with anger or resentment and feel a relationship is forever broken The one thing you need to do in order for boundaries to work How to set boundaries that support you and help you enjoy this holiday season - no matter what anyone says or does Plus, I’m sharing how you can start setting boundaries in your farm business so that you have less stress and more joy as you work. I’m even sharing stories from my own experience in setting boundaries so you can easily see how you can start applying this practice right now. With this practice, life becomes so free and fulfilling. Even better, you don’t have to wait to learn this skill and experience this change. Much love, Charlotte

Nov 2020

36 min 21 sec

Sign up for coaching at: The holidays are coming up quickly! Along with everything we love about these celebrations, for many of us, the holidays also bring a lot of stress. Stress caused by all sorts of things - like -  ...your mother-in-law criticizes your parenting. ...a family member drinks too much and embarrasses you. ...there are political arguments at the dinner table. In episode 54 of The Profitable Mindset podcast, I’m talking all about how you can fix all of this and enjoy your holiday, no matter what. I’m so excited to share this episode with you. When I learned the mindset skill I’m teaching today, it blew my mind and changed my life forever! When you listen to episode 54, you’ll learn: The truth about why you might feel stress/negativity at family gatherings (it’s probably not what you think) What’s behind frustration with family members and what to do to ease this stress The secret power you probably don’t know you have (learning this is the key to feeling how you want to feel no matter what is happening around you) Plus, I’m sharing my own story of learning this mindset skill and the difference it’s made in my life and my experience of the holidays. Ready to have a joyful, stress-free holiday season? Listen to episode 54 now! Much love, Charlotte

Nov 2020

27 min 35 sec

Get Coaching - Mindset & Marketing Mastery: Most people struggle to make sales from emails and they just decide that it doesn't work. But - what if I told you - it's not that email marketing doesn't work - it's just that you've never learned how to structure the emails so people WANT to buy from you. Yes, that's the only problem here. Email marketing is powerful - when done correctly. Today I teach you 4 components of profitable emails that will start changing how people respond to your communication. AND, you can use the same components to up your response to your social media posts. If you’re looking for more sales, more engagement, and more connection with your customers, listen to episode 53 of The Profitable Mindset podcast, where I’m teaching you how to be an expert in writing profitable marketing emails. The best part is that I’m sharing actionable tips you can implement right now! Join me in episode 53 to discover: Why social media marketing might not be working for you and what to do instead What’s really keeping you from emailing your list on a regular basis (and how to move forward) How I started my farm and made a plan to make it profitable (this might change how you feel about marketing) The truth about what to do so that customers are happy to pay more for your products When you learn and implement the 4 key components to writing a profitable marketing email, it’s going to be so much easier to write emails to your list and build that customer loyalty that leads to a profitable, sustainable farm. Click here to listen to episode 53 now! I can’t wait for you to try this process and see how powerful it is! Much love, Charlotte

Nov 2020

27 min 14 sec

Click link to get on the waitlist for Farm Marketing Mastery: Many farmers discount the value in learning marketing. I hear from many people who say - people don't read email anymore, it's dead, social media is where it's at. My emails all go to spam. Farmers will even say things like, "email marketing is too basic." But guess what. "Basic" is the most profitable and powerful tool we all have available to us. You just don't believe it yet. You want proof. I encourage you - go create your proof. Do it. Watch the proof flow into your bank account. The farmers I work with who study, implement, and then practice email marketing have proof it's the most profitable marketing tool in existence. Their proof? The tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and the millions of dollars flowing into their businesses. Because of their very BASIC and very POWERFUL tool of email marketing. If you want a profitable farm, email marketing is essential. I’ve been teaching marketing for 8 years and doing my own farm's marketing for 11 years, and here’s what I know for sure: No matter what other options, social media channels or trends may come or go, email marketing is still the MOST successful means of building your profitable farm. Research consistently demonstrates that, too - email marketing is often 50 times more profitable than any other form of marketing. And so, in episode 52, I’m teaching you How to Get More Sales with Email Marketing. If you haven’t started your mailing list yet or your emails aren’t getting the results you want, tune in and learn: How to get set up with your email marketing system today The truth about why people do (or don’t) buy from you What to do if your email list is 'dead' or no one is opening your emails The one thing you must do if you want to build a list of loyal customers How to know what to write about (plus one essential element to include in every email) The reason why most farmers struggle to market their business is because they don’t have a strategy. They haven’t invested time or money in learning how to market their farms. Rather, they look around at what other people are doing and try to follow along. It will never work to try to copy what others are doing in order to be successful if you haven't learned to create your strategy. If you’re ready to build a profitable, sustainable farm, you need a strategy that works and what I’m sharing in episode 52 is exactly what you need to get started. Click here to listen now!     Much love, Charlotte

Oct 2020

30 min 11 sec

Get on the Waitlist for Farm Marketing Mastery: Throughout the summer business series on the podcast, I’ve been walking you through everything it takes to build a profitable and sustainable farm.  In episodes 37 - 50, we covered everything from what happens when you first start a farm, to creating a 10-year plan, to hiring and managing employees, to scaling your business and setting huge money goals. This week, on episode 51, I'm wrapping up the series by focusing on how to reach those money goals. When join me for this episode, you’ll learn: The crucial mistake most farmers make when setting financial goals The thought that holds everyone back, but isn't really a problem The real reasons why you're not reaching your goals The key marketing tactics that will blow up your business Plus, I’m walking you through an exercise you can do right now to see what’s really holding you back.  When you take the time to do this exercise, it will transform how you see yourself and your business and it will make it so much easier to figure out your next steps toward reaching your goal. I absolutely believe you can set AND reach your big money goals. If you’re ready to learn how, listen to episode 51 of The Profitable Mindset podcast now!   Much love, Charlotte

Oct 2020

34 min 36 sec

Book a Free Strategy Session Here: A lot of farmers complain they can’t make money on a farm. And the truth is - most farmers DON'T make any money, or at least enough to even cover expenses. Most (98%) go out of business. But here's what I know. It's not that you can't make money on a farm. It's that you haven't learned how. And by "how" - I don't mean the actions you have to take - most people are repeating all the same actions they see other farmers doing and wonder why the same actions aren't working for them. Making money in any business including farming starts with knowing how you've got to be thinking. It's NOT the actions you take that makes you profitable. That's what most people think and do - and that's why they're failing. Let me teach you how to think about money so you can finally get profitable. There IS a profitable mindset. Time to embrace it! I know from my own experience and the experience of my many clients that you CAN learn how to build a profitable farm. In episode 50, I’m going to teach you the first step to making as much money as you want on your farm. Here’s what I want you to remember: Setting a money goal is not really about the money. After all, you reach a point where you don’t need money to have more things. Rather, I set money goals in my business because of the person I have to become in order to reach my goals. Here's what I know - in order to reach each any new goal I set in my life, I've had to become a new version of myself. Maybe that means I become more disciplined, more focused, a better communicator. THAT is the huge payoff. Better relationships with myself and others - priceless! When you join me for episode 50, you’ll learn: How to set goals that challenge you to reach a new level The real reason you’re not making money (or not reaching your goals) The mindset skills you’ll need to reach your goals every time The truth about what it takes to up-level and reach huge goals What I’m teaching in this episode is exactly what I’ve done to build a profitable farm with ease. And when you learn and apply these skills, the same can be true for you. If you’re ready to take your farm business to the next level, take a little time to listen to episode 50 right now. Much love, Charlotte

Oct 2020

19 min 27 sec