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Welcome to the Ferment Podcast - Conversations about Worship and Transformation. In this wide ranging podcast our host Adam Russell sits down with thought leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and other innovators digging into their personal stories of spiritual transformation. Current roster of guests include John Mark McMillan, David Ruis, and many others.

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Ryan Albrecht is a psychotherapist, husband, father and musician from Long Beach, New York. He has been serving at the Experience Vineyard Church in Rockville Centre for nearly a decade where he volunteers as a worship leader with his wife and worship director Elisha. It is there where his life transformed and he continues to experience life giving community, family, and encounters with God. Professionally Ryan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker where he works with various mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual health issues. Inspired by his own life experiences he is called to work with others to help heal from their trauma to realize lives that are full and unique to themselves. Ryan is also passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health in the church through sharing his story and professional insight to educate, equip, and train leadership. In this episode of The Ferment, Ryan shares his story of leading a life of youthful rebellion after a series of traumatic events changed his course, and the way those decisions escalated into addiction, multiple overdoses and criminal activity. He also shares about the steady pursuit of the Lord, being drawn into community at a church and slowly turning his life over to the service of people. Ryan and Adam then chat about the need to mature emotionally as we are growing spiritually, and tending to the inner life. This is a powerful testimony of redemption and the goodness of God.    Socials:  Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Nov 29

1 hr 5 min

Alan Franklin is a musician and music teacher, co-founder of MuzicNet School of Music in Park Forest and Chicago, IL, and the interim worship pastor at South Suburban Vineyard Church in Flossmoor, IL. He is a Chicago-native and one of twelve children. Alan and his siblings grew up singing and playing music in their parents’ church, and he has continued to be involved in worship ministry ever since. Alan has been married to his wife Terrilyn for 32 years and they have 4 daughters and one grandchild. In this VSOW takeover episode of The Ferment, Mike O’Brien and Alan Franklin have a chat about musicianship, growing in music theory, and the value of taking music lessons even as a seasoned worship leader. Alan talks about learning to play music by ear in church and starting a music school in his brother’s basement after recognizing a need in his community. He also explains the “number system” and gives some practical suggestions for how to implement it in your worship team. Alan and Mike then talk about generational succession in our life together as a church, the role of elders, and the need for making space and room for kids to join the worship team.   Show Notes: MuzicNet School of Music Vineyard School of Worship (VSOW)   Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship  

Nov 22

59 min 53 sec

Alexandria Faison is the worship pastor at the Vineyard Church of Davenport, Iowa.  She was born into a musical family of faith, singing solos in the choir at her Baptist church at 8 years old and eventually leading worship at 16 years old when they started attending the Vineyard.  Alex felt God’s leadership call on her life while attending the University of Northern Iowa where she had a full-ride scholarship for music education, and she soon returned to her home church where she joined the staff as worship director in 2015.  Alex has worked with Vineyard Worship for several years and was a featured voice on Vineyard Soul: Generous God. She will also appear as a vocalist on the much anticipated release Breathe In, Sing Out, releasing early 2022. Alex is passionate about leading people into the presence of God through worship.   In this episode of The Ferment, Alex shares about her gospel roots, growing up in the black Baptist church and what it was like for her family to join a predominantly white congregation when they started attending the Vineyard. She also talks about becoming a worship pastor as a teenager and how she processed some of the reactions people had, the environment she’s in that allows her to be brave and share her experiences as a young black woman, and how she has cultivated relationships in different seasons of life. Alex is an old and gentle soul and this episode is marked by her wisdom and joy.   Show Notes:  Alex’s TikTok @alexandriafaison   VSOW Sound Lab Discount Code: Ferment15   Vineyard Worship Together Daily- Alexandria and Kaleb Faison     Socials:  Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Nov 15

50 min 8 sec

Calvin Rodgers is a Chicago native and drummer who has been credited with revolutionizing the voice of gospel drumming. His parents realized at a very young age that Calvin shared their love for music and an even stronger love for the drums in particular. Both parents worked very hard to invest as much as they could into their son’s promising future. Around the age of 9, Calvin began shadowing his father, a well-known gospel musician, and songwriter, as his personal drummer. This afforded Calvin the opportunity of learning from some of gospel music’s most prolific songwriters, artists, and musicians. By the time he entered high school, he was traveling with GRAMMY-nominated choir master Ricky Dillard & New Generation. Around the same time, he became a part of the Ravinia Jazz Mentors program, spearheaded by jazz pianist, Ramsey Lewis. Upon graduating high school, Calvin began touring with Lewis and learning his way around the studio. While recording a radio commercial for Rice A Roni, Calvin met R&B crooner, R. Kelly. Kelly invited Calvin to join his band for his upcoming world tour, TP2. Upon completion of that tour, Calvin decided to place his focus on becoming a recording drummer. He also began finding his voice as an arranger and a producer. With over 200 live/studio albums listed to his credit, he has also recorded and toured with artists such as R.Kelly, Ramsey Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Dionne Warwick, Destiny's Child, Ronald Isley,  Ernie Isley, Avant, Jonathan Butler, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, Israel Houghton, Donald Lawrence, John P. Kee, Tommy Simms, Tamela Mann, and many, many others. Though quite accomplished, Calvin continues to push himself in all areas while making sure to sow into the next generation through mentoring and private lessons.     In this episode of The Ferment, Calvin and Adam talk about the church as a safe space to raise up musicians and the necessity of continuing to expose yourself to new styles and skillsets to become a well-rounded player. Calvin also gives some solid advice about bringing yourself humbly into unfamiliar gig environments so as to be in service to the songs and the intention of those who hired you while also offering what makes you unique.  The conversation touches on investing in upcoming players, staying true to your roots, encouragement for the Vineyard Movement, and Calvin’s personal fermentation process. You won’t want to miss it!   Show Notes:  Vineyard Worship: Generous God   Vineyard Soul: Chicago Sessions     Socials:  Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Nov 8

39 min 58 sec

Dee Wilson, born Terrell Demetrius Wilson, is a Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, worship leader, husband and father. Dee is a member of Common Hymnal, a connecting point for believers whose voice are not being heard because they don’t fit into the mainstream Christian culture. He and his wife Jennifer are also worship pastors at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO and have a daughter, Adelle. Dee believes deeply in worship with a social conscience, writing honest songs with both message and heart, and being a whole person deeply loved by the Father.    In this episode of The Ferment, Dee and Adam meet up at the Vineyard National Conference for a chat about sports and songwriting. Dee talks about writing songs that resonate with the valleys of life and the importance of naming pain specifically so that God can heal it.  He also talks about interacting with those who are provoked or challenged by the songs he writes, and he and Adam leave us reflecting on the question: what is a good life?  This conversation is a treasure, and you won’t want to miss it!      Show Notes Rose Petals written by Dee Wilson   Common Hymnal Instagram @commonhymnal     Socials:  Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Nov 1

56 min 16 sec

Daniel Grothe is associate senior pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO as well as a  drummer, author, father and farmer. He received an undergraduate degree in theology from Oral Roberts University and a Masters in Theology through Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the author of Chasing Wisdom and The Power of Place. Daniel and his wife, Lisa, live on a small hobby farm outside of Colorado Springs with their three children: Lillian, Wilson, and Wakley. In this episode of The Ferment, Daniel talks about trading a theology of blessing and prosperity for a theology of suffering and how an incredibly traumatic experience reoriented his church’s priorities and mission. He and Adam also discuss the value of micro-communities, intentionally investing in the community you live in, and using social media as a tool and not letting it replace the people around you. This is an incredibly rich episode packed full of encouragement and challenge for those looking to build a deeply fulfilling life.     Show Notes: Daniel’s website: The Power of Place: Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age by Daniel Grothe The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton On the Road by Jack Kerouac Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship  

Oct 25

46 min 8 sec

Tim Brown has served as the Worship Pastor of Canyon View Vineyard Church in Grand Junction, Colorado since 2012 and he serves the larger Vineyard Movement as a songwriter, song artist, and educator in foundations of Vineyard Worship for aspiring worship leaders all across the United States. Tim was raised in southern New Mexico as a pastor’s kid, is the oldest of four boys and has the voice of an angel. He has written on many well-known worship songs including “Have Your Way” and “What Can Separate”.  Tim and his wife, Dale, have two amazing kids: Evelyn (4 years old) and Otis (4 months old).     On this episode of The Ferment, Tim gives us a crash course on life in New Mexico past what is represented in Breaking Bad and his thoughts on why tennis is a superior sport to baseball. He also shares what he’s learned from CrossFit and his health journey about the physical-spiritual connection, and how he grew up in the church and still loves it. Tim and Adam also talk a lot about spiritual and mental health of worship leaders and commitment to the church.     Show Notes:  Canyon View Vineyard Church   Socials:  Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Oct 18

1 hr 13 min

Join us for part 2 of Adam’s conversation with Jay and Danielle Pathak, incoming National Directors for Vineyard USA! On this episode of The Ferment, Jay and Danielle share what Carol Wimber taught them about God giving specific callings on your life, as well as their experience of how God interacts with us differently and how the questions he asks of us change depending on the season of life we are in.  They also talk about the importance of learning to follow well if you want to lead well, and what they learned through the discernment process of whether or not to accept the position as National Directors. Finally, Jay shares a word about the upcoming Vineyard National Conference in Phoenix, AZ coming up this month. This episode is stuffed full of wisdom you won’t want to miss out on! Show notes: Register for the Vineyard National Conference! Socials Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Oct 11

39 min 4 sec

Jay Pathak is the Lead Pastor of the Mile High Vineyard and Danielle Pathak is the Spiritual Formation and Staff Pastor. Jay and Danielle planted Mile High Vineyard, a family of neighborhood churches in 2001. They grew up in Columbus, OH and started attending the Columbus Vineyard as teenagers, where they began leading in ministry very young. Jay has a BA in Philosophy from Ohio State University, is a graduate of Vineyard Leadership Institute, served on the Vineyard executive team for 5 years and is the national director elect for Vineyard USA. He is also the co-author of The Art of Neighboring. Danielle has a BA in Human Development and Family Studies from Ohio State University, also attended Vineyard Leadership Institute and holds a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Sustainable Faith and one in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from the Transforming Center in Chicago. Jay and Danielle have been married since 1998 and they have two beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Sofia. In the first of this two-part episode of The Ferment you’ll meet Jay and Danielle up close and personal! They each share their stories of coming to faith and learning how to trust the Lord’s leading regarding their future, both as a couple and as people in ministry. Danielle speaks about her process of sorting through deeply engrained hurts relating to women in ministry, and Jay tells some stories about being pastored well…and not so well. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get to know our new national leadership, and make sure you come back for part two next week!   Show notes: Mile High Vineyard Socials Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Oct 4

54 min 33 sec

Glen Yoder is a musician and songwriter, husband and father, and the worship pastor at Vineyard Campbellsville in Campbellsville, KY. Born in an Amish community that his family left during his childhood, Glen was raised in the hills of Kentucky and came of age on the streets of the world. His formative years were spent somewhere between his Amish roots, the folk music of his home in the hills and the indie-rock soundtrack of the streets of Lexington, KY. From Central America to South Africa, Glen traveled with his friends to far-flung corners, settling in the heart of Kentucky to write songs tinged with sadness and outlined with hope. In this episode of The Ferment, Glen and Adam talk about Glen’s journey into music and skateboarding as a boy and how they served him as portals to a new world as his family was leaving the Amish community. They also continue the conversation of worship versus secular music and Glen shares about his process of songwriting with his writing partner and how you balance creating art with having a family and a full life. This conversation catches Glen right in the middle of the gestation of his new record, so stay tuned for more details on the future release from his band, Always Endless.   Show Notes: Glen’s Instagram @glenyoder   Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship  

Sep 27

48 min 1 sec

In the second episode of our Fall series on what Adam's learned after 20 years in ministry, he shares about the process of spiritual transformation and holding space for others who are in different stages than we are. Adam also speaks to the fact that it's Jesus who heals people, and what that means for our role in people's lives as pastors and leaders.   

Sep 20

16 min 14 sec

Adam’s spiritual director took him through an exercise of reflecting on the last 20 years in ministry and sharing what he's learned with his younger self, and now he’s also sharing it with us. In this round he’ll reveal what he’s learned about theology, and also whether mystical experiences or therapy are more important for the Christian life.   Show notes:  Send Adam an email! Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship  

Sep 13

19 min 44 sec

Since his early teenage years, it’s been obvious to those around Kyle that he would be making a huge impact in the worship culture of his generation. He began leading worship in the youth ministry at Vineyard Church of Urbana at the young age of 14 and continues his leadership today as the lead Worship Pastor and Creative Director. In the last few years, he has been featured on multiple Vineyard Worship albums and is flourishing in his gift of songwriting. Kyle’s deepest passion is to see people encounter the loving embrace of the Father and to walk in the fullness of who they were made to be as sons and daughters.   Kyle is very recently married to a beautiful young woman named Shelby. They are loving life together and share a joint passion for good ice cream. In his free time, Kyle is an avid golfer, a pretty solid basketball player and a professional at buying tennis shoes. (No joke, always look at his shoes.) In this episode of The Ferment, Kyle and Adam talk about the growth that comes in new environments and the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who stretch you to a new level. Kyle also shares about developing a worship team into a healthy worship community and how having shared encounters with the Lord translates to the stage on Sunday morning. Plus, you’ll hear about Kyle’s formative musical influences and what the Lord is teaching him right now.   Show Notes: Thrive Worship Leader Training – September 22 Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions Worship Team Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Sep 6

47 min 53 sec

Phil and Jan Strout are the National Directors for Vineyard USA.  For several years, Phil served in the Vineyard on the board of directors for Vineyard USA, as a Regional Leader, and as the Senior Pastor of Pathway Vineyard Church, a multisite church based in Lewiston, Maine. He has also done extensive work in church planting around the world, especially in Latin America, and along with his wife, Jan, is bilingual (English/Spanish). Phil is the author of God’s Relentless Pursuit: Discovering His Heart for Humanity and Thrive: How to Successfully Navigate the S-Turns of Leadership. He brings a non-hyped, down-to-earth, passionately authentic spirit and vision to leading the Vineyard Movement in its divine assignment. Jan is a passionate leader in the church today. As a gifted exhorter and teacher, she has earned the title, “The Queen of Encouragement.” She has served nationally on the Vineyard Women’s Task Force with the heart to empower women for leadership, ministry, and life. Jan is an effective communicator and has taught Spiritual Formation, Prayer, Evangelism, and Missions in Portland’s E3 Leadership Institute. Phil and Jan have been married since they were teenagers and have two kids, 6 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids.   In this episode of The Ferment, Adam joins Phil and Jan at their farm in Maine to hear their story of coming to faith as teenagers, marrying young and heading out to the international mission field. They also talk about the value of soul care and share three prophetic illustrations that have grounded them in the pursuit of a contemplative life. Finally, Phil and Jan share about transitioning the role of National Director and the word the Lord gave Phil about “intersections” that has been guiding the Vineyard through this recent season of change. This is a rich episode full of wisdom and inspiration for leading a life faithful to the Lord.   Show notes: Thrive Worship Leader Training – September 22 Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions The Quest for the Radical Middle: A History of the Vineyard by Bill Jackson Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast TikTok @vineyardworship

Aug 30

1 hr 9 min

Brenda Gatlin and her husband Michael have been Senior Pastors at Duluth Vineyard since 1997. Brenda has served as an Area Pastor in her Region since 2009, and in 2013 was appointed as the Regional Leader for the Midwest North Region, serving and caring for seven Area Pastors and about 50 local churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Chicago, IL area. Brenda had the assurance of a lifetime call to ministry when she was a teenager and has been following that path ever since. She is passionate about seeing people become whole and be a right reflection of who God is. In this episode of The Ferment, Brenda shares about finding her place as a woman in ministry, discovering that our calling is developed over a lifetime and expanding into ever-widening areas of leadership. She and Adam also talk about the need for pastors to be able to be real with each other, setting goals for personal transformation and being shaped by hard times.     Show notes: Thrive Worship Leader Training – September 22 Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton   Socials: Instagram @thefermentpodcast Twitter @fermentcast

Aug 23

1 hr 2 min

Tim Holt is the founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church in Myrtle Beach, SC  and a competitive surfer. He is passionate about evangelism and introducing people to the Jesus he met at a surf competition in 1971. Tim has been married to his wife Karen for 50 years and together they are parents and grandparents. In this episode of The Ferment, Tim and Adam talk about some big themes, starting with the organic way Tim began doing ministry in the ocean with fellow surfers to becoming a pastor and then returning to ocean ministry, the value of having a life with Jesus outside the church, and the joy and pain involved in retiring from formal ministry and transitioning your church to a new leader. This is a very fluid episode that is full of sweet moments and showcases a life of faithfulness marked by the Holy Spirit.   Show notes: Vineyard Worship’s Song of the Month: Roll Like a River

Aug 16

1 hr 5 min

Geoffrey Holsclaw is a pastor at Vineyard North in Grand Rapids, MI, an affiliate professor of theology at Northern Seminary, host of the Being With podcast, and author of “Does God Really Like Me?” He holds a Ph.D  in Religious Studies from Marquette University and an M.Div from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Geoff is passionate about theology and philosophy, politics and culture. He has been married to his wife Cyd for over 20 years and they have two teenage sons. In this episode of The Ferment, Geoff and Adam talk deconstruction: why it’s such a hot topic in the culture right now, how to do it well if you’re a pastor, worship leader or someone who is in a place of spiritual influence, and some common misunderstandings about the process. This is an incredibly timely and relevant conversation that is encouraging for those experiencing deconstruction and a guidebook for those walking alongside someone experiencing deconstruction.   Show notes: Vineyard Worship’s Song of the Month: Roll Like a River Geoff’s website: Being With podcast: After Doubt by A.J. Swoboda The Great Partnership: Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks  

Aug 9

1 hr 6 min

Shyla Powell has a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care from Fordham University, and is a worship leader at the Syracuse Vineyard in Syracuse, NY. Shyla is also the founder of a soul care ministry called 3Love Ministries, and a favorite educator for the Vineyard School of Worship. She and her husband Leon have been married for 7 years and have a daughter. In this live recording of The Ferment, Shyla shares about the commonalities between holding space while leading worship and facilitating a therapy session, and why healing is a communal act. She also drops some truth about the role of therapy in the life of a Christian, the need for continual growth and healing as pastors and worship leaders, and how to know if it’s time to find a counselor. This episode is dripping with practical wisdom and is an accessible first step in the process to becoming healthier humans and leaders.   Show Notes: Vineyard Worship song of the month – You Are God Shyla's email  

Aug 2

48 min 44 sec

Michael Hansen is the lead pastor at Vineyard Church of Delaware County. He grew up in western Canada and is passionate about having a healthy and active church. He loves to encourage and equip people to know God and to discover who He has made them to be. In his spare time Michael enjoys playing guitar, reading books, and watching hockey. Michael is married to his wife, Helen and has two adult sons, Jeremy and Daniel. In this live episode of The Ferment, Michael shares stories of experiencing the presence of the Lord, the transition from worship pastor to lead pastor, and reengaging socially and pastorally after the disruption of COVID. Just like Michael, this conversation is both hilarious and full of wisdom.   Show Notes: Vineyard Worship song of the month – You Are God Vineyard Church of Delaware County

Jul 26

54 min 38 sec

Jan Smith, dubbed Mama Jan by Usher, is the world’s premier vocal producer and instructor. She has over 30 years experience in the music industry as both an artist and a mentor. Mama Jan is a Grammy nominated producer and a Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductee. In addition to being a creative force for vocal excellence, Mama Jan is a visionary executive working across entertainment to reboot the music industry into an artist-driven business. As CEO of Mama J Music, she works tirelessly to fuse artist development, technology and music education into a successful career roadmap for all musicians. In this live recording of The Ferment, Adam and Mama Jan talk about the instrument of the human voice: what it is exactly and how to care for it well. Mama Jan shares practical tips for worship leaders, pastors and other vocalists who use their voices more than most including warm ups and warm downs and why every green room should have a steamer. Her holistic approach to honoring the body as a gift we’ve been entrusted with is an inspiration to every person regardless of vocation!   Show notes: Vineyard Worship song of the month – You Are God Jan Smith’s Website

Jul 19

58 min 59 sec

Kris MacQueen is the lead pastor at Guelph Vineyard Church in Ontario, Canada, a leader in the Vineyard Creative initiative, and a musician and songwriter inside and outside of the church. Kris and his wife Liv have been married for twenty years and recently started making music together as “The MacQueens”. As we return from our midseason break, Kris and Adam chat about cultivating spiritual practices that will sustain us through the ups and downs of a long life spent in relationship with Jesus, a holistic approach to the fruitful life of a creative, and co-creating with your spouse.  They also talk about the rich songwriting history of Vineyard Canada and the importance of having creative and spiritual mentors.     Show notes: Kris’s website The MacQueens Vineyard Creative  

Jul 12

50 min 45 sec

Adam and Heather Russell are answering listener questions from around the globe! They put out a request on social media and ya’ll did not disappoint.  From their dream team guest lineup to the future of online church, this episode covers lots of ground, from theological to practical to light-hearted. This is the last episode before our midseason break, so listen in and then join us as we return in early July!   Show Notes: Vineyard Worship’s song of the month – “Heaven's Work” The Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection by Robert Capon Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus by Robert Capon Cannery Row by John Steinbeck The Ferment: Dr. Charles Montgomery – Is There Blood On Our Preaching? The Ferment: Paul Anleitner – American Civil Religion – How Did We Get Here Deep Talks Podcast with Paul Anleitner New Read/McQueen single: Möbius    

May 24

1 hr 15 min

This week on The Ferment we’re flipping the script and Adam is in the guest’s seat! Listen in on a special re-broadcast of the What is Worship? podcast with Harmony Smith where you’ll hear Adam share about what he believes worship should be and how his definition of worship has evolved as he has come to know Jesus in a more real and honest way. Adam talks about the importance of “place” and how it flavors our experiences, and how good things are coming out of small places. Adam and Harmony also have an honest conversation about church life after COVID and Christianity as an embodied faith.   Show Notes: Vineyard Worship’s song of the month – “Heaven's Work” What is Worship? podcast with Harmony Smith

May 17

56 min 52 sec

Susan O’Brien is a spiritual director who works with people to become more aware of God’s presence in their lives. She received her certification through the Institute of Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb University and also holds a Bachelor of Theology from Point University. She believes that God is working in every person that she encounters. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Mike and their son, Ezekiel. When she isn’t doing spiritual direction, homeschooling her son or teaching piano lessons, she likes spending time in her rocking chair or on the back porch swing.   On this episode of The Ferment, Susan and our host Adam Russell look at the “slow” work of God in our lives. This is especially relevant in this season as our normal rhythms have been disrupted in so many ways. Much to glean in this rich episode!    Show notes: To submit your question for Adam and Heather's next "Ask me anything" episode email

May 10

1 hr 5 min

Anabeth Morgan is a worship leader, songwriter and recording artist, and has been the worship pastor at the Mile High Vineyard in Denver, CO since 2011. She has appeared on many Vineyard Worship albums, such as Cultivation Generation -“Servant Wide Awake” & “My Foundation” and National Conference - “Live From Phoenix” and “Wonderful”. She also released a solo project in 2017 titled “A Place Your Glory Dwells”. Having travelled the world leading worship and coaching leaders and teams, she is an in-demand conference worship leader, teacher, and speaker. Anabeth is a graduate of Mississippi State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Exercise Science and Psychology. She and her college sweetheart, Kyle, have been married since 2003, have 2 young children and live in Denver. In this episode of The Ferment, Anabeth and Adam chat about life as a parent and a person in ministry, and whether striking a balance is ever really possible. They also talk at length about cultivating emotional health and what that looks like as an individual, a staff, and a worship team. Anabeth shares some wisdom about staying connected to people in conflict, gives some practical examples of pursuing relationships while maintaining differentiation, and leaves us with a reading list to join her on the journey toward emotional maturity.   Show notes: To submit your question for Adam and Heather's next "Ask me anything" episode" email Anabeth’s Website The Leader's Journey by Jim Herrington, Trisha Taylor and R. Robert Creech The Ferment: Steve Cuss Emotionally Focused (Chris Knudsen) The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni Growing Yourself Up by Jenny Brown The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni  

May 3

51 min 45 sec

David Berguño is the Worship Pastor of Viña Las Condes in Santiago, Chile where he lives with his wife Marjorie Brownell.  With a background in songwriting and arranging, he has written and produced worship in Chile for many years and has led worship since he was a teen.  On this episode of The Ferment, David gives us a window into his international upbringing, which spans the Western Hemisphere from Chile to Venezuela to the U.S. His multi-lingual and multi-cultural life experience gives him a unique voice as the Church at large wrestles with issues of race, globalism, and cultural division. This is especially relevant in the U.S. as we seek to embrace the growing diversity of our country and its churches.   Show Notes: Vineyard Worship’s song of the month for April - Thin Place Live: Lyric Video: Viña Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Apr 26

1 hr 16 min

David Pfaltzgraff is the Founder and Lead Sound Designer at, a site that designs keys patches, templates, and sound libraries for worship musicians. David is also the creator of the Sunday Keys MainStage Template, a keys template for MainStage 3 that has been widely adopted by thousands of churches around the world. He has been married to his wife Anna for 10 years and they have 3 kids and currently live in Iowa. In this second VSOW takeover episode, David and VSOW Director Mike O’Brien talk all things keyboard, from gear that is accessible to any level of volunteer to computer-based keyboards, to helping the keys players on your team find what it means to contribute to the modern worship band from the keyboard position. David gives specific gear recommendations, encouraging advice on how to lower the barrier of entry and empower your keyboard player to support their team members creatively, and also demonstrates a variety of sounds available through different kinds of software. This is an incredibly valuable resource for both keyboard players who want to learn how to contribute to their worship community, as well as worship leaders who want to develop every member of their team.   Show notes: Vineyard Worship’s song of the month for April - Thin Place  Live: Lyric Video:   Vineyard School of Worship   Sunday Sounds, LLC Https://   Amazon: MIDI to USB Cable   Amazon: 1/8” Cable to 1/4" Stereo      

Apr 19

1 hr 12 min

Meet the Vineyard Worship Team! Adam Russell (Director of Vineyard Worship and host of The Ferment), Mike O'Brien (Director of the Vineyard School of Worship), Casey Corum (Director of Production and A&R, and producer of The Ferment) and Melisa Keller (Director of Events and Project Management). The Vineyard movement is comprised of thousands of worship leaders in the US alone, but what is Vineyard Worship as an organization? On this episode of The Ferment, the Vineyard Worship team provides an overview of what Vineyard Worship is, as well as what it is not. They give us the run down on the four facets that comprise Vineyard Worship, the four lanes of worship we are currently pursuing and share some great ways to get connected!   Show notes: Vineyard Worship’s song of the month for April - Thin Place Live: Lyric Video: Vineyard Worship team Vineyard School of Worship (VSOW) LoFi Vineyard album The Ferment - Caleb Maskell episode Facebook group - Vineyard Worship Leaders Facebook group - Vineyard Sound and Video Techs      

Apr 12

54 min 46 sec

Eddie Espinosa is a well-known Vineyard veteran and pioneer in the modern worship movement. Eddie was featured on numerous recordings through the years including groundbreaking original two vinyl records from Vineyard Ministries International - "All The Earth Shall Worship" and "He Is Worthy To Be Praised" both releasing in 1982. Eddie's song include "You Are The Mighty King", "Worthy Is The Lamb", and the global worship classic and era-defining "Change My Heart O God". Despite being known as a songwriter and worship pastor, Eddie spent most of his professional career in public education as a teacher, counselor and administrator. Eddie and his wife live in Southern California and have two children.    In this episode of The Ferment, Eddie shares his story of being called into a life with Jesus and growing into a worshiper who is known as one who writes love songs to the Lord. He reflects on the early days at the Anaheim Vineyard and how they were marked by hunger and desperation for God, and shares the three things he believes bring the presence of God in worship. This is a very tender episode that overflows with a love for the Lord that is only cultivated in first-hand experience of His goodness and grace.     Show notes: Change My Heart, O God by Eddie Espinosa Eddie’s interview with the Calvin Institute

Apr 5

1 hr

Casey Corum is a songwriter, worship leader, record producer, and creative catalyst based in the greater Los Angeles, California area. He is also the producer of this podcast! Casey is best known for his work with Vineyard Music having served as Chief Creative Officer for over 10 years, and is currently the Director of Production and A&R. His songs have been sung in thousands of churches all over the world in numerous languages. Some of his best known songs include "Dwell", "Form Us", "No Longer Strangers", and "You Have Set Me Free". Casey also travels extensively working with artists, churches, and creative leaders on the stage and in the studio. Living life as an act of improvisation, Casey has given his life to unlocking creative potential in others and breaking through creative roadblocks. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Angie. They have four daughters and live in Fullerton, California. In this episode, you’ll get to know the “behind the scenes guy” of the Ferment a little bit better. Coming to faith in the early days of the Vineyard, Casey offers a unique perspective of joining a young movement as a young man. He shares about his commitment to investing in songwriting, making good records and helping worship leaders to improve in their craft, and ends with a word of encouragement to Vineyard songwriters.   Show notes: Casey’s Casey’s website Changed By Your Glory- Langley Vineyard 1989  

Mar 28

1 hr 4 min

Dennis Liu is the co-lead pastor at Vineyard of Harvest Church, a multi-generational, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural congregation in Walnut, CA. Dennis earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and then, when God made it clear that he was called to ministry and not to medicine, he began an internship at Vineyard of Harvest Church while pursuing a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. Dennis eventually joined the Vineyard of Harvest staff full-time as the minister to the English congregation, graduated from Fuller in 2005 and was ordained as a pastor in 2007. Dennis married his wife Evangeline in 2011 and they have 4 children. In this episode of The Ferment, Dennis shares about how God disrupted his plans and the cultural expectations of his family to call him into ministry. He and Adam talk about Asian culture and the pioneering work Dennis has done as an Asian-American pastor in the Vineyard. They also discuss the rise of Anti-Asian racism since 2020 and the COVID-19 virus, as well as the shootings that occurred in Georgia the day before the recording of this episode. Dennis brings a strong and tender word about the need for building intercultural relationships within the Vineyard Movement and his desire to see the invitation to leadership extended to Asian-American leaders.   Show Notes: Vineyard of Harvest Church  

Mar 22

44 min 20 sec

On the year anniversary of the US being locked down to lessen the spread of COVID-19, Adam and Heather Russell spend some time reflecting on what has been lost during this time, and also what has been gained. They share with us some of the things they have been reimagining as a family and as pastors of a local church, and the gift of this transitional moment as we see glimmers of hope of returning to a normal life. Heather speaks about rebuilding volunteer teams with new eyes and they give us some pastoral advice on gently shepherding our churches and teams as we all navigate the losses that we have experienced due to COVID. This episode poses the question “As we enter into this new season, what would you like to bring with you?” and helps us think that through. Come along as Adam and Heather lead us in some reimagining.   Show Notes: Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs by Steve Cuss Managing Leadership Anxiety - Steve Cuss Podcast – Jack Shitama s6e9 The Leader’s Journey by Jim Herrington, Trisha Taylor and R. Robert Creech  

Mar 15

46 min 21 sec

In this first round of VSOW (Vineyard School of Worship) takeover episodes, Mike O’Brien meets up with longtime friend Martin Reardon. Marty serves as the worship pastor of Trinity Anglican in Atlanta, GA. He has a Master’s Degree in Worship Studies from the Robert Weber Institute, is a contributor for Seedbed and is the creator of Marty and his wife have three children. In this episode of the Ferment, Mike and Marty explore the Anglican denomination, from the respite that can be found in The Book of Common Prayer and leaning into the seasons of the church calendar to the beauty of creating a non-anxious environment for people to experience the Holy Spirit. Marty shares about worship as a formative exercise and the role of worship leaders as “tour guides”, walking with people in their experience of worship and leading, teaching and modeling how to engage spiritually. Marty also shares some practical advice for worship leaders in treating volunteer worship teams with kindness, tending to our own souls and relationships, and choosing a worship set that reflects the season of the church. This is an incredibly sweet episode that allows for an intimate look into the Anglican stream of worship.    Show notes: Seedbed All Things Worship- A resource for worship leaders 10,000 Generations- by Martin Reardon, Billy Somerville, Jen Reardon, and Meghan Coffee Book of Common Prayer The Quest for the Radical Middle by Bill Jackson Mosaic of Christian Belief by Roger E. Olson    

Mar 8

1 hr 10 min

Kate Cooke is a songwriter, worship leader, mixed media artist and illustrator living and working on the south coast of England with her husband Jimmy, the Director of Production and Publishing for Vineyard Worship UK, and their 2 daughters. She is a co-writer on Vineyard Worship’s album “The Lamb Has Conquered” and her vocals can be heard on Vineyard UK worship albums such as “Spirit Burn: Live from London”, “The Lord Has Come” and “Love Divine”. After completing a foundation year at Wimbledon School of Art in London, Kate decided to travel, got married, had a myriad of jobs while studying literature and then had children, deciding to stay at home with them when they were little. After witnessing the natural creativity in her girls, Kate decided to rekindle her own childhood passion for art once they were off at school and set up a small space in the corner of her bedroom, very tentatively picked up a pencil and started to draw again. This was the start of a journey of creative rediscovery which continues to this day; juggling art, work, motherhood and family life.  In this female-forward episode of The Ferment, Kate is interviewed by Adam’s exceptional wife, Heather Russell. Kate shares stories of experiencing the Holy Spirit in both traditional and charismatic faith expressions, the challenges she faced in balancing motherhood and creativity and the process of anchoring into her multi-faceted identity in the Lord. Kate also talks to us about acknowledging the truth of how God has created us and stepping into that with faithfulness instead of pursuing a road simply because it is perceived as “more holy”. This is a podcast by the women but for the people. Men, you are welcome here too.   Show Notes: Kate’s Website Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert Old Masters and Young Geniuses: The Two Life Cycles of Artistic Creativity by David W. Galenson

Mar 1

42 min 35 sec

Jemar Tisby is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Color of Compromise, president and co-founder of The Witness: A Black Christian Collective, and co-host of the podcast, “Pass The Mic.” He grew up just north of Chicago and attended the University of Notre Dame. Jemar went on to join Teach For America and was assigned to the Mississippi Delta Corps where he taught sixth grade at a public charter school and later went on to be the principal. He received his MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary and is presently working toward his PhD in History at the University of Mississippi studying race, religion, and social movements in the twentieth century.  Jemar and his family call the Deep South home and especially love the weather, people, and food! His new book, How to Fight Racism released January 2021! In this episode of The Ferment, Jemar introduces us to the humanity of Martin Luther King, Jr. that is often lost in his iconography. He and Adam dig into the context of some of King’s most famously quoted doctrine and discuss the ways in which the soundbites don’t fully match up with his beliefs and intentions, particularly the ideas of nonviolence and protest as a mechanism for change. This is an incredibly educational and challenging episode that calls for a lot of self-reflection and provides tangible steps towards action.   Show notes: Vineyard Worship’s Song of the Month: “You Don’t Have to Lose Heart” How to Fight Racism by Jemar Tisby The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby Radio Free Dixie by Timothy Tyson Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times by Soong-Chan Rah The Witness, Inc

Feb 22

56 min 17 sec

Dr. Charles A. Montgomery, Jr serves as a Teaching Pastor at Vineyard Church of Columbus and in 2012 took on the additional responsibility of becoming the Campus Pastor of Vineyard Columbus East Campus. A Spirit-filled, gifted preacher and lecturer, he is nationally and globally recognized as a critical thinker and advocate for racial reconciliation and is a member of the prestigious Martin Luther King Jr Board of Preachers of Morehouse College.  Dr. Montgomery earned his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Morehouse College; a Master of Divinity from Emory University with certificates in Black Church studies and Christian Education, and a PhD in Ethical and Creative Leadership from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio(highest honors). He has also written several articles on Leadership and Spirituality, and is the author of the forthcoming book, Building A House Without Walls. Throughout his career Dr. Montgomery has received numerous academic, civic, literary, and ecclesiastical awards. Concerning these and other accomplishments, Dr. Montgomery believes his greatest accomplishment is being married to the love of his life, Kimberly. In this episode of The Ferment, Dr. Montgomery shares his journey from childhood to becoming a rocket scientist to pastoring, and the God thread woven throughout. He and Adam discuss the difference between oration and preaching, the craft of formulating a sermon and what happens when God asks you to scrap it and redirects at the last minute. Dr. Montgomery also presents some tough questions for us to wrestle with, like what does “thy kingdom come” look like in our context? And as the Vineyard is seeing movement towards real multiethnic communities, what does it mean to have true diversity and oneness in our churches? This is an encouraging conversation that will leave you with thoughts to chew on for the weeks to come.   Show notes: Vineyard Worship’s Song of the Month: “You Don’t Have to Lose Heart” Vineyard Columbus

Feb 15

46 min 51 sec

In this follow-up episode of The Ferment, Mike O’Brien and Adam Russell continue their conversation about worship team culture and development and the importance of defining excellence within your own church context. They also tackle what it looks like to age well as a worship leader and some key strategies for longevity.     Mike O’Brien has served as a worship pastor, speaker, record producer and songwriter for over 25 years. For 18 years he served one church (Vineyard Community Church of Marietta, GA) training hundreds of worship leaders and musicians; in that church he founded a creative common called “Poured Out Like Wine”. Mike serves as the director for the Vineyard School of Worship and has produced numerous albums including "Shine On Us", "Miami Vineyard Live", and "Not Be Moved". He holds his Masters of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute and is currently serving the church at large in worship team training and worship leader mentoring. Mike, his wife Susan and their son Ezekiel live in Atlanta GA.   Show notes: Mike’s Website: Vineyard School of Worship Vineyard Worship’s Song of the Month: “You Don’t Have to Lose Heart”  

Feb 11

32 min 6 sec

Mike O’Brien has served as a worship pastor, speaker, record producer and songwriter for over 25 years. For 18 years he served one church (Vineyard Community Church of Marietta, GA) training hundreds of worship leaders and musicians; in that church he founded a creative common called “Poured Out Like Wine”. Mike serves as the director for the Vineyard School of Worship and has produced numerous albums including "Shine On Us", "Miami Vineyard Live", and "Not Be Moved". He holds his Masters of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute and is currently serving the church at large in worship team training and worship leader mentoring. Mike, his wife Susan and their son Ezekiel live in Atlanta GA.   In this episode of The Ferment, Mike shares some of the insight he has gained from visiting Vineyard churches across the nation over a number of years observing worship teams, and extends an invitation to worship leaders and pastors to view their teams differently, valuing the opportunity for discipleship over the desire to have a team stacked with “the best” musicians week in and week out. Mike also offers some tips for shaping the church’s worship diet in a way that is most nourishing for that specific congregation and proposes some thoughts and personal experience on how to leave a church role well.   Show notes: Mike’s Website: Vineyard School of Worship Vineyard Worship’s Song of the Month: “You Don’t Have to Lose Heart” Managing Leadership Anxiety by Steve Cuss:

Feb 8

1 hr 11 min

Melisa Keller is the Director of Events & Project Management for Vineyard Worship. In her role, Melisa oversees Vineyard Worship Leader Retreats and Rise events, and serves as project manager for all products and releases. She earned her MBA in Hospitality Management, which has enabled her to better enjoy food, wine, good music and good times with family and friends. Melisa and her husband Scott currently lead worship and serve on the leadership team at Vineyard Fullerton in Fullerton, CA. They have two amazing children.  In this episode of The Ferment, Adam and Melisa discuss emotional intelligence: what is it, why do we care, and how does it affect worship leaders and pastors? Melisa shares about how becoming self-aware allows us to find freedom from our reactionary responses, first by noticing what is happening in our physical bodies and then bringing them to the Lord and allowing Him to speak, often revealing things to us about our formative experiences. Emotional Intelligence leads us to an awareness of how we move through the world, and also allows us to love others better and to build teams marked by grace and understanding.  This is an incredibly practical and valuable episode that all humans, but especially leaders, should have in their tool box.    Show Notes: The Ferment: Melisa Keller - We Need To Pastor The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit Managing Leadership Anxiety  by Steve Cuss  

Feb 1

49 min 21 sec

Paul Anleitner is the Worship Pastor at the First Evangelical Free Church in Minneapolis, MN and host of the Deep Talks podcast - Exploring Theology and Meaning-Making. Prior to joining the staff at First Free, he enjoyed 15 years of vocational ministry experience in a variety of roles and denominational settings. He has had the privilege over the years of being not only a Worship Pastor in the Assemblies of God, Evangelical Covenant Church, and now the Evangelical Free Church, but has also taught theology and biblical studies courses in Christian high schools, directed parachurch ministries, and recorded & released original music. Paul loves reading theology, exercising and watching or playing basketball. He is married to the girl of his dreams, Keri, and they have 3 kids. In this episode of The Ferment podcast, Paul and our host Adam Russell have an incredibly nuanced conversation about the way symbols and the meaning we ascribe to them create stories that shape our worldview. Coming on the tail of January 6th and the insurrection at the US Capitol Building, Paul and Adam discuss the mixed symbolism of nooses and Confederate flags displayed alongside “Jesus Saves” signs and the way that mirrors the present state of Christianity and politics in our nation. As the layers are peeled back, Paul and Adam dive into spheres of psychology and theology, examining the symbolism within our church buildings and worship songs, and the effect the convergence of culture and subcultures has on shaping the narrative of our nation, our worship experience, and our lives.   Show notes Deep Talks Podcast The Ferment Podcast – Paul Anleitner 5.26.19

Jan 24

1 hr 18 min

Eleanor Mumford and her husband John play a significant leadership role within the Vineyard family of churches, both in the UK and overseas. They worked for two years with John Wimber at the Anaheim Vineyard in California before starting the SW London Vineyard in 1987. They handed over the leadership of that church in 2008 and served as National Directors in the UK and Ireland until 2015. They now focus on the continued development and momentum of the international Vineyard family. Eleanor and John have two grown sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law and 4 grandchildren. In this episode of The Ferment, Eleanor shares her origin story and the power of a praying roommate. She also talks about her husband’s first interactions with John Wimber and their earliest days with the Vineyard movement, the profound impact of worship in their life and ministry, and their life more recently as international coordinators within Vineyard Global. Eleanor speaks about unity, equipping international leaders to care for their people and communities, and shares an encouraging word about staying close to the Lord during this hard season.   Show notes: Vineyard Global:

Jan 18

50 min 18 sec

Ryan Delmore and his wife Sarah live on the central coast of California where they own and operate Del’s Famous Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. A worship leader in the Vineyard church for over 25 years, Ryan continues to write songs and lead worship in his local church, while touring occasionally. He has written and recorded several songs with Vineyard Music, including “Better Than Life,” “Set Me on Fire,” “Let It Come,” and “Jesus’ Name”. Ryan and Sarah have five children and a granddaughter. In this episode of The Ferment, Ryan shares his story of growing up seaside, finding the Lord and becoming an “accidental songwriter.”  He talks about how his definition of success and his dreams have evolved over time, and how being mentored as a young man really helped shape him both personally and musically. Ryan and Adam also reminisce about the lengths they used to go to in order to have access to their favorite songs on demand pre-Spotify.   Show notes Del’s Famous Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant John Barnett - Holy and Anointed One The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions  

Jan 11

54 min 20 sec

Sandra McCracken’s prolific contributions as a songwriter, modern-day hymn writer, and record producer have brought grace and clarity to her soulful, folk-gospel sound. Whether in a theater or in a chapel, she is a dynamic performer who blurs the lines of what church music sounds like, captivating and inviting audiences to sing along. While many of her songs like “We Will Feast In the House Of Zion” and “Thy Mercy My God” have settled into regular rotation in Christian worship services internationally, she has also had songs recorded by All Sons And Daughters, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Audrey Assad, A Rocha Compilation, Bifrost Arts, Caedmon’s Call and others. She is further a founding member of Indelible Grace Music and Rain for Roots (children’s music) and has been a guest writer for Art House America, She Reads Truth, The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, RELEVANT Magazine, and more. In the first episode of season 3, Sandra and our host Adam Russell talk about how songwriting is influenced by the world around us, discovering who we are when our normal affirmations are stripped away and the opportunity that change brings to learn to love each other.  Sandra also shares her love of the Psalms and the profound impact they’ve had on her songwriting, and how songs can be a purveyor of hospitality.   Show notes: Sandra’s Website Sandra McCracken - Lay My Worry Down To Be Told - God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future by Dan B. Allender Yo-Yo Ma - “Music Happens Between the Notes” (On Being with Krista Tippet) Sandra McCracken- Traincar Sandra McCracken - Patient Kingdom

Jan 5

41 min 5 sec

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes! Steve Cuss is the author of the influential book, "Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs” (published by NEXT Leadership Network), and serves as lead pastor at Discover Christian Church in Broomfield, CO.    On today's episode, Steve and Adam discuss chronic anxiety and its effect on our personal lives, our teams, and the society in which we live. This is an important conversation, especially in the current global pandemic. 

Dec 2020

1 hr 8 min

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes! Chris Lizotte is a singer-songwriter and worship leader best known for his songs "Glory The King,” "I Love Your Ways,” and "I Will Trust You.” Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Chris has led worship for The National Youth Leaders Convention, Promise Keepers, and Campus Crusade, and his songs have been recorded by Kim Walker-Smith, Crystal Lewis, Vineyard Worship, and Maranatha! Music.    On this episode Chris shares his faith journey — from growing up Catholic to coming to faith through a physical healing — as well as his journey into music and leading worship.  Many prominent voices have spoken deeply and personally into Chris’s life and long road in worship ministry and mainstream music, including Chuck Smith, Kevin Prosch, John Wimber, and Eddie Espinosa. There is much to learn here.

Dec 2020

1 hr 1 min

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes! Worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman has penned some of the most-beloved worship anthems in the modern Church. Songs such as “The Heart of Worship,” “10,000 Reasons,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” and “Build My Life” are sung around the world and will continue to be sung for many years to come. In early 2020, Matt released his 14th album,Let There Be Wonder.   On this episode, Matt and our host Adam Russell mine Matt's wisdom on the role of worship leaders as servants who not only lead people in singing to God, but who help people see God. From there, they delve into the challenges faced by worship leaders in this time of quarantine and virtual church.    This is a rich conversation, as Matt’s words have resonance and relevance now more than ever. 

Dec 2020

26 min 45 sec

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes! This episode is part of our new series, Black Voices In The Vineyard, which features interviews with Black leaders from around the Vineyard movement.  Kim McNeal and her husband have lived in Raleigh, NC for over 20 years, but they are proud natives of the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia, PA (#goeagles). Presently, Kim works as a financial literacy educator at a non-profit and serves as an elder and worship leader at Raleigh Vineyard Church.  On this inspiring episode Kim shares her journey of faith, beginning with a seminal moment of seeing Aretha Franklin perform when Kim was only 5 years old to the start of her life following Jesus in college. Kim has spent many years in both the white and black Church, bringing with her helpful and challenging insights into journeying together as the people of God from "every tribe, tongue, and nation."

Dec 2020

59 min 8 sec

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes! Lauri Varieur is a former VP of Creative Brand/Social Media/Visual for top fashion brands BCBGMAXAZRIA and Donna Karan. She is now co-lead pastor — alongside her husband Wade — of Vineyard Fullerton, an eclectic church plant in downtown Fullerton, CA celebrating its 6th anniversary.   On this episode, Lauri shares her journey growing up in the greater NYC area and coming to a real faith at the Manhattan Vineyard under the leadership of Mike & Char Turrigiano.  Feeling called into the "mission field" from a young age, Lauri found herself in the fashion industry with a call to pastor those around her. This is an inspiring conversation about our call to follow Jesus in every context in which we find ourselves.

Dec 2020

58 min 44 sec

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes!  Edgar King has been the lead pastor of Trinity Vineyard Church, a multicultural community of faith in Nakuru, Kenya since 2017.  Born and raised in Nakuru, Edgar has a passion for the people of his city and creating a place where everyone is welcome. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Statistics from Kenyatta University and a Diploma in Theology from the Vineyard School of Ministry- Africa, and is on the National Leadership Board of the Association of Vineyard Churches of Kenya.  Edgar spends his time leading worship, training worship leaders and helping others grow in their journey toward Jesus. In this intercontinental episode, Edgar and our host Adam Russell chat about life in Kenya, some of the challenges and opportunities that come with caring for a diverse worship community and the gift of being a part of the global Vineyard family.   Show notes: Edgar’s Church Vineyard Worship Together- Edgar King

Dec 2020

56 min 37 sec

As we take our end of season break, please enjoy some of our very favorite episodes from 2020, released on Mondays and Thursdays throughout December! We will catch you back with Season 3 in January! New Year, new episodes! Brian Doerksen is a Canadian singer/songwriter, worship leader, author and pastor. He is best known for his songs “Come, Now is the Time to Worship” and “Refiner’s Fire” which have been sung in churches internationally. He has been making music for 30 years, and has won more awards in both the United States and Canada than can be counted on all his fingers and toes.  Brian has been married to his high school sweetheart, Joyce, for over 35 years and they have 4 daughters and 2 sons. In this episode, Brian shares his journey of faith, songwriting and becoming a worship leader with our host Adam Russell. Brian’s story is a beautiful example of a life marked by intimacy with the Father, and this grounding conversation will reorient our hearts toward vulnerability and authenticity before God and each other in worship. Brian’s Song- “Father, I Want You to Hold Me”

Dec 2020

1 hr 9 min