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It is 6x cheaper to keep an old customer than it is to win a new one. Despite this, the average DTC brand devotes 80% of their marketing spend to new customer acquisition whilst stores are haemorrhaging retained revenue through high churn and inflexible subscriptions models.‍Why is this? And what can be done to solve the retention rubix cube? To find out, we assembled an all-star cast of eCommerce experts - including Olipop’s Eli Weiss, Maude’s Éva Goicochea, Bryony MacLaren of Huel and Hamid Saify from Liquid Death - to myth bust DTC retention.‍We cover the state of retention within the eCommerce industry today, and break down lifetime value (LTV) into its component parts, to look at the key inputs and outputs that make up a top retention strategy.

Oct 12

49 min 3 sec

Trinity Mouzon Wofford went from making Golde product by hand to launching in Target stores this year. We discuss the founder's early challenges, and the strategies they used to grow the brand. Trinity also covers Golde's omnichannel approach with major retailer distribution and a DTC site, before touching on their emphasis on community. We round off the session exploring the importance of retention and supply chain for low AOV eCommerce products.‍

Jun 22

22 min 49 sec

Franky Athill shares how Patch Plants disrupted the gardening industry with an eCommerce model. We dive into the brand’s early challenges and marketing tactics, before discussing how the brand educated their audience to buy plants online. Franky also talks retention strategies, the operational difficulties of selling live plants, and Patch’s plans for future growth. 

Mar 22

16 min 10 sec

Emmett Shine joined us on the podcast to talk brand building in DTC. He shares how Gin Lane helped some of the world’s biggest direct players deliver game changing storytelling and community plays.We also dive into the motivation behind his new venture Pattern Brands, which began with the launch of cookware merchant Equal Parts. Emmett explains how they’re using SMS to allow customers to ‘text-a-chef’, before wrapping up by revealing key lessons he’d tell his younger self. 

Mar 5

39 min 21 sec

Depop founder Simon Beckerman joins us to discuss how he turned an offline magazine into an app-based marketplace with 18 million users. We cover the early inspiration behind Depop, it’s pivot online and the challenges that came with scaling. Simon explains how a simple marketing flywheel was critical in bringing a young audience to the platform, and reveals what community really means to the brand. We wrap up by exploring Depop’s move back offline through retail partnerships with the likes of Selfridges and Ralph Lauren. 

Jan 26

46 min 44 sec

This week’s episode features Dan Murray-Serter to discuss the rise of Heights - a brain health supplement merchant that built from a single email newsletter into a multi-channel consumer brand. Dan first shares how he hit upon the early inspiration behind Heights through his own experience of mental health. We then take a look at how the product itself was developed, and the importance of community in that process. Dan tells us how he landed some top customer referrals, including Stephen Fry, before revealing plans for the brand’s future growth.

Jan 15

56 min 54 sec

This week Huron’s Matt Mullenax tells us how he challenged the female dominated skincare industry with premium but affordable bathroom alternatives for men. Matt explains how personal experience of poor skin health led him to create a brand that provides consistent value and an empathetic service to its customers. He is an evangelist for a test and learn approach, which saw him create a fake product designed to assess demand for what would become Huron. We also discuss how the brand went about building an initial audience and its smart use of content to educate customers. Matt then goes on to share Huron’s strategies around acquisition, retention and future expansion, before giving us his #1 learning from his years in business.  

Dec 2020

37 min 57 sec

Ilana joins us on the podcast to discuss the development of Dripkit - an innovative coffee brewer selling single serve on-the-go drip coffee. We first explore the inspiration behind Dripkit and its early product development phase. Ilana then details how the brand successfully launched with the help of a Kickstarter campaign], valuable partnerships with Verve and Stumpton and a savvy PR strategy. We reveal the impact of Dripkit’s efforts to supply key workers with free coffee during the early days of the pandemic, and Ilana’s subsequent appearance on the Today Show. Our chat is rounded off with a discussion of the brand’s retention strategy, long-term sources of growth and future plans to make their product 100% compostable. 

Nov 2020

44 min 51 sec

Jesse offers valuable insights on the use of paid social in DTC. He then reveals the biggest challenge he faced building Hubble and tells us what he wishes he knew when he started the business. We also tackled how to effectively use marketing agencies for DTC and discuss inventory financing. 

Oct 2020

25 min 37 sec

We chat to Jess from Frank Body to discuss how the company used Instagram to launch a global coffee-based skincare brand from a DTC channel. Jess shares her experience of founding a business whilst doing a full time job, and the $200 million first year sales explosion which subsequently followed. We take a look at how Frank Body diversified its acquisition and marketing strategies in response to changes in the use of social media, and explore their approach to retention after initial success. Jess also reveals the toughest challenge she’s faced as a founder and the one thing she wishes she’d known before going into business.

Oct 2020

34 min 46 sec

In this in depth and thoroughly insightful chat Moiz Ali discusses how he built and exited two rapid growth DTC businesses - craft spirit vendor Crackers and natural deodorant provider Native. He explores the positives and negatives of being a sole founder and the differing approaches he’s taken to raising capital in the past. We then look at the intensely customer focused strategy that drove $100 million annual revenue for Native’s exclusively DTC offering. The session is wrapped up with a look at the business’ acquisition by P&G and a Q&A.

Oct 2020

55 min 45 sec

Damian started Form to challenge the traditionally body-building led performance nutrition category after he struggled to find brands that shared the same plant-based, environmentally conscious, and lifestyle-led values he held. Damian shares the challenges he's had to overcome and the logic behind every step of building Form, through the early days, how they're scaling in the USA, and how they've placed a mission at the core of the company.

Oct 2020

38 min 33 sec

Today's episode is with Cody Levine, co-founder of Twice. Cody co-founded Twice with his brother Julian. In their research, they realised 100 million Americans don't brush their teeth twice a day which is why they've developed two products for their customers, one for the morning and one for the evening. Twice is on a mission to close the gap between the mouth and the body, learn more about how they build a brand's purpose and the story around it in today's podcast.  

Jun 2020

33 min 16 sec

Today's episode is with Nik Sharma, Nik is an omnipresent figure in the DTC ecosystem. He is the founder of Sharma Brands, investing and advising multiple DTC companies like Judy or Twice toothpaste. We sat down with Nik to discuss his strategies and thinking when working with brands, how vital eCommerce is right now and how brands should use SMS. 

Jun 2020

35 min 22 sec

The sexual wellness industry hasn't changed in more than 100 years. This is why Eva Goicochea decided to build Maude, a sexual wellness DTC company disrupting an industry where legacy brands have dominated for years. Eva tells us about the challenges of building a company in the sex industry, how building relationships and communities have helped her grow the company. Unlike other DTC brands, Maude isn't relying on paid ads, she uses PR and focuses on what the consumers want to grow the company. 

May 2020

38 min 55 sec

These last few weeks, we've seen panic-buying and hoarding leading to empty shelves and a toilet paper shortage - so how does that look for a DTC toilet paper brand? In today's episode, we sat down with Derin Oyekan, co-founder of Reel, a DTC brand that provides sustainable bamboo paper products delivered straight to your door. We talked about how they've adapted to the current crisis, how it's affected their business, and what they're doing to keep customers coming back. 

May 2020

32 min 53 sec

Today's episode is with Hugh Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Ugly Drinks. Originally from the UK, Ugly Drinks is a flavoured sparkling water company that has now expanded to the US. We sat down with Hugh to discuss their focus and strategy on DTC, their expansion to the states, and how they've placed community at the heart of everything they do.

Apr 2020

39 min 29 sec