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The podcast to inspire with your host Psychic Medium and Life Coach Rick Hayes. With over 20 years sharing his abilities across the globe and recognized as one of the top 25 Psychic Mediums in the US, Rick will share inspiring life direction for life in this insightful show. BElieve

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The year 2020 will be recognized as the year of challenge and change. What did we learn and more importantly what can we take into 2021? In this episode of BElieve, Rick shares his "12 Lessons I Learned in 2020" including:Changes in life will happen. Choices in life are up to you.Why challenges in life are temporary.To be loved by another is an experience of gratitude for another.and 9 more lessons to share. Listen to this podcast, then take a moment to visit us at http://www.lifesgift.comBElieve

Jan 15

25 min

Grief is an emotion we all experience. In this episode of 'BElieve with Rick Hayes' podcast Rick shares how to understand the stages of grief. How to go forward in a positive healthy mindset, and his own personal experience of grief and loss. This podcast includes:The stage of denial - are you avoiding?What are the positive foundations to cope through the stages of griefWhat is Heaven in Rick's eyes?How faith will get you throughAll in this episode of 'BElieve with Rick Hayes'episode: 4Time: approximately 20 minutes

Feb 2020

19 min 33 sec

In this episode of BElieve with Rick Hayes:How dreams are a directional messagesCan you interpret dreams you receive while sleeping?Why 'daydreaming' is important to achievingHow your 'Can Do' will turn your dreams into realityand more in this episode of BElieve with Rick HayesWe want to hear from you! Send us your comments to

Sep 2019

16 min

On this episode of BElieve with Rick HayesWhy the power of vision is important in lifeRick's vision of the 'ceramic squirrels'How your positive visions affect your mindset, heart-set, and action-setCan Vision Boards actually work for you?Trainer Mitch's 2 minute tip - 'Status'Thank you for listening!

Jul 2019

22 min 54 sec

In the premier episode,Rick shares the confidence boosters to believe. Also in this episode:What you CAN DO - when they say you cannotWhy confidence is so importantA key point of for a journalWhere the BE came from in BElieveEpisode length: approx 20 minutes

Jun 2019

20 min 40 sec