Brilliantly Resilient

Mary Fran Bontempo & Kristin Smedley

What's your train wreck? Everyone has one–past, present, or future. Why do some people come through stronger while others never recover?

Hang on for the ride as Kristin and Mary Fran teach you to move beyond crisis to discover your brilliance and resilience. You'll face challenges with strategies to come through brilliant, not broken, for personal and professional fulfillment and success!

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How are you, really? ~ Dennis Gillan How often do you say or hear the sentence, “How are you?” We say it and are asked it so much that it barely registers, eliciting an automatic “I’m good” or “Fine.” But are you really? And when you ask someone else how they are, do you really listen? Dennis Gillan knows the importance of real conversation and real listening. After suffering the loss of two brothers to suicide, Dennis knew that he had to try and make conversation– especially around mental health–meaningful.  Grief is a part of life, and when we recognize its impact and let it do its work, we come away stronger, kinder and more compassionate. When we share our struggles with those who care, our burden is lighter. Tune in to hear more from Dennis about his Half a Sorrow foundation, based on the Swedish proverb that “A shared joy is a double joy; a shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” It’s time to end the stigma of mental health issues with real conversation. Listen in here and let us know how you are–really! XO KS & MFB

Dec 6

40 min 23 sec

Do you believe you have value? Real, genuine, built-in value?  Many of us don’t, and it’s a dangerous way to live. Without recognizing our own worth, we, and especially our children, are susceptible to all kinds of manipulations, especially in the world of social media. The movie Taken is every parent’s worst nightmare. But that’s not what sex trafficking looks like. It’s here, in our own backyards, and our kids are the targets.  Stephanie Olson has lived a life. After dealing with abandonment, alcoholism, addictions, eating disorders and sexual and domestic violence, Stephanie overcame through determination, faith, and resilience. That would be enough, but Stephanie went further, turning her trauma into triumph, and working with kids to combat human trafficking by instilling in each child a sense of worth and intrinsic value--a voice to say, “No!” Tune in to Stephanie’s episode on the Brilliantly Resilient podcast to hear more of her amazing story and learn about her work with “The Set Me Free Project,” inspiring kids in schools to know their own worth to live lives of power and self-respect.

Nov 29

39 min 43 sec

Gratitude is a tool that connects us to our happiness, success and power. ~ Kristin Smedley & Mary Fran Bontempo Has it ever occurred to you that gratitude can help you tap into your power? We don't often think of thankfulness as a powerful thing. In fact, some of us feel that being grateful may make us seem weak. Here at Brilliantly Resilient, we are card-carrying members on the gratitude train. Even in our darkest hours, we were thankful for those slivers of light that held us up and gave us hope, whether they came from friends, family, or the experts who helped guide us through our crises. Training the mind to focus on blessings instead of lack opens up the spirit, and okay, we're going a little woo-woo here (with Mary Fran's blessing), the universe, to provide opportunities, connections and the strength to move forward instead of stewing in a pot of blech. Gratitude provides focus, as well as the positive energy necessary to make decisions and take action. This Thanksgiving, remember to be truly grateful for blessings both big and small. Live with an open heart and mind and use gratitude as a tool to live a Brilliantly Resilient life! Happy Thanksgiving! XO, KS & MFB

Nov 23

22 min 31 sec

Quit trying to do it on your own; surround yourself with growth minded people who will have the tough conversations with you when needed. ~ Robert Raymond Riopel  Who loves ya, baby? No really, who loves you? Or better yet, who understands you--the way you think, your dreams, your goals?  When we look for people to join our “tribe,” it’s human nature to seek out those who love, or at least like us. People who make us feel good, who validate us. But those may be exactly the wrong people to surround yourself with, especially if you’re trying to accomplish a big goal. This week’s guest, Robert Raymond Riopel, reminds us that it’s precisely those people who will make us uncomfortable by asking the tough questions who will be the best members to add to our tribe. While it’s easy to surround ourselves with people who will stroke our egos and make us feel good, it’s far more important, if we want to accomplish anything of true value, to have folks next to us who will hold our feet to the fire and ask the demanding, uncomfortable questions--the ones that will force us to see reality and not live in the land of magical thinking. (We’re aren’t talking Negative Nancys here--just folks who see the truth.) Progress is made only when we’re willing to see and address our shortcomings--either out and out failures or just dropping the ball before we should have. The people who make us see that are true allies--willing to hurt our feelings to help us achieve. Don’t be afraid to align yourself with people who are “tough” on you, as long as you know they have your best interests at heart. You’ll thank them when you cross the finish line! Hear more of Robert’s wisdom on his episode of Brilliantly Resilient LIVE! XO KS & MFB

Nov 14

39 min 12 sec

Resilience is the audacity to never give up. ~ Beate Chelette We’ve heard a lot of definitions for the word “Resilience” in the past year, but this is one of our favorites.  We call upon our Resilience when we’ve been knocked down, and often it feels like we’re dragging ourselves back to a standing position, even after the Resilience kicks in. But combining the idea of Resilience with audacity imbues Resilience with power. Kick-ass power at that.   One definition of audacity is “the bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints.” We love that! Challenge requires boldness, and it’s the perfect time to break free of normal conventions and behaviors. It’s the perfect counterpart to Resilience. Being Resilient with audacity sends a clear “Aw, hell no!” message to our challenges and struggles. Does that minimize them? Not at all. Every challenge must be acknowledged and respected for what it is. But we should never, ever take our challenges lying down. Our friend, Beate Chelette, a first-generation American immigrant, refused to allow her challenges to take her down, even audaciously writing to the President of the United States to request help for her small business. And guess what? She got it. Hear more of Beate’s inspiring, bold story on her episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast, and find her at XO, KS & MFB

Nov 8

38 min 19 sec

Brilliant can be basic and simple. ~ Lynne Kelleher How would it feel to know that you’re doing something amazing, something Brilliant in fact, and it’s so easy and simple that you almost can’t believe it? For some reason, we think Brilliance is hard. As a culture, we tend to devalue things that don’t require major amounts of blood, sweat and tears. But the truth is, Brilliance, your Brilliance, is easy. It’s cued into the basic parts of who you are. It reflects you and your talents, aligned with your values, and when you tap into that magic combo, Brilliance just happens.  Our friend Lynne Kelleher, founder of 100 Women Who Care in Bucks County, discovered just how basic Brilliance can be when she created a group of women who impact their community with tens of thousands of dollars in a single hour. That’s ONE HOUR—no big events, no planning, no stress. Completely, utterly simple, doable, and Brilliant.  Brilliance can be basic, and when it is, it’s often powerful. Learn how to tap into your basic Brilliance in this week’s episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast, and check out 100 Women Who Care with our buddy Lynne Kelleher!

Nov 1

27 min 19 sec

You are often asked to be at your functioning best when you feel your worst. If you’re driven to do something even when you’re at your lowest, you know that’s a core value for you. ~ Mary Fran Bontempo & Kristin Smedley      What are your non-negotiables? Those things you aren’t willing to compromise on no matter what. It’s one of life’s ironies that we are called to be our strongest when we are at our lowest point. Yet, that’s exactly when we get to find out who we truly are, by deciding what’s essential to us--what we won’t give up on. When we talk about the Reset in the process of living a Brilliantly Resilient life, values is our first pillar in the process. It’s an essential part of building the foundation upon which you will share your Brilliance with the world.      Values speak to who you really are. And when you’re clear on your core values, decisions are easier, life becomes clearer, and you feel confident moving forward toward building the life you want.      On this week’s episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast, tune in to hear us (yep, just us!) talk about the value of values. Let’s start the Reset together! XO KS & MFB

Oct 26

22 min 20 sec

If you want to get to where you want to go faster, you have to focus on less. ~ David Wood, Focus CEO      How often do you feel like you aren’t doing enough? If you’re like us, even if you’re putting in twelve-hour days, you still think, Darn it, I didn’t do, finish, start…XYZ. I’ve just got to do more! Sigh. How utterly exhausting. How frustrating. How impossible.      We all have big dreams. And the way most of us think we’ll accomplish them is to multi-task and try to accomplish as much as possible in a day, week, or month. Life offers so many options, we should take advantage of as many as possible and try as many things as we can until something works, right?      Wrong. As our guest, Focus CEO coach David Wood reminds, us, it’s only by focusing on less that we go farther and faster. WHATTTTTT????!!!! We can do less? Well, yes. And no. To get to where we want to be, we still have to make the effort, but we shouldn’t divide our effort among a zillion options. (Yes, we said “zillion.” That’s what it feels like sometimes.)      To be truly successful, focus—on your Brilliance. Do what moves you, what you’re good at, and what speaks to you over and over again. Make time for just that, and refuse to let the minutiae of life (i.e. emails, Facebook, Instagram, spider solitaire—okay, that’s just MF, but you get the idea) sidetrack you. As reminds us, figure out what would make you do your happy dance and focus on that! Hear more of David’s wisdom on his episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast! XO, KS & MFB

Oct 18

39 min 30 sec

You have to take the pause and reckon with the carnage. ~ Kimberly Smith How would you feel if you checked off all of your “I want” boxes? You get the house, partner, job, family—everything you think you want. Feels pretty great, doesn’t it? Until it doesn’t. Instead of feeling happy, you’re unfulfilled, sad and worse, guilty for not appreciating your life. As we grow, we create a plan—more like a wish list of things that we believe will make us happy. We think that once we get the “fill in the blank,” life will be good. Truth is, sometimes maintaining that perfect life is exhausting, and it can create the cracks in your plan that prove it isn’t the right plan—FOR YOU.   That’s what Kimberly Smith discovered when she seemingly had it all but found herself depressed and desperate. She tried to “talk herself out of it,” only driving herself deeper into the pit. Ultimately, Kimberly realized she had to STOP. Stop trying to talk herself into a life that, while seemingly perfect, wasn’t working for her. She needed to hit pause and see, really see, what she had, what she wanted, and what she needed to do to get there. Taking personal inventory of what we want is essential to living a Brilliantly Resilient life, but that list needs to reflect YOU, not everyone else. So, take time to reflect, even if it’s kind of a mess, and see what you need to change. It’s the first step towards becoming Brilliantly Resilient.  Tune in to hear more from Kimberly on the Brilliantly Resilient podcast! XO, KS & MFB

Oct 11

37 min 12 sec

You are trustworthy. Yep, you. But do you believe it? So often, we look to others who we think are smarter, more experienced, or wiser, to influence us when making big decisions, because we want to KNOW. We want to know in which direction we should go, we want to know the answer, and we don’t quite believe we’re up to the task. But more often than not, you do know the answer. It may not be a great answer, it may not be perfect, but you know, even if you don’t want to admit it. And the best way to test your decision? Your gut. When it’s wrong, your gut will tell you, loud and clear. When it’s right, you’ll know that, too. Your gut reflects who you truly are. Its reactions are a physical manifestation of what you truly think and believe—your values, your truth, not that of others. Trust your gut. The one who knows you best is you. Trust yourself! Tune in to hear more of Leslie’s wisdom here! XO KS & MFB

Oct 4

37 min 42 sec

How would you feel if everyone understood and accepted you all of the time? No judgement, just you being allowed to be you. If you’re like us, the thought alone makes you breathe a deep sigh of relief. Yet it’s a rare human who always feels accepted and understood—especially when their reality isn’t “normal”—whatever that means. Today’s guest, award-winning journalist and documentarian, Allison Norlian, knows what it feels like to be misunderstood and isolated, an experience she first had as a young child playing with a school friend. But Allison began to find her voice at that moment, learning to educate others to her truth. Listen and learn how Allison turned her everyday experiences into her Brilliance and her life’s work—and how you can too!  Stay Brilliant! XO, KS & MFB

Sep 26

36 min 41 sec

Do others have low expectations of you? Worse, do you have low expectations of yourself?  This week's guest is Philly native and cheesesteak god, Derrick Hayes! Derrick grew up in West Philly, a tough part of the city, and knew that the world expected little of him. But Derrick was determined to fulfill his dreams and rise above others' expectations, and oh my, has he!  Tune in and hear how Derrick combines determination, faith and trust and to take action and Rise with Resilience, building his highly successful, award winning business while serving his community through Big Dave's Cheesesteaks, named in honor of his father. Big Dave's Cheesesteaks, located in Georgia, often sports lines wrapped around the downtown venue with customers yearning for a taste of Philly. During COVID, the restaurant gave out free meals to health care heroes and went as far as distributing face masks and other medical supplies to neighboring hospitals in the area. You can rise above low expectations and live a Brilliantly Resilient life, too! Listen and hear how Derrick uncovers his life's purpose to make a brilliant impact on the world. XO, KS & MFB

Sep 20

38 min 31 sec

We are excited to introduce you to a brilliant new friend of ours, Samuel Moore-Sobel. Samuel is the author of the incredible book, Can You See My Scars?- a story of trauma, adversity, healing, and recovery. Samuel, a young man about to begin his sophomore year of high school, accepts a job that culminates in a chemical explosion, leaving Samuel with severe burns on his face, neck, and arms. The tragic and sudden accident sets Samuel on an unpredictable journey of healing, recovery, and acceptance. Listen in and be inspired by this Brilliantly Resilient young man! XO, KS & MFB

Sep 13

35 min 26 sec

Well, Waaaahhhhhh!!! It's after Labor Day, and for most of us, that means summer is officially over. But while we're sad, we're excitedd to bring you amazing new guests who will inspire you to begin your own Brilliantly Resilient journey. As we come upon the 20th anniversary of the horros of 9/11, we couldn't think of a better way to honor those who have given their lives for us than to introduce you to Trish Shallenberger, founder of A Soldier's Hands. Trish's empowering tale begins with a chance meeting on a plane, where she found herself sitting next to a young soldier about to be deployed. The young man confessed that he wasn't afraid to go into battle, he was more afraid of the sun burning his skin and making his job harder. Touched, Trish promised she would send him sunscreen, and A Soldier's Hands was born! Tune in to hear how we can find our Brilliance in the most unlikely of places, if only we dare to look. Learn more about Trish and A Soldier's Hands here.  Happy almost fall, and get ready B.R. community, we have great things in store!  XO KS & MFB

Sep 7

40 min 38 sec

Oh, say it isn't so!! It's just about the end of summer, and this is week 10--the last week--of our Summer of Giveaways Reading Contest!  We've been blessed to feature some amazing authors and friends to help you on your resilience journey. Now this week, we're getting back to basics--US! Our week 10 giveaway features a copy of Brilliantly Resilient: Reset, Rise & Reveal Your Brilliance, as well as a copy of The 15 Minute Master by MFB, Thriving Blind by KS, and maybe a surprise or two! There's no better way to jump into fall than by renewing your committment to your own Resilience and Brilliance--and we'll show you how in this easy-to-read (did you expect anything else?) gem chock full of Brilliantly Resilient wit and wisdom. Head over to Instagram and the Brilliantly Resilient Facebook Community to enter for your chance to win! Let's get Brilliantly Resilient together! XO KS & MFB

Sep 1

17 min 2 sec

Morten Bonde is slowly losing his sight. At first, he was angry, sad, frightened and depressed. Yet, after experiencing the epiphany of surrender and committing to four challenges to change his mindset, Morten found a path forward full of new opportunities, leading to places he had never even dreamed of.    As we come close to the end of summer, Morten's story is full of the inspiration and practical tips to lead us into fall energized and hopeful. Don't forget to enter on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win Sentenced to Blindness, Now What? in week 9 of our summer giveaway!

Aug 23

25 min 40 sec

Eating a scorpion, walking backwards for an entire day, racing into a freezing ocean for a Polar Bear plunge...these are just a few of the things Lu Ann Cahn dared herself to do on her year of firsts! After beating cancer (twice) and building a successful career as an Emmy-winning TV news reporter in Philadelphia, Lu Ann found herself feeling stuck, frustrated and bored. At her daughter's urging, she dared herself to do something new every day for an entire year. Her journey proved to be enlightening, inspiring and just plain fun! Tune in to hear our buddy Lu Ann talk about daring to take risks and how we can all make life better by saying, "I Dare Me!" Enter for a chance to win a copy of Lu Ann's book on Instagram and Facebook!

Aug 17

33 min 33 sec

David Fajgenbaum is a physician, a healer, a speaker, a best-selling author, and the main reason he, himself is still alive today. After a devastating diagnosis of Castleman disease in 2010, David found himself on his deathbed a total of five times, told by doctors there was nothing more they could do. Determined not to sit and wait for death, David began to research his own disease, trying drugs designed for other purposes and ultimately finding one that saved his life.  This week our Summer reading giveaway features Chasing My Cure: A Doctor's Race to Turn Hope into Action. Enter to win this riveting story of hope, determination and life-saving action from our kind, funny, and super-smart friend, Dr. David Fajgenbaum! Happy Reading!   XO KS & MFB

Aug 9

21 min 23 sec

As a child of four, Lise Deguire was horribly burned in a fire and left by her mother as her mother ran to save herself. Today, Lise shares her Brilliance as a compassionate psychologist who is the epitome of Resilience.  Lise's book, Flashback Girl: Lessons on Resilience from a Burn Survivor, is this week's Brilliantly Resilient Summer Giveaway and detaills her experiences and how she overcame her trauma to become a kind, forgiving adult who teaches others to live healthy lives. Head over to @brilliantlyresilient on Instagram for your chance to win a copy of this Brilliant memoir. And for the entire summer reading list, go to Good luck and happy reading! XO KS & MFB

Aug 3

21 min 31 sec

We're back with our week 5 Summer Giveaway! This week we're featuring one of our FAVORITE people--Violette de Ayala and her book: The Self-Guided Guru--Life Lessons for the Everyday Human! Violette is the founder of the global women's group FemCity, and she believes that if we ask intentional and guided questions of ourselves, we can connect to the personal guide within. It's an intentional way to tap into that "little voice" that's there to help if we pay attention! Tune in to hear more and head over to our Instagram page to win a FREE COPY of Violette's book! Happy reading! XO KS & MFB

Jul 26

23 min 27 sec

John Lee Dumas is THE GUY for all things entrepreneurial. And now, he's put all of his Brilliance into a book--The Common Path to Uncommon Success, which we're featuring in week 4 of our Brilliantly Resilient Summer of Giveaways!!! JLD joins us on this week's show to share some Brilliance Bits ("Choose your hard....") from his book and his incredible rise to the top of the podcasting mountain! (And there's a bit about muffins that you won't want to miss!) Be sure to enter our Instagram Giveaway Contest and get the full Brilliantly Resilient Reading List HERE! XO, KS & MFB

Jul 12

19 min 11 sec

Who hasn't played Pictionary as a kid--or as an adult?! It's a classic, and we've got our Brilliantly Resilient friend, Rob Angel, the creator of Pictionary, here for week 3 of our Summer of Giveaways! Rob's book, Game Changer, tells the story of how he created the world's most popular game, and Rob drops more than a few Brilliance Bits in this interview. You won't want to miss it! And be SURE to head over to Brilliantly Resilient on Instagram to enter to win a signed copy of Game Changer. It's a BRILLIANT read!! XO KS & MFB

Jul 5

33 min 11 sec

Rob Kenney just wanted to help those whose dad may have been missing in their lives. Now, the Dad, How Do I video star has millions of followers who can't get enough of his genuine kindness, wisdom, how-to's, and some pretty terrible dad jokes!  Now, Rob has published a book called--you guessed it--Dad, How Do I? that's one part DIY, but more important, one part wisdom and humor. And guess what??? Rob is part of our Brilliantly Resilient Summer of Giveaways! Tune into the podcast to learn more about Rob and his book, and then head over to Instagram (@brilliantlyresilient) to enter to win a personally signed copy of Rob's book and a copy of Brilliantly Resilient!  We love Rob and know you will, too. Contest runs weekly--don't miss your chance to win!!! XO KS & MFB

Jun 28

21 min 56 sec

It's Summer!!! And not like summer 2020, which kind of, well, sucked. This is Summer 2021, and we're bringing you our Summer of Giveaways featuring the books of our Brilliantly Resilient author friends! First up, one of our favorite folks in the world, and our first B.R. guest ever--Chip Baker! Chip has just released (another!) book, this one titled The Impact of Influence, featuring the stories of extraordinary men, and those who influenced them. Sure to inspire and make you want to "Go Get It!" (we love when Chip says that!), this book is a must on your summer reading list. To get the entire list, visit or head over to our Instagram page to register for the Summer Giveaway! Each week we'll feature a new book and a new Giveaway, so let's make 2021 your most Brilliantly Resilient summer yet! XO KS & MFB

Jun 21

27 min 44 sec

This week we celebrate fathers with our Brilliantly Resilient dad guests! We've been so blessed to interview many men who count their roles as fathers as among the most important in their lives. And they are Brilliant!!! Listen in as we share the advice and messages these dads have for their kids and our Brilliantly Resilient tribe! Many thanks to Rob Kenney a.k.a. Dad, How Do I?, Chris Ducker, Eric Edmeades, Grant Baldwin, Lee Warren, Jason Romano and Justin Batt. Great men all, and great dads, too! Happy Father's Day! XO, KS & MFB

Jun 15

13 min 23 sec

Kate Erickson is the "engine" of Entrepreneurs on Fire--the wildly popular podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. While JLD is the on air presence of EOFire, the show simply wouldn't run without Kate! Yet, it wasn't a straight line from Kate's writing background to running one of the most successful podcasts on the planet. Tune in to hear Kate's one step-forward, two steps back journey and her advice about taking "imperfect action." Just Brilliant! We know you'll love Kate as much as we do! Enjoy! XO KS & MFB

Jun 7

45 min 8 sec

The world is opening up again and we can all go back to normal, right??? Yay!!! Not so fast....Should we really be going "back" to anything?  We've all learned a lot this past year, and you need to make sure you don't forget it! So we're going to give you a little reminder about what it means to be Brilliantly Resilient, 'cause you have to hang onto that stuff! Tune in and hear about how to Reset, Rise and Reveal your Brilliance to the world--and no going backwards!!! Stay Brilliant! XO KS & MFB

Jun 1

19 min 40 sec

What meaning are you giving your triggers? After all, they are yours, right? Eric Edmeades, founder of Wildfit, reminds us that we create our triggers and the meaning we assign to them, giving them power over us.  Quite the world traveler, Eric chatted with us from his current home at Kite Beach in the Dominican Republic. Eric Edmeades is a leading authority in Behavioral Change Dynamics. He has created and consulted on some of the most effective, transformative, and highly rated educational products and live events in the world. Widely recognized as one of the most powerful, engaging and entertaining speakers in the world today, Eric has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton. His dedication and passion for improving the quality of human lives all across the world was the inspiration behind his flagship program, WILDFIT®, globally recognized as the most effective health transformation program on the market. We had such a blast chatting with Eric, and be sure to tune in for his hilarious (yes, HILARIOUS!) Road Rage story! XO, KS & MFB

May 25

49 min 22 sec

Rob Kenney is a humble, fun-loving guy who has sky rocketed to rockstar status - all because he gives some good Dad-ly advice and tells a few goofy Dad jokes. That's how the very down to earth Rob communicates the hoopla he has going on... but we can tell you he is absolutely brilliant and one of the most refreshing people you'll ever watch on social media. Tune in to hear Rob's story of creating the "Dad How Do I?" videos and where it is taking him now! Get Rob's book on Amazon here: Dad, How Do I? Join the Brilliantly Resilient Facebook Community for daily motivation to move forward through life's sucker punches!!

May 18

34 min 20 sec

Okay, Brilliantly Resilient listeners, today there will be no complaining--about anything! Today's guest, Jessica Cox, was born without arms--and she's a pilot!!! As in, she flies planes! Jessica has had to overcome incredible odds to live on her own terms, creating a successful, hopeful and inspirational life to share with others. We are so grateful for her spirit, leadership and attitude. Jessica proves that all things are possible through hard work, committment and love. Tune in to hear our Brilliantly Resilient friend, and visit her at

May 11

36 min 21 sec

Today we're bringing back one of our favorite episodes--Rob Angel, the creator of Pictionary and author of the new Best-Seller, Game Changer! Rob is one of our favorite all-time guests, and when you tune in, you'll know why. Let's face it--who doesn't love Pictionary? Rob had vision, guts, and admits that at the time he had no idea what he was really doing, but he built a tribe, relied on his skills and in a college dorm room, created Pictionary! And listen in to hear about the multi-million dollar deal Rob turned down because...well, just have a listen! Great stuff. Thank you, Rob, you're the best! Find Game Changer at Amazon! 

May 4

34 min 12 sec

Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico are not only role models for living Brilliantly Resilient, they are showing the world how music is a universal tool of resilience. We all can attest to the brilliance that music unleashes. These founders of Kids Music Day and Keep Music Alive as well as authors of 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life went from never heard of and getting no after no after no for their ideas... to hanging out with Jack Canfield (the brilliant founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul mega hits) Julie Andrews, Richie Sambora, and more incredible A-listers. This episode is packed with inspiration and take-a-ways that YOU can put into practice on your own journey to living Brilliantly Resilient! Learn more about Vincent & Joann at Join the Brilliantly Resilient Community on Facebook at

Apr 27

46 min 41 sec

Ahhhhhh!!!! Brilliantly Resilient tribe! You are going to loooove this week's guest! Get ready to LOL, LOL, and a bit more LOL! Jane Jenkins Herlong is hilarious, fun and brilliant on so many levels: Funny Southern Humorist Global, Award-Winning & Hall of Fame Speaker SiriusXM Comedian Recording Artist & Award-Winning Professional Singer Award-Winning Best-Selling Author With a motto of “Prove people wrong and laugh while achieving your dreams," we just knew we'd have a blast and learn so much-- we could not wait to share Jane with you! Listen to this incredible conversation and stay tuned all week long for more from our fun friend! Visit Jane at: XO, KS & MFB PS - There are only a few days left to register for the 5 Day Discover Your Brilliance Challenge! Get in on the fun at!

Apr 20

47 min 22 sec

We've got another brilliant episode of the Brilliantly Resilient LIVE show this week! You are going to loooooove Morissa Schwartz, aka Dr. Rissy, for her personality and business star power - but the "As seen on MTV" as well as the contests "thing" is gonna blow you away! A bestselling author who has helped thousands of businesses grow through her powerful writing, Morissa holds a Master's in communication and a Doctorate in Literature from Drew University. Morissa's PR/Marketing company is Ranked #1 in PR and top ten in Social Media and SEO for New York and New Jersey on Thumbtack. Her team has grown with her over the years. They are all passionate wordsmiths, focused on helping businesses share their key messages with the world. Get to know more about Dr. Rissy at XO, KS & MFB

Apr 13

33 min 52 sec

Welcome to another BRILLIANT week in our Brilliantly Resilient Community! Soooooo much is happening this week - but first up, we bring you an absolutely extraordinary new friend that we met via the brilliant PodMatch platform: Christian de la Huerta! With 30 years of experience, Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. He has traveled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats combining psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects. An award-winning, critically acclaimed author, Christian has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TEDx stage. His new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, was described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as "a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life's difficult questions." More information about his work may be found at href="" learning and finding peace with our new friend, Christian de la Huerta! XO, KS & MFB

Apr 5

43 min 56 sec

From Success to Burnout to Bouncing Back to Living a Brilliantly Resilient life! We are excited to share with you our new friend from the UK, Chris Ducker, Founder of a "few" successful businesses including! Chris is well known for his brilliant work with entrepreneurs, and we loved chatting with him about his journey. We know you are especially going to love Chris's story of bouncing back from burnout and spinal surgery and hearing how he used elements of the Brilliantly Resilient process to do his own Reset & Rise. Enjoy our friend Chris and subscribe to the BR #podcast to have the audio version sent right to your inbox! Learn more about Chris at XO, KS & MFB

Mar 29

40 min 27 sec

Alex Sanfilippo is a question asker, problem solver, and lives to serve people in his field. As a matter of fact, his great success is rooted in simply wanting to serve people and help them solve problems. Listen in to hear about Alex's entrepreneurial journey that has led to, as Kristin calls it, "a podcast dating site" -! Alex founded this brilliant resource for podcasters and those wanting to share their message on podcasts to connect to each other in a much easier and more productive way. (It's saved us a ton of time and connected us with Brilliant guests!) Check it out at and join the Brilliantly Resilient Facebook Community. Get the Top 100 Best Seller List Brilliantly Resilient book on Amazon! XO, KS & MFB

Mar 22

42 min 12 sec

Ohhhhhhhh you are gonna love our guest this week on the Brilliantly Resilient LIVE Show! We're excited to meet and chat with Elsa Isaac, stylist to Marie Forleo, Lenny Kravitz and more! And that's not even the most interesting part of Elsa's story.   Elsa's life is pretty "shiny" now - but it didn't start out that way. Listen in to hear about the bombed village, her body catching on fire.... and where her family and her life went from there! PARENTS: pay particular attention to Elsa's story and what she learned along the way while watching her parents and getting guidance from them.    EVERYONE in our tribe will enjoy hearing how Elsa's confidence and values drove her to the mega success she is having now. Enjoy! XO, KS & MFB

Mar 16

46 min 26 sec

This week on Brilliantly Resilient LIVE we are thrilled to introduce you to our new friend and fellow Resilience Rockstar, Lise Deguire. At the age of four, Dr. Lise Deguire suffered third-degree burns on 65% of her body as the result of both maternal and corporate negligence. Against the odds, she lived through the trauma, beginning decades of treatment as a burn survivor…and this is just part of her compelling story. Enjoy our conversation with the brilliant Lise, and watch for more on her journey and her book this week - along with fun announcements regarding our 1st Birthday for Brilliantly Resilient! XO, KS & MFB

Mar 9

35 min 18 sec

Think of a condition, diagnosis, etc that most people consider a limitation. Now, what would happen if instead, you considered it your SUPERPOWER? This week on Brilliantly Resilient LIVE, we chat with the brilliant Brian Fanzo! Brian is a super achiever who attributes his knack for success to a superpower called ADHD! Say Whaaatttt? Tune in to hear how Brian's perception of his ADHD has enabled him to tap into and utilize his brilliance over and over again. Spending this time with us and Brian is guaranteed to change your perception of vulnerabilities and jump start your Reset & Rise to live Brilliantly Resilient. Enjoy the episode and connect with Brian at XO KS & MFB

Mar 2

52 min 40 sec

It's a new week and we are excited to bring you the Brilliant McKenna Reitz! McKenna is a motivational speaker, life coach, and AP Psychology teacher. Her journey with Alopecia, an immune disorder causing all of her hair to fall out, will inspire you to take a good look at the things you are attached to and challenge you to change your view. Her Brilliantly Resilient spirit and strategies will have you cheering as loud as we are that she is a member of the B.R. tribe. Enjoy our friend, McKenna and visit her at! XO, KS & MFB

Feb 23

41 min 17 sec

This week we bring you the brilliant Morten Bonde! Morten has had an extraordinary journey, and as you will hear in this episode, he has come up with an incredible mantra to Reset & Rise, and has used it over and over again as he navigates being an Artistic Director for one of the biggest companies in the world, LEGO.   With research into the human mind, the practice of mindfulness behavior and meditation, and four challenges in four months to reprogram his subconscious mind, Morten shares how he decided to become greater than his greatest life-challenge: BLINDNESS! We know you'll love Morten as much as we do! Enjoy our favorite "Lego Guy"! Get Morten's book, "Sentenced to Blindness: Now What," on amazon here:

Feb 16

38 min 14 sec

Hi Brilliantly Resilient tribe! Today's episode of the Brilliantly Resilient LIVE Show is the mega shot in the arm of energy and optimism that we can all use right about now. We triple dog dare you NOT to be ignited to do great things after listening to Fitz Koehler, owner of Fitzness! Her book title, My Noisy Cancer Comeback, will give you a huuuuuuge clue that we had a GREAT time chatting with Fitz! Enjoy getting to know our new buddy - and who's up for meeting us at the start line of the Philly marathon???? Say whaaaaat????? Find Fitz at XO, KS & MFB

Feb 8

35 min 1 sec

Many women believe that success means leaving kindness at the door. Fran Hauser, media executive, startup investor, keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Myth of the Nice Girl, proves otherwise. During her varied and highly successful career, Fran stayed true to her value of kindness and created her professional Rise by proving that kindness, coupled with respect and being definitive, is an empowering strength. Tune in to hear more of Fran's Brilliance Bombs and learn about a new project near and dear to her that will touch readers everywhere! Find Fran at 

Feb 2

37 min 4 sec

Can you imagine living over half your life with a disruptive disease you never knew you had? Join us as we welcome Anita Meeks, who shares her story of a recent epilepsy diagnosis that turned her life upside down. Part frightening, and part relief, the news has caused Anita to practice the Brilliantly Resilient process of Reset, Rise and Reveal your Brilliance daily. Tune in to hear Anita's inspiring story as she authentically shares her struggles and efforts to redefine her life. At the beginning of her Reset, Anita will open your eyes - and likely completely disrupt your perceptions of epilepsy. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened and have a great week! XO, KS & MFB

Jan 26

36 min 45 sec

LeDerick Horne thought he might never amount to much after he was diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age.  Yet with determination and a Resilience that far outweighed his youth, LeDerick learned to Rise. Now, he is an educator, speaker, advocate, and soul-moving poet and writer. We have been on the edge of our swivel chairs to bring you this BRILLIANT new member of our tribe. We know you will just looooooooove the Brilliance Bits & Brilliance Bombs Lederick drops all over this conversation.    And wait as we wind things up with LeDerick speaking one of his inspiring, uplifting poems--Oh. My. Goodness. When you finish listening, go like Lederick's FB page and website at If you fill your social feed with peeps like this, your life will change. We can pinky swear on that one. Enjoy!   And to all who joined the Discover Your Brilliance Challenge this week - be sure to check you email inbox (and possibly the spam folder!) for the Day 1 message! Be Brilliant! XO, KS & MFB

Jan 19

52 min 30 sec

It's official--2021 is here! We'll admit that last week we talked about kicking the year off, but we were really finishing off Christmas cookies, putting away decorations, and easing into the New Year. But no more! We're hitting the ground running with our Discover Your Brilliance Challenge, a new website, a Masterclass series of programs and much more! Tune in to hear all of the ways we're here to help you make this Your Most Brilliant Year Yet!

Jan 12

17 min 7 sec

On today's Brilliantly Resilient Podcast, we kick off 2021 with Your Most Brilliant Year Yet! Tune in to hear us chat about the recent podcast KS heard with Jon Gordon and Mark Batterson and get MFB's take on the whole concept from the 15 Minute Master point of view! Also, check out to book your FREE 15 minute call with us to start the year on track to make it your most brilliant! Aaaaaaand: A CONTEST! While YOU help us get our podcast and book into the world by leaving reviews, we are gonna send you COOL PRIZES! Please go to our podcast on Apple and/or our book on Amazon and leave a review. Let us know you did so and we will enter your name in a contest to win cool prizes (Like never before seen in the whole entire world Brilliantly Resilient t-shirts!) We are loving getting to kickoff a new year with you all! Be Brilliant! XO, KS & MFB

Jan 4

20 min 43 sec

What. A. Year. 2020 was the worst year EVER. Or was it? As awful as this year has been, and yes, it was terrible, If we dig a little deeper, it's likely all of us could find something good about this year, like a newfound appreciation for folks like grocery store and supply chain workers, who keep our world running.  Here at Brilliantly Resilient, we're grateful--not for this miserable pandemic--but for the community we've built, the incredible people who joined us on our show and podcast and shared their Brilliance with us, and the lessons we learned, which were many. Join us as we take a look back at 2020, and get ready to come along as we help Make 2021 Your Most Brilliant Year Yet!

Dec 2020

39 min 20 sec

Circle the wagons - we've got the most fun treat for y'all on the show today! You get to hang out with the mega fun Prairie Wife in Heels ( aka Cathy Holman!   As Prairie Wife's wildly popular website tells ya, she is a city girl gone country, all for the love of a cowboy.   What is a Prairie Wife? Love and loyalty to family and friends, determination to follow your dreams, and a little bit of sass and style is all you need to call yourself a Prairie Wife. Married or not, if you are a woman of grit and grace, this is the place for you.   Tune in and enjoy our new best buddy! XO, KS & MFB

Dec 2020

33 min 22 sec