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Thomas Power and Penny Power OBE introduce 'BIP Chat', a weekly 'on the sofa' interview with one of our BIP100 Club experts and their guests. BIP stands for 'Business is Personal' and that is what we are all about.

BIP100 exists to support experts and small business owners who would like to belong to a smaller community and grow their skills and confidence so they can build a stronger business, with more predictability and enjoyment.

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On this BIP Chat we chatted to SEO specialist, Silvia Del Corso. Since the pandemic, the need for SEO has risen to an all-time high. As consumers shifted en masse to online, even the most traditional business realised that they need to accelerate the shift to digital. SEO is the most viable and cost-effective way to both understand and reach customers in key moments that matter. Many brands and businesses know (or think they know) that they need SEO for their digital properties, and the benefits they will get from the SEO work being implemented on their behalf. SEO will certainly improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility, but what other real value does it offer? Why is SEO growing in importance the way it is? This BIP 100 Chat offers some clarity, regardless of the industry or business size, as to why your business needs SEO to take your brand to the next level. Silvia founded PinkSEO marketing in 2016 in West London. She was joined for the chat by two of her clients, bespoke jeweller, Jacqui Larsson and marketing consultant, Sunara (Susie Spires). Do connect with these experts to find out more: To learn more about BIP100 Club, please visit our website:

Nov 24

46 min 6 sec

On this BIP Chat, we chatted to The Signature Speech Coach, Michael-Don Smith. We covered how everyone is a public speaker today! In this era of everything and everyone online, much of the working week of the business community is spent giving Presentations, Pitches, Team Talks, Networking 60-Second Spots, etc.; locally, regionally and internationally, often without leaving home. The increase in tension and anxiety around Public Speaking, in person or online, although regularly downplayed or denied, is real and comes from fear, fear of being vulnerable, fear of people seeing the real you, fear of being authentic. When we are clear and confident on how to be authentic, we can move towards developing a personal speaking voice that allows us to be consistently genuine, free to maximise our ability to influence any and every audience. Michael-Don was joined by his guests, presentation coach and author Jeremy Cassell and The Marketing Engineer, Dr Richard Fallon. They shared such a diverse range of tips. Please do connect with these fantastic experts: Michael-Don Smith: Jeremy Cassell: Dr Richard Fallon: You can find out more about BIP100 Club on our website:

Nov 17

45 min 43 sec

On this BIP Chat, we chatted to Tj Power, who leads our Tuesday Wellbeing sessions within the BIP100 community. Tj is a Mind Consultant specialising in guiding organisations to improve the mental health of their teams. We discussed how our lives in the modern world are affecting our minds and how best we can adapt our behaviour to improve our psychological experience. Our conversation was oriented around finding a balance between working and living in our hyper-connected modern world. Connect with Tj: To find out more about BIP100 Club, please visit our website:

Nov 11

57 min 18 sec

On this BIP Chat we chatted to Jane Piper, author of 'Focus in the Age of Distraction', who helps smart people work smarter. Are you feeling that you are busier than ever? On the go 24/7 but not necessarily getting more done? There is a competition for our attention every minute of our waking day. Our digital devices, social media and our nearest and dearest are all vying for our attention. Attention is the scarcest resource in an increasingly busy world. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the noise and distraction. By paying attention to our attention we can find ways to balance staying connected and having the head space to be creative, to think and solve problems. Watch this discussion where we talk about distraction, attention and how to balance in a busy connected world. Jane was joined by: Bob Barker: Helping individuals and organisations to develop digital professionalism to combat digital exhaustion and to thrive at work/in life. Renate Hasler: Career & Executive Coach For more information about BIP100, please visit our website:

Oct 27

46 min 14 sec

In this BIP Chat we chatted to digital marketing and lead generation expert Sam Onigbanjo. He shared some little known but very powerful keys that business owners can put together to create power and evoke emotion in their targeted audience. You'll find out 12 actionable steps to bring in a 'tsunami of leads' and get going on growing your business. Sam was joined for our BIP Chat by property manager, Stella Hockley, and property investor, Timi Sanyaolu. For more information about joining BIP100, please visit our website: https://www.bip100.cub

Oct 20

43 min 20 sec

In this BIP Chat, we talked to facilitator and coach, Kate Faragher. How do you create a strategy when there is global change? How do you prepare a business for a constant changing world? In this discussion we explore the leadership mindset that is essential for an ever changing world. Listen back to our chat with Kate and her guest, strategy expert, Steve Sanders. To find out more about BIP100 Club, please visit our website:

Oct 13

47 min 5 sec

In this BIP Chat, we talked to sales performance consultant Tim Robertson. Now that we're approaching the post pandemic era how are salespeople going to operate in a new business environment? Are they going to work more from home and use virtual technologies such as Zoom. Will they WANT to work from home …or just go back to meeting face to face? Listen back to our chat with Tim and his guest, strategy expert, Steve Sanders. To find out more about BIP100 Club, please visit our website:

Oct 6

44 min 25 sec

In this BIP Chat, we talked to Sandro Forte. Sandro is one of the UK’s most qualified, recognised and reputable financial professionals. He has spoken to audiences all around the world and has coached over 400,000 people on achieving greater financial success. A winner of over 40 awards, author of the best selling book ‘Dare To Be Different’ and host of the Sandro Forte podcast Sandro has also raised over £15.5m for charity. Achieving financial security is something almost everyone seeks. Yet so few ever acquire the knowledge to make informed decisions about the one thing which supports so many of their key objectives in life and business. By understanding 10 key principles for financial success a world of opportunity was explored in this chat, where one of the UK’s most qualified and respected advisors shared his key tips for greater financial success. Sandro was joined by his guest Gary Beckwith Hon DBA, former owner of City Cruises, a business Gary sold in November 2019. Gary is a serial entrepreneur and author of a new book. He also invited wealth coach Vix Munro, who helps women step into their financial power and become money savvy in life and in business.

Sep 29

46 min 18 sec

In this BIP Chat, we talked to Mike Boorn Plener, the Founder of Catapult (and one of our BIP100 experts) who selects awesome companies run by great people to help them grow, scale and be funded. A core principle of Mike’s work is combining the science of selection with a healthy dose of intuition. Sharing what each of us needs allows BIP100 as a network to always be on the lookout for the right fit for anyone of us - be that clients, investors or collaborators. Mike will be joined for the chat by his guest, fellow BIP100 expert, Keith Holdt, Founder of Equity Impact Partners. As consultants, coaches, experts, bankers, strategists, board members, mentors and more we all do it to make more people happier, wealthier, healthier. The challenge is how we navigate to find the people that are best for us, and that we are the best for. The simple answer lies in one word: curation. It allows us to discern clearly, and allows those round us to discern, and make clear choices. Watch this discussion on how to industrialise curation while still keeping a personal touch. For more information about BIP100, visit our website:

Sep 22

46 min 20 sec

In this BIP Chat, we spoke to the Founder of Inspired Ergonomics, Nichola Adams. Nichola is a specialist in back pain disorders in the workplace, having trained in the Biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain. She regularly provides consultancy and training services to leading UK and International companies on how to reduce and prevent back pain in the workplace, and at home. Hybrid working is here to stay. A number of large companies have announced over the past few months that they will be allowing their staff to continue to work remotely, with many offering co-working spaces or even permanent home working options for their employees. But how is hybrid working impacting our physical and mental health, and how should the new workplaces be designed to incorporate all the benefits of homeworking with the advantages of being back in the office? Nichola was joined by her colleague Juliet Raine. Juliet is a highly specialist physiotherapist and ergonomics consultant. She combines her medical background together with her expertise in ergonomics and deep knowledge of movement and exercise to help companies and individuals treat and prevent injuries. We started our chat with some great immediate impacts that you can make to your physical and mental health by encouraging movement during your working day. For more information about BIP100, please visit our website:

Sep 15

45 min 16 sec

In this BIP Chat, we spoke to Thought Leadership Book Coach and Publisher, Mindy Gibbins-Klein. Thought leadership is all the rage, as is writing a thought-leading book to showcase your expertise. But what does thought leadership really entail, and how do you know if what you are saying, writing and putting out into the market is truly thought-leading content or just ‘same old same old…’? You’re too busy and too smart to churn out boring and bland content, and you certainly don’t want to waste time creating articles, blogs, videos or even books that don’t say anything new or exciting. Join us for our lively discussion about being disruptive in the market, sharing your boldest ideas with respect, and standing out from the crowd for the right reasons! Mindy was joined for our chat by: Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Mentor, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, Alison Edgar Health and Safety Expert, Disruptive Entrepreneur and Author, Malcolm Tullett. To find out more about BIP100, please visit our website:

Sep 8

48 min 46 sec

In this BIP Chat, we chatted to high performance coach, Marilise de Villiers Basson about how ROAR! helped her to navigate the pandemic and her lessons learned over the last 12 months. ROAR! is a blueprint for living your best life, on purpose, in your power and with the courage to speak your truth. It centres around the habits of the world’s highest performers – this is the work Marilise does as a certified high performance coach. It’s about strengthening your resilience muscles daily so you can weather and win life’s daily storms. How can you win your inner game (thoughts and feelings) and your outer game (words and actions) as a small business owner? Her guests Sarah and Simeon are both small business owners and she asked them to come along to share their lessons learned, and to give us their top tips for staying above it all, how they strengthen their resilience muscles daily. Sarah Janes, Managing Director, Layer 8: Sarah is a Security Behaviour Change Specialist who believes that conversation is our catalyst for change. A concept at the heart of the business she owns and runs, Layer 8 Ltd, who spend their days enabling every person in every organisation to become Champions of Security Culture. Simeon Quarrie, Founder & CEO, VIVIDA: Simeon is working to change the way organisations learn about complex and sensitive subjects such as digital security, diversity, equity and inclusion. His Company VIVIDA, combines storytelling with innovation and technology, to create learning experiences and online escape rooms that change behaviours and an organisation’s culture.

Sep 1

44 min 25 sec

This week we chatted to Ricardo Molina - Inbound Marketing & Strategy specialist for the Events and B2B Media industries, and BIP100 member. Ricardo and his guest Phil Shatz talked to us about why events are, and will continue to be, the best lead generation tool for your business. They are vital for building communities, adding value, and trading attention. They also covered how to follow up your events with content repurposing and connecting with your attendees in order to make the most of the opportunity.

Aug 25

42 min 20 sec

This week we chatted to Dipti Tait - Grief and Loss Therapist, and BIP100 Member. Dipti believes that EVERYONE is GRIEVING (not because of a death) but because of change and/or loss. Author of Good Grief and Planet Grief, Dipti has become a popular, demanded therapist, for clients and for TV and radio. She helps people transition through their own individual, personal pain, from feelings of self doubt, loss of the habit of sleep, changes in their life that is causing stress, to those who want to up level and be their best self. Dipti invited two guests to join her in this 45 minute chat about life and our minds. This will be an open, honest and revealing discussion to help anyone that 'tunes in' feel they can overcome many challenges in their life. Guests: James Bore contributed thoughts on how a computer hacker uses emotional weakness to get what they want and take over a computer system and network. Dipti links this to our resilience network in the system of our body - How grief can attack us - like a cyber attack and we must be able to protect our mind immunity with emotional resilience. Elaine Proverbs is a Dance Teacher and client of Dipti's who shared how hypnotherapy helped her when she lost both her parents.

Aug 19

46 min 27 sec

Enjoy this illuminating chat show with our Guest BIP100 Member Lesley Thomas. Our expert in helping entrepreneurs have a powerful money mindset. Lesley invited her 2 guests to the show, Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Laurenne Dorgan to ensure our audience had a really open, empathetic attitude to enable maximum value for you, our audience.

Aug 11

47 min 17 sec

This was 45 minutes of amazing conversation between 3 experts in the Program and Project Delivery world. Looking at the triangle, inspired by Subash Tavares, of Processes and procedures, Technology and people. In this discussion Subash, from The Virtual PMO Company discusses Processes and Procedures, Phil Shatz from Glimpse of the Future talks about the technology and Donnie MacNicol - the Complex Change Catalyst™, represents the people side.

Jul 28

48 min 43 sec

Welcome to our very first 'BIP Chat'! Each Wednesday at 1.30pm we (Thomas Power and Penny Power OBE) will interview our clients who all believe that “business is personal” and want to share their knowledge and experience with you openly - without the hustle of trying to sell to you! Relax and enjoy - with our love Our guests this week discussed: Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Personal Brand and Get Clients Reaching Out To You. We were joined by Our Expert Jon Keel and his two guests Matt Thompsett and Mike Jones . The 5 of us had an open chat about lead generation on LinkedIn. We covered: - the increase in LinkedIn usage over the last few years to create conversations - how to be authentic on LinkedIn - using automation in the right way - the how and why of LinkedIn 'Post Parties' - how to engage effectively on LinkedIn and much more.. You can “eavesdrop” on our chat and hopefully learn some valuable lessons and tips.

Jul 21

43 min 50 sec

Thomas Power and Penny Power OBE introduce 'BIP Chat'. BIP Chat is a weekly 'on the sofa' interview with one of our BIP100 Club experts and their guests. The chat show streams live into Penny's profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook at 1:30pm UK time every Wednesday. These podcasts are the audio version of the video recording. BIP stands for 'Business is Personal' and this is what we are all about. We are entering an incredible period of change, a time when the 'learners' of the world will survive. We want to help people to pivot, grow and adapt without the overwhelming sense of comparison to others or pressure of 'keeping up' in the business world. BIP100 exists to support experts and small business owners who would like to belong to a smaller community and grow their skills and confidence so they can build a stronger business, with more predictability and enjoyment. We do hope that you enjoy our chats with the BIP 100 experts and that you reach out to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Jul 1

2 min 2 sec