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Annette Adams, MDA, RDN, LD/N

Becoming a dietitian is HARD! Join registered dietitian nutritionist, Annette Adams, as she helps you on your journey from surviving MNT class to volunteering in the field to navigating the internship. If you are currently a dietetic student or considering studying nutrition, this podcast is for you.

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In this episode, I spoke with Eric Tucker. He shared how bodybuilding led him to pursue a career as a registered dietitian. Nice to hear a male perspective in this female dominated profession. 

May 2020

16 min 47 sec

In this episode, you will hear from Verena Vancil who is an immigrant from Columbia and second career dietitian (to be). Verena’s story shows how planning and hard work can really pay off. Programs mentioned in the episode: University of Florida Florida Department of Agriculture Internship

Aug 2019

28 min 54 sec

Today, we are bringing you a mini episode all about the benefits of attending FNCE - the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. Links discussed in this episode: FNCE Volunteering at FNCE

Jul 2019

5 min 44 sec

In this episode, I bring you an interview with Supriya Lal. Supriya is a traditional dietetic student who will be starting her internship soon. Listen to her journey as she provides some valuable advice for building a competitive internship application. Links mentioned in this episode: Connect with Supriya on LinkedIn NYU Department of Nutrition and Food Studies Duke University Hospital Dietetic Internship Program

Jul 2019

18 min 34 sec

In this interview, you will learn about an alternative path to becoming a dietitian. Catherine York is currently finishing a combined program that includes graduate level course work and the supervised practice hours of the internship in one program. When she finishes her program, she will have her master’s degree in public health (MPH) and the verification statement to sit for the RD exam. No crazy DICAS required! Here are some of the links we discussed: University of Massachusetts Lowell Registered Dietitian Approved on Instagram Follow Catherine York on Instagram

Jul 2019

15 min 3 sec

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Jenny Westerkamp, RD, CSSD. Jenny is currently the Nutrition Consultant for the Chicago Bulls, but she is better known in the RD2Be world as the creator and owner of All Access Internships. Since starting All Access Internships, Jenny and her team have help over 1200 students get matched to a dietetic internship. We had a great conversation about her journey and discussed how to get the right kind of experience to a competitive applicant on match day. Links discussed in this episode include: All Access Internships All Access Food Iowa State University – Applicant Scoring Sheet

Jul 2019

41 min 33 sec

In these back to back interviews, you will hear from Heather Falise and Patricia Kolesa. Both Heather and Patricia have finished their undergrad requirements, completed the match process and are about to embark on their internship journey.  They both had some great tips to share on how they survived the process so far.  Follow Heather Falise on Instagram Follow Patricia Kolesa on Instagram

Jul 2019

33 min 8 sec

This is the first interview in our series. Emily Hulse is a student at Marywood University and is about to begin her internship rotations. She has some great tips for networking and creating volunteer opportunities.  Here are links discussed in this episode: Marywood University     Love Your Melon Emily's You Tube Channel

Jun 2019

18 min 51 sec

In this brief episode, I talk about Networking. This one is short and sweet as I realized that the topic of Networking and Volunteering really go hand in hand.  There are still some great tips for beginning to network in the profession.  Keep your eye out for the Volunteering episode coming soon. Show Notes: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - Dietetic Practice Groups  Toastmasters International 

Jun 2019

6 min 37 sec

In this introductory episode, you will learn a little bit about your host and her journey to becoming an RD. She will breakdown the steps to becoming a dietitian including information about the new education requirements effective in 2024. 

Apr 2019

13 min 49 sec