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Welcome to It's About Time! A GynaeFellow and Women in Medicine: MENA Podcast that aims to have an open discussion about women in healthcare and explore the dynamic between gender and work in different parts of the world, and how cultural differences influence career advancement in the medical field.

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In this episode, Dana talks to Dr. Sarah Birkhoelzer about the challenges that accompany female doctors during pregnancy and childcare.  Dr. Sarah Birkhoelzer:  Twitter @BirkhoelzerS Instagram @Sarah.theheartdoc Pregnancy during cardiology training: A call to action: The JAMA Surgery study:

Nov 20

42 min

Dana and Zeinab give a brief history about some women in medicine, and highlight some the challenges that they went through over the ages. Music from: Tracks: Explore Together by Veshza Why didn't you say that to me when I was alive? by when mountains move

Oct 21

6 min 57 sec