B2B Zero to Ten

By Brett Trainor

B2B Zero to Ten is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B companies looking to grow their businesses from zero to $10 million and beyond. Did you know that only 1% of B2B businesses ever make it to or past 8 figures in revenue? This means that 99% get stuck or fail on their journey. Which poses the question: why do most B2B business get stuck or fail? Scaling a B2B startup is a multi-dimensional challenge. You have to manage: customer and market needs, foundational processes, and hiring the right people. Each business has a unique combination to optimize growth. Most B2B founders leverage trial and error or gut to make decisions. This podcast is your opportunity to learn from both founders who have successfully grown their B2B businesses to $10 million and beyond, and industry experts who can provide actionable growth-focused strategies and tactics. My goal is to dig deep and find out exactly what worked, what didn't work and what the founders would have done differently. I want to share best practices in each of these core areas. To put it simply, this podcast is your guide on the path to 8 figures and becoming a member of the 1% club.

  1. 1.
    “Lee London” on Designing a Brand that People Love and their Zero to Ten Journey
  2. 2.
    120. Growing a B2B Business in 2021 With Top SMB Expert Michael Haynes
  3. 3.
    119. Ideas that Last - From One Aha! Moment to $10 Million
  4. 4.
    118. What Now? How M&A Can Impact Your Zero to Ten Journey
  5. 5.
    117. “The Juice” on the Value of Content for B2B and their Zero to Ten Journey
  6. 6.
    116. Special Announcement: Zero to Ten
  7. 7.
    115. The Ultimate Guide to Hitting the $1M Revenue Target (and beyond)
  8. 8.
    114. How to Create High-Performing Teams From One of the Top Prep Coaches with Coach Gene Heidkamp
  1. 9.
    113. The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Live Your Best Life with Michael Easter of Men’s Health & Outside Magazine
  2. 10.
    112. How Eppione Scaled Their Tech Startup By Empowering Employees with David Kindlon
  3. 11.
    111. Founder-led Selling: Science-backed Solutions for Break Through Growth with David Priemer
  4. 12.
    110. Advice From a Former Stripper Turned Fitness Coach Who Gained 35K Followers on LinkedIn & How It Can Help Your Startup Scale with Gav Gillibrand
  5. 13.
    109. How to “Outrank” a Billion-Dollar Company & Why SEO is the Key to Startup Growth with Damon Burton
  6. 14.
    108. How to Use Hype to Break Through the Noise and Get Your Startup Noticed with Michael F Schein
  7. 15.
    107. Transitioning from Founder-led to a Scaleup: Lessons Learned and What’s Next with CampfireSocial’s Erica Bishaf
  8. 16.
    106. Turning Chaos Into Clarity: The Power of Content, Processes, and Connecting with the Right Customer with Priscilla McKinney
  9. 17.
    105. How to Use Customer Insights to Accelerate Your B2B Startup’s Growth with Mary Claire Mandeville
  10. 18.
    104. The Rise of the Inbound CEO: Here’s Why Founders Need to Tell Their Story with Marti Sanchez
  11. 19.
    Bonus Episode: How To Break Through The Business Growth Plateau
  12. 20.
    103. How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader and Why This is Critical to Growth with Minter Dial
  13. 21.
    Bonus Episode: How to Build a Four-Point Demand Gen Strategy
  14. 22.
    102. How This Serial B2B Entrepreneur has Changed Growth Strategies and Why Content is the Key to Scaling with Norman Crowley
  15. 23.
    101. How to Dominate: Raving Fans, Innovation & a Yellow Tux with Jesse Cole
  16. 24.
    100. Why Experience and Differentiation Are Key to Grow from a Startup to a Scaleup with Tim Caito
  17. 25.
    99. Startup to Scaleup: A 4 Part Plan to Grow Your B2B Business to $10 Million
  18. 26.
    98. How This Founder Bootstrapped His Startup to a Scaleup with Ofer Yourvexel
  19. 27.
    97. How to Leverage Digital Transformation to Thrive in the New Economy with Lynda Roth
  20. 28.
    96. How to Optimize Your Revenue Engine: Strategies & Tactics with Chris Walker
  21. 29.
    95. Eva Nahari’s Journey from Cloudera to Venture Capital & What She's Looking to Invest In
  22. 30.
    94. How This Venture Capital Firm Has Pivoted and What’s Next with CoFounders Capital General Partner Tim McLoughlin
  23. 31.
    93. Fast Track Revenue Growth by Prioritizing on Your Customer’s Success with Kathleen Marcell
  24. 32.
    92. From Startup to Scale Up: How Patrick Comer Was Able to Grow Lucid to a $100 Million Business
  25. 33.
    91. Why Your Personal Brand Matters for Founders with Brand Strategist Claire Bahn
  26. 34.
    90. Founder Led Selling- A Process for Founders to Land New Business Consistently with Faheem Moosa
  27. 35.
    89. This Startup Just May Be the Blueprint on How to Build & Scale a B2B Business in 2021 with Johnathan Grzybowski
  28. 36.
    88. Rev Up Your Revenue: Why Process is Key to Scaling Your Growth with Andrew Millet
  29. 37.
    87. Why a Fractional CMO Could be the Key to Unlocking Your Startup’s Growth with Mark Coronna
  30. 38.
    86. Quit Selling & Start Helping Your Prospect’s Buy: How to Grow Your Startup in 2021 with Bob Lambert
  31. 39.
    85. New Year, New Opportunities: A Quick Look Back & What to Expect with the B2B Founder Podcast in 2021
  32. 40.
    84. Ethics: The Link Between Culture and Growth with TEDx Speaker & Author Yonason Goldson
  33. 41.
    83. How PR can Accelerate Growth in Your Startup: Tips and Tactics with Brittney L Lynn
  34. 42.
    82. Unlock Your Startup's Momentum through Branding with Tacklebox Founder David Kelbaugh
  35. 43.
    81. The Power of Unleashing Your Primal Brain with Evolutionary Psychologist & Digital Marketing Guru Tim Ash
  36. 44.
    80. Do Your Best Work in Half the Time: Learning How to be Time Rich with Best-selling Author & Podcaster Steve Glaveski
  37. 45.
    79. Why Buyer Enablement is Critical to Grow Your B2B Startup with Joey Knecht
  38. 46.
    78. Tech Enabled or Tech Centric? Leveraging Technology for B2B Startup Growth with Mentor & Investor JC Garrett
  39. 47.
    77. Why This VC is Betting Big ($315M) on B2B Start-ups W/ DNX Ventures Managing Director Q Motiwala
  40. 48.
    76. Best Practice Guesting Strategies to Grow Your Business with Top-Rated Podcaster Jeremy Ryan Slate
  41. 49.
    75. Blazing the Future of Startup Growth: How This Venture Builder is Reimagining Venture Capital with Kurt Johnson
  42. 50.
    74. Selling with Comedy - Using Humor to Grow Your Business with Jon Selig

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