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The Jody Maberry Show is dedicated to helping you Market, Mobilize, and Master your message.

I draw from my experience in marketing, leadership, small business, and even as a park ranger to help you understand how to market your unique message. Successful entrepreneurs and experts, like Mike Kim, Lee Cockerell, and Ray Edwards, join the show to offer advice on how to master your message.

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I recently received not one, but two of the same type of marketing pieces. I hate to say it, but it wasn’t the best marketing I have seen. It got me thinking, what makes a good marketing piece? I have Cassie Tucker back with me again to dive a little deeper into what makes a good piece and what these landscaping companies can do to improve on their attempts at getting their services out to the public. Check out what others in your industry are doing and learn from it. Determine where your future clients are going to find info on the services you offer. Once you identify where make sure you are there. Maybe it is on review sites or inside local Facebook groups. Wherever it is, make sure you have representation. It is ok to change your marketing focus by season. Often, people are looking for services at certain times. Make it simple to find you. Spend time getting to know people. Take the initiative and network with individuals in complementary industries. This is a great way to get your business in front of those who need your services. Last, remember that experience is key. The best advertisement you can get is word of mouth from happy customers. Make sure your messaging is key, and you equip your team to provide consistent service. You can have the best marketing possible, but without providing consistent customer service, you may as well be tossing business cards tied in a bag with a rock. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Nov 24

23 min 44 sec

Lee Kitchen is back for our follow-up episodes where we flip the script, and my guest becomes the interviewer. Lee came up with a fun set of questions, and I can’t wait to answer them. First, when you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? I had a top three that were about as different as you can come up with. But they all make sense in their way. Second, if you were a Disney tour guide, what four attractions would you make sure your guests saw? Well, you will have to listen for the suggestions, but I will let you know you need a park hopper pass to see them all…or stay for multiple days. Third, in eight years as a park ranger, how many yogi bear jokes did you hear? A lot. But there was something I was asked or told many more times, and it might surprise you. Lastly, I let Ken sneak in a bonus question…and I’ll give you a hint…the answer earned me a label of “squirrel guy”. I hope you enjoy these questions and answers today. I know I did. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Nov 17

13 min 21 sec

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting a different result. Today, most industries have a rapidly changing landscape, and it is not enough to approach questions and problems from the same angle. Lee Kitchen is here unpacking the concept of Design Thinking and how you can set yourself apart by learning to look at your situation from a different perspective. Lee Kitchen is one magical dude. After a 32-year career with Disney, he now brings his experience and knowledge to companies everywhere. He is a speaker, consultant, and trainer who specializes in challenging the approach we take to problem-solving and transforming it into a journey of discovery. All too often, when presented with a problem, the baseline approach is to tackle it head-on. The linear approach seems to be a default in many industries. Design Thinking is a structured way of thinking that takes an abstract or sideways approach to tackle an issue. There are four aspects to Design Thinking: scoping, empathizing, ideating and inspiring and idea developing. Scoping is all about taking apart your challenge and reassembling it in a way that ensures you are tackling the "right" challenge. Once you identify the correct challenge, you can’t simply rely on the data; you must humanize it. Dig deep with your customers and make sure you are approaching your challenge with the end in mind. Once you have your idea and your research, get everyone together, not just the experts. Brainstorm and hear from everyone involved. The last piece is making sure you have the infrastructure in place to implement your decisions and gain traction. It is important to be challenged in the way you look at things. Breaking out of what you have always done and looking at situations from a new vantage point will keep you from being left behind. Resources: Connect with Lee on LinkedIn  Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Nov 10

36 min 16 sec

We live in a competitive world. For every skill or discipline, there is a number of practitioners. So what can you do to set yourself apart and make the best offer possible? Dan Cockerell returns to share the lessons he has learned over the past three years. Dan Cockerell is the former Vice President of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. His podcast, Come Rain or Shine, centers on creating and maintaining a magical culture in any organization. He is a speaker, consultant, and coach and has a lot to offer when it comes to submitting pitches and making offers that are irresistible. When you submit an offer or a pitch, it is important to differentiate yourself from the beginning. Respond quickly to inquiries. Clearly explain your methodology and what you do. Don’t try to sell; try to understand. Ask questions and then use their answers to help form what it is you can do for them. Dan submits a custom video for requests to help potential clients clearly communicate what they will receive from him. Lastly, give a tiered cost structure. At least two options, three if you can. Don’t alienate clients by giving them a one-and-done offer. When you commit yourself to understanding how to serve, you will be able to submit the best possible offer and set yourself apart from the competition. Resources: The Perch Membership Community-Special Offer: $1/first month; $49/month after  Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Nov 3

21 min 58 sec

It is an honor to have Colonel Kevin Benson with me. Col. Benson is highly decorated. His military career spans 30 years, during which he was the Director of the School of Advanced Military Studies and has become an Adjunct Scholar at West Point. As impressive as his career has been, even more, impressive is the extreme wisdom and humility that guides him. The poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling ends with a challenge to fill the “unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run”. Col. Benson took this challenge to heart, pursuing his Ph.D. as a means of filling that unforgiving minute. It is important to take the opportunities we have been given and refuse to rest on our laurels, no matter how impressive. Like those who have gone before, it is our responsibility to challenge ourselves and give back. Passing on what we know to the younger generation helps them to succeed as well. One of the best ways we can grow is to move beyond asking what or how questions. We need to be asking why. Asking why helps us to uncover the reasoning behind past decisions. When we can understand the context of the moment, we can understand the decision that was made and what the end goal was. Past or present, we can always find the opportunity to learn from others. Embrace that you aren’t the smartest person in the room. Everyone can contribute, and you can learn from anyone and everyone if you set your mind to. A humble leader refuses to throw anything away but evaluates and takes in the ideas presented. The way we approach the minute sets the standard. Resources: Red Teaming by Bryce Hoffman Colonel Benson on Twitter Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Oct 20

34 min 28 sec

Once again, it is time for a guest on the show to turn the tables and ask me three questions. Col. Kevin Benson returns with a few thought-provoking questions that I am excited to answer for you today. Listen until the end, he also unpacks a special extension on our previous conversation about filling the unforgiving minute. First, how did you come to conclude that conducting podcast interviews was your chosen line of work? This is an interesting question. Would you believe it, like many things, stemmed from my love of parks? What delighted you about being a park ranger? This is an easy answer. What is more appealing, dealing with numbers or being in the outdoors? Last, what is a path that you thought about taking but didn’t? If it weren’t for a three-month car trip, I may have ended up working for one of the most stable and well-known companies in Illinois. I’m grateful for that trip. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Oct 20

14 min 33 sec

I am excited to say Jeff Nole has returned! After a year without getting together in person, the stars have aligned, and we spent the last three days hiking at Glacier National Park. When I think of Jeff Noel, I think of a man that knows how to live in the present moment. He has invested time and energy into cultivating a life of being present, and that is something we all need a little more of. There is a moment in time that is right now. Appreciating that moment and being grateful is a key component in being happy. Gratitude is part of the context of being happy. Every day, there are so many things to be grateful for. When we are intentional about appreciating our present and are grateful for it, we will be happy. Being present doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intentionally building structure and processes and investing energy around being present. As you work being present and being grateful into your life, it becomes muscle memory. It becomes easier and easier to do. If you are looking for a simple first step to being present, it is simply to enjoy where you are. Allow moments to happen organically. Linger in the present instead of looking for what is coming next. Enjoy what’s here right now; what’s in front of you. Life moves fast. Take autopilot off and start steering your own life toward embracing your present moment. Embrace the concept of compounded interest and let gratitude grow through slow and steady deposits invested in your present moment. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Oct 13

18 min 56 sec

It’s that time again. Cassie Tucker returns to bring three questions of her own creation to the table. Full disclosure, I do turn the tables on her towards the end. First, what is your favorite national park and why? This is a pretty easy question for me, but it is a tie. It all depends; are you looking for scenic views or majestic wildlife? Second, outside of the podcasts you and your clients have, what is your favorite podcast? I have a few. Would it surprise you to learn that one of them actually has five-hour episodes, and I listen to the whole thing? It’s that good. Lastly, What is one of the biggest mistakes you see made in podcasting, and how can podcasters correct it? The biggest mistakes boil down to follow-through and how you interact with your listener…but you will have to listen to hear the specifics. Resources: Cassie Tucker Instagram Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Oct 6

12 min 15 sec

I am excited to have a special guest with me. Cassie Tucker is new to our team and is my assistant. She is a former Disney team member, entrepreneur, and business owner, and overall amazing person. We connected after she reached out to Lee Cockerell to work with us. It took four years, and we are grateful to have her on the team. As someone who has worked on a wide range of teams, from retail to advertising agencies, Cassie has experience when it comes to joining new teams. She knows what she brings to the table: strategy, project management, collaboration, and a get it done attitude. But what do you need to do to successfully come onboard a new team? Ask a lot of questions and be open to others teaching you. Be humble and really dial in on understanding how things work. Talk to everyone and familiarize yourself with other departments. Identify who to go to get the answers you need. Most companies have a “culture” they introduce to you when onboarding; however, culture is how they do things and how things get done in their unique setting. Lastly, be willing to learn new skills. Seek out improving your own tool belt, and don’t be afraid to utilize resources beyond what is provided to you. Be ambitious, and don’t be afraid to seek out what you need to thrive.  Resources: Cassie Tucker Instagram Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Sep 29

23 min 44 sec

Influence can open more doors for you than a title can.  To illustrate the power of influence, I share a fun story from my time as a financial analyst at a commercial bank.  Yes, I was a bit devious, but it was all in good fun.  Listen to the episode to hear the incident that could have gotten me fired. The takeaway from the episode is to focus on influence.  Don't worry about a big title. Don't worry about likes and comments on social media. Focus on people. And as you build relationships you will get more influence.  Once you have influence, the rest will take care of itself. 

Sep 22

6 min 11 sec

Back on the Jody Maberry Show is Tanner Brock from the Changing Discord podcast. During this October 2020 interview, Tanner and I discuss the culture cycle of curiosity. Using my career trajectory as a guide, Tanner highlights the keys to timely decision-making and strategy. Additionally, he explores ways we can allow mentors and colleagues to provide input. As much as we want to tell our story, sometimes we must let others tell their story to determine what occupational path we should take. Accordingly, rather than ask, "What do I have to lose", dare to imagine “What will my story be?” Applying this paradigm change, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Sep 8

54 min 43 sec

We are live from Kansas City, MO where I have the pleasure of attending Tanner Brock’s first live event. You may remember when I mentioned Tanner Brock is the person that makes me glad to do what I do. Mike Simmons, the host of the Catalyst Sales Podcast, is also with us. Tanner has an amazing story. He started out working in a warehouse, never rising above the status quo. So how did Tanner go from not shaving and never tucking in his shirt to putting on a live event? The thing that set Tanner apart was his ability to ask good questions and apply the feedback he received. By investing in relationships that could be fostered and grown, he created a sense of accountability that allowed him to grow. No matter who you are, you possess the power and potential to impact others. You don’t know who is listening as you share your struggles and your stories. Sharing your journey can lead to life changes in others. Seek wisdom and pass it on. Be a lifelong learner and share what you learn with those around you.  Resources: Changing Discourse Podcast Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Sep 1

22 min 28 sec

It’s that time again. Whenever I have the pleasure of interviewing a guest, I always have them back for a role reversal. JeffBrown returns to ask any three questions of his choosing. First, have you seen Werewolves within? Also, can you clarify the difference between a park ranger and a forest ranger? This may seem like a simple yes or no answer, but you’d be surprised to learn the answer involves a reality show and unpacking how to differentiate between park and forest rangers. Second, you host multiple podcasts. What is your favorite aspect of podcasting? (And which is your favorite?) I’ll give you a hint. The first part is an easy answer for me and has to do with the messages on the shows I host. The answer to the second part may or may not surprise you. Lastly, you are always reading at least three books at any given time. One business book. One Self Development book. And one book purely for entertainment. If you were to recommend one book in each category, what books would you recommend? Well, you will have to listen to find out. Resources: Creating Disney Magic by Lee Cockerell Books by Jim Rohn Breaking Blue by Timothy Egan Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  

Aug 25

14 min 19 sec

If you have been listening to the show for a while, you may be familiar with the name JeffBrown (and you know why it needs to be said in one breath). Jeff is the host of the Read to Lead Podcast. He is here discussing his new book, Read to Lead. Jeff has been working on his podcast for eight years, and over that time, he has interviewed a few amazing authors. Jesse Wisnewski approached Jeff with a book idea he had previously pitched to a publisher. They rejected it due to a lack of platform. Jesse's initial idea, The Readers Edge, resonated with Jeff. Jeff joined the project, which they renamed Read to Lead, and the rest is history. We have all heard that knowledge is power. And knowledge has long been associated with books and reading. As Jeff explains, one of the most powerful things about reading is the ability to gain a modicum of functional mastery on a topic by reading five books on any given topic. The idea that you can pick up a book for twenty bucks and walk away with someone’s expertise is astounding. No wonder we equate reading with power. We live in a time where there are many ways to assimilate books. In addition to hard copies, we also have digital and audio formats. Different books call for different mediums. Audiobooks are great for entertainment and books meant to change how you think. However, books that we want to retain and understand on a deeper level are better digested in traditional print. There is something special that happens mentally and spatially when we read physical books. It impacts our retention and comprehension. Jeff offers a few tips for getting the most out of the books that you read. First, challenge yourself to pick up a physical copy and read. Second, use the Pomodoro technique to help you focus, reading for 25 or 50-minute increments. Then start a new Pomodoro and make your notes. Third, try listening to an audiobook at 1.75 speed while reading along in the physical book. It will allow you to read quicker and retain more. Last, teach what you are learning to others. Teaching helps you to synthesize what you have learned, so you retain and comprehend more.  Resources: Read To Lead Podcast Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  

Aug 18

30 min 57 sec

My family and I just wrapped up our stay at Glacier National Park. We had the pleasure of staying at the Granit Park Chalet during our stay. After arriving home and processing our trip, I have six lessons I learned from this trip that I am sharing with you. Jeff Noel is returning today to go over those lessons with me. Don’t do the work of a mule. There are some things you don’t need to be the one doing. Identify if there is work that you should not be doing. If you find something, figure out who can do it for you. Enjoy the present moment. The moment you are in right now is important; enjoy it. Challenge yourself to make it last a little stronger and a little longer. Eventually, you have to teach what you have learned. Why do we learn if not to teach others?  Leaders create more leaders. Set someone else up to be the first to see and discover. If you focus on the priorities, the rest doesn’t matter. We are prone to worry and think about a lot of things that don’t matter. They may look like they do, but they really don’t. Focusing on your priorities will help you focus on what really matters. Last, you can serve the servers. There is no reason we can’t make sure that those who serve us are served as well. Do something nice for the people who serve you. Make it your purpose, that you want to be a bright spot in their day. Jeff also made a point that is worth mentioning. Practice, over time, creates compound interest. Anything you practice, over time, gets easier and more like second nature; like taking a family vacation and coming away with life lessons.  Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Aug 11

32 min 58 sec

Jill Young is back for our traditional follow-up podcast, where I have my previous guests return to ask me three questions of their choosing. Now, the difference of having a coach doing the asking is pretty evident by the questions she asks. Take a look. You have had multiple podcast shows what is a story that one listener shared with you that you knew your podcast changed their life? I can’t answer this question without sharing Tanner’s story. Hands down, it is the first one that comes to mind. Second, how in the world did you become a financial analyst? I know I may come across as entrepreneurial, but if you are good with numbers, it’s hard not to get pigeonholed as the numbers guy. You’ll hear what I mean in my answer. Lastly, Jill asks what makes a great podcast partner? I have been honored to work with a lot of different partners on multiple podcasts, and one element remains true across the board. And remember Tanner from earlier; he plays a part in this one too. This episode took a slight detour from our normal three-question follow-up, but I think it was a bonus. Curiosity is an advantage, and as we learn to ask great questions, we can get beyond the surface and explore the deeper levels in most areas. Resources: LinkedIn - Website - Traction: Ge a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goas Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Aug 4

22 min 15 sec

Jill Young, author and head coach for EOS Worldwide, explains what the Entrepreneurial Operating System is and why teaching helps us to internalize concepts fully. Jill grew up as part of an entrepreneurial family. Her first coaching opportunity was in a daycare setting for 4 and 5-year-olds while she was in high school. Jill is now an author and owns her own coaching company, in addition to the work she does with EOS Worldwide. Many people benefit from having a coach, especially those who are high performers. Often, a coach creates a space for exploring options, solutions, and possibilities. Coaches do this by creating a place for visionaries to be heard. A coach may sometimes have to be the one to provide feedback in a truthful and direct way. More times than not, the solution or next step needed is clear. They just haven’t seen it yet. Individuals can benefit from coaching. Companies, especially those of an entrepreneurial nature, can benefit from finding their operating system; their entrepreneurial operating system to be exact. EOS is a simple set of business tools designed for companies to help them evaluate and develop three key principles, starting from their leadership down: Vision, Traction, and Healthy. With over 11,000 implementations worldwide, EOS is helping companies from 3-200 team members move toward their highest goals. Resources: LinkedIn - Website - Traction: Ge a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goas Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jul 28

33 min 8 sec

Mike Kim, the author of You are the Brand and my personal friend, returns for our three questions follow-up episode. Mike does not disappoint with his questions today. What have you learned in the last year that you wish you knew three years ago? It’s not so much about learning a new skill, so much as I wish I had known how well something was going to do so that I could have started it three years earlier. What is giving you the most energy right now? I’ll give you a hint – two things that I was forced to abstain from for the past year. This last one is probably one of the most unique questions I’ve been asked. If you could have a plane write anything in the sky for the world to read, what would you have them write? This was a surprisingly easy answer. Just two words, no question about it. What about you? Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jul 21

11 min 10 sec

I am excited to have Mike Kim, a business coach, marketing strategist, author, and most importantly, a personal friend, joins me as we take a look at his new book, You Are the Brand. Mike and I met many years ago, and over the years, it has been an honor to watch the content of his new book, You Are the Brand, develop and refine over time. Often, we see people at the end of their journey, once they have it all figured out. It is important to remember that the good you see them doing now is because they have gone through the process, finding what works and what doesn’t. In today’s world of social media and influencers, people tend to fall into two categories: Those who attempt to portray what they feel people are looking for and those who overshare for the sake of transparency. What we all need to understand is that we are our brand. Attention isn’t owed; it is earned. Ask yourself if what you are putting into the world can serve as a campfire for your target audience? Is it a beacon of light? Is it a place where people can gather and share stories? People want to see the journey and the hope at the end of the line. You build a brand by sharing true stories unique to your point of view. How do you find your point of view? Ask yourself three questions: What ticks you off? What breaks your heart? What is the big problem you are trying to solve? Answer these questions, and you will have your unique point of view that will give life to your brand. We are not goods. We are not cattle or pottery to be stamped with a brand. Your personal brand is a mix of your ideas, your expertise, your reputation, your message, and your personality. Your brand is what people know about you before you arrive in the room. Branding is not about image, it is about identity. As you narrow in on who you are and what you bring, you will begin to see a clear picture of what your brand truly is and has the potential to be. Resources: Brand You Podcast Youtube Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jul 14

37 min 8 sec

Do you suffer from FOMO? I do. That isn’t some weird disease or condition. It stands for Fear Of Missing Out. I recently when on a month-long trip to Florida with my family. When we left, I had intentions of recording multiple podcast episodes and working on my book. But at the end of the day, the month ended without me doing much along those lines. Did I miss out on an opportunity? Some would say yes. But I say no. See, I know my priorities and what is important to me. Time with family… is my priority; that is what I am afraid of missing out on. When you know your priorities and what is truly important to you, FOMO can help you capitalize and seize the moments that truly matter to you. Don’t let our social media, marketing-driven world tell you what you are missing out on. You define that for yourself. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jul 7

6 min 20 sec

Djuan Rivers, soon to be French Ex-Pat, is back again and asking three questions that he is dying to know. What about customer service annoys you the most these days? Rude people, long lines? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not even sitting on hold for six hours…it’s worse. If you can be any person or object that represents something 300 years from now, what would it be? My answer may surprise you…but it also may not. I promise it is not what you expect. Finally, you win the lottery worth 500 million dollars. What do you do with it? Besides run around the room like a crazy person? I have an idea, as I am sure you do. The sneaky follow-up question will get you through. It got me. If you were sitting with Djuan and he asked you these questions, how would you respond? Resources: Follow Djuan on Instagram: @djuanworldtraveler Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jun 30

12 min 16 sec

Djuan Rivers, newly retired former VP of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is sharing not only his unbelievable stories of travel and adventure but also his secret to living an adventurous life while having a successful career. Coming from a legacy at Disney, Djuan started his journey in a confectioners booth on Main Street in the Magical Kingdom and ended up with his name on a window in the same area. This didn’t happen overnight but through sacrifice and excellence over a 30-year career. Even while leading and doing a job in such a way that Disney will never be the same, Djuan still managed to wing walk, climb mountains, and swim with sharks. You don’t have to choose either a successful career or an adventurous life. They are not mutually exclusive. It does take planning, sacrifice, and trust. Both endeavors require focus. You have to build and equip the team around you to be the best at their jobs. A good leader equips their team by empowering them to do their best and learn from their failures. You will develop into your full potential by trusting those around you to develop in theirs Building an atmosphere of trust is necessary. That trust can only be attained by pouring into those under you and reproducing values and excellence in them. When you support your team by doing your job, they can support you by doing theirs. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jun 23

22 min 14 sec

Matthew Luhn, the author of The Best Story Wins, is back again for the standard three questions follow-up episode. It’s always fun to see what questions my guests will come up with. Matthew had a fun take. What is one of the first movies that you saw in a theater? I’m not sure it is the first, but I will say, as a result, I still have a soft spot for Reese’s Pieces and Drew Barrymore to this day. Who is your favorite voice actor? This question hits close to home, having done 1500 podcast episodes and 3 audiobooks myself. I immediately think of three individuals, one of which has a voice that can bring my granny from the kitchen. Lastly, who is the Pixar character to whom you most relate? That one is easy. Because we both have had adventurous jobs in our past, have had to figure out ways to use our abilities to help others in the background and most importantly, balance putting family first even while helping everyone else. If you have wondered about any of these questions, you will enjoy our conversation. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jun 16

9 min 17 sec

Matthew Luhn, author, and writer is known for Pixar movies such as Toy Story and Cars, is sharing the importance of using stories to communicate and build a brand. Whether you are a writer or are in the business arena, you depend on stories more than you know. There is no difference between a presentation or a pitch, be it a business idea or a movie concept. You must hook your audience in the first seven seconds and have a clear takeaway for them at the end. A hook will get someone into the idea you are presenting and the takeaway will make it real to them. It isn’t complicated to use a story. Every story possesses two key ingredients. First, they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Second, there is a hero on a journey. It isn’t as simple as pointing out success and achievement. The greatest hero’s fail more than they succeed. Sharing obstacles makes you relatable and authentic, which enables your listener to engage in your story. It’s ok to be a real person. Whether you are telling a story or making a presentation, don’t just seek to entertain. Change and inspire your listeners. Resources: The Best Story Wins: How to Leverage Hollywood Storytelling in Business and Beyond by Matthew Luhn Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jun 9

28 min 32 sec

May 19

31 min 47 sec

I have had the pleasure of helping to record and produce four audiobooks over the past few years. In the process, I have identified key steps when it comes to streamlining the process. Here are eight steps to recording your first audiobook. Step 1  Record it. There are a few different strategies for this step, and I’ll unpack those for you. Step 2  Edit. Whether you do it yourself or outsource it, it is a necessary step. Step 3 Quality Control and Review. Get a friend to listen, read, and note any errors. Step 4 Make the Changes. Go back and make the changes. There is one vital piece, and I’ll share that with you. Step 5 Have someone else listen to it. Another round of edits can make all the difference. Step 6 Add something, not in the written version. Listeners love an easter egg. Step 7 Run it through Step 8 Submit it to ACX. It is a long process, and there are many sub-steps within each piece. With this outline, you will save yourself lots of time in the long run. Resources: ACX Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

May 5

15 min 51 sec

When you develop and create content, there is an important lesson we all must learn. In 2019, I had an unexpected chance to speak at the 2019 Copywriting Academy Live Event. This experience reinforced to me the necessity of knowing your content and having a reservoir of stories that you can pull from at any moment. For the Copywriting Academy Live, I was able to go from coaching to speaking with only seven words on the confidence monitor. This is the recording of that event. From a list of seven words: Outhouse, Ranger Pants, Interpretation Formula, Swap, Cub, Voice and PLS to a 30-minute extemporaneous talk. How do you think it went? No matter your medium, these tips will ensure your content is relevant, well-formed and ready for delivery whenever you need it. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Apr 28

29 min 47 sec

Jeff Noel is an establishment here at the Jody Maberry Show. He is also a talented podcaster in his own right. After celebrating 100 episodes, he is sharing his wisdom on the process of wrapping up his first show, If Disney Ran Your Life. From recording the first episode in Kuwait City to being on-site in Glacier National Park, one thing that has been foundational for If Disney Ran Your Life is intentionality. From time frame to topics, Jeff had a clear vision of what he wanted the show to be.; this allowed him to stay the course and not let habit or comfort tempt him to take it further than planned. Another remarkable strategy that Jeff put in place is intentionally not dating the conversations with current events. Not only has this allowed If Disney Ran Your Life to be focused and a consistent beacon in an ever-changing environment, but it has also allowed it to rise and be relevant today, tomorrow, and for years to come. The growth that Jeff found along the way has allowed him to transition this amazing show from actively recording to continuously relevant. Hopefully, in the future, we might even see a book of the same title. Resources: If Disney Ran Your Life Podcast Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Apr 21

21 min 45 sec

Bob Burg, the author of The Go-Giver, is back again for our traditional three questions follow-up episode. I always enjoy the questions guests bring to the table and Bob did not disappoint. How did I get my start in business? Would you believe that working in parks was the bridge between two degrees and my love of finances and marketing? What do I find most rewarding? I have the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and partner on fantastic projects. But there is something even more rewarding, and I’m going to unpack that for you. How did you and Lee Cockerell get connected? Surprisingly, it was the result of a cold call, a family connection, and nearly standing him up…and we are still working together today. If you have wondered about any of these questions, you will enjoy our conversation. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Apr 14

8 min 12 sec

Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver, joins me to dissect the difference between being a go-getter, a go-giver, and a go-taker. The Go-Giver is one of the top 5 business books I recommend. When we are driven by metrics and goals, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of relationships. All things being equal, people will do business with those they know, like, and trust. If it is a close race, a personal relationship or connection will win out, because people know it is in their best interest to work with someone they can rely on. The good news is, as Bob so eloquently shares, there is no division or dichotomy between being focused on people and having goals. People don’t buy from you because of your metrics, but your metrics will help you set a path to helping as many people as possible. A go-giver is someone who is laser-focused on providing immense value to others. Resources: The Go Giver – by Bob Burg and John David Mann The Go Giver Podcast Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Apr 7

30 min 49 sec

This is a momentous episode here on the Jody Maberry Show. We are celebrating 200 episodes. JeffBrown, a friend and host of the podcast “Read to Lead” is here to take me down memory lane. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities podcasting has opened for me. It’s taken me around the world and landed me on stages I never dreamed I’d be speaking on. I know there is so much that this podcast, and others I am part of, have laid a foundation for. Some of which are in the works, and some that have yet to be realized. The Jody Maberry Show, specifically, has been a way of separating myself. It has allowed me to venture down paths that differ from the initiatives I am part of and exploring my take on the world. If you have ever wondered why I started podcasting, what my favorite episodes are or what I would have done differently, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Also, make sure to stick around until the very end for a fun treat, courtesy of JeffBrown. Resources: How to be a Park Ranger to Your Customer One Small Secret To Get More Attention  Read To Lead Podcast The Cockerell Academy Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Mar 31

27 min 43 sec

Mar 24

1 hr 16 min

I recently had the opportunity of presenting virtually for a podcast summit, and I shared something near and dear to my heart: How to Use the Park Ranger Interpretation Method. I was introduced to this method after giving my first campfire talk as a park ranger. I have never forgotten it. When creating a course, hosting a podcast, or delivering a talk, this method will help you engage your audience. It will also help them to take your content and apply it in their lives. You can remember this structure by keeping the S.W.A.P. acronym in mind. This flexible format allows for customizing the time you spend on each piece. Pro tip: Keep a story inventory to pull from when you develop your content. Whether you are doing an interview, or a monolog, remembering to S.W.A.P. will help you from preparation to delivery. Resources: Interpreting Our Heritage by Freeman Tilden Everything You Need to Launch a Podcast Download Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Mar 17

31 min 14 sec

Kary Oberbrunner is back for the anticipated follow-up podcast. When I have the pleasure of interviewing a guest, I always have them back and let them ask me any three questions they choose. My first time hearing them is during the interview, so you get the raw answers. What would you regret not doing if you died today? This might be the most loaded question I’ve had on the show. Not publishing a book? Not making a big enough impact? Never traveling to Alaska? I may be changing some things up after this question. What is the book that is pretty uncommon to most people, but life-changing to you? I don’t ever hear anyone talk about this book, but I do have a fun family connection to the author. What music do you listen to when you want to be productive? I’ll give you a hint – It is a movie soundtrack and it’s far from Rotten to the Core. Resources: Made in America by Sam Walton The Descendants Soundtrack Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  

Mar 10

7 min 34 sec

Kary Oberbrunner returns to the Jody Maberry Show to talk about becoming unhackable. In 2016, Kary published The Elixer Project, a fiction book about how the truth can get hacked. Now, Kary has turned the lessons from The Elixer Project into a 30-day plan to help you maintain focus and get more done in life. The new book is Unhackable. Our conversation goes beyond the books, as we discuss how you and I get distracted from who we are and what we are supposed to be by the everyday activities and priorities of other people. Kary offers insight into how we can focus on what is important and not longer give priority to what doesn't matter. Kary even opens up and talks about challenges as a parent. You can get more information about the new book at  Every time Kary is a guest on the show, he leaves us with at least one memorable saying. This time, he said: "Everyone wants the stage. No one wants the struggle." 

Mar 3

35 min 17 sec

Ray Edwards is back again for our regular follow-up podcast. When I have the pleasure of interviewing a guest, I always have them back and let them ask me any three questions they choose. Ray has some great questions, including one I have never heard before. What do you carry in your pocket every day? There are a few things I carry every day that I am sure everyone can relate to. I mean, who doesn’t have a handcuff key on them at all times? What did you discover about your backyard during the pandemic that surprised you? I’ll give you a hint – what do settlers, silver mines, and plane crashes have in common? What is the one thing you are looking forward to the most in the next 6-12 months? I don’t want to give too much away. There are a few things I am looking forward to, but the thing I am most excited about how to do with you and connecting…in person. Excited? Me too. Resources: The Ray Edwards Show Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Feb 17

8 min 27 sec

Author and speaker Ray Edwards joins me to dive into the true meaning of prosperity and why you should want to do it. Helping others find the freedom to prosper is something near and dear to Ray. It started as an event in 2015. In 2021, Ray channeled it into a new book. Our ability to make a difference in the world and the lives of those around us is the purpose of prosperity. Often, we reduce prosperity to something as trivial as money. When we do this, we run the risk of missing out on the true purpose prosperity holds in our life. Prosperity is experienced in its purest form when filtered through gratitude and contentment. We need to tend to the everyday activities with the same passion we apply to pushing the boundaries and expanding our borders. When you can be grateful for the things you take for granted, you will encounter true prosperity. Resources: The Ray Edwards Show Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Feb 10

33 min 28 sec

At my desk, I keep five note cards. Each card has a saying or quote I want to be reminded of.  With a new year, I replace two to three of the cards with new cards. When I select a new quote, it is geared toward something I want to remind myself of or an attitude I need to work on.  Here are the five things I remind myself of every day for 2021: "Excellence is the next 5 minutes"    -Tom Peters "Trade your expectations for appreciation." -Tony Robbins "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt "What you appreciate appreciates." -Jim Kwik "Do your best and forgive yourself." -Admiral Payne

Feb 3

14 min 15 sec

In this special episode, renowned author Rick Bass joins me to explore the current challenges facing wild places in our nation, especially the Yak Valley in Montana. Not surprisingly, these challenges are also present in our own social climate. As with many challenges currently facing our nation, our community, our connection, and shared history hold the key. Whether that is partnering with the scientific community to raise awareness of climate change and its impact or lending your voice to important movements like Black Lives Matter or – the need for passing the torch is rising with every passing year. Sharing our stories, passing on our experiences, allowing the next generation to learn from our failures and successes takes courage. Making a difference takes courage, especially when it relies on one generation changing the trajectory of the previous. In his book, Traveling Feast, Rick connects older and younger generations of authors over a meal. As we dive deeper into that concept, we see the importance of fostering generational connection. You don’t want things you value to be lost. It is necessary to connect the generations. Share what you love. That love promotes and generates generosity. Life is full of convergences. The more opportunities we have to fulfill our obligation to pass on the knowledge and wisdom we have gained, the more stories we share, the more hope we can hold on to. Resources: Books by Rick Bass The Traveling Feast by Rick Bass Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jan 20

51 min 45 sec

As a former park ranger, the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World was the perfect place to stay. Based on Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn, Wilderness Lodge looks, feels, and smells like a historic National Park lodge. Many cast members are even in custom resembling park rangers complete with the iconic flat hat. During my stay at Wilderness Lodge, I learned a few things, as I do anytime I spend time at Disney. Dan Cockerell, retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, spent two years as the Wilderness Lodge General Manager. Dan joins me on this episode of the Jody Maberry Show to give his perspective on what I learned at the Lodge. Create a memorable first impression. When you walk into the Wilderness Lodge, you know you are someplace special. If you are going to copy, add your own personality. Wilderness Lodge has the feel of a National Park lodge but is full of unique touches of Disney. It taught me to be inspired by something but always add my own touch to it. You are as happy as you decide to be. Even at the happiest place on earth, you won't be happy unless you decide to be. Make it easy for people to do business with you. Magic Bands are a good example of making it easy for a customer to do business with you. Magic Bands make the experience better but also make it easier to spend money. Solve the problems you know guests will have. When we checked into our room, there was sun relief gel waiting for us with our soap and shampoo. Sure enough, we got sunburns and used the sun relief gel. Disney anticipated we would have a problem and provided a solution before knowing we would need it. You can find out more about Dan Cockerell at You may want to listen to the audio version of Dan's book, How's the Culture in Your Kingdom. I narrate the book, so if you enjoy this podcast, you will enjoy the book. You can find it here. 

Jan 13

19 min 57 sec

Sometimes the wisdom we need to hear is found in conversations we’ve already had. In my last episode, Jeff Brown and I shared our book recommendations. One author mentioned was Rick Bass. I had the pleasure of interviewing Rick in 2016 for The Park Leader’s Podcast. Although that conversation was through the lens of parks and for the park leader audience, the overarching theme is one for us all. At the very core of who we are as humans, our connection to nature and “wild” places holds our history. We have a rich past of preservation in our country. Whether you are a scientist, a politician, an author, or an everyday average person, we have a responsibility to speak up about those values we hold, especially in public. Our words, our financial investments, our time…all of our modern resources can be engaged in stewarding and caring for our natural resources. Whatever the industry or arena, silos are detrimental to growth and improvement. Resources: Books by Rick Bass Grizzley Years by Doug Peacock The Lost Grizzlies: A Search for Survivors in the Wilderness of Colorado by Rick Bass Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Jan 6

30 min 36 sec

Dec 2020

23 min 51 sec

Jeff Noel and I talk about the opportunity for you to join us on a retreat at Glacier National Park. 

Dec 2020

13 min 56 sec

As is our tradition when we have guests on, Andy Storch is back with me with three questions, which I have no prior knowledge of:  What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of running my business? I am a people person and that heavily influences my answer to this question. What is your favorite national park and what is one you haven’t been to? If you force me, I can boil it down to two, but the winner depends on which park I am standing in at the time. I also have a few honorable mentions I need to fit in. What is the biggest mistake podcasters make and what is the most annoying thing some podcasters do and should stop? Podcasters aren’t radio hosts, but often they try and do this one thing like a radio personality and it can be detrimental to their show. What do post-production, monetizing podcasts and grizzly attacks have in common? These are the answers to the bonus three questions Andy snuck in by adding a part two to each question. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Dec 2020

14 min 6 sec

If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is the importance of connection. Whether in personal relationships or professional endeavors, investing in connecting with people should be a top priority. Andy Storch, a podcaster, new author, and fabulous trainer just released his first book and we are unpacking the importance of investing in your network. Reading Andy’s book, Own Your Career and Own Your Life, chapter 10 jumped out at me. The topic and challenge of purposely investing in building a network resonated. Networking can be an intimidating topic, but as Andy so eloquently explains, it isn’t doing things or making a connection for the quid pro quo. All networking being intentional about showing up, genuinely, for those you connect with. Be it in person or via social media, be present, give lift to others and let them into your life. Lead with curiosity and generosity. When you can, give people a platform. Offer help without expecting anything in return. Expectations will lead to disappointment. By building real, trusting relationships with others (without being motivated by what you can get out of it) is what networking is all about. Resources: Own Your Life, Own Your Career Podcast Own Your Life, Own Your Career Book Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -

Dec 2020

31 min 15 sec

Let's spend a day together. This episode of The Jody Maberry Show documents a day of recording podcasts, videos, and other content.  People often ask me how I get so much done with 7 active podcasts and the other work I do. To answer the question, I spent a day and documented it.  Throughout the episode, you will get to join me as I record podcasts and have some conversations with some of the people I work with regularly. In our time together, we will be joined by: Jeff Noel: We record 3 episode of If Disney Ran Your Life.  Lee Cockerell: We recorded some promotional videos for the Cockerell Academy and recorded one episode of Creating Disney Magic.  Andy Storch: We record a couple of episodes of The Jody Maberry Show.  Dan Cockerell: We had a call about promoting The Perch Community.  Mike Simmons: We recorded an episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast.  You will hear some behind the scenes conversation about what goes into each of the shows and projects we are working on. 

Dec 2020

41 min 52 sec

Too often, we live a story someone else told us we should.  But you get to choose the character you want to be in the story you are living. Don't hang onto expectations of your parents, boss, a high school bully, or anyone else who told you who and what you are.  Who you are is completely up to you.  This episode, I use an interview from the podcast Foreward with Joe Pomeroy. During my conversation with Joe, we talked about some topics I had never discussed on the Jody Maberry Show.  Since the conversation with Joe was so good, I am sharing the interview from his podcast. This conversation will help you understand how your life is a story that is written by you. Your actions should be deliberate so your life is a story worth telling your kids about. 

Dec 2020

38 min 42 sec

Disney VIP tours are a unique way to experience the theme parks.  My first VIP tour was in Disneyland. Not only did we get on more attractions than we would have otherwise because of the logistics of having a guide and the ability to get into FastPass lines, I learned more than I expected.  Our tour guide knew so much about Disneyland and Walt Disney. Nearly every ride, I learned a piece of history I would not have otherwise. She also had a story about topiaries, ticket booths, and the Tiki Room. It made for an exceptional day.  But during VIP tours, I learned some lessons.  Focus on Experiences. For people like me and you, a VIP allows us to feel like a celebrity for the day. For celebrities, a VIP tour allows them to experience the park like a normal person. In both cases, people are paying for the experience.  Make People Feel Special. This is the real charm of the VIP tours. A guide doesn't just take you around the park, they make you feel special. Disney selects tour guides who are good with people with a focus on service. Of the four guides I have been on a VIP tour with, each one has been different which led to a completely different experience. But the one thing that has been the same is how they make you feel special.  Exclusive is Valuable. I admit, one of the cool things about a VIP tour is that not everyone else is on one. You feel like you are getting an exclusive experience you would not get otherwise. Exclusive is another form of entertainment and Disney does it well.  There are people who want more and are willing to pay for it. Most people are happy with your basic offering. But there are some people who are willing to pay more to get more products, better service, or more access to you. Offer them more and let them pay for it. It is a service.  Thank you to Lee Cockerell and Dan Cockerell for contributing to this episode. 

Nov 2020

19 min 38 sec