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Betches Media presents Mention It All, a new podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Your hosts, certified Bravoholics Dylan Hafer and Bari Rosenfeld, are covering everything Real Housewives and more, including weekly episode recaps and analysis, the latest social media drama, and interviews with your favorite Bravolebrities. For more Bravo memes, commentary, and special guests, follow @bravobybetches on Instagram.

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Bari and Dylan return from the holiday ready to recap all the latest Bravo news. They start with their thoughts on the Winter House finale, and what spin-offs they’d like to see in the future. Then, they break down part four of the RHOP reunion, where Nicki Minaj got all the girls together and put Candiace on the musical hot seat. After that, they get into the Jen Shah documentary, and whether it was necessary.

Nov 29

40 min

Happy Thanksgiving! Dylan and Bari take a break from eating to talk all things Ultimate Girls Trip, starting with an analysis of which ladies they’d like to share Thanksgiving with. Then, they recap episode 4 of RHUGT, starting with a breakdown of why Ramona’s search for a partner is starting to feel unrealistic. Then, they discuss the fourth wall dynamics, and how this show is going to change Kenya’s reputation as a Housewife.

Nov 25

29 min 47 sec

Bari and Dylan are in the holiday mood a little early, and they discuss their plans for Thanksgiving (aside from watching Bravo, of course). Then, they share which Bravo moments they’re most thankful for. After that, they recap the latest episode of Below Deck, and debate where Heather ranks on the list of recent chief stews.

Nov 23

27 min 42 sec

Dylan and Bari chat about their weekends, and how Heather Gay’s charcuterie strategy has impacted their lives. They recap the latest explosive RHOSLC episode, and question why Mary is on the show if she’s so miserable. Later, they discuss part three of the RHOP reunion, and talk about why celebrity Bravo fans are so exciting.

Nov 22

46 min 29 sec

Ultimate Girls Trip has finally begun, and Dylan and Bari have lots of thoughts about the first three episodes. They discuss the decision to break the fourth wall, and why this show is a fitting sendoff for Cynthia and (hopefully) Ramona. Next, they recap Winter House, where Paige and Andrea get on the same page, but Austen and Ciara hit a potential roadblock. Later, they’re joined by Winter House star and regulation hottie Andrea Denver, who chats about his relationship with Paige and how this show differed from his past reality TV experiences.

Nov 18

53 min 28 sec

Bari and Dylan record in person for the first time ever, and they’ve got lots of complaints about Vanderpump Rules. Raquel’s nose, Sandoval’s rants, and Lala vs. Brock—it’s all getting old. After that, they recap Below Deck, where Captain Lee has his first big blowup of the season.

Nov 17

30 min 59 sec

Dylan and Bari start the new week with one of the most epic RHOSLC recaps ever. Jen is arrested, Meredith is drunk in the bubble bath, and everyone else is spiraling on the bus ride to Vail. We cut through the chaos and ask our biggest burning questions. Later, it’s part two of the RHOP reunion, where Candiace is still struggling to take accountability for, well, anything.

Nov 15

48 min 55 sec

Dylan and Bari talk about which upcoming shows they’re excited for, and discuss the latest teaser for Ultimate Girls Trip. Then, they recap Winter House, where some couple are doing better than others. Paige is getting mixed signals from Andrea, Luke only wants what he can’t have, and Ciara is getting closer with Austen. But at the end of the day, Lindsay will always cause chaos right on time.

Nov 11

30 min 25 sec

Bari and Dylan start the show by unpacking the latest RHOSLC clip, where Meredith explains the Jen Shah drama to Mary from the bathtub. Next, they jump to Vanderpump Rules, where they debate whether James Kennedy is funny or just the worst. They also discuss how this season’s cast dynamic is working out, and if it’s time for some people to leave. After that, they break down the uncomfortable guest drama on Below Deck.

Nov 10

39 min 47 sec

Dylan and Bari are finally reunited, and it’s a whopper of an episode. They kick things off with the RHOP reunion, where Andy is ready to grill Candiace about her constant conflicts. Next, they recap an incredible RHOSLC episode, where Mary’s true self is starting to show, and it’s not a great look. And of course, it all leads up to the Beauty Lab parking lot, where the Jen Shah legal drama starts to go down.

Nov 8

52 min 51 sec

Dylan is back, and joined again by Sami and Jordana to break down the final part of the RHOBH reunion. They evaluate Erika’s performance, and identify some key points that still aren’t adding up. They also discuss Rinna’s puzzling apology for everything she’s ever done, and why they keep casting her friends on the show. Later, they also recap Winter House, and debate how Kyle and Amanda’s relationship works.

Nov 4

45 min 1 sec

Bari is joined by Betches’ own Taylor Jackson to talk about this week’s episodes of Below Deck and Vanderpump Rules. They start with Captain Lee’s return, Jake and Rayna making out, and Heather dating a charter guest. Then they dive into VPR, including Scheana’s cringey vlog with Brock and James questioning Raquel’s nose job. Finally, they discuss the Brock situation and debate whether or not it was appropriate for Lala to bring it up in front of the entire group.

Nov 3

39 min 11 sec

Bari is joined by Chris Burns to recap the Bravo weekend, starting with a reaction to the announcement of a new Real Housewives of Dubai franchise. Then they dive into a recap of the RHOP season finale, including the vow renewal that nobody asked for. Finally, they talk about this week’s RHOSLC episode, complete with Whitney’s family drama and Lisa’s Fresh Wolf intimate party where we're all left wondering: what's the truth about Mary?

Nov 1

46 min 37 sec

Dylan is joined again by Sami and Jordana, and they begin with the breaking news about the armed robbery at Dorit’s home. As filming for season 12 gets underway, what does this mean? Then, they unpack part 3 of the RHOBH reunion, where Erika faced more questions about her legal situation. She finally gets called out for not acknowledging the victims, but she tiptoes around some of the toughest topics. Later, they recap Winter House, where Lindsay arrives in a blizzard of chaotic energy.

Oct 28

46 min 21 sec

Dylan and Bari return to recap Vanderpump Rules and the premiere of Below Deck, plus they react to the RHOA season 14 casting news. On Vanderpump Rules, Lala has decided to be the bone carrier when it comes to Brock’s family situation, but is she being too messy? And on Below Deck, Captain Lee’s absence leads to a rocky start to the season.

Oct 27

41 min 8 sec

Bari and Dylan return with their reactions to Teresa’s big fat Greek engagement. Then, they recap Potomac, where Ashley and Gordon get into it again on the last night of the trip. They also break down Gizelle’s relationship with her daughters, and Ashley’s latest marriage issues. After that, they pivot to Salt Lake, where Mary is in the mood to fight on the snow tubing excursion.

Oct 25

52 min 28 sec

Dylan is joined again by Sami and Jordana for another busy Thursday. They start with their thoughts on the Winter House premiere, and how they’d approach being a newbie in a house of reality TV veterans. Dylan spills some tea on attending the premiere party, and who wasn’t in attendance. Then, they dive deep on part two of the RHOBH reunion, where Erika answered lots of questions about her marriage, and Kathy got emotional about her relationship with Kyle.

Oct 21

40 min 34 sec

Bari and Dylan are back with the latest on Lala and Randall’s rumored breakup, and then they recap Vanderpump Rules, where Lala is giving some poorly-timed relationship advice to Scheana. They also weigh in on Katie vs. Sandoval, and whether old rage texts are fair game. After that, they discuss the Below Deck Med finale and reunion, and get into their thoughts on some of the season’s biggest drama.

Oct 20

47 min 13 sec

Dylan kicks off the week with his review of Halloween Kills, and his new Real Housewives of Miami journey. Then, he and Bari discuss the rumors that Lala and Randall are on the rocks. Then, they recap Potomac, where there’s actually some resolution within the group on boat day. Later, they get into RHOSLC, breaking down Jennie and Mary’s marital issues, and why Lisa and Heather aren’t on the same page.

Oct 18

52 min 18 sec

Dylan is joined by Betches co-founders and fellow Bravoholics Sami Sage and Jordana Abraham to discuss the hotly-anticipated first part of the RHOBH reunion. They discuss where they stand on all the Erika drama, and unpack her reunion look. Next, they get into Garcelle’s showdowns with Dorit and Rinna, who both seem a little confused about the reality of what’s happening. Later, they discuss Kyle’s role on the show, and how the cast dynamics might shake out next season.

Oct 14

36 min 36 sec

Bari and Dylan begin the show by discussing Kenya’s latest performances on Dancing With The Stars, and whether she has a shot at winning it all. Then, they pivot to Pump Rules in Palm Springs, and some questions that have been raised about Brock. They also analyze Sandoval’s steamrolling habit, and celebrate James and Raquel’s perfect proposal. Later, they recap Below Deck Med, where Chef Mat is unraveling on the final charter.

Oct 13

41 min 7 sec

Dylan and Bari start the episode with our version of a royal wedding—a Biden and a Bravoleb. Next, they recap RHOSLC, where Lisa and Whitney pick up the pieces of their non-friendship, and Brooks and Jen finally break bread and hash things out. Later, they recap RHOP, which sees Candiace’s issues with Mia and Ashley flare out of control.

Oct 12

44 min 33 sec

Bari and Dylan get a little too excited and start by unpacking the explosive RHOBH reunion trailer, then rewind and recap the season finale. Erika and Sutton’s uncomfortable dynamic festers in the wake of the Del Mar trip, and Erika adds yet another new detail to everyone’s favorite car crash story. Things culminate at Crystal’s party, where Garcelle and Rinna attempt to iron out their tension once again.

Oct 7

35 min 13 sec

Bari and Dylan begin the episode with a tribute to the beloved Coco Singer. Next, they jump into recapping Vanderpump Rules, beginning with some questions about the Toms’ new bar. As the group heads to Palm Springs, Lala gets into it with Charli, while James tries to get it together for Raquel. Later, they discuss Below Deck Med, and Mat’s weird obsession with Lexi.

Oct 6

34 min 46 sec

Dylan and Bari kick things off by discussing Portia’s bat mitzvah, and how her celebration stacks up with their own experiences. Then, they dive into their RHOP recap, as the women head to the Eastern Shore for a Good Vibes Only weekend. Obviously, that doesn’t last long, and they break down the conflict between Candiace and Mia. Later, they recap RHOSLC, which features a rare Jen Shah apology and a lot of Lisa Barlow making herself look bad.

Oct 4

40 min 51 sec

Bari and Dylan recap RHOBH, starting with their feelings as we head into season finale week. Will the much-hyped four-part reunion give the people what they want? Next, they dissect the dynamics as the girls trip continues, with Erika suddenly being nice to Sutton, and Rinna making her cringeworthy allegiance even more clear.

Sep 30

38 min 9 sec

Bari and Dylan are back to recap the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana and Lala are working through their drama while raising babies, while James Kennedy is busy feuding with Lisa’s son Max. In other news, Tom and Tom are working on a new bar, and Katie’s potential involvement is causing problems. Later, they also discuss Below Deck Med.

Sep 29

30 min 41 sec

Bari and Dylan recap their own weekends, but are mostly just salty they weren’t invited to Kyle and Amanda’s long-awaited nuptials. Next, they get into Potomac, where Gizelle’s unfinished home setst the scene for a party that migt be more than reasonably shady. Later, they recap RHOSLC, discussing Mary’s relationship with her son, Jennie’s red flags with her husband, and the ice fishing showdown between Meredith and Jen.

Sep 27

44 min 27 sec

Bari and Dylan start by breaking down the viral video of Tom Girardi being asked about Erika. Then, they recap the latest RHOBH episode, where Kathy’s Del Mar trip gets off to an uneven start. A wheelchair-bound Sutton debates whether to knock on the door with Erika, while Garcelle still just wants to be understood by the group. Plus, Erika gets an upsetting update about Tom.

Sep 23

35 min 33 sec

Filming for All-Stars 2 is underway at Blue Stone Manor, and Bari and Dylan start the show with the juiciest social media posts so far. Next, they recap this week’s RHOP, where Miss Dorothy returns to wreak havoc on Candiace’s life. Later, they discuss Mia’s social media behavior, and whether she’s being smart. After that, they recap Below Deck Med, featuring a firing, a Captain Sandy blowup, and some questionable leadership decisions.

Sep 21

41 min 5 sec

Bari and Dylan kick off the week by discussing the cancelation of the RHONY reunion. Is it for the best, or a missed opportunity? They also ponder what effect the upcoming All-Stars shows could have on casting. Next, they ski into this week’s RHOSLC, where Jen’s true colors come out once again. Whitney wants more sex, and Mary wants new furniture, but will Heather find the friendship she’s craving?

Sep 20

31 min 20 sec

Dylan and Bari recap another iconic episode of Beverly Hills, and they start by trying to make sense of Erika’s unbelievable story. They commend Kyle’s work ethic, and question Crystal’s comments about Garcelle. Later, they discuss Dorit’s wedding dress reveal, and why she won’t stop coming for Garcelle.

Sep 16

38 min 24 sec

Dylan and Bari kick things off by discussing the Met Gala red carpet, and suggest some Bravolebrities that should be on next year’s guest list. Then, they recap this week’s Potomac, and assess how much progress Karen and Gizelle have really made. They also unpack the dynamic between Candiace and Ashley, and highlight a powerful moment with Wendy’s family. Later, they recap the most important moments from Below Deck Med.

Sep 14

45 min 57 sec

Dylan and Bari are back on the sunny Salt Lake slopes to recap the explosive season premiere of RHOSLC. They break down every second of the chilling opening sequence, from Jen’s iconic outfit to how the women reacted. Then, they rewind and catch up with the full cast, and discuss which relationships should be most interesting this season. Just like Mary M. Cosby, they bless the podcast, and try to figure out why Lisa likes Jen so much.

Sep 13

33 min 13 sec

Dylan and Bari are chomping at the bit to talk about Beverly Hills, but first they discuss the trailer for Winter House, and why this show actually looks great. Then, they get to the main event, and unpack Erika’s threat (promise?) to Sutton. They question Rinna’s strategy this season, and evaluate the state of her friendship with Garcelle. Later, they recap Garcelle’s beautiful Haitian dinner party, and debate when it’s time to let a friendship go on Housewives.

Sep 9

42 min 47 sec

Back from the long weekend, Bari and Dylan discuss the new RHOSLC taglines, as well as Amelia and Scott’s tragic breakup. Then, they recap RHOP’s post-trip regroup, with Ashley in new mom mode and Candiace struggling to balance her marriage and career. Later, they chat about Below Deck Med, and the endless frustrations of Captain Sandy.

Sep 8

44 min 6 sec

Bari and Dylan begin the show with the tragic news of Gregg Leakes’ passing. Then, they recap RHOBH’s Dinner Party From Hell sequel that’s been a decade in the making. Kathy Hilton brings a level of luxury we haven’t seen before, but caviar pie isn’t the only thing being served up. Sutton’s position becomes more clear, Dorit can’t choose a side, and Erika has no more energy for people she can’t trust.

Sep 2

42 min 59 sec

Dylan and Bari discuss which Bravolebs will guest hosting The View, then attempt to recap RHONY’s snoozefest of a season finale. Is this really the best they can do? Next, they recap Below Deck Med, where the new stew’s arrival is causing all kinds of headaches.

Sep 1

36 min 17 sec

Bari and Dylan start the show with some sad news about Gregg Leakes, and reminisce on one of the best househusbands ever. Next, they recap RHOP’s last day in Williamsburg, which goes well until another dramatic dinner. Karen gets her key to the county, but Mia’s messy game of telephone makes things between Wendy and Gizelle even worse. Later, they discuss the Shahs of Sunset reunion, and the state of MJ and Reza’s relationship.

Aug 30

37 min 21 sec

Bari and Dylan are joined by Crystal Kung Minkoff, and they ask all their burning questions about this season of RHOBH. Crystal talks about joining Housewives during such an intense season, and who in the cast was different than she expected. She shares some new details on her relationship with Sutton, gives her honest opinion of RHONY this season, then gives a full play-by-play of her unique first date with Rob. Earlier in the episode, Dylan and Bari recap this week’s RHOBH, where Dorit and Garcelle clashed.

Aug 26

1 hr 1 min

Dylan and Bari begin the show by speaking out about our greatest societal issues: people believing obviously fake RHONY casting rumors. Then, they recap this week’s episode, which sees the cast once again limping to the Hamptons after a weeks-long COVID shutdown. Later, they discuss Below Deck Med, and why Katie is so reluctant to accept extra help.

Aug 25

34 min 23 sec

Bari and Dylan discuss their underwhelming experiences during Hurricane Henri, but Hurricane Wendy did not disappoint. They discuss Ashley’s arrival in Williamsburg, breast pump and messiness in tow, and break down Wendy’s intense reaction to Gizelle’s meddling in her personal life. Next, they recap the Shahs of Sunset reunion, and try to crack the code of exactly what’s happening in Mike and Paulina’s relationship.

Aug 23

43 min 23 sec

Bari and Dylan kick things off with their reactions to the news that RHOD has effectively been canceled. They each have their own theories on what really happened, and what might happen next. Then, they put on their detective hats and unpack a riveting episode of RHOBH, where Erika is once again in the hot seat. As lines are drawn in the sand, they analyze how each housewife is handling the situation, and how things might shake out as we look ahead to the reunion.

Aug 19

27 min 5 sec

Bari and Dylan are joined by Dorinda Medley, who talks all about writing her new book. She opens up about what it was like to find out she was put “on pause” by Bravo, and how her outlook on Real Housewives has changed in the past year. Earlier in the episode, Dylan and Bari recap a rocky RHONY episode, and get into some Below Deck Med thoughts.

Aug 18

56 min 40 sec

As Rush TikTok is sadly winding down, RHOP’s trip to Williamsburg is heating up, and Dylan and Bari have lots of thoughts on the drama. Karen and Gizelle are still in a bad place, and the Green-Eyed Bandits are about to be on Wendy’s bad side, too. Later, they recap the Shahs of Sunset, and look ahead to a spicy reunion.

Aug 16

37 min 25 sec

Dylan and Bari begin the show by complaining about moving, but no one needs their security deposit back more than Erika Jayne. In this week’s RHOBH recap, an explosive article shifts the group dynamic, with Detective Sutton launching a full-scale investigation into Erika’s LLC. Meanwhile, Rinna and Garcelle’s tension isn’t going anywhere, and Kathy just wants a steak dinner.

Aug 12

34 min 57 sec

Bari and Dylan kick off the show with some Bravo updates, including BravoCon’s cancelation and Jen Shah’s trial date. Then, they recap RHONY, and release their frustrations about Ramona’s horrific behavior at Black Shabbat. Why can’t this woman just shut up? Then, they discuss Below Deck Med, and question how this cast is getting along so well.

Aug 11

31 min 5 sec

Dylan and Bari discuss how the housewives are handling climate change, before diving into their Potomac recap. Gizelle is stepping into another major mess by bringing up the rumors about Eddie, while Mia seems to be turning over a new leaf (for now). As the Williamsburg trip kicks off, they rank the best COVID Housewives vacation homes. After that, they recap Shahs of Sunset, featuring a lovely moment between Reza and MJ, and more Mike and Paulina drama.

Aug 9

39 min 35 sec

Dylan and Bari dive deep on this week’s RHOBH, which sees the ladies trying to make sense of Erika’s increasingly confusing stories. Garcelle arrives to play detective, while Sutton sings the praises of forensic accounting. But most importantly, can someone bring Kathy Hilton her chia seeds?

Aug 5

30 min 46 sec

Dylan and Bari kick things off by recapping RHONY, where the ladies come together for Luann’s big video shoot. Everyone looks great, but WTF is going on with Sonja’s personal life and finances? Next, they break down an extremely chaotic two weeks of Below Deck Med, featuring repeated meltdowns from Lexi, more chef drama, and more questionable leadership from Captain Sandy.

Aug 4

32 min 52 sec