The Power of a Graceful Leader

Alexsys Thompson, MLC, BCC

This show is about explorations with thought-leaders, creators and authors about how they are accessing and refining the graceful leader within. Striving to participate, rather than to achieve perfection, is one of the key capacities actively engaged and honed by all of the amazing humans interviewed in this series. You will learn about evidence-based theories, practical applications, gratitude practices, and ways to cultivate unity, alignment, and love. Alexsys’ work and the growing community dedicated to Ubuntu living and leading have all come to understand what an inner grace center is and how to access and deploy the grace that is within us. Together, and one-by-one, they are each helping to raise the consciousness level of humanity.brbr

If you are interested in diving into a deeper exploration, join us to learn more about awakening the power of a graceful leader within you.We will provide a space for you to challenge your belief systems and uncover your grace center.

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Kay and I explore the meaning of grace, the action of grace and our ability to simply be grace.

Nov 30

54 min 56 sec

During our time together Richard and I explore how grace intersects with each of the six tenets of a graceful leader. Richard shares some personals experiences with us a long the way and takes us along for a deep dive into grace itself.

Nov 15

51 min