Herpes 101

Rich Mancuso

Author Rich Mancuso (Asking For a Friend and Never Eat Ice Cream off the Sidewalk), discusses the subject of herpes simplex and the many misconceptions surrounding this taboo subject. It's all on the table. The stigma, sex, and the numerous facts about herpes that many people are completely unaware that they even exist. If you like to read, I have free articles (with scientific references), available on my website @ https://askingforafriend.us Just click on the link for articles.

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Is it a cloud that hangs over you? Is it a feeling? Is it the monster under your bed, or is it just all in your head? Let's take a journey into a much deeper look on what makes up the stigma and question its origins. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than you think...


Jul 12

31 min 5 sec

Have you ever wondered if there were any differences or similarities between HSV-1 and HSV-2? The answers may suprise you... A readable version of this podcast (including scientific references), is available here: https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/what-is-the-difference-between-herpes-type-one-and-type-two


May 1

13 min 19 sec

I understand all too well the range of emotions that a person may feel when they first hear the words "you have herpes." It may seem scary at first, but I can tell you it's going to be ok and you are going to be just fine.   Please see these articles that I mention in this podcast, I believe they will help you. https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/you-have-just-been-diagnosed-with-herpes-now-what https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/to-whom-it-may-concern https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/herpes-what-foods-can-i-eat-to-stop-the-outbreaks https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/a-little-about-lysine


Mar 14

20 min 34 sec

A discussion on why some people experience herpes symptoms more than other people. Original article and references available here: https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/herpes-why-do-some-people-experience-more-symptoms-than-others

Feb 10

11 min 54 sec

An in depth discussion about Lysine and Herpes


Jan 12

16 min 13 sec

Will Herpes affect contracting the Corona virus? A few mornings ago, I woke to see several of the same questions about herpes and the possible connection to the coronavirus. One particular question that stood out was, ""If I have herpes, would it make me more susceptible to catching other viruses, including Corona?"" I think this assumption was being made for a few reasons. Let's find out what they are... Podcast references found here: https://askingforafriend.us/articles/f/will-herpes-affect-contracting-the-corona-virus.


Jan 6

11 min 14 sec

When people talk about dating and disclosing their herpes status to another person, it seems like many of us forget that dating is an equal playing field and we have just as much value as the person we are dating or interested in. You should never feel like you are wasting someones time because that's BS. Feeling this way implies that the other person has more value than you.....NOT TRUE. You have value, perhaps you just forgot? https://askingforafriend.us


Jan 6

7 min 2 sec

A what is the stigma on herpes? Are their multiple things contributing to it? Is it all in our head? Just our imagination? Or is it much deeper than that? Let’s dig in..


Jan 6

9 min 10 sec