leaders for life radio

By Paul Mitchell Leadership Coach and Author

Listen to Paul Mitchell, Founder and Managing Director of 'the human enterprise' as he interviews some of our top leaders about how to create the most meaningful workplaces on the planet. ‘leaders for life radio’ gives you the opportunity to access some of the Asia Pacific's top leaders. You'll hear from leaders from all walks of life - business, community, the arts and sport - and find out what being an enterprising leader means to them. You’ll learn why they lead, what inspires them, and how they authentically excite their followers to exceptional performance.

  1. 1.
    Leadership Skills: Four Questions For Coaching
  2. 2.
    Interview: "CEO Leadership Lessons" with Hamish Thomson
  3. 3.
    Leadership Skills: Four Steps To Grow Your Confidence
  4. 4.
    Leadership Skills: Four Questions for Clarity
  5. 5.
    Leadership Skills: Don't Start With The End In Mind
  6. 6.
    Leadership Skills: A Culture To Be Proud Of
  7. 7.
    Leadership Skills: Dreaming Bigger
  8. 8.
    Leadership Skills: Who Are Your Influencers

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