Property, Australia's Favourite Obsession

By Jeremy Calnan

G'day my name is Jeremy Calnan and I'm the host of Property - Australia's Favourite Obsession (PAFO). Everybody loves property, we buy it, we sell it. We feel it every day in the city and in the country as we live in apartments, flats, townhouses, on quarter-acre blocks and in courtyard homes. Every minute of every day our lives are touched by property as we visit shopping and medical centres, eat in restaurants and hotels, attend school, the office or any other places of work. Our leisure time is spent in cinemas and theatres, parks and in sporting arenas. We can't get away from it - everybody has a connection to property, as a tenant, a homeowner or as a landlord; hence our obsession with it! @pafopod

  1. 1.
    Julie Collins - Housing, now and then
  2. 2.
    Quick Hits #16 - What is a Family Pledge Loan?
  3. 3.
    Marie Carrel - The Art in Architecture
  4. 4.
    Quick Hits #15 - How to maximise your Borrowing Capacity
  5. 5.
    Dr. Lee Gray - Elevating Society
  6. 6.
    Quick Hits #14 - If Land prices go up, what happens to Apartments?
  7. 7.
    Dr. Jules Willcocks - The Property Surgeon
  8. 8.
    Quick Hits #13 - WARNING! Why you need to protect your credit score

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