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Designed this way podcast is an initiative to start candid conversations with designers and other creative folks, to bring out the stories about the realities of living a creative life. Not just the stories of courage, hard work and success but also the stories of mistakes, rejections and doubts. These wide-ranging conversations also reveal the diversity of thoughts, practices and opinions that exist in the creative world.

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Aarman Roy is a young visual artists and graphic designer from New Delhi, India. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Design from School of Visual Arts, New York. Along with his partner Charu, Aarman Co-founded Akademi Magazine, a leftist print and web publication dedicated to politics, art, culture and society. Aarman overlooks Creative Direction at Akademi. With the tools of graphic design, Aarman liked to create work that’s diverse and beautiful, and the kind of work that pushes aesthetic boundaries. On this episode we talk about how he was about to become an engineer and then how he found his true calling in Design. We talk about the design education he’s pursuing right now, about his work experiences, we deep dive into his process of creating the amazing work he does for Akademi magazine. RELEVANT LINKS (Chronological) Aarman Roy - Akademi Magazine - Akademi’s Instagram - Charu - Tripura - Bangladesh (War of Independence) - Comilla - Aarman’s presentation at Exun - Delhi Technical University - NID - Cinema 4D - Panini Pandey - SVA - Paul Rand - New York Times Behind the Cover - Zipeng Zhu - Wix - DIA - Louise Fili - Adobe After Effects - CAA (India) -,_2019 Citizenship Amendment Act protests - Columbia University - John Dewey - B. R. Ambedkar - Caste - Suraj Yengde - Article 370 of the Constitution of India - Attack on Caravan Journalists - Time :) -

Oct 20

1 hr 27 min

Lisa joined Itu Chaudhuri Design (ICD) soon after her graduation in 1997 from the National Institute of Design (NID), where she studied Visual Communication, and has been a principal at Itu Chaudhri’s Design for over a decade. Lisa leads their UI/UX projects, both ERP and editorial, maintaining a keen, yet skeptical eye on novel developments. Lisa has taught and judged at the NID and and has been a jury member, moderator speaker at UX events. On this episode, we talk about the series of events that led to Lisa becoming a designer, her experience at NID, how she joined ICD as an intern and then worked there for more than two decades. We talk about some projects Lisa has led, her concerns about the world of UX and about the new challenges a design agency like ICD faces in the 2020s and much more. PROJECTS LINKS The Hindu - Re:Reader - Ministry of Utmost Happiness - Quint - RELEVANT LINKS (Chronological) ICD - Itu Chaudhuri’s Podcast - Ambassador Car - Satyajit Ray - NID - CEPT - S Balaram’s Podcast - Elephant Design - CD ROM (For Gen Z) - Rohtang Pass - Rajesh Dahiya’s Podcast - Indigo Restaurant - Open Magazine - InDesign - SEO - Srijan (Drupal Developer) - SENSEX (For non-Indians) - Witness (Exhibition) - The Guardian - IAS - The Hindu - Responsiveness - Ministry of Utmost Happiness - Arundhati Roy - God of Small Things - After Effects - CSS - Bahaus - 2002 Gujarat riots - Quint Magazine - Ritu (Quint) - Raghav (Quint) - Ayodhya Dispute - Confirmation Bias - First-mover advantage - Zamindar - Richa Bharghava -

Jul 6

2 hr 29 min

Balaram is a veteran industrial designer and educator. He was among the first batch of trainees at the National Institute of design. Later he served as a senior faculty and Chairman of Education at the NID. After retiring from NID, he served as a Dean at DJ Academy of Design, Coimbatore. He also helped in the formation of the Craft Development Institute in J&K. Currently, he is the Director of SASI Creative Colleges, Coimbatore. Apart from his contribution to design education in India, he has practiced industrial design for objects/products critical to Indian masses - like a Bicycle, Bullock Cart, Stone-top, Bamboo Duster, Tongue Cleaner etc. He has also published a book compiling his thoughts and academic papers named ‘Thinking Design’. On this episode, we talk about his surreal childhood, the history of Design in India and his love for designing critical ordinary objects that affect the masses. RELEVANT LINKS & INFO S. Balaram’s blog - NID - DJAD - J&K Craft Development Institute - Sasi Creative Inst. of Design - Kashayam - Crushed Mixture in Ayurveda Gunnathotavalasa & Bobili - Visakhapatnam - Kolam - Datun (Balaram used it to make brush) - Tholu bommalata - Sari - Telugu - Projector Slides - Bapu - Rabindranath Tagore - Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay - Premchand - Sardarji (Sikh Man) - Shantiniketan - Kumar Vyas - Dashrat Patel - Jawaharlal Nehru - Sarabhai family - Charles Eames - Pupul Jayakar - The India Report - Lota (vessel) - Calico Mills - Le Corbusier - Bob Gill - Mahendra Patel - (3rd episode) George Nakashima - Soul of a Tree - Henri Matisse - Bruce Archer - Shiva Nallaperumal - Kalamkari - Narasimha - Laurie Baker - Padmanabhapuram Palace - Indian Oil Corporation - Vimana - Oxygenator - Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute - Dhimant Panchal - V. S. Naipaul - Arundhati Roy - Parimal Parmar - Langar - Thinking Design (there’s another edition with NID)- Irma Boom - Barefoot doctor -

May 26

2 hr 43 min

Kalapi is an Indian typeface designer and font engineer. He graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda. And he later pursued his post-graduation in Typeface Design from University of Reading. In 2016, he joined forces with friend and fellow University of Reading graduate Gunnar Vilhjálmsson to set-up Universal Thirst, a design practice specialising in developing typefaces for writing systems of the Indian sub-continent. Universal Thirst has designed multiple latin and Indic bespoke typefaces for various companies, brands and events. Soon, they’re releasing their own retail typefaces. On this episode, we talk about Kalapi’s life, design education and type design work. We talk about his foundry Universal Thirst and the business of Type Design. RELEVANT LINKS Universal Thirst - Kalapi (The Poet) - Saurashtra (region) - Rahul Gajjar - Sandhya Gajjar - MSU Baroda - Baroda/Vadodara - Bhasha - Dr. Ganesh Devy - Pavagadh - Rajkot - NID - Bauhaus - Mahendra Patel - (3rd Episode Guest) Weiden + Kennedy - Hanif Kureshi - GV SreeKumar (IDC) - Fiona Ross - University of Reading - Neelakash Kshetrimanyum - Gerry Leonidas - Gunnar Vilhjálmsson - Erin McLaughlin - Linotype - (Ofcourse) Gerard Unger - Johnathan Barnbrook - John Hudson - Unicode - Shri-lipi - Michael Twyman (with his ephemera) - , , James Mosley - St Bride Library - Linotype Gujarati - Orthography - Matras (Devanagri) - University of Liden - Dutch Type (Book) - Noto - STEAM - Dalton Maag - Metal Type - Backward compatibility - Complex Script - Hangul - Telugu - Nokia Pure by Dalton Maag - Malcolm Wooden & Northern Block Foundry - Typotheque Blog - Logo painted by sign painter Joshua - Sophy Hollington - Korra Denim - Dhaka Arts Summit - Bangla - Fraser Muggeridge Studio - Frieze Sans - Here Maps - Indigo Airlines - Bauhaus (Font) - Anagha Narayanan - Elai - Variable Font -

Apr 22

2 hr 10 min

Sneha is a young designer, art director and illustrator, based out of Bangalore. She graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with a specialisation in Graphic Design. Sneha has worked with various design studios and tech-companies. She also worked as an in-house designer, and later, Creative Lead at Unacademy, an education technology startup that has grown into a unicorn and household name. Soon, Sneha will be starting Prophecy, a design consultancy while she also pursues her many side-projects. One of them being Tip Top Type Tips a whimsical newsletter on typography. On this episode, talk about the series of events that led to becoming a designer, her experience of working as an in-house designer, her side project Tip-Top-Type-Tips, her ace personal branding skills and much more. SECTIONS - TIME INDEX Childhood and Early influences - 00:02:40 Experience at NID - 00:13:20 Discussion on Design Education - 00:31:40 Work Ex at Unacademy - 00:42:44 Discussion on Personal Branding and Social Media - 00:54:00 Tips for Social Media and Online Presence - 01:00:25 Tip Top Type Tips - 1:10:40 RELEVANT LINKS •Sneha Sankar - •Prophecy - •Tip Top Type Tips - •Roshnara - 🙏🏼 Thanks for the Chicken •Sneha’s Cricket Interview - •Toast Masters - •Carnatic Music - •NATA test - •National Institute of Design - •Pragun Aggarwal - •Note : Struckby was a studio run by Sanchit and Prateek •Sanchit Sawaria - •Prateek Upreti - •Lolocal - •Gentrification - •Sneha on Twitter - •Unacademy - •Abhinav - •Notion - •Webflow -
•CMS - •Squarespace - •ReadyMag - •Authority - •10k Designers -

Apr 10

1 hr 23 min

Anant is a creative entrepreneur and design evangelist from New Delhi. He is an alumnus of Wanganui School of Design. New Zealand. He started his first company Inchworks at the age of 23. Currently, he is the Co-founder of The Irregulars Art Fair and creative agency called Bakheda. On this episode, we talk about Anant’s journey as a designer, about the ventures he started and his opinions on design entrepreneurship. Anant also shares with us his personal tips on networking, time management and work-life balance. RELEVANT LINKS Anant Ahuja - Rajouri Garden - Sikhs Wanganui School of Design - Synesthesia - Satchi and Satchi - Klim Typefoundry - Claudia Borella - Kunel Gaur - Animal - Arvid Lithander - For links regarding work experience of Anant - Lakh - AIESEC - Belo AirBNB - Jalebi - Imerti - Hauz Khas, New Delhi - Worli, Mumbai - Fyre Fest - Bojack Horseman - Mr. Peanutbutter - Times Internet - Times Bridge - Thane Richard - The Irregulars arts fair - Tarini Sethi - Bakheda - 72andSunny - Kukri - Champa Gali - Blue Tokai - Odd Bird Theatre - Hauz Khas Village - Gentrification - Mood Board (Just incase someone doesn’t know about them) -

Mar 2020

1 hr 18 min

Ishita is an illustrator and graphic designer from New Delhi. She is a graduate of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and is currently pursuing her masters in Illustration as Visual Essay at the School of Visual Arts, New York. She loves to document moments from her life and travels in her sketchbooks. She co-authored and illustrated - The Girl who went to the Stars and Other Extraordinary Lives, a book published by Penguin Random House, India. On this episode, we talk about Ishita’s journey as a designer and about how she acquired the obsessive habit of documentation through sketching. She also shares with us her struggles in finding a right work-life balance and her efforts to build sustainable work habits. SECTIONS - TIME INDEX Childhood and Early influences - 00:02:00 Design Education at NID - 00:11:30 Graduation Project - 00:21:26 Part-time job with a start-up - 00:24:40 Book - ‘The Girl Who Went to the Stars: and Other Extraordinary Lives’ - 00:28:55 Masters Program at SVA - 00:41:50 Project - Unladylike - 00:55:00 Thesis Project - 01:02:00 RELEVANT LINKS Ishita Jain - Ishita Jain Instagram - Streams in Indian Senior Secondary education - Cuttlefish - My podcast with Rajesh Dahiya - I can draw (Book) - Ruskin Bond - Entomology - Gemology - NID - Srishti Institute - Green Goose Design - Tarun Deep Giridhar - Guesthouser - The Girl Who Went to the Stars: and Other Extraordinary Lives - Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - Naomi Kundu - Kalpana Chawla - Janaki Ammal - SVA - Visual Journalism - Parsons New School - Pratt Institute - Unladylike - Nariana, Delhi - Riverside Park (Manhattan) - New York Botanical Gardens - Roberto Burle Marx - Wendy MacNaughton - Dr. Ina Vandebroek - Alex W. Crowder - Auroville -

Feb 2020

1 hr 28 min

Ashwini is the co-founder of Elephant Design, India’s largest independent integrated design consultancy with offices in India & Singapore. On this episode, we talk about Ashwini’s journey as a designer, how and why she started Elephant Design with her friends. She also shares with us the thought and process behind some key projects created by the studio. We discuss the unique challenges of being a design entrepreneur in India and about sustaining India’s oldest and largest multi-disciplinary design company against all the odds. SECTIONS - TIME INDEX Childhood and Early influences - 00:02:00 Design Education at NID - 00:09:00 Founding Elephant Design - 00:15:40 Projects : 1. Paper Boat - 00:52:00 2. Tata Salt - 01:13:30 3. Organic India - 01:24:45 4. Epigamia - 01:38:00 Studio culture that scales - 01:49:00 Discussion on Design Awards - 01:55:00 RELEVANT LINKS Elephant Design - Elephant Design Wikipedia Page - Aurangabad, Maharashtra - NID - IDC DIA Studio - IIM, Ahmedabad - Nehru Centre - Deutsche Mark - German Unification - Lakh - Pune - Make in India - Brand New Conference - Forest Young - Uber Rebranding by Wolf Ollins - PANTONE - LLP - Sole proprietorship - Confidentiality Agreement - Bookkeeping - Paper Boat Drinks - Paper Boat Branding - Aam Panna - Aamras - Jal Jeera - Jagjit Singh, Woh Kagaz ki Kashti - Doy Pouches - Sensory Branding - Thandai - Kokum - Tata Salt - Tata Salt Packaging redesign - Brand Positioning - Tata Chemicals - Brand equity - Thali - Organic India - Organic India packaging design - Tulsi - tulsi wikipedia in marathi Lucknow - Tulsi in Hinduism - Epigamia Yogurt Brand - Epigamia packaging design - Epigamia (Greek term) - Ghee - Ghee Spread -

Jan 2020

2 hr 3 min

Ritesh began his career advertising while at Wieden+Kennedy, Deutsch, and Saatchi & Saatchi and has since transitioned to leading Product Design and Branding in-house at mission-driven startups. He recently led a 360-degrees rebrand of a dog food startup called Pet Plate with Sagmeister & Walsh and R/GA, while serving as the Senior Director of Brand & UX. Currently, he is working with Serial Box, where he is (re)designing, (re)building, (re)positioning, & (re)branding the platform. On this episode, Ritesh shares with us the story behind how he got into the world of design. He takes us through the Pet Plate’s branding process, from the time the startup decided to rebrand, to deciding on the right design agency for the task and about the partnership with Sagmeister and Walsh (now known as And Walsh). He also talks about the importance of measuring the impact of design and how it can transform our industry. He also talks about diversity, inclusion and equity in the world of design. SECTIONS - TIME INDEX Childhood, Education and Early days of work - 00:03:00 Hungry Harvest - 00:18:30 Petplate - 00:24:00 Measuring the impact of design - 01:06:00 Diversity, Inclusion and Equity - 01:29:00 RELEVANT LINKS Ritesh Gupta - Serial Box - Brand New Conference - Temecula, California -,_California UCLA - MET Logo - Wieden+Kennedy - Media planning - Saatchi & Saatchi - Deutsch agency Shark Tank - Hungry Harvest - Robert Herjavec - SNAP - Pet Plate - Renaldo Webb - Sagmeister and Walsh - And Walsh - Pet Plate project on And Walsh website - McKinsey - RFP - Jessica Walsh - First Round Conference - Anthropomorphism - Moderat Font - A/B testing - Multivariate testing - Customer acquisition cost - Customer lifetime value - McKinsey, The business value of design - POC, People of Colour - Design Census 2019 - Non-binary gender - Jammu city, India - Glassdoor - Ritesh’s Email ID - Daler Mehndi -

Jan 2020

2 hr 8 min

Kimya Gandhi is a type designer from Mumbai with a passionate interest in Indic type design. She is an alumnus of National institute of Fashion Technology and Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai. She got her professional start interning at Linotype in 2010. Over the next few years she freelanced for several type foundries catering to their multi-script requirements. In 2015, she became a partner at Mota Italic and now focuses on Indic and Latin designs for retail and custom corporate projects. On this episode, we talk about Kimya’s journey as a designer and about some of her key type design projects. She also talks about the unique challenges of designing fonts for Indic scripts and about business aspects of the type design industry. RELEVANT LINKS Kimya Gandhi - Motaitalic type foundry - Madh Island - NIFT - Fashion Communication - NID - Lettering - IDC, IIT Mumbai - White Crow Design - Type Design at Univ. of Reading - Type Design at KABK, Netherlands - CDAC - Fontographer - Prof. Kirti Trivedi -
Kohei Sugiura - Gurmukhi Script -
Mahendra Patel - Linotype - Monotype - Indian Type Foundry - Satya Rajpurohit -
Devanagri - DIN Next - Jubilee - Akira Kobayashi -
Type design intensive course -
Cleveland Museum of Art -
Gerry Leonidas -
Fiona Ross -
Indic Scripts -
Dr Vaibhav Singh -
Rob Keller -
Sharad Typeface Download. -
SETU Advertising -
Conjunct consonant -
Maku Typeface -
Dingbats -
Glyphs App - Robofont -
Chikki Typeface - Chikki, the food - Boaty, McBoatface - Shirorekha - Physics Envy -
Link to my upcoming Gurumukhi Type Inspiration (Mentioned in the podcast) -
Golden Temple - Type Design Resources from Motaitalic -
David Jonathan Ross -
Inga Plönnigs - OTF - TTF - WOFF -
Futurefonts - EULA -
Apache License -
Danfo Std by Da Design -

Dec 2019

1 hr 5 min

Seyi Olusanya and Damilola Marcus are the founders of Dá Design Studio, a brand identity design studio from Lagos. Dá Design believes in pushing the boundaries of brand expression in Nigeria, testing the zeitgeist and most importantly, creating effective communication. On this episode we will talk about Damilola and Seyi’s journey as designers, about the formation of da design studio and about the iconic work created by the studio. We will also talk about the unique challenges and opportunities of operating a design studio in Nigeria. RELEVANT LINKS Dá Design Studio - Lagos, Nigeria University of Nigeria Nigerian Independence - RGB vs CMYK - vs Yourba culture - Market March - Pidgin - Igbo People - Kofe Club - Cowrywise - Y Combinator - Niara Symbol - Indian Rupees Symbol - Danfo Typeface - Nollywood - YabaTech - Dribbble Meetups - Ije Nwokorie - Eddie Opara - Osaze Amadasun - BINI playing cards - The Fallacy Of The African Aesthetic - Kerala Sari -

Sep 2019

1 hr 40 min

Rajesh Dahiya is a designer, brand consultant and design educator. He graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and later he pursued a Masters programme at Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea in Italy with specialisation in Interaction Design. In 2004 he started his own studio Codesign. The studio designs identity and communication to connect ideas and people, creating impact for brands and value for organisations. Since its inception, the studio has worked across industry sectors and scale. On this episode, we talk about Rajesh Dahiya’s journey as a designer. He tells us how and why he started his studio - Codesign. He also shares with us the thinking and process behind some of the key projects that the studio has created thus far. SECTION TIME INDEX Childhood and Early influences - 00:03:00 Design Education at NID - 00:39:20 Internship and Work at ICD - 00:58:25 Masters in Interaction Design School, Ivrea - 01:09:20 Revising Graphic Design curriculum at NID - 01:18:15 Founding Codesign - 01:25:00 Projects : 1. Nirmal Bharat Wash Yatra - 01:41:00 2. Asian Paints Colour Quotient - 01:52:16 3. Nyoli - 02:00:35 4. Royal Enfield - 02:06:00 5. Dr. Reddy’s - 02:51:15 6. Wildcraft - 03:24:19 7. Script - 03:39:41 RELEVANT LINKS Codesign - Rohtak, Haryana - Motilal Nehra School of Sports Rai (Dahiya’s Alma Mater) - Futura Pressure Cooker - School of Planning and Architecture - National Institute of Design - Dandi March - S. Balaram - DJ Academy - Pushpendra Nath Mishra - Mahendra Patel - ICD - Itu Chaudhuri - Akzidenz Grotesk - Interaction Design Institute Ivrea - MP Ranjan - Casey Reas - Codesign project with Levi’s - Lotus Design Architects - Amardeep Behl - Nirmal Bharat Wash Yatra - Quicksand - Wash united - Flying Saucer film Asian Paints - Colour Quotient - Dekho - Nyoli - Royal Enfield - Eicher Motors - Wolfgang Weingart - Type Hinting - Dr. Reddy’s - Schedule H Drug - Wildcraft Branding - Godrej Interio - Branding Script -

Aug 2019

4 hr

Neha is the founder and principal designer of NH1 Design, which is an integrated branding consultancy firm from Gurgaon. What makes NH1’s work unique is the emphasis on the design approach that focussed on storytelling, touching emotions and creating thoughtful experiences. On today’s episode, we talk about Neha’s journey as a designer and about how she started her own design practise - NH1 Design. She also shares with us the thinking and process behind some of the interesting work that the firm has created so far. And this episode is filled with great advice and tips from Neha, which are really helpful for young creative professionals. RELEVANT LINKS Nh1 Design - Neha Tulsian - ‘The Birthplace’ Branding - Hyderabad - Kolkata - Marwari People - Wysiwyg communications - Lintas - Rediffusion - APJ Surendra group - Preeti Paul - London college of Communication (LCC) - Johnson Banks - Radform Wallis - Unreal Design - William Murray Hamm - Bangalore (Bengaluru) - Ray and Keshavan - VGC - Nitesh Estates - Nitesh Shetty - Gurgaon (Gurugram) - NH1 : National Highway 1 - CPO Branding - Ottobock - Gait training - Majja Branding - Vada Pao - Chola Puri - Ahmedabad - Design for Non-designers - Central Square foundation - Don’t hide it. Period. - Asian Bariatrics -

Jun 2019

59 min 11 sec

Jasjyot is an illustrator who is inspired by an explosive neon mix of fashion, music and pop culture. His work chronicles around themes of body image, sexuality and self love. On this episode, we talk about Jasjyot’s life and his journey towards becoming the amazing artist he is now. We talk about zines, illustrations and fashion. Jasjyot shares with us some extremely personal experiences that had a formative impact on him. DISCLAIMER : The episode contains explicit content/language.
 RELEVANT LINKS Bystander by Kadak - Bystander Kickstarter - - Jasjyot Singh Hans - To Babes, with Love - Sikhism - Sikh army - NID - Deviantart - Jasjyot’s Blogspot - Sardarni Satwant Kaur (character design by jasjyot)- A dress a day - Surabhi Chauhan - Sabyasachi Mukherjee - Topsia, Kolkata - Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code - Wendell Rodricks - Manish Arora - Print engineering - Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore - M.F.A. in Illustration Practice | MICA Zine - Risograph - Sikh Ladies in Sick Fashion - Johnny Lever - Typical (problematic) representation of Sikhs in Bollywood in the 90s - Diljit Dosanjh - Cornelia Sorabji - Gaysi - Machineast on Designed this way - Kulture Shop - Takashi Murakami - Chupa Chups logo designed by Salvador Dali - Sikhs call headpiece sold by Gucci disrespectful mimicry -

May 2019

1 hr 30 min

Itu Chaudhuri completed his bachelor’s degree in architecture from SPA, Delhi, but left that profession to pursue his interest in Graphic Design. He started his Graphic design practice in the mid-80s, before the advent of computer desktop publishing. He is the founder and principal designer of ICD - one of the best design studios in India. He runs the studio along with his partner Lisa Rath. Since its inception, the studio has created a huge body of work, across many design disciplines that go beyond the purview of graphic design. On this episode, Itu talks to us about his journey as a designer. He talks about the transition he made, from being an Architect to a Graphic design professional and he talks about starting his own studio. He also talks about the importance of writing down our thoughts and about conscious explicit thinking. Itu shares with us the stories behind some notable client projects the studio has produced. RELEVANT LINKS Itu Chaudhuri Design - In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones - Arundhati Roy - Pradip Krishen - School of Planning and Architecture - Sankho Chaudhuri (Itu’s father) - Ira Chaudhuri (Itu’s mother)- Parsis - R K Joshi - X'Lents - Usha (Iyer) Uthup - Darkroom - Typesetting machine - DOS - Windows runtime - Adobe Pagemarker - Communication theory - Aurobind Patel - Italic script - Typography Day 2015 keynote by Itu - NID - NDTV - UX design - IIM Ahmedabad - Haldiram’s - Bhujia - Economic Times work by ICD - Business Standard - Times of India - Nimrod by Monotype - Mike Monteiro - Itu’s Blog - Specialists vs Generalists - Satyajit Ray - Lisa Rath - Vernacular Etymology - A Class Apart - Truck art in South Asia - Auto rickshaw - Gurgaon - Devi - Mohenjo-daro - Harappa - Dutch Design - Rembrandt - Fab India - Modernism - Motorsport / Motoracing - Motocross - Kancha(hindi) - Marbles - Design thinking -

Apr 2019

2 hr 39 min

Raj Dongre is a painter from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He primarily practices of Truck art, sign and wall painting. He is also associated with All India Permit, a platform created by Farid Bawa with a mission of reviving, preserving and promoting the vibrant art form of Truck painting. On this episode, Raj talks about his journey as a painter. He talks about the pre-printing era of film poster painting. He shares some interesting insights into his profession. We also talk about the changing dynamics and the future of truck art and truck artists. Hindi Translation of Difficult words श्रोताओं - Listeners फूल पत्ती - decoration आर्थिक - Financial/Economic निसर्ग - Nature रंग संगती - Colour Combination/Scheme पदक न्यास - Foot Movement/Technique RELEVANT LINKS Raj Dongre / All India Permit - Nagpur, Maharashtra - Arni, Maharashtra -,_Maharashtra Devanagri - Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts - Panvel, Maharashtra - VT (now known as CST) - Juhu, Mumbai - Air India Maharaja Mascot - / Asian games Elephant Mascot (Appu) - / Taluka (Tehsil) - Amravati, Maharashtra - Hero Honda Splendor - Truck art - Farid Bawa - Vinyl Stickers - Radium - Dhaba - Plotter - Wagah Border - Stefan Sagmeister - Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands - Mowgli - Mannat ka sher - Gatka - Jugaad -

Feb 2019

50 min 47 sec

Farid Bawa is a designer from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He is currently working in Amsterdam with the creative agency DDB & Tribal. Few years back he started a digital platform called All India permit, to create a support system for truck artists and to help them gain global recognition. All India Permit is on a mission of reviving, preserving and promoting this vibrant art form. On this episode, we talk about different aspects of truck art. We talk about Farid’s project AIP, we talk about the AIP road trip and about the future of this art form. Hindi/Punjabi section 12:10 – 17:40 Hindi/Marathi section 29:00 – 31:30 and 32:28 – 35:46 RELEVANT LINKS All India Permit - Nagpur - Trucks in India - History of truck art - Lassi - Pune - MIT institute of design, Pune - Rawalpindi, Pakistan - Partition of India - Vinyl Stickers - Radium - Chakka (Axle) - Ogilvy - Cold rolled sheets - Go Gallery - All India Permit (Actual permit) - Jalna, Maharashtra - Amravati, Maharashtra - Shaheed Bhagat Singh - Drone - Dynamo - Malegaon, Maharashtra - Aurangabad, Maharashtra -,_Maharashtra Appropriation - and Kerning and Leading Vans - Risograph - India-Pakistan relations -–Pakistan_relations Stefan Sagmeister -

Jan 2019

53 min 9 sec

Rezaliando (Ando) and Fizah Rahim are the co-founders and design directors of Machineast, a creative studio based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Machineast creates rich visual aesthetics for 3D still and motion-graphics with a unique flavour. Machineast has been creating amazing work in collaboration with worldwide creative studios, agencies and some of the leading brands of the world. On this episode, we talk about their journey as 3D artists and creative professionals. Fizah and Ando talk about their struggles with creative burnouts and how they found a work-life balance. They also share their secret recipe for creating unique aesthetics and their approach to client work. RELEVANT LINKS Machineast - Sandakan, Borneo - Borneo, Malaysia - Indonesian Language - Hijab - Borneoan Languages - Pekanbaru, Indonesia - One Design Academy - Wanganui School of Design - Slipknot - Incubus - After Effects - Key Framing - Hue Visualab - Singapore - Critica - Behance - 3D art - NIKE Air Max - Rainbow Paper series - 36 Days of type - 36 Days of Type project by Machineast - Anamatics - Foreign Policy Design - & podcast episode on Bravo Rocks - PHUNK studio - BLACK design - Jackson Tan - Art Zoo - Graphika Manila - Skillshare -

Jan 2019

1 hr 18 min

Shubhankar Ray is one the most sought after creative directors and thought leaders in the world of branding. He has developed and mastered a counter-intuitive approach to re-framing and developing modern brands in the 21st century. He started his career as a Scientist, but left the lab early to re-invent and transform some of the world’s top fashion and lifestyle brands including Levi’s, Caterpillar, Camper, Sony and G-star RAW. On today’s episode, Shubhankar shares with us the crazy story behind how he got into the world of branding. He shares his experience of creating a cultural universe around a brand and about designing for fans instead of consumers. He also talks about the influence of Punk attitude and DIY culture on his life and career. And he shares his opinion about the future of branding. Shubhankar Ray - Kyoorius Design Yatra - Kolkata - Manchester university - Desmond Haynes - The Haçienda -çienda Joy Division - New order - Punk Rock - DIY in Punk Music - Alternative Culture - Happy Mondays - Street Wear - Nestle brand portfolio - JWT - Ogilvy - Levi’s - Caterpillar apparel - Shubhankar for Caterpillar - Oliviero Toscani - Luciano Benetton - Fabrica - Richard Avedon - Camper - G-star - New York Fashion Week - Poetry in the middle of fashion show - Rudyard Kipling’s War Poem - G-Star X Leica Camera - Vitra - Jean Prouvé - Pimp my ride MTV - Jay Z - Justin Beiber - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Skrillex - G-star Skeleton Dog -

Dec 2018

44 min 28 sec

Karan Singh is an Australian visual artist and illustrator. He is originally from Sydney but now living and working in Amsterdam. His work is bold and vibrant. He creates a playful interpretation of minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension using hypnotising patterns and repetition. His work is very much inspired by op-art movement. His art lives in a variety of mediums, from prints to sculpture to music videos and augmented reality. His client list includes Instagram, IBM, Apple, Air BnB, Nike, the band OK Go. On this episode, Karan talks to us about his work and his life. He shares his thoughts behind his client projects and his personal projects. We talk about his struggles and his triumphs. RELEVANT LINKS Kyoorius Design Yatra - Karan Singh - Sat Shri Akal - Art Attack - Bob Ross - Abobe Flash - Processing - Computer Art Magazine - Chuck Anderson/No Pattern - Depthcore art - Op Art - Ash Leech - Jazzy B - Dutch Design - The Daily Quickies - Nike Winter Olympics - Lookmate - Augumented Reality - Zach Lieberman -

Nov 2018

1 hr 12 min

Yah Leng is the founder of Foreign Policy Design, an award-winning design bureau and think tank of artists, scientists, problem-solvers, polymaths, storytellers and strategists. Yah Leng also co-created the official museum store Gallery & Co at the National Gallery Singapore. She is the President of The Design Society in Singapore. On today’s episode, we talk about Yah Leng’s journey as a designer and about how she started the Foreign Policy Design design bureau. We talk about some of the projects created by the design bureau including Brand Guide, Critical Mass, Space Program and Gallery and Co. We also talk about activities based projects like Lumen sessions and The Swap Show. And Yah Leng shares her opinion on design in Singapore. RELEVANT LINKS Kyoorius Design Yatra - Foreign Policy Design - Yah Leng Yu - Gallery & Co - The Design Society, Singapore - Brand Guide Singapore - Critical Mass - BUY Critical Mass (Limited Copies) - Space Program - Lumen - (Bottom half of the page) Swap Show - Mumbai - Kyoorius Design Awards - Indian Signage Lettering/Vernacular Design in India - Indian Truck Art - History of Sinapore - Japanese occupation of Singapore - Chinese Calligraphy - Boston, Georgia - Macromedia Director (Later known as Adobe Director) - Flash Websites - Hangul Script - Photograph credits - Jovian Lim -

Nov 2018

48 min 9 sec

Gadi Amit is the Founder & President of NewDealDesign, a Strategic Technology Design Studio based in San Francisco. He is the person behind some of the most innovative and market-winning products in the last two decades. Some of the most notable product designs his studio has created include the design of Fitbit, the first Lytro camera, the Google Ara modular phone and Sproutling baby monitor. In 2013, Michelle Obama presented Gadi Amit with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for product design. Gadi Amit is passionate about creating design that is both socially responsible and generates real world success. On this episode, Gadi talks about his life, influences and his value system. He talks about his opinions on technology, design and ethics. We also talk about the design process behind Fitbit and Lytro camera. And Gadi shares his opinions on the future of wearable technology and Cyborg-ism. RELEVANT LINKS New Deal Design - Kyoorius Design Yatra - Tel Aviv - STEM studies -,_technology,_engineering,_and_mathematics Sierra Leone - Hassan Fathi - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design - Jerusalem - Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Jerusalem-,_Jerusalem Bauhaus - First Macintosh - Scitex - Rafi Holtzman - Model Maker - Apple - (Just in case) Jony Ive - Steve Jobs Biography - Hartmut Esslinger - Dieter Rams - Windows 95 - Packard Bell - Snow White design language - Dot-com bubble - Lytro Camera - Light Field Technology - Ren Ng - Kaleidoscope - Tech User Testing - and Ara Phone - Ara Phone design by New Deal Design - Fitbit - and Pedometer - Fastcompany - 2008 Financial crisis -–2008 Linda Tischler - National Design Awards - Nuclear Football - Ethics of Technology - Machine Learning - Graphical user interface - Cyborgs - Wearable Technology - Medical Assistive technology - Implantable User-Interface by New Deal Design - Goa -

Oct 2018

1 hr 5 min

Twins Cartoon is the pseudonym of Egyptian artists Mohamed & Haitham El-seht. They are cartoonists based in Cairo and the founders of a platform called Kawkab El Rasameen (Planet of Painters). Kawkab el Rasameen has grown into a large community for local artists and they hold gatherings in the streets of Egypt as well as workshops between professional, underground and amateur artists. The twin brothers have also started a magazine for comic book artists called - Garage magazine. On this episode, Haitham and Mohamed talk about their work, their platform and the magazine. They talk about the history of comic books in the Middle-East and about the present and the future of independent comic book artists in Egypt. RELEVANT LINKS Twins Cartoon - Kawkab El Rasameenكوكب الرسامين - Egyptian Revolution 2011 Garage جراج - Bala Murugan - Kyoorius Design Yatra - Al-Awlad - (I coundn’t find any other link on this topic except for this article on Medium) Katkot - History of Egypt under the British colonialization - Maharashtra - Head Bobble - Yinka Illori - Zahra’s Paradise, Amir and Khalil -

Oct 2018

28 min 23 sec

Anthony is a cross-disciplinary visualiser and thinker. He is the founder and principal designer of Lopez Design, a very well-known multidisciplinary communications and branding firm from Delhi. Lopez design has a diverse team consisting of graphic designers, communication experts, product designers, interior architects, software professionals, writers, motion and digital designers. On this episode, we talk about his journey as a designer. Anthony tells us how and why he started his own studio. And we talk about the work, studio culture and the future of Lopez Design. RELEVANT LINKS Anthony Lopez - Lopez Design - NID - Sujata Keshavan - Preeti Vyas - Form - Amardeep Behl - Design Habitat - Shahpur Jat - Bihar Museum - Lord Cultural Resources - Maki and Associates - Bihar - Chanakya - I am Bihar Museum Booklet - (Slideshow in middle of the page) Bodhi Tree - P-Mark oil - Partner's Forum - Pipili Craft - Ayushman Bharat - Lopez Forum - Lopez Forum Youtube - Dastangoi - Contact Lopez Design - Contact for Job Openings -

Oct 2018

1 hr 10 min

Ishan Khosla is a design thinker, visual artist and Graphic Designer from New Delhi. He has strong irreverence towards ongoing design trends and a genuine interest in Indian design ethos. On this episode, Ishan talks about his journey as a designer and his opinions about design in India. Ishan also shares the insights he gathered while working on some of his projects - Sweeping Change(Jhadu Project), Pardesi Project, Sangam and Typecraft project. He also talks about the experience of running his own design studio - Ishan Khosla Design. RELEVANT LINKS Ishan Khosla - SVA - Steven Heller - steven heller NID - Design Academy Eindhoven - Article : Unconscious Design - Droog Design - Dharavi Broom project - Rajive Sethi - Asian Heritage Foundation - Shitla Mata - sheetla mata mandir gurga… SANGAM - Mehndi - Book Covers by Ishan Khosla - Oz Fest Identity design- Australian Aboriginal culture - Pardesi Project - Devi Art Foundation - Turban in India - Typecraft project - Gondi People - Pakko -

Sep 2018

52 min 1 sec

Kruttika is an illustrator, a Graphic Designer, a maker of zines and comics. Her work explores themes of gender, sexuality and intersections of visual design with social impact. On this episode, Kruttika talks about her professional experiences. Her experience of interning at Brainwave Magazine, her experience of working with Dev Kabir Malik and experience as a full-time freelancer. She also talks about the representation of human body in art, about gender and sex education and about creating design for social Impact. We also discuss about the problems and opportunities in putting your work online and about self-promotion. RELEVANT LINKS Kruttika Susarla - DJ Academy - Tinkle - Chandamama comics - Dev Kabir Malik - YP Foundation - Body Proportions - Somesh Kumar - Zines - Kruttika on Instagram -

Sep 2018

46 min 18 sec

Shiva is a Chennai based type designer, Illustrator and Graphic designer. On today's episode, he shares his experience of being mentored by Tal Leming, his experience of interning at Pentagram and other important events that shaped his design career. Shiva also shares his opinions on variable fonts, custom brand typefaces, font names, research & experimentation, the Indian identity and many other important topics - like Memes. RELEVANT LINKS Shiva Nallaperumal - DJ Academy - SM Shah - Designed this way with Vaibhav Kumaresh - :) Nikunj Patel - Tal leming - FF Beowolf - Kufic - Hassan Massoudy - Ellen Lupton - Abbott Miller - Thinking with type - Design writing an research - Pentagram - Calcula - SOTA - Dekho - & Iron And wine - Enemy - Typotheque - Bold Monday - IBM Plex - Variable Fonts - Doggo Pupper Memes - Screen Saviors -

Aug 2018

1 hr 4 min

Vaibhav Kumaresh is among the few people creating original animated content exclusively for the Indian Audience. One of his most iconic work is the angry animated maths teacher Simpu Singh. On this episode, Vaibhav Kumaresh talks about how he found his calling as an Animator. He talks about the joys of being a student and the importance of telling our own stories. He also talks about his opinions on the Indian Animation Industry. RELEVANT LINKS Vaibhav Studios - Vaibhav Studios Youtube - Simpu Singh - Return of the Jungle - Ek Anek Aur Ekta - Suresh Eriyat - Nina Sabnani - National Institute of Design - Doraemon - Chaar Sahibzaade -

Aug 2018

1 hr 25 min

On this episode Professor Mahendra Patel talks about the highlights of his life and how he discovered the discipline of graphic design at National Institute of Design. He talks about his long association with Adrian Frutiger and his experience as a design educator. RELEVANT LINKS About Mahendra Patel - Personal Blog of Mahendra Patel - National Institute of Design - Sarabhais and NID - KG Subramanyam - Adrian Frutiger - Gutenberg Award -

Aug 2018

1 hr 5 min

On this episode, Mira Malhotra talks about her journey as a designer, how she discovered her voice as an artist and her love for Indian Aesthetics. We also discuss about the impact of social media on Artists and Designers. You’ll hear from her about the things she learnt while working on many different projects and while running her own studio. This episode is filled with many other interesting topics of discussions and surprises for you. DISCLAIMER : The episode contains explicit language. RELEVANT LINKS Studio Kohl - Kiss by Kohl- Tarun Deep Giridher - Zines - Kadak Collective - Jyotindra Jain - National Institute of design - Homa Delvaray -

Jul 2018

1 hr 19 min

On this episode, Mohor Ray talks in-depth about the creation of the book 'Dekho' and about creating meaningful self-initiated projects. She also talks about curation and documentation of design in India. She also talks about curation and documentation of design in India. RELEVANT LINKS Buy Dekho - Read More about Dekho - National Institute of design - Irma Boom - M.P. Ranjan - Design Yatra -

Jul 2018

1 hr 1 min