Powerful at Work Radio

By Rosa Ponce de Leon

The Powerful at Work Radio Podcast provides weekly insights into how seasoned leaders optimize their workforce. Learn how CEO’s and business experts invigorate their teams and maximize performance, so you can too. Each episode offers advice about professional development and fostering strong relationships you can implement today. Work should provide fulfillment and be an extension of your life’s purpose. Listen in weekly to learn how to cultivate a gratifying work culture.

  1. 1.
    E53: “Getting your team to embrace and believe in new ways of doing things” with Keith Murley, Business & Technology Executive
  2. 2.
    E52: “How being a caring leader can transform your workplace culture” with Margo Fowkes, Consultant & Founder of Salt Water
  3. 3.
    E51: “Innovation: If everything you try works, you’re not being bold enough” with Paul Sloane, Innovation Consultant
  4. 4.
    E50: “Are empathy and vulnerability leadership superpowers?” with Chuck & Ashley Elliott, Relationship Specialists
  5. 5.
    E49: “What is miscommunication costing your business?” with Jill Schiefelbein, Award-winning Business Owner & Author
  6. 6.
    E48: “The cost of a toxic workplace” with Neil Schambra Stevens, Founder, Mercury Jam
  7. 7.
    E47: “Breaking the leadership mould” with Erin Jewell, Executive Coach, Leadership Professor, Podcast Host
  8. 8.
    E46: “Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity, you need both!” with Dov Baron, Leadership Strategist
  1. 9.
    E45: “The Peter Principle and approaching leadership from a place of service” with Dov Baron, Leadership Strategist
  2. 10.
    E44: “Build your expertise, your network, and your bank account” with Kelly Hoey, Author, Speaker, Networking Expert
  3. 11.
    E43: “Connecting the right talent to the right organization” with Sue Schultz, Career & Life Coach
  4. 12.
    E42: “We all win when we accommodate special needs in the workplace” with Alex Gilbert, Business Consultant
  5. 13.
    E41: “How to simplify things in your business and win back time.” With Kris Ward, Author, Podcaster, Coach, Speaker
  6. 14.
    E40: “Can peer learning help your team become better leaders and champions for culture?” with Mark Herschberg, Author & CTO
  7. 15.
    E39: “Knowing when to rework vs when to rebuild.” with Dr. Eva Lantsoght, Professor in Civil Engineering
  8. 16.
    E38: “Using your personal values, passions, and natural talents to uncover your calling.” with Janet Birgenheier, Certified Career Transformation Coach
  9. 17.
    E37: “Leveraging your emotions to seamlessly adapt through transition” with Noa Ronen, Coach, Speaker, Author
  10. 18.
    E36: “Why change starts with the people on your team, not you as the leader” with Dr. Benjamin Ritter, leadership, career, and empowerment coach, national speaker, podcaster, author, and mentor
  11. 19.
    E35: “Shifting from control to empowerment” with Alisa Cohn, #1 Startup Coach in the world at the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards
  12. 20.
    E34: "The Issue is in the Tissue!" with Janis Isaman, Founder of My Body Couture
  13. 21.
    E33: “The culture of courage” with Betsy Kauffman, Leadership Coach and Organizational Agility Consultant
  14. 22.
    E32: “You’ve Got a Life to Live” with Fitz Koehler, Fitness Expert, Race Announcer, & Author
  15. 23.
    E31: “Trust through transparency” with Robin Dreeke, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Retired FBI Special Agent
  16. 24.
    E30: “We have more in common than we realize” with Tracy Lamourie, Founder, Managing Director, Senior Publicist
  17. 25.
    E29: “Change isn’t an overnight thing” with Peggy O’Neal, Certified Leadership Coach and Lawyer
  18. 26.
    E28: From the Comfort Zone to the Courage Zone with Finka Jerkovic, Author, International Speaker, Workshop Leader and Coach
  19. 27.
    E27: Wearing your heart on your sleeve to pursue your passion, with Alan Meade, Performer, Singer, DJ and Emcee
  20. 28.
    E26: Self Awareness: An important piece of the leadership puzzle, with Shelley Row, PE, CSP, Founder of Blue Fjord Leaders
  21. 29.
    E25: Changing the way we look at mental health, with Tall Paul, Founder of Never Alone
  22. 30.
    E24: Leadership and Teamwork Regardless of Position or Distance with Kevin Eikenberry, Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group
  23. 31.
    E23: Perception: A Key to Success, with Jill Lublin, Author and International Speaker
  24. 32.
    E22: Staying true to YOU without compromise, with Genesis Amaris Kemp, Author and Self-Development Advocate
  25. 33.
    E21: From CEO to Sailor with Larry Jacobson, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach, Adventurer
  26. 34.
    E20: Leadership, vision and the big picture with JB Braden, “The Champion Leader Success Coach”
  27. 35.
    E19: Life and Leadership: A matter of growth, with Bob Burg, Keynote Speaker & Author
  28. 36.
    E18: Can brutal honesty make you a better leader? With Jathan Janove, J.D., Internationally Published Author
  29. 37.
    E17: Leadership, determination, and basics with Robb Braun, Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  30. 38.
    E16: Grace, humility and courage, keys to becoming a stronger leader with John Baldoni, Master Corporate Coach
  31. 39.
    E15: Letting go of your inner critic with Colleen Gianatiempo and Dena Betti, co-hosts and co-founders of iSoulify
  32. 40.
    E7: Let's talk on election day 2020!
  33. 41.
    E14: Overcoming a dark path to taking the plunge to success with David Munford, Podcast Host of Seeing Red
  34. 42.
    E13: The art of setting intention and staying true to your values, with Allison Francis Barksdale
  35. 43.
    E12: Play to your teenager's strengths early, with Jackie Martin
  36. 44.
    E11: Embracing Your Strengths to Love What You Do, with Jackie Martin
  37. 45.
    E10: Breaking down walls and getting into a state of play with Marli Williams, Master Facilitator, Activation Coach & Inspiration Generator
  38. 46.
    E9: Choice is your greatest gift, especially in adversity.
  39. 47.
    E8: How have you prepared for Day Zero?
  40. 48.
    E6: Interview with Andrea Joy Wenburg, CEO and founder of the consulting firm Voice of Influence®
  41. 49.
    E5: Interview of Becky Kekula, Motivational Speaker and Inclusion Advocate
  42. 50.
    E4: Interview with Steve McCullar, Healthcare Professional & Speaker

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