Chukka Talk with Ryan Murphy

By Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy is a lifetime American polocrosse player, coach and author of Polocrosse Made Simple, Player Coach and Champion. His experience extends around the world where he developed many friendships. In this show, he deconstructs world-class players, coaches and other valuable sport contributors. By interviewing these amazing people, he explores the tools and blueprints that listeners can use.

  1. 1.
    #38: Scott Keogh — Top Australian Horse Trainer (with Special Co-Host Renee Thompson)
  2. 2.
    #37: Daniel’s Rules Discussion Part 2: Penalties — Former American Polocrosse Association Chief Umpire
  3. 3.
    #36: The Lyster Sisters — Western Australian and National Team Representative Players Tracey Jarrett, Suzette Thomas, Salli Galvin and Lizzie Reid.
  4. 4.
    #35: Daniel's Rules Discussion Part 1: Overview and Definitions -- Former American Polocrosse Association Chief Umpire
  5. 5.
    #34: Charlotte Pykett (with Special Co-Host Codi Campbell) — Three Time World Cup and High Goal UK Representative Player.
  6. 6.
    #33: Codi Campbell — Zimbabwean Born, South African Resident Player and Leader of the Polocrosse Bible
  7. 7.
    #32: Jason Webb (with Special Co-Host Simon Shearing) — Aussie Born UK Representative Player and Top Horseman Behind Your Horsemanship.
  8. 8.
    #31: Weekend Social — Jane Marriott and Lucy Grills. World Cup Champions and Two of the Top Female Players of This Generation Share Their Success Blueprints.
  1. 9.
    #30: American Polocrosse Association Board Members — Coming Off of Their AGM Last Week, Members Katelyn James, Paul Repenning, Emma Strider and Ryan Murphy Share Details of APA’s Programs and Initiatives.
  2. 10.
    #29: Weekend Social — Ryle Waugh and Friends. On The First Ever Weekend Social Podcast Format, Ryle invites sister Ella Elks, Farann Bussa and Luke Saul to Discuss Everything From New Babies To Horses To Their Expectations of the Coming Year.
  3. 11.
    #28: Jim Grills — Australian World Champion Team Member of Berragoon Pedigree. We Discuss a Recap of the Berragoon Sale and Incentive Polocrosse Carnival, Their Training Techniques, How He Mentally Approaches Polocrosse and Much More. DON'T MISS THIS ON
  4. 12.
    #27: Watch Party — Berragoon Incentive Competition 2021 Day 1 — Special Commentator Jeremy Marriott with Guests Rahul Desai and Rob Shuttles Watch the Live Video Feed of Game 2, Anvil versus R & K Rubber.
  5. 13.
    #26: Stacy Upshaw — The US National Treasure. Founding Member of the Grand Bay Polocrosse Club, Mom of Two, APA Central Zone Representative (Just to Name a Few). We Discuss the Importance of Family, What She’s Discovered Through the Camera Lens, Survi
  6. 14.
    #25: Bruce MacLarty — (with Special Co-Host Simon Shearing) The 2-Time South African World Cup Champion Coach. We Discuss the Metamorphosis of South African Polocrosse Over the Past Two Decades. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!
  7. 15.
    #24: Kelly and Mikey Krynauw — (with Special Co-Host Richard Chapple) This Power Couple Spans World Cup Team Memberships From South Africa to Zimbabwe to Zambia. We Discuss Their Polocrosse Journey Across Boarders and Along the Way, a Surprise World Cup
  8. 16.
    #23: The Polocrosse Bible — (WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! CRUDE LANGUAGE AND TASTELESS HUMOR) The Popular Polocrosse Meme Page Begins to Unveil the Mysteries Surrounding This Secret Group.
  9. 17.
    #22: Stefan Harris — (with Special Co-Host Richard Chapple) The 4-Time Land Rover High Goal Player and Member of the 2017 South African Men’s Team Against Australia on Playing at a High Level, Preparing for the World Cup in 2023 and Much More.
  10. 18.
    #21: Damien Harris — (with Special Co-Host Rahul Desai) The 2-Time Zambian World Cup Team Player and Captain on Growing Up in Zimbabwe, Family Rivalry, How to Prepare for and Maintain a High Level of Polocrosse Performance and Much More.
  11. 19.
    #20: Sara and Charlie Grills — (with Special Co-Host Lesley Plant) The Family Which Provided Twenty-Four Horses for the World Cup in 2019 as well as Two Australian Representative World Cup Players.
  12. 20.
    #19: Debbie Harris and Dara Mangan -- (with Special Co-Host Simon Shearing) on How Polocrosse Enemies Became Lovers and then Teammates on the World's Largest Stage, the Changing Tides of the Sport, Covid-19, Pregnancy and Much More
  13. 21.
    #18: Cameron Nev — on the Inverell Polocrosse Club Inc's Stallion Service Fee Auction to Raise Funds for Their Own Grounds. We discuss the Swan Cup and More.
  14. 22.
    #17: Jeremy Marriott AKA Unit — (with Special Co-Host Rahul Desai) on Racquet Making, Commentating, Epic Bloodlines and Much More.
  15. 23.
    #16: Daniel Johnson — Former APA Chief Umpire Discusses in Depth the Challenges and Successes of His Regime, World Cup Streaking, Drag Show Performing and More.
  16. 24.
    #15: Erin Smoyer — (with Special Guests Jillian and Kolby) on Growing Up in the Sport Together, Our Supportive Family, Being World Cup Teammates and Much More.
  17. 25.
    #14: The Hacklands — Jean and James (with Special Co-Host Kat Liner) on Coaching the 2019 USA World Cup Team, The Various Styles of Polocrosse, Health and Fitness Tips and Much More.
  18. 26.
    #13: Saussy Farm — Owner Charles Saussy and Breed Manager Ashley Barbour on the Journey From Finding Polocrosse to Acquiring an Australian Stock Horse Stud and Much More.
  19. 27.
    #12: Maryland Boys — Lifelong Polocrosse Friends Ryan Strider, Ryan Trueblood and Dr. Paul Repenning on Their Shared Experiences From Pony Club to World Cup to Fatherhood and Much More
  20. 28.
    #11: Joy Poole (with Special Co-host Rob Shuttles) — Former NSW Champion Player and Current Honorary Patron of the Association on the Early Days of Polocrosse, the Characteristics of a Winning Team, Horse Training, Why the Game Isn’t Actually Faster a
  21. 29.
    #10: Sophie and Greg Sargeant (with Special Co-host Richard Chapple) – Zimbabwean Players on the Early Days of UK and Zim Polocrosse, Aging, Stories of Folk Lore and More
  22. 30.
    #9: Billy Shuttles – New Mexico Native on Being a Polocrosse Dad, World Cup Player Husband, World Cup Player Brother, Fearless Streaker and More
  23. 31.
    #8: Ryan Murphy (Outsider Episode) — Ryan is Interviewed By a Non-Polocrosse Person About His Knowledge and History in the Sport and More
  24. 32.
    #7: Tournament Formats (Solo Pod) -- Ryan Discusses Tournament Formats Including Multi-Horse and Reads a Chapter From His Book Champion
  25. 33.
    #6: Team USA -- Members of the 2019 Adina Polocrosse World Cup Team On Their Sacrifices to Prepare, Lessons Learned Along the Way, Their Prospects for World Cup 2023 and More
  26. 34.
    #5: Warwick Fraser — Key Organizer of the 2019 Adina Polocrosse World Cup on the Associated Risks and Rewards, the Evolving Sport of Polocrosse and More
  27. 35.
    #4: Lesley Plant -- Canadian World Cup Player on Her Start to Polocrosse, the Challenges of Leading a Club, the Importance of Family Involvement, Her Love of Australian Stock Horses and More
  28. 36.
    #3: Brett Pryor — Australian NSW State Representative Player on Growing Up in the Hunter Valley, Playing Contrasts to the Past, Multi-Horse Tournament Format and More
  29. 37.
    #2: Lauren (Watson) Summers — Zambian World Cup Player on Family, Teammates, Left-Handed Players and More
  30. 38.
    #1: Simon Shearing -- Former UK Team Representative and Coach on World Cup Polocrosse, Multi-Horse Tournament Format, Being a Dad and More

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