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The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals, with Sarah Riley, covering exactly what it takes to build a successful unique hospitality vacation rental business for profit. With tips, advice, interviews and inspirations, in this podcast, the only limits are your imagination!

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This is a strong case for supporting direct bookings between the host and guests and relying less on OTAs (online travel agents) that use this type of negative business practice. Show notes and further explanation here  

Nov 11

20 min 35 sec

With memories of fewer aeroplanes and clear skies, less traffic on the roads, and lower pollution during lockdown firmly in our minds, the desire of tourists to make different choices about how they spend their holiday time is starting to emerge. Show notes: This is great news for eco-accommodation and glamping businesses as the industry is enjoying a surge of staycation bookings and increasing interest from investors who are looking at diversifying their portfolios into more sustainable projects. But what about the perspective of the glamping business owner? What benefit is it to them to increase their environmental awareness, lighten their carbon footprint and strengthen the environmental ethos at the core of their business? This episode is about the journey of business owners Jo and Ben of Devon Dens, and how they've taken the concerns of their community seriously and demonstrated eco-tourism in action. This episode is about inspiring people to live differently, setting the right expectations for the guest, never deviating from your own core values, trusting your instincts, implementing as much off-grid infrastructure to make a difference, and yet staying as user-friendly as possible. Jo and Sarah talk about water saving, solar PV systems, and off-grid technology, reed bed systems for greywater, edible hedging, wildlife support, taking the time to connect with slow travel principles, and how you can have robust eco-credentials whilst also running a business.

Aug 26

37 min 6 sec

The Media is a complicated beast, but there are ways you can tame it and make it work for you if you know how, and the best bit is that anyone can do it and it takes much less time than you think

Jun 15

43 min 57 sec

Taking action using the lessons learnt over the last year to professionalize our services, connect to our audience and convert them into guests who give us rave reviews. Show notes: PERFECTLY PLANNED AND PROFITABLE RETREATS MASTERCLASS Fill your events and grow your business, even without a large email list or social media following. This masterclass with myself and industry experts will give you everything you need to confidently set up and publicise successful retreats and generate loyal fans, launch a new business, jump ahead of the competition and grow your business DATE: THURSDAY 10 JUNE 2021 TIME: 12PM-4PM BST / GMT+1 POWERFUL PUBLICITY MEDIA MASTERCLASS A step-by-step guide to attracting more media attention to boost your guest bookings even if you are not comfortable being in the spotlight. This live and intimate Masterclass with myself and guest experts will help build your confidence and skills to know exactly how and when to pitch to the media to boost your reputation and attract more guests, even if you don't like being in the spotlight. DATE: THURSDAY 24 JUNE 2021 TIME: 12PM-4PM BST / GMT+1 
 GET FULLY BOOKED USING THE POWER OF FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ADS Demystifying the process used to attract new customers for your short-stay vacation rental, glamping business, eco-resort, boutique hotel, bed and breakfast or holiday cottage using Facebook® and Instagram adverts. FREE Facebook and Instagram Ads Inspirational Training (3-part series) Full Training for Facebook And Instagram Ads that work within the glamping and unique hospitality industry.  

May 28

35 min 25 sec

So often we don't know where to start with our dream eco-accommodation or glamping business. Whether it's treehouses, bubble tents, domes, yurts or tipi, there are always challenges along the way and precious few people who are willing to share their knowledge and advice. If you've experienced this frustration then this free Q&A session is for you. With industry experts and multiple business owners Sarah Riley and Kerry Roy, your opportunity to get some valuable inspiration, support and your questions answered will soon be kicking off. Sign up here: In this podcast episode, we talk about what you can expect from this invitation-only event. If you want to attend, please sign up beforehand to get access to the recording if you can't make the live event.  About Sarah Riley Sarah Riley is a unique holiday rental expert and has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship for over 20 years by helping thousands of students design their dream eco-accommodation business and the lifestyle they want. Think treehouses, bubble tents, domes, yurts and tipis and you’ll get the idea. As a certified Performance Coach and CEO of Inspired Courses, she uses her experience to help others move to the next level in business and life. Her coaching programs help launch ideas quickly, start earning immediately and get ahead of the competition, without sacrificing life goals or the environment. She has been featured by The Daily Mail, Eventbrite and Metro, and is the host of her own podcast ‘The Business of Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals’. She also leads one of the largest business communities in the industry and is invited to travel the world to talk on these topics. About Kerry Roy Kerry is a retreat, wellness and festival organiser and the visionary behind Camp Katur in Yorkshire and Cerchio Del Desiderio in Italy. Both business models use a variety of glamping structures on her own property and by working in partnership with landowners. Kerry’s award-winning site at The Camphill Estate offers weddings, wellness, corporate and team building events. She was also the first to introduce Geodome Glamping into Italy as a solo female entrepreneur with zero language skills! As a trained Yogi organising various Wellness retreats at Cerchio Del Desiderio Glamping Retreat she draws on her experiences of organising an annual VW camper-van festival for 5000 guests. Now with several TV appearances under her belt and as an influential speaker Kerry enjoys promoting and supporting the glamping industry whenever she can.

May 11

16 min 21 sec

What's been happening in the glamping industry over the past year and what are the data statistics and numbers saying about the size, trends and growth rates of the glamping business market and the impact of the pandemic? This episode of the podcast is essential listening for anyone wanting to enter the industry or who are already operating within it. It will give you an experts overview of some of the key industry shifts, including changes to guest booking behaviour. Links mentioned: The Glamping Business Start-up Guide The Start Up And Grow Club Accelerator Program Powerful Publicity Workshop Guest Booking Success Masterclass Connect with Sarah Riley: Show notes Tourism Turnaround

Apr 7

23 min 49 sec

In this episode, I have a conversation with Kathleen Walsh from Advanced Outdoor Solutions about land choice, site profitability and sustainable ecotourism. Shownotes

Jan 7

45 min 28 sec

Anne and Mike Howard are on the worlds longest honeymoon. Recently they found themselves in a closed-down Europe during a pandemic so we had a chat about their recent glamping experiences across 3 different countries and 14 different camps during a very challenging year

Dec 2020

50 min 27 sec

Learning from best practice in the glamping industry during the health crisis and using new technology to lighten the load on short-stay hosts without losing the human element that our guests want and need

Nov 2020

44 min 35 sec

2020 has been a rollercoaster year and we're not out of the woods yet. So what happens when we reach exhaustion and start to experience burnout? This is one owner's story and the steps she took to overcome it

Nov 2020

50 min 38 sec

Two of the biggest barriers to setting up a unique holiday rental or glamping business is finding the land and achieving the planning or zoning permissions. So what if you could avoid these issues and set up your project with ease?

Oct 2020

24 min 6 sec

Kate from Round The Woods shares her story of moving from London to start a unique yurt business, homeschooling and living off the land. They even ended up on 'Gone Fishing' with Mortimer and Whitehouse. Show notes: 

Sep 2020

36 min 35 sec

If you get an opportunity to speak to someone with a birds-eye-view of the luxury camping industry in the Americas, what do you ask them, especially during a pandemic? Show notes: 

Sep 2020

36 min 36 sec

Glamping and unique holiday rentals have taken the outdoor hospitality industry to new heights and are well placed to survive the health crisis. But what key lessons have been learnt? Show notes:

Aug 2020

22 min 5 sec

#030 The Eco Hotel Summit is the first of its kind and promises to show attendees how they can pursue business growth and sustainability in a world where we are led to believe you can not have one without the other. Show notes REGISTER FREE FOR THE ECO HOTEL SUMMIT HERE  This interview with Steph Curtis-Raleigh can also be viewed on Inspired Camping's YouTube channel.

Jul 2020

36 min 2 sec

#029 - How do you get your glamping business or unique holiday rental featured on television for free? What's the process and how does it work? Show notes: In this episode, I speak to Helen from Albion Nights in South Norfolk, who was recently featured by BBC and HGTVs Sarah Moore in Cash In The Spare Room. Helen and her husband Pete have lovingly hand-built their cabin in rural Norwich using reclaimed, recycled and reused materials. Their off-grid glamping cabin is secluded in an idyllic part of the UK. Off-the-beaten-track it allows guests to relax, reconnect and escape in complete privacy. After Helen's recent success being featured by the TV show, I asked her: How she managed to get snapped up by the Production Company What it takes to be featured on a TV show Exactly what's involved during filming If she had any advice about shortcutting the process and If she had any tips she could share with others hoping to do the same. Show notes:

Jul 2020

32 min 53 sec

The European White Paper that helps glamping businesses, campsites and holiday parks prepare for life after Covid-19 lockdown. In conversation with Richard Otten we explore what's likely to happen next.

May 2020

34 min 41 sec

There’s no doubt we have all been dealing with a lot of change recently. From guest cancellations to lockdown and furlough, it's been a heady mix of ups and downs. This is what you need to do next.

Apr 2020

24 min 55 sec

Hospitality businesses have experienced the unthinkable - mass cancellations and empty beds at what should be the busiest time. So will the glamping and unique holiday rental industry survive it?

Mar 2020

28 min

Cools Stays: Showcasing unique properties and extraordinary places to stay across the UK, Europe and worldwide, including quirky gypsy caravans, shepherds huts, boatels, lighthouses and windmills

Mar 2020

34 min 39 sec

Building your glamping business or unique holiday rental isn't always simple and sometimes the BIG DREAM can itself become a barrier to progress. Here's how to overcome that. Show notes:

Feb 2020

20 min 33 sec

Is it possible to start a glamping business 3 hours away from home, while continuing with a full-time job and starting a family? Dina from Windwood Ranch shows us it is Https://

Feb 2020

39 min 45 sec

You thought it would be as easy as setting up some amazing holiday accommodation and then sitting back and watching the bookings roll in. Yet that’s not what’s happening. Here's how to fix it.

Nov 2019

45 min 47 sec

Why is it that one unique hospitality and glamping business can succeed amazingly well while another one may not even get over the starting line? This is what we can learn. Show notes

Oct 2019

25 min 18 sec

Mike and Anne Howard encourage us to embrace our craving for unconventional experiences that effortlessly connect us with nature, loved ones, and ourselves, following their 7-year honeymoon (cheeky monkeys!) Show notes

Oct 2019

39 min 27 sec

In this episode, Max McMurdo and Sarah Riley discuss the need for uniqueness in the glamping industry and how this can be achieved through environmentally conscious upcycling and thoughtful design.

Sep 2019

20 min 58 sec

Do we have anything to fear about the increasing competition in the holiday rental and glamping industry or if we spiral into an economic downturn? Get the lowdown from Sarah Riley. Show notes:

Sep 2019

24 min 27 sec

Will you be attending the biggest luxury camping and glamping business events of the year? This is what you can expect from these trade exhibitions and conference summits

Sep 2019

18 min 43 sec

The glamping experiential accommodation and travel industry is evolving and so is the technology within it. Tom Butterfield of Eco Structures talks about what they've done to revolutionise their glamping structure business

Jul 2019

27 min 6 sec

How do you grow a luxury camping and glamping service into a multi-million business that's attracting significant investment in the hospitality industry? In this episode, Sarah Dusek from Under Canvas reveals how she and her husband Jacob did just that. Show notes:

Jun 2019

27 min 22 sec

This episode is a little bit different. This is my story and how I ended up doing what I do now in the unique hospitality and glamping industry. This one is personal, raw and unedited so forgive me that I get a bit tearful. Show notes:

Jun 2019

33 min 2 sec

In conversation with special guest Ruben Martinez, Co-Founder of Glamping Hub, we delve into trends, customer behaviour and exciting developments for this industry. Show notes

Apr 2019

29 min 37 sec

What drives someone to move countries and set up a new glamping business in a country where they don't speak the language or have any in-country connections? Show notes:

Mar 2019

53 min 43 sec

The details of permission for a business may vary from place to place, but the principles stay the same so I speak to an expert to get the low-down on planning consent issues to increase your chances of success. Show notes

Feb 2019

55 min 17 sec

David Leventhal, owner of the iconic treehouse structure at Playa Viva, talks about the strategy he uses to attract guests and improve occupancy for their sustainable resort. Show notes

Feb 2019

35 min 9 sec

In this interview, Richard Otten explains how we have much to learn from the emerging European glamping business trends and ideas. Show notes are here

Jan 2019

46 min 30 sec

Cameron D'Ardy, owner of Sierra Escapes Glamping shares his tips about how they have used their visuals to generate wanderlust and attract more guests to their glamping business. Show notes are here:

Jan 2019

41 min 14 sec

Sonny Vrebac shares how they managed to generate a conservative estimate of $850,000 of publicity without the use of a media agency and booked out 8 months of inventory by focusing on their glamping business media strategy

Dec 2018

53 min 46 sec

Follow Karen as she commits to her dream of starting a treehouse glamping business to help guests get perspective on their health and remember that life is good. Show notes are here

Dec 2018

54 min 11 sec

The glamping and unique holiday rental trend offers a new opportunity for farmers and landowners who want to diversify the use of a piece of land to broaden their income portfolio and ease annual fluctuations caused by bad weather, failed crops and market dips. For the show notes, please visit Inspired Camping

Dec 2018

31 min 44 sec

Attending The Glamping Summit in California inspired me to talk about the industry and the benefits of getting involved in this type of business. Leave a review and subscribe for more to come. Show notes can be found here

Nov 2018

18 min 57 sec

Here we explore the different success accelerators demonstrated by business owners who have achieved staggering success in this industry. Focus on these key areas and you'll fly. Please subscribe and leave a review. Click here for the show notes

Nov 2018

30 min 38 sec

Here we explore the different elements of glamping and unique holiday rentals and what they mean to different people. We also explore the business models available to those who want to explore the investment potential of this type of business. Click here for show notes

Nov 2018

37 min 38 sec

Welcome to the first episode of The Business Of Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals, a podcast by Sarah Riley. Here we explore what glamping business owners wished they'd known before starting. Please subscribe, leave a review and get the show notes!

Nov 2018

19 min 16 sec