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Now in our 6th year! New movie content every week, we also include a monthly retrospective series format for specials.

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Well this was disappointing, Halloween H20 was so awesome in 1998 now looking back we are left wondering in what where they thinking. Its awesome to have Jamie Lee back but did she need to be back? Why is LL Cool J in horror movies in the late 90's? Also is this movie just Halloween meets Dawsons Creek? Eric and Sarah have many questions for Jordan since he's the Halloween fan and he tries his best the answer their questions.  Side note this is the last episode in our yearly retrospective series click HERE to listen to all of the previous reviews in our 90's Horror Retrospective Series. Stay tuned for the wrap up episode coming in November where we break down all the films that we have reviews in the series and rank them from worst to best.  Also stay tuned for after the 90s horror wrap up to hear what the next yearly series will be. 


Oct 21

59 min 56 sec

In one of our longest standard episodes we talk everything with No Time To Die. We all know that Jordan is a big Bond fan so what does he think about Craigs last outing? Has having a new 007 really that big of a deal? We discuss it all in the great review of No Time To Die. Download now to hear what popcorn rating No Time To Die gets. 


Oct 14

1 hr 11 min

Who are we supposed to like in the crap! Really this is the sequel to Don't The blind guy kidnaps a little girl and trains her to be a survivalist. Um okay because that makes sense. We also got meth parents and a dog who never get lost. Don't Breathe 2 yeah should be Don't Bother 2. Download now to hear what our popcorn ratings are for Don't Breathe 2. 


Oct 7

50 min 21 sec

We decided that Malignant is either a small bag of popcorn or a large bag of popcorn. A movie like  Malignant is asking us to do that because a medium bag of popcorn just can't cut it (no pun intended). This movie is asking for a lot so the question is do we give into what it is asking? Another question would be is James Wan it? is he the new great horror director of our generation?  Trust us when we say that you don't want to miss out on this episode. We had an amazing time recording it and we can't wait for everyone to hear what we think of Malignant. 


Sep 30

53 min 43 sec

Was this the part 2 that we were asking for? Does the second film answer any questions left over from the fist film? Why was this made anyway? We answer all these questions and more in this episode. We break down everything in this episode. When It comes down to the really cool opening and the interesting idea of an island. There is some great ideas here but was the ideas flushed out enough. Download now to hear what we think of A Quiet Place Part 2. 


Sep 23

35 min 23 sec

This is our second to last episode for the 90's horror retrospective series and trust us you do not want to miss out on this episode. Like it has been Sarah has not seen this movie so Eric and Jordan were so excited to hear her opinion on The Blair Witch. We are not going to spoiler her opinion her but again trust us download this episode to hear what we think of The Blair Witch Project. 


Sep 16

51 min 35 sec

Green Knight is crazy with a talking fox, a tree beard looking knight and a headless woman looking for her head. Green Knight has it all not only with a crazy story but a vision that is one to see. Now we are praising this film a lot so far however this is many issues with Green Knight. One example would be the main characters ark and choices throughout the film but you be the judge. Download this episode now to hear what we think of The Green Knight. 


Sep 9

51 min 23 sec

STOP! For the love of everything that is wonderful in this world! Just STOP making these movies. We have now come to a point of no return. Once your characters are in space for no reason what so ever, you have lost your franchise. This series has been dead since the first movie 20 years ago (Damn we are old) Do not waste a second of your life watching this disaster. However do download this episode to hear what we think of F9. Trust us....our review is better than the movie. 


Sep 2

48 min 50 sec

Sarah, Eric and Jordan are still trying to figure what what the studio was trying to do with Werewolf in Paris. This episode is a MUST! download for anyone who grew up with this movie. The trio has so many questions and maybe some answers as to why there are more plot holes than any other 90s horror we have reviewed so far. Trust us you don't want to miss out on this review. Truly one of our best. Download now to hear what we think of An American Werewolf in Paris. 


Aug 25

1 hr 2 min

Rich white people problems. Is this what PIG is all about? or is there something more to this independent film? Nicholas Cage is back with a performance that many fell is his best in years but what do the Movie Guys think? This movie is crazy on every level and one of the host think that PIG is a comedy. Download now to hear what we think of PIG. 


Aug 19

49 min 32 sec

Finally we got a great movie here with The Suicide Squad. This is what the original should have been. James Gunn brought us not only a fun and entertaining film but an amazing superhero/villain film as well. As you can tell we really like the new Suicide Squad. However we don't want to spoiler anything here. So download  the episode now to hear what we think of The Suicide Squad. 


Aug 12

47 min 31 sec

We thought that we would be getting a movie kinda like Red Sparrow. However Black Widow is a family drama with some really great action. Has Marvel done it again? Have they pulled of another great film here? Both Eric and Jordan really liked this film and this episode is something you don't want to miss. Download now to hear what we think of Black Widow. 


Aug 5

56 min 10 sec

LOKI was the show that we did not ask for but is it the show that we always wanted. LOKI is filled with little Easter eggs for future films and TV shows and that easters eggs are really cool. Now with that being said LOKI also has it's problems but problems that we may be able to over look. Download this episode now to hear what we think of the new LOKI show. 


Jul 29

58 min 56 sec

Everybody get up it's time to slam now. We got a real jam going down. Welcome to the Space Jam, here's your chance do your dance at the Space Jam.....Alright That is the movie we wanted and not the movie we got. Space Jam A New Legacy does not even come close to the original. Which is sad because there are good moments in this that if done right could of made a really fun movie. It was no surprise that Lebron James can't act, by the way he even says that in the movie so that was funny.  The main villain's motivation really does not make any sense and why did all the toons leave the toon world? If you are a 90's kid and grew up with the original Space Jam. Then you must check this movie out if for anything it's cool to see the toons back together again. Download this episode to hear what our popcorn ratings are for Space Jam: A New Legacy


Jul 22

56 min 14 sec

Just when we thought it was safe to go back to a another haunted house. We were dead wrong with House on Haunted Hill (1999). This is a movie to avoid at all costs, there is not one thing about it that is awesome. The sad thing is Eric and Jordan grew up with this movie and really liked it when they were kids. However now with  endless plot holes like the endless hallways in the basement this movie fails on a majority. For this episode we are joined again with Sarah as we continue our 90's Horror Retrospective Series. Download now to hear what we think of House on Haunted Hill (1999). 


Jul 15

1 hr 3 min

So The Tomorrow War is kinda split into three parts. First is an action/war film with great effects and a great time. Second is like a drama with little to no action until the end of the second chapter. Third is weak as weak can get. The Tomorrow war has the start of a great idea but it fails in almost every attempt to be a great future war movie.    Download this episode now to hear what we think of The Tomorrow War. 


Jul 9

37 min

Emma Stone is bringing it as Cruella. Emma Stone is amazing in this film we loved her a lot. That is only thing we like about this movie. Cruella is way to long with plot holes and a murder mystery that was not needed. Also the timeline is strange because it feels like we are stuck in the 1960's for no reason when it should be the 1970's. Overall this movie is strange but download now to hear what we think of Cruella. 


Jul 1

54 min 54 sec

Why did Chris Rock do this movie? Why did Chris Rock want to do the SAW franchise? We truly don't understand why this movie even happened. Samuel L Jackson was a little fun in this movie but that fun was soon forgotten. We are waiting to review something good and we hope that it is soon. Download this episode now to hear what we think of Spiral. 


Jun 24

49 min 14 sec

Okay so how did the creator of Scream come up with this trash on an idea? Don't get us wrong I Know What You Did Last Summer is a late 90's classic in its own right and there is a good scary movie in here somewhere.  We are just trying to find the good movie that this could of been. The killer motivations are shaky and confusing. For an example like why did the killer choose a hook? Is it because of the urban legend told in the begging of the film? Well in that case then this is the wrong movie and it should be called Urban Legend. Download now and join Eric, Sarah and Jordan as we break down I Know What You Did Last Summer. 


Jun 17

57 min 29 sec

Well the Conjuring series has finally jumped the shark! What happened to this franchise? This movie is all over the place with a horrible plot full of holes. We do not have anything really nice to say about this new chapter in the Conjuring universe but you do want to download this episode because we go deep with theory. Download now to hear what we think Conjuring 3. 


Jun 10

49 min 41 sec

Half ghost story and half drama/thriller. What is going on with Things Heard and Seen? This movie goes all over the place. Is the house haunted by just the woman who have lived there in the past? Why does everyone have an affair? As you can tell we have so many questions and we get some of the answers....maybe   Download now to hear what Eric and Jordan have to say about Things Heard and Seen. 


Jun 3

46 min 36 sec

What has happened to Zach Snyder? Truly? Yet again we review another film directed by Zach Snyder and we do not like it. This movie is up and down. left and right. We have no idea what kind of film this is supposed to be. However download this episode because you will be in for a great discussion and plot holes galore. Download now to hear what we think of Army of the Dead.


May 27

1 hr 2 min

We are back again with Marvel this time with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Can you guess which host hated this show. We think you can figure it out. We also wanted to know if this show even need to be made at all with the MCU. Download now to hear what we think of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. 


May 20

50 min 43 sec

We continue our 90's horror series with Scream. Out of all of them this might be the best movie in the bunch. Sarah joins the team with fresh eyes because Sarah has never seen Scream. Jordan got the hype train going for this review and Eric tries to not conform into Jordan's nonsense. You may or may not believe what Sarah thinks of Scream. So download now to hear what we all think of this 90's classic. 


May 13

44 min 43 sec

So.....yeah this happened. This movie really happened. Once again something with Michael Bay's name attached and is bad on so many levels. We have never said this before but please do not watch this movie. Our review of this movie is so much more entertaining than watching this crap trust us. Download this episode to listen to what we think is probably going to be the worst film of the year.  


May 6

32 min 11 sec

You would not believe the hype for Eric and Jordan leading up to this new Mortal Kombat. Movie Guys has been following everything and now we are excited to deliver our review of Mortal Kombat. Does the new characters add anything new to the universe? Why did the writers decided to add in characters from later games? Is this the Mortal Kobmat we really wanted? Well download now to find out which side you are on. 


Apr 29

55 min 28 sec

We are having a great time reviewing the old 90's teen horror films and believe or not but Sarah has seen The Faculty before! We know we can't believe it either. This movie is filled with up and coming young stars and the quality of the movie is probably the best we have seen in this 90's horror series so far. What a great idea to have an alien queen come to small town Ohio and try to take over the world. Download now to hear what Eric, Jordan and Sarah think of The Faculty. 


Apr 22

32 min 32 sec

We are taking a short Spring Break but we recorded a special episode for you all to enjoy. Eric and Jordan talk everything movies with new movie news, trailers and predictions. This episode if full of Easter eggs for you all and we hope you catch some of them. Enjoy your Spring Break! and we will return to regular schedule next week. Happy Spring everyone!. 


Apr 15

1 hr 1 min

We are finally here everyone! Godzilla VS Kong! Who will win? Well not the host of Movie Guys Podcast because this movie was not a knockout. Is this a Kong movie with Godzilla just in it? We have do many questions and we want answers. Download now to hear what Eric and Jordan think of Godzilla VS Kong. 


Apr 8

36 min 55 sec

It finally happened folks! Jordan's first large bag of popcorn for the year. However Eric is totally on the no bag spectrum. We go over everything with I Care A Lot. Either this movie is a work of art or this movie is complete garbage. You don't want to miss out on this review. Download now to see who you agree with.


Apr 1

47 min 51 sec

Haven't we been here before? Movie Guys reviews the same movie twice. Or is it the same movie? Eric and Jordan breakdown all the behind the scenes info on this four hour movie and discuss if it even needed to me made. Download this episode now to hear what we think of this new Justice League. 


Mar 25

37 min 15 sec

Paranoid Paranoid everyone is coming to get the Movie Guys Podcast. Today we continue with our monthly 90's horror series with Disturbing Behavior. No Jordan did not give this movie a large bag but he does give a high rating. Does Eric and Sarah agree with Jordan on Disturbing Behavior? Download now to find out. 


Mar 18

39 min 8 sec

Here we are folks, we are kicking of the MCU with Phase 4. WandaVision was not a show that neither host wanted to see. We thought how could you and where could you take it? This is a very interesting episode because both host might have changed their minds. Also could this episode be Jordans first Large bag of popcorn review of the year? Download now to hear what we think of WandaVision. 


Mar 11

55 min 9 sec

Ding! Ding! Ding! we review another 90s horror classic Urban Legend. This episode is joined Sarah to hear what she thinks because she has never seen this classic. Download now to hear what the team of Movie Guys Podcast thinks of Urban Legend. 


Mar 4

35 min 32 sec

Does Soul continue on with the wonderful Pixar reputation? Or is Soul the fall from grace? Eric and Jordan review the new Pixar movie that critics are loving. However do the Movie Guys agree with what everyone else is saying. Well time for a quiet coyote and download this most recent episode of Movie Guys Podcast. 


Feb 25

34 min 30 sec

For Your Distraction says goodby to the main Movie Guys Podcast feed. Movie Guys Podcast had a wonderful time being with For Your Distraction over the years. Since both shows are a part of EMC we are focusing more on that main network.  For Your Distraction will still have episodes archived right here on our podbean page so you can still listen to all the great shows they produced over the years.  You can still find For Your Distraction wherever you get your podcast also on Soundcloud just search (For Your Distraction) Movie Guys Podcast wanted to also take the time to thank For Your Distraction for all the years of this wonderful partnership and we are looking forward to continue to grow with them as we continue on with EMC. 


Feb 22

8 min 33 sec

Eric and Jordan are back with another black and white film for 2021. Is there a theme here? we hope not. Today the boys review Malcolm and Marie a slow burn drama film starring John David Washington and Zendaya. Will one of the boys finally break and give this movie the first ever large bag of popcorn rating for 2021? Download now and find out.    Find Movie Guys Podcast on these other platforms: EMC (Podcast Network) @movieguyspod Also on Facebook, Spotify, I Heart Radio or wherever you get your podcast needs. 


Feb 18

28 min 33 sec

This movie is not Se7en!! Do you hear us, please internet do not compare this movie to the classic Se7en! Ok with that out of the way Eric and Jordan go into a deep dive reviewing The Little Things. Download now and let us know if you agree with our review. 


Feb 11

43 min 14 sec

Mank is a movie about the guy who wrote Citizen Kane. So the question is do we really need to see the behind the scenes of the script writing process? David Fincher is one of Jordan's favorite directors so does Fincher tell a good story? How is Gary Oldmans acting? Eric and Jordan go into a deep dive about the history of Mank and the Golden Era of Hollywood. Download now to to hear if you agree with Eric and Jordan. 


Feb 5

41 min 32 sec

The Haunting is the second episode in our 90's horror series and we hope the series gets better within the year because this one is.....WOW. Sarah joins Eric and Jordan again as they walk down memory lane to see if The Haunting holds up to the 90's hype. This movie is filled with plot holes and no gore. Do you think this holds up? Download now to find out what we think of The Haunting. 


Jan 28

50 min 16 sec

We continue our live action Disney series with the remake of Mulan. Also in the episode Sara is our special guest. We had a great time reviewing this movie and for the first time in a long time Jordan did not totally hate this movie. Eric and Sara bring some great history to this review that opened Jordans eyes. Download this episode now to hear what we think about Mulan. 


Jan 21

46 min 26 sec

Welcome to 2021 and with a new year we have a new episode Woman Woman 84. We have a question, what went so wrong with this follow up to the awesome Wonder Woman? Do many plot holes and characters who are not flushed out. This movie is a mess and we are very disappointed. Do you share the same view as us? Download now to hear what our popcorn rating is for Wonder Woman 84.


Jan 14

43 min 7 sec

We are enjoying our short winter break. We had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. So while we prepare to bring you all our next review with Wonder Woman '84. We got a special episode to fill the void. Enjoy this spinoffs episode and we will be back next week with our regular schedule of Wonder Woman '84. 


Jan 7

44 min

This is our 5th annual awards show and we had a blast recording this one. Eric and Jordan are joined with Randal and original host Ed as we go down memory lane for this crazy year of 2020. You the fans voted on all the catagories and we do agree with some and others we do not. We had a wonderful year with some movies we had never seen before.    We hope you all enjoy this episode and we will be back for our review of Wonder Woman 1984. 


Dec 2020

1 hr 14 min