Time for Business Growth

By Amanda Holges

Welcome to the Time for Business Growth podcast, with myself Amanda Holges As a business owner I know what it is like to juggle the priorities of a business and home life, and the struggle of trying to fit everything in. This podcast looks at how to use your time to grow your business, and enjoy life outside of it too. From productivity tips to cash-flow, and paying the bills to achieving your ultimate dream, we explore methods and hands-on advice to help you get a better understanding of your business, your time and your desires. So what gives me the right to talk to you about business. I have been running businesses for over 30 years, having taken my family audio-visual business to a six figure sum. I’ve enjoyed the highs, and seen the lows of building a successful business. I now use that experience and knowledge to help others grow their businesses through Mentoring, Masterminds and my membership site. These podcasts will give you things you can use now to make the difference to your business, so grab something to make notes with and start finding Time for Business Growth today.

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