Relax with JROCK NEWS' podcast "JROCK ONSEN" by joining our dip in the hot spring, where we discuss all aspects of Japanese rock music!

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What kills a band? This isn't disbandment or anything like that, just a loss of interest.

Jul 21

50 min

We’re 20 years into the year 2000, we’re 20 episodes in and we are looking at how the scene has changed.

Jun 1

44 min

Well, here we are, stuck at home like everyone else. Won't stop us from getting in this sanitized bath though. This week we aim to tackle how to handle a canceled show. Have you had any shows canceled? I mean probably at this point.

Apr 6

44 min

We're here to whine about cameras at shows? What are your opinions? Mazo hates them, that's for sure. There are always exceptions though, rare or not.

Feb 15

37 min

This week we're gonna tackle the phases or rather, power levels you have in Jrock fandom. From starting out with a favorite band, to loving every band, to reaching enlightenment and worshiping at the foot of Mana's throne. Of course, this is a bit different for everyone, so, as always we all have slightly different input, admittedly we all know Mazo has the most important input.

Dec 2019

35 min

Let's look at why it is a good or a bad idea to meet your Jrock idols with our own experiences.

Nov 2019

28 min

I'm sure you have some unanswered questions about visual kei, hopefully, our interview with Kenbo will answer some of them!

May 2019

59 min

Whether it is a show in the west or out in the east, we never really know what to expect.

May 2019

34 min

While rock has a long history, we want to see if Japanese rock has its own. Are there Classic Japanese bands?

Apr 2019

30 min

We want to look at a future where some of the most iconic Japanese bands finally retire.

Mar 2019

27 min

We'll be looking at the current state of the Japanese rock scene, including visual kei and making our own predictions of where it may go.

Feb 2019

30 min

This month we will look at some of our favorites through the year 2018 of JROCK NEWS. A little discussion here and there. It's a pretty laid back and tame one.

Jan 2019

29 min

Normie, riaruju, whatever you call 'em, as soon as they find out your passion for non-local music they assume it's a phase and you'll grow out of it. My Chemical Romance, DIR EN GREY, same thing. It's kid stuff and you'll grow out of it. Screw that, we're here today, years after our first discovery.

Dec 2018

31 min

Look forward to a discussion on why Mazo thinks that visual kei is a turn off when a band makes the journey west. Also, listen to the opinions of some visual kei fans we have on our staff who think Mazo is a "dumb dumb" for saying so.

Nov 2018

33 min

I'm almost certain the words "cute' and "boys" got you all hot and bothered for this month's Onsen. Get in the bath and find some cuties.

Oct 2018

31 min

This month, fearless leader-sama Mazo and apprentice Nexus take a deep dive into Dir en Grey and Gackt. Two sides of the sexy coin.

Sep 2018

28 min

This time we got some funky fresh DADAROMA news with some Yoshiki and Morrigan. Expect to hear all about DADAROMA and everything that has happened with them in the month of July. We also touch on the topic “the curse of European tours”—why bands disband right after finishing a Europe tour.

Aug 2018

31 min

This month we got a ton of stuff on Mana-sama. He's doing a lot and we're all over it. Don't fret, there are other stories in the news that we will ruin for you. We have a little bit of HYDE and a side of the GazettE. Don't forget the smaller stories, we didn't.

Jul 2018

35 min

This month includes DIR EN GREY's tour news, some KAMIJO X Mana fun, awesome back tattoos, and a little bit of an update from the GazettE.

Jun 2018

45 min

We look back at stories like X Japan at Coachella, Hyde cosplayer, GazettE's top songs. and talk about the future of concert live streams.

Jun 2018

40 min

The JROCK ONSEN is open for business again! Get ready for the March top stories! One of them being the GazettE's song "Falling".

Jun 2018

42 min

Join us in JROCK NEWS' first official Japanese rock (Jrock) music podcast where we discuss the latest news in Jrock, Jpop, and visual kei.

Jun 2018

36 min

Have a listen to our first (experimental) podcast where we'll dig into stories revolving MIYAVI, DEVILOOF, Kogami, Kamijo, Seiichi Hoshiko.

Jun 2018

45 min

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