The Workplace Leader

By Locatee - Uncover Workplace Insights

Making the right CRE decisions with Sabine Ehm. This is the podcast where we speak with Corporate Real Estate executives to learn how they make decisions day by day to shape the next generation workplace. Hosted by Sabine Ehm. Presented by Locatee.

  1. 1.
    1: Sheila Botting on using real estate as a service to create experience
  2. 2.
    29: Best Of on the Future of Work and the challenges of Change Management
  3. 3.
    28: Best Of on employee experience as the new critical factor
  4. 4.
    27: Best Of on Data Readiness and the constraints of the Real Estate market
  5. 5.
    26: Best Of on the specifics of decision making in Corporate Real Estate
  6. 6.
    25: Jenna Geigerman on the data journey towards compelling workplaces
  7. 7.
    24: Rhebeckha D’Silva on CRE for High Growth Tech companies
  8. 8.
    23: Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen on the approach to personalize user experience

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