The Career Switch Podcast

By Elyse Levine

Welcome to The Career Switch Podcast. We bring you real stories from real people just like you who have made transformative shifts to careers that bring them more fulfillment and more meaning. In this podcast, we’ll dive deep into the specific actions and steps people have actually taken to make a major career change – whether it’s between industries, roles, or sectors. We’ll look at everything from financial planning, to the support of friends and family, to overcoming major obstacles and setbacks along the way, and much more. Each week you’ll get new stories, actionable takeaways, and high-value content that will give you the confidence, skills, and real-life examples you need to plan, and execute, your career switch – as many times as you want to make one. Visit us at, or email

  1. 1.
    Episode 21: Career Pivots for Teachers with Daphne Williams
  2. 2.
    Episode 20: From Consultant to Tutor - Learning by doing
  3. 3.
    19. From Military Procurement to Lactation Consultant: The Power of a Pause
  4. 4.
    18. Career Switch Pathways: Entrepreneurship with Hikari Senju
  5. 5.
    17. Taking big risks with Raechel Lambert
  6. 6.
    16. Navigating A Non-Linear Career with Ambika Nigam
  7. 7.
    15. From Product Management to Branding and Back: Doing what you're uniquely designed to do
  8. 8.
    14. From Finance to Meditation: Recognizing your calling

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