FriYAY's with the Ytribe

By Jacqueline Raw

We're the change-makers, the rule-breakers and mistake-makers. We live fearlessly and we challenge ourselves and our tribe to live our best lives. We're the ones that defy the norm, choose to fit out instead of fitting in and set the standards we want to live by. We're passionate and crazy, fiercely loyal and even more fierce about creating legacies. We want to stand for something and want the world to know what that is, long after we're not here anymore. If you're tuning in to this podcast, you're one of us and we're doing life together so that as a tribe, we can create the futures we want and leave the world a better place. Tune in every FriYAY when we chat about what it means to be a start-up entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant or professional with a side-hustle and how to win at what we do.

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