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The Content Mix podcast features interviews with stand-out professionals leading content and social media marketing efforts for international brands across Europe. Hosted by Shaheen Samavati and Kyler Canastra of VeraContent, our aim is to uncover authentic, personal insights into how to effectively market across diverse European markets and languages.

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“Be humble and be close to your customers and colleagues. Listen to people because this is the only way you can be a better human and a better professional.” In today’s podcast interview, Mário Costa, communications director at MANZ in Portugal, and former brand manager at Metro AG in Germany, shares key tips that he learned while coordinating content campaigns for 26 countries, as well as insights from working at a call center at Vodafone. Tune in as Mário chats with Kyler Canastra about his career journey, key advice, role models, and much more.

Nov 22

39 min 38 sec

Today’s guest has nearly 15 years of experience marketing a product that we all loveーchocolate! German-native Annika Engelbrecht has held various marketing roles across Europe and Asia at famous chocolate brands Lindt & Sprüngli and Pernigotti. Annika recently switched from chocolate to basketball, as she’s currently helping the Italian basketball team, Pallacanestro Varese, to reposition their brand and build a marketing plan. Tune in for the full episode as Annika chats with Kyler Canastra about her marketing career, the importance of storytelling and positive emotions in selling chocolate and her multicultural experienceーplus loads more.

Nov 18

31 min 31 sec

“It's only scary for the first two months, and then it becomes easy.” If you’re thinking about making a career change to marketing, our latest episode will inspire you to make the jump. Estefania Veira is currently the marketing campaign director for Clyde & Co, a London-based global law firm. But she started her career in the film industry as a screenwriter, editor and distributor in her home country, Argentina. Tune in for the full episode as Estefania chats with Kyler Canastra about her move to London and her journey from film to marketing—including starting her own talent management agency where she ended up developing a passion for marketing.

Nov 11

33 min 32 sec

“People follow people, and in our case, they follow travel experts.” The pandemic has turned the travel industry upside down and, as it’s starting to recover, marketing teams at travel companies have had to find new ways to adapt. For European travel search platform HolidayPirates, they’ve taken on the role of being the “helping hand” for travelers during the pandemic—from sharing up-to-date and accurate news on travel restrictions to sharing their real-life travel experiences with their latest campaign, Pirates on Tour. Tune in for today’s episode on the podcast as Carlo Speth, chief editor of the DACH region for HolidayPirates, chats with Kyler Canastra about travel marketing during the pandemic, how he got into the industry, his style of leadership and insights on the importance of storytelling in marketing.

Nov 4

43 min 15 sec

“The trick as a CMO is not getting in the way and knowing when to let people deliver.” When you’re leading a global team of 70+ higher education marketing experts, trust in your team is pivotal. As the CMO at QS Quacquarelli Symonds, Tim Edwards makes sure to be available as support but to not get in the way of his team. Tune in to our latest episode as Tim chats with Kyler Canastra about his career in higher education marketing, how he still uses his degree in history, ancient languages and religion, how QS has become the most trusted global leader in the higher education sector, as well as his advice for leading a global marketing team.

Oct 28

49 min 51 sec

Euan Brown has an impressive marketing career, having worked with top brands like the BBC, The Walt Disney Company and Coca-Cola. Now Euan is the head of digital and content at Virgin Red, Virgin's new rewards club. Tune in for the full interview as Euan chats with Kyler Canastra of VeraContent about his 20-year career journey, including working on the Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic Games campaign and the Share a Coke campaign, among many others.

Oct 21

39 min 36 sec

“Learning has no age. Don’t be afraid of learning from someone older or younger than you are.” For Egypt-native Nermeen Habashy, learning and keeping up with the latest business and marketing developments is part of her daily routine. As the head of content quality and SEO at B.TECH, the largest retailer in Egypt, she’s in charge of leading two teams, both of which focus on creating high-quality content based on their customer and where they are in their buying journey with the brand. Tune in to our latest episode on The Content Mix podcast, as Nermeen chats with Kyler about the importance of high-quality content for SEO and what it’s like to target different markets in the Middle East─plus a great list of resources for learning about SEO!

Oct 7

34 min 18 sec

As a kid, UK-native Stuart Cording was always crazy about electronics and programming. So much so that every year he’d read the 650-page catalog by Maplin Electronics (sadly closed now) and practically memorize all the components by heart.  This passion led Stuart to dedicate his career to technical marketing in the electronics industry, working for large semiconductor vendors such as Texas Instruments (formerly National Semiconductor).  Today, Stuart helps his clients through his own consulting company Stuart Cording, and he’s also a freelance tech journalist who writes regularly for Elektor Magazine and has his own show on LinkedIn #throughthecableroll.  Tune in to our interview with Stuart and Kyler Canastra to learn more about his career as a tech marketing consultant, plus a great list of book recommendations!

Sep 30

42 min 43 sec

This week’s guest on the podcast, Vittoria Gambirasi, has traveled extensively around Europe and worked in various roles from export manager to marketing director (plus a few in between). She also speaks five languages, holds an EMBA and even owns a luxury resort in Croatia (@WeLoveRovinj)! Tune in as Vittoria chats with Kyler Canastra about her career path, including over 12 years at Nestle, and how she landed her former role as the marketing director at IMD Business School, based in Switzerland.

Sep 23

37 min 22 sec

“Being safe with your content and not taking risks is probably the worst thing you can do.” Today’s guest on the podcast is all about taking risks and creating disruptive content for brands looking to challenge the status quo. London-based Rory McEntee is the brand and marketing director at Gymbox—a fitness company offering London’s most unique exercise classes. Tune in as Rory chats with Kyler about Gymbox’s content marketing philosophy and why they create content that aims to entertain rather than convert sales. Listen to the full episode for more insights on creating disruptive but not offensive content, where Rory gets his inspiration from and his take on the importance of taking risks in your career.

Sep 16

41 min 52 sec

“You have to make content that is digestible for people, even if it's hard and unique data.” This week’s episode on the podcast dives deep into the world of content marketing with Adriana Carles, head of content and social media at Visual Meta. Among the main takeaways that we got from the interview is the importance of respecting the content marketing process and creating content that’s truly relevant. Tune in for the full conversation as Adriana chats with Kyler Canastra about her perspective on content marketing, how she manages a creative team, adapting to living and working in different countries and where she finds her inspiration, among other insightful topics.

Sep 10

49 min 21 sec

Today’s guest on the podcast is all about being courageous, taking risks and letting her passion drive her career. With a background in design and having worked on both the creative agency and client-side of marketing, Hayley Collingswood brings her passion for branding to every project she works on. Tune in as Hayley chats with Kyler Canastra about her extensive marketing experience along with her current role at travel management company Ventur, taking risks in marketing and the importance of stepping away from work. 

Sep 2

36 min 54 sec

In today's interview, we speak with Daniela Klein, content marketing manager at Trusted Shops, a German-based company offering trust-building services to online shops and their customers throughout Europe. Learn how Trusted Shops use content marketing to foster trust among their audience by educating online shoppers around online shopping security. Tune in as Kyler Canastra chats with Daniela about the different roles she’s had in content marketing so far, the importance of being flexible, and more about her role at Trusted Shops.

Aug 26

37 min 20 sec

“Don't study marketing, study anything that you're passionate about and then bring that passion to marketing.” Today’s guest on the podcast, Gastón Tourn, is a huge believer in formal education, but only in things that you’re passionate about. With a degree in communications, an MBA in marketing and a master’s degree in creative writing (and another in software engineering in the works), Gastón is no stranger to diversifying his education. In this interview, Gastón chats with Kyler Canastra about his diverse educational and professional background, and how it’s helped him in his marketing career where he is currently the CMO at Appear Here, a global marketplace for retail space.

Aug 19

49 min 9 sec

“Drop perfection. Just keep it simple and get on with it.” For Ant Martland, co-founder and marketing director of Dubai’s leading fitness chain GymNation, this message underpins a lot of what he’s done throughout his successful career. It’s also one of his top pieces of advice—don’t overcomplicate things. Check out the full conversation with Ant and Kyler Canastra to hear all of his great insights into the world of sports marketing and why giving back to the community is so important.

Aug 12

40 min 49 sec

What’s the best way to optimize your LinkedIn profile and network?  Find out the answer in today’s interview, as expert social seller Oliver S. Bauer from Allianz Global Investors shares solid advice on getting the most out of LinkedIn. Oliver also explains the ins and outs of social selling, as well as how to empower sales teams in today’s digital environment. Pro tip: Rather than creating so many of your own LinkedIn posts, it’s better to add valuable comments to other people’s posts. And make sure to share a mix of personal and fun content, too—not just business. That’s why they call it social! Tune in as Oliver and Kyler Canastra chat about the best tools, tips and techniques for LinkedIn and social selling. You won’t want to miss it!

Aug 5

46 min 58 sec

“There is such a thing as good timing, but there’s also such a thing as making excuses. Just do it.” In today’s interview, agency co-owner and self-proclaimed “digital hustler” Andrea Aldana speaks about her path to becoming an entrepreneur. After working for several marketing agencies and as a freelancer on Upwork, she recently launched her own company, Expulso. Tune in to this engaging interview as Andrea and Kyler Canastra, who happen to be friends, share their personal stories and sound advice on how to be a successful marketer in today’s world.

Jul 29

46 min 29 sec

”You don't speak to people in Russia like you would to people in Brazil. Everything has to be adapted to local markets, from the content to the channels. And this is what we are after.” Tune in to our recent interview with Paris-based Bertrand Serrano, who speaks with Kyler Canastra about his career as an agency co-owner and now marketing manager at Danone. Highlights include the importance of creating locally relevant content, understanding the fundamentals of marketing, and why keeping an eye on your long-term strategy while delivering short-term results is critical.

Jul 22

38 min 54 sec

In today’s interview, Sorana Duca sits down with Kyler Canastra to share her top insights from over 12 years’ experience in content marketing across Europe and the US. A marketing and PR professional who speaks five languages, Sorana delves into how she ended up focusing on marketing in the charitable sector and became a founding member of the UK-based MarketingKind community, which brings together marketers, brands and causes to create positive change. Tune in as Sorana chats with Kyler about everything from product marketing and localization to why we should use content marketing for the greater good. You won’t want to miss it!

Jul 15

40 min 3 sec

Having grown up in Dubai and worked in London for over a decade, Nilofar has a truly unique perspective on marketing in Europe and the Middle East—from both a consumer and marketer’s point of view. Tune in to this insightful interview as Nilofar, who’s currently Senior Marketing Manager at Charles Taylor InsureTech, sits down with Kyler Canastra of VeraContent to share her firsthand experiences and advice with others in the industry. Nilofar also stresses the importance of strategizing your social media marketing campaigns in advance, choosing the right platform for your business, and not being afraid to test different ideas.

Jul 8

38 min 1 sec

“Success is a habit—nobody is successful just by talent.” According to Davide Pagliaro, global marketing expert with 20 years’ experience, you need to have a true passion for what you do and a structured routine if you want to be successful in your career and your life. Tune in to today’s insightful interview as Italy-based Davide sits down with Kyler Canastra to discuss content marketing in the medical device industry, having worked for Johnson & Johnson, Baxter and now Merit Medical. Davide also speaks about the benefits of living and working abroad, key tips for industry professionals, and why cooking is a great way to relieve stress.

Jul 1

37 min 44 sec

If you want to get closer to your audience, then you need to regionalize your content.  And working with local influencers is one of the most effective ways to do so, according to Amsterdam-based Livia Gonçalves, who has been working in international marketing, with a focus on fashion, for over a decade in her native Brazil and in Europe.  Livia was PR & Communications Manager at Crocs EMEA before landing her current role as Global Marketing Manager at Scotch & Soda.  Tune in to today’s interview as Livia chats with Kyler Canastra about the best ways to lead teams, build buzz around your brand, collaborate with people across disciplines, and reach regional audiences. 

Jun 24

29 min 22 sec

Making a real impact on practitioners’ daily lives is the most rewarding part of André da Silveira’s job.  As EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager at GE Healthcare Digital, André explains how the company’s content and digital solutions provide value to their target audience, which should always be our ultimate goal as content marketers. Tune in to today’s podcast interview as André sits down with Kyler Canastra to also discuss why all marketers should understand value proposition design, outcome-based marketing, and how to make PowerPoints correctly.

Jun 17

25 min 50 sec

If you want your content to reach the right audience, SEO alone isn’t enough. Search engine optimization is only effective when it’s incorporated into great content that’s displayed on a great website. That's why collaboration among SEO specialists, content creators and web developers is key to successful content marketing. In this week’s episode, Jake Peterson, SEO specialist at Atiba, shares with Kyler G. Canastra his best practices for SEO and provides valuable advice for those looking to take their web content to the next level.

Jun 10

32 min 13 sec

“We live in a world where a lot of things happen at scale, especially in marketing and sales. And it’s very easy to forget who's on the other side—people turn into numbers instead of being actual people.” Tune in to today’s episode featuring Jeroen Corthout, co-founder of Salesflare, who sits down with Kyler G. Canastra to discuss the importance of focusing on the end user in any marketing or sales campaign. Learn how Jeroen and his team fine-tuned their content marketing strategy to help Salesflare become a leading CRM solution for startups worldwide.

Jun 3

38 min 27 sec

Mickael Bensassi, marketing manager at greatcontent in Berlin, and Vikrant Agrawal, one of the organization’s co-CEOs, both started working together at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining their experience in marketing and business development, the duo have been integral in the success of greatcontent’s online platform, which provides users with a talent database of 30,000 linguists working all over the world. In today’s episode, Mickael and Vikrant join Kyler Canastra to discuss the importance of creating content that is more than just SEO keywords, and how companies and brands need to engage their audiences with content that is worthwhile. They also explain why it’s essential to have the right team behind your content—especially linguists who live and work in your target market.

May 27

46 min 16 sec

“It's not only a marketer's job to project the voice of the company externally, but also internally; you've got to enable your teams on what the latest programs are going on.” Listen in as Rob McGlanaghy sits down with Kyler Canastra to discuss the importance of a human-centered approach to marketing campaigns, and how this is essential to his work at TIBCO. Rob also shares a few of his personal hacks to increase productivity and motivate his team members to push themselves and learn together!

May 20

34 min 58 sec

Do you want to go back to the office? Or do you prefer working from home? These are questions that you should really ask yourself, according to Maya Middlemiss, author and founder of Healthy Happy Homeworking. Just because things are opening back up again doesn’t mean that commuting and office life are ideal for everyone. Take this opportunity to think about what you want—whether that means working from a co-working space, your living room or a new city! Tune in to today’s interview as Maya chats with Shaheen Samavati about setting boundaries to make remote-work life enjoyable and sustainable, plus the future of the workplace and exciting shifts in society.

May 13

32 min 45 sec

“The best stories come from speaking with other people,” says Avinash Srivastava, product and content marketing specialist at global fintech enterprise SaaS company HighRadius. In today’s episode, Avinash joins Shaheen Samavati to talk about the most important things he’s learned throughout his journey in marketing—especially when it comes to telling great stories and leveraging those from others. Avinash also offers tips for navigating the challenges of marketing when you’re not physically located in the markets you’re working in, plus great advice for those just breaking into the industry.

May 11

42 min 22 sec

“Work for places that build you up and build confidence.” This is just one of the many pieces of advice that Natalia Bochenska, senior strategic marketing manager at Somo Global, offers to fellow marketers in today’s interview.  Tune in as Natalia sits down with Shaheen Samavati to discuss why Somo has been repeatedly awarded as one of the best workplaces across both the UK and the US, how she helped create the company’s tone of voice guide, the benefits of creating content that brings value, and more!

May 6

25 min 51 sec

“Just have fun and have a cool story.”  That’s just one of Hristos Fleturis’ many YouTube marketing tips you’ll hear in today’s interview.  As former global social media manager at Red Bull and now digital marketing manager for Scott Sports’ bike division, Hristos stresses the importance of enjoying the process of content creation and telling stories for your audience—and don’t get too caught up in the algorithm. Tune in as Hristos shares with Shaheen Samavati inspiring takeaways from his years of marketing experience and working across Europe, as well as the importance of balancing work with what you love doing.

May 4

39 min 47 sec

Do you ever feel isolated as a B2B marketer? You’re not alone, according to Alex Price. That’s why he created FINITE, a global community for B2B tech marketers to connect with their peers, seek advice, and combat the unique challenges they face in the industry. In today's episode of The Content Mix, Alex tells Shaheen Samavati how he built FINITE, in addition to his other digital agencies, 93digital and 93x. Alex also shares great insights into the benefits of using WordPress for B2B companies.

Apr 29

33 min 58 sec

In today’s podcast episode, Sabina Bonaiuti, EMEA Campaign Marketing Manager at Adobe, chats with Shaheen Samavati about campaign marketing in the tech world. Listen in as Sabina tells us how she got into marketing and what she’s learned throughout her career, having previously worked at Google, Bazaarvoice and Kuoni Global Travel. Sabina offers valuable tips for aspiring marketers, such as how to sensibly prioritize work, maintain patience and, most importantly, be bold! 

Apr 27

27 min 54 sec

Marketing is like a puzzle and fitting all the pieces together can be overwhelming at times. That’s why marketing consultant Joana Veiga Ferreira suggests taking things one step at a time. Get your website right, get your content right, and get your name out there. Then everything else will follow. If you’re looking to grow your online presence, don’t miss today’s episode as Joana sits down with Shaheen Samavati to share her insights on digital marketing, SEO, website building, and much more.

Apr 22

31 min 47 sec

Have you ever worked at a startup? In today's interview, Natalie Binns from ecommerce email marketing and SMS startup, Omnisend, joins us to talk about her role as the company’s senior director of demand generation. Tune in as Natalie gives us a glimpse into what it’s like working in the fast-paced world of startups and details the ins and outs of demand generation marketing.

Apr 20

35 min 44 sec

“The only constant in life is change" – Heraclitus. Carlos Werner is someone who is very familiar with change. Today on the podcast, Carlos joins Shaheen Samavati to discuss his role as EMEA marketing director for global building materials company, Assa Abloy. Tune in as Carlos and Shaheen talk about shifting trends in marketing, adapting to digital events and why great content is the foundation of trust between a company and its clients.

Apr 15

39 min 36 sec

“Jargon is more than just lazy; it’s marketing air pollution. I call it Jargon-Monoxide Poisoning.” – Kathy Klotz-Guest Today on the podcast, Gabriela Orellana joins us to talk about her role as senior marketing and communications manager at the Barcelona-based fintech and telecommunications company, fonYou. Tune in as she talks to Shaheen Samavati about the tricks to keeping audiences engaged and interested. Pro tip: The less jargon, the better.

Apr 13

24 min 5 sec

Think social media is just for certain brands or people? According to Ricardo Pereira from FRICON, it’s for everyone. Tune in to today’s episode as Ricardo joins Shaheen Samavati to explain why social media is vital for every brand, regardless of the industry. Find out how his company has benefited enormously from their newfound social media presence, plus how they’re conquering the hurdles presented by COVID-19.

Apr 8

36 min 34 sec

Do you consider yourself a good public speaker? Anyone can become one, according to Harriet Patience-Davies, storytelling coach and founder of Patience-Davies Consulting. In today’s episode, Harriet joins Shaheen Samavati to discuss the art of great communication and explain why narrative and storytelling are key when it comes to connecting with audiences on stage. Don’t miss as Harriet offers great tips for improving your storytelling craft, plus easy-to-follow tactics for finding your unique voice and eliminating the anxieties around public speaking.

Apr 6

32 min 44 sec

How has traveling or living abroad influenced your life today? For Elena Atanasova, it’s influenced the way she thinks, communicates, works—and more. Today on the podcast, Elena joins Shaheen Samavati to talk about her 15+ years in the marketing industry and how her experiences living in various countries—from the US to Europe to India—have made her a more sensitive and sensible marketer. Tune in to the full episode for all of Elena’s insights into B2B marketing, social media strategy and content creation.

Mar 31

32 min 37 sec

Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast? Then take the plunge, according to Tiffany Hart and Tanya Garma, creators of GrowGetters, a weekly podcast and multi-platform brand offering advice for advancing in your career and expanding your business. Today on the podcast, Tiffany and Tanya join Shaheen Samavati to talk about how they created their podcast from the ground up on a shoestring budget, and offer guidance to others looking to do the same. Don’t miss all of their fantastic advice when it comes to getting started and finding success in the podcasting world—without spending a fortune.

Mar 30

38 min 25 sec

Irina Cardos joins us today to talk about her role as global marketing communications manager for ABB, the Switzerland-based global technology giant. Tune in as Irina speaks with Shaheen Samavati about the importance of case studies in the B2B sphere and how they can benefit your business. Irina also shares her opinions on the acceleration of digital marketing due to COVID-19 and how she makes sure the content for ABB resonates in the 100+ markets they work in around the world.

Mar 25

33 min 6 sec

The value of localization cannot be overstated, and Sharon Cronin knows this firsthand. As marketing manager at Schneider Electric for Ireland, Sharon’s role entails making sure nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to creating ideal content for the Irish market. Today on the podcast, Sharon joins Shaheen Samavati to chat about the importance of localization and what makes the Irish market unique. Tune in to the full episode to hear all of her great advice and insights about localization, content creation and digital events.

Mar 23

30 min 22 sec

Are you passionate about your job? For Yasmina Kazitani, waking up for a job she’s passionate about over the last 20 years has made all the difference in her career. Tune in to today’s episode to hear about Yasmina’s impressive background in marketing, working across the globe and within a wide range of industries, plus her latest venture of becoming a partner at a strategic advisory firm, SKLS Consulting. Don’t miss her advice on passion in the workplace, staying organized and productive, and her explanation as to why she’s her own source of inspiration.

Mar 18

35 min 41 sec

Social media is constantly evolving. That means our strategies are, too. Thomas Wakelin joins Shaheen Samavati in today’s episode to talk about his role as social media marketing manager for Microsoft’s UK branch. Tune in as Thomas shares best practices for optimizing content across today’s top platforms, plus his advice on how to decide between cross-posting content across platforms or creating specific, individual strategies.

Mar 16

32 min 12 sec

There are many debates in the world of marketing, such as working freelance vs. in-house at a marketing agency. Kerry Anderson has done it all—and even created her own consulting company, Indelible Comms. In today's episode, Kerry speaks with Shaheen Samavati about her decade-long career, as well as what led her to start her own business. Don’t miss Kerry's exciting story, plus her advice for brands when it comes to keeping content consistent and true to your brand.

Mar 11

32 min 43 sec

Don't underestimate the value of an incredibly niche market. That's where the gold dust lies, according to Mark Duffy. As the digital marketing manager for the EMEA region at Lumenis, Mark’s an expert on reaching specific audiences through tailored campaigns and targeted LinkedIn ads.  Shaheen Samavati interviews Mark in today’s podcast episode, discussing topics such as the benefits of super niche marketing and the acceleration of digital marketing due to COVID-19.

Mar 9

37 min 8 sec

Mark Colgan knows a good match when he sees one. As co-founder and CRO of Speak On Podcasts, he channels his impressive sales and recruitment experience into securing podcast interviews to help his clients fuel their reputations. Join Mark and Shaheen Samavati in today’s episode of The Content Mix to learn more about the benefits of podcast guesting and his approach when it comes to generating higher-quality leads.  Pro tip: Find the right balance between gated and ungated content!

Mar 2

35 min 58 sec

Did you “accidentally” wind up working in marketing? Today’s podcast guest did—and now he’s a full-fledged marketing master. Tune in as James Stacey sits down with Shaheen Samavati to chat about the round-about way he broke into the industry, plus everything he’s learned along the way about B2B marketing, from what companies get wrong when it comes to content marketing to why the best content is often the most simple. 

Feb 25

40 min