ChurchPulse Weekly

By Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman

How’s your church going to lead through crisis? The ChurchPulse Weekly podcast gives you unprecedented insights into how church leaders are navigating crisis, and a new set of digital tools to stay connected in real-time to the people in your church. Weekly results from the ChurchPulse Leader Check-in are delivered live in the podcast hosted by leadership author and podcaster, Carey Nieuwhof, and Barna President, David Kinnaman. Each episode, Carey and David bring fresh updates, insights and interview other leading voices in church and ministry innovation.

  1. 1.
    059 | Practical Tools for Working Through Trauma and Grief Caused By COVID with Dr. Anita Phillips
  2. 2.
    058 | Where Pastors Find Their Identity, Preaching to Digital Audiences and Being a Female Pastor with Sharon Hodde Miller
  3. 3.
    057 | Understanding Anti-Asian Sentiments and Racism with Raymond Chang
  4. 4.
    056 | Pastoral Health and New Ways to Perceive Attendance Numbers in the Midst of the Pandemic with Glenn Packiam and Andrew Hébert
  5. 5.
    055 | Multiethnic Churches and Mistakes Leaders Make in Pursuing Diversity with Derwin Gray
  6. 6.
    054 | Tim Keller on His Personal Crisis in the Midst of a Global Crisis Plus His Thoughts on Digital Versus In-Person Ministry
  7. 7.
    053 | Rick Warren on the Most Important Advice for Leaders on Grief Plus His Experience on the Emotional Impact of the Pandemic on Pastors, Part 2 of 2
  8. 8.
    052 | Rick Warren Gets Candid About Leading Through COVID and Political and Racial Divisions, Part 1 of 2
  1. 9.
    051 | John Mark Comer on COVID and Burnout, the Root of Fear, Healthy Rhythms and How to Respond to Criticism
  2. 10.
    050 | Practical Tools for Hybrid Church from Practical Tools for Hybrid Church from Former North Point Social Media and Online Pastor, Instagrammer and Church Consultant, Dave Adamson
  3. 11.
    049 | The Faith of Black Christians in America with Bryan Loritts
  4. 12.
    048 | Jennie Allen on the Relationship Between Suffering and Spiritual Formation, Gen Z and Technology, and Why It's a Great Time to Be Alive
  5. 13.
    047 | Grief, Leading Through Loss and How to Support Those Who are Hurting—a personal conversation with Barna President, David Kinnaman
  6. 14.
    046 | Jeanne Stevens Casting Vision and Identifying Innovative Opportunities During a Pandemic and Why You Shouldn't Use the Word Reopen
  7. 15.
    045 | Hillsong's Sam Collier on Boundaries, What's Causing America's Racial Divide and Planting a Church with His Spouse, Part 2
  8. 16.
    044 | Hillsong Atlanta Lead Pastor, Sam Collier, on Planting a Church During a Global Pandemic and Why Church Planters May Have an Advantage Over Existing Churches, Part 1
  9. 17.
    043 | The Impact of COVID on Pastors' Spiritual Lives and How People Don't Think Theologically with Rich Villodas
  10. 18.
    042 | Rich Villodas on How to Provide Pastoral Care During a Pandemic Plus Barna Data on the Lack of Digital Spiritual Formation Offerings in Churches
  11. 19.
    041 | How the COVID Crisis is Impacting Women's Ministry and What the Church Can Do to Engage Them More Effectively With Vivian Mabuni
  12. 20.
    040 | Craig Groeschel on Leading His Team Through the COVID Crisis and What He's Learned About Crisis Leadership
  13. 21.
    039 | Francis Chan on How He Responds to Attacks and Disappointments, Ways to Avoid Burnout, and the Mental and Emotional Impact of COVID on Leaders
  14. 22.
    038 | Francis Chan on COVID and Traps Church Leaders Fall Into
  15. 23.
    037 | Miles McPherson on Privilege and How Church Leaders Can Foster Racial Reconciliation
  16. 24.
    036 | The Rock's Miles McPherson on Discipleship During COVID and New Research on the State of the Hybrid Church
  17. 25.
    035 | Mark Sayers on Cultural and Spiritual Authority, the Influence of Social Technology and the Pandemic's Impact on Religiosity
  18. 26.
    034 | Mark Sayers on How Different Cultural Responses are Affecting COVID Impact and What Leaders Should Watch For
  19. 27.
    033 | 2020 in Review with Andy Stanley, Mark Batterson, Mark Sayers, Nona Jones and More!
  20. 28.
    032 | Digital Christmas: How to Do it and How it Impacts Evangelism Efforts with Aaron McRae and Brian Wurzell of Hillside Community Church
  21. 29.
    031 | Best and Worst Practices of Digital Engagement with Alejandro Reyes and Bayside Church's Haley Veturis
  22. 30.
    030 | How to Plan Finances in the Midst of Uncertainty with Jim Sheppard of Generis and Christopher Harris of Crossover Church
  23. 31.
    029 | The Demand for Racial Justice and Why Christians Have Been Silent with Latasha Morrison
  24. 32.
    028 | Pete Scazzero on the Wonderful Yet Painful Job of Ministry and Tips for Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle
  25. 33.
    027 | The Challenges of Church Multiplication with Dave Ferguson, Roy Helu Jr. and Glenn Lawson Plus New Data on Church Attendance Numbers
  26. 34.
    026 | Andy Crouch on How Leaders Need to Face that COVID is not a Winter nor a Blizzard but an Ice Age
  27. 35.
    025 | Andy Stanley on How He Decided His Church Would Not Reopen to In-Person Services Until 2021 and How to Lead in These Uncertain Times
  28. 36.
    024 | Mark Batterson on How to Love and Serve Your People When Entering the New Normal
  29. 37.
    023 | Mark Batterson on the Role of the Church in This Cultural Moment and Data on How Half of Millennials are Not Going to Church
  30. 38.
    022 | Practical Ways to Engage Youth and Students in the Midst of the Pandemic with Leslie Mack of Life.Church and Shane Sanchez of Gwinnett Church, Plus More Data on the Emotional Decline of Pastors Across the U.S.
  31. 39.
    021 | Kara Powell on Back to School Post-COVID and the Mental Health Challenges Kids are Facing During the Crisis
  32. 40.
    020 | Jon Tyson on How He's Been Working Harder Than Ever Before During This Season, Data on Pastors Feeling Great Personal Discouragement and Burnout, and How to Do Successful Outreach Digitally
  33. 41.
    019 | Facebook's Nona Jones on How Pastors' Egos Affect Their Decision to Go Online and Why Church Leaders are Addicted to Their Facilities
  34. 42.
    018 | Lysa TerKeurst on the Dangers of Digital Discipleship and How Leaders Can Be Appropriately Vulnerable in this Age of Disruption
  35. 43.
    017 | How to Lead the Church in Racial Reconciliation with Derwin Gray and Darryn Scheske
  36. 44.
    016 | How the Church Should Be Responding During Crisis, How COVID is Impacting Our Faith, and What the New Church Could Look Like with Scott Sauls
  37. 45.
    015 | Albert Tate and Nicole Martin on What Questions White Leaders Should be Asking, Acknowledging Fears Around Taking a Stand and How the Church Can Make a Difference, Part 2 of 2
  38. 46.
    014 | Albert Tate and Nicole Martin on What White Leaders Don’t Understand About Racial Inequality and What Needs to Change to Bring About Real Reconciliation, Part 1 of 2
  39. 47.
    013 | Levi and Jennie Lusko on the Complexity of Reopening 13 Locations, the Pushback They Took on Social Over Racial Reconciliation, and Talking About Justice with Your Kids
  40. 48.
    012 | Reopening Kids and Student Ministries During Coronavirus Pandemic with Frank and Jessica Bealer
  41. 49.
    011 | Disruption vs Interruption: The Impact and Response to Reopening Churches with Adam Weber and Glenn Packiam Plus Data on Digital Church Attendance
  42. 50.
    010 | The Medical and Mental Health Impact of Re-Launching Physical Gatherings

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