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By World Surf League

World Surf League’s Dave Prodan breaks things down with influential figures from all across the surf landscape. Hear their behind-the-scenes stories and unfiltered opinions to get a deeper sense of who they are and how they’ve influenced the sport and culture of surfing.

  1. 1.
    EP 87: Courtney Conlogue - The US Open, Her comeback 2021 season, Waves of consequence on tour, Recovering from serious concussions, Strike mission to Tahiti, The effects of social media, and Her thoughts on the Rip Curl WSL Finals
  2. 2.
    BONUS: Gillette Venus presents the Board of Trust Seas: A discussion on women's pivotal role in ocean conservancy featuring Carissa Moore
  3. 3.
    BONUS: The Ultimate Surfer Post Show EP 5 - The Season Finale, Special guest Koa Smith, The ultra-competitive final, Tips from Kelly Slater, An exclusive interview with the two winners, and What the grand prize means for their careers
  4. 4.
    BONUS: The Ultimate Surfer Post Show EP 04 - Crunchtime, Surf Combine, Big airs, An unwavering alliance, The most painful Surf Off yet, Discovering the four finalists, and An exclusive interview with one of the show’s most entertaining stars
  5. 5.
    EP 86: Live with Tom Curren and Mason Ho - Their first search trips, Juggling free surfing and competitive surfing, Thoughts on the new CT, Most anticipated Challenger Series and Championship Tour stops, and picks for the Rip Curl WSL Finals.
  6. 6.
    EP 85: Live with Bethany Hamilton - Competing on the QS, Dealing with fame, balancing family life with pro surfing, Her picks for the Finals, Why she loves Big Wave surfing, and How she deals with fear.
  7. 7.
    EP 84: Live with Tyler Wright - Tahiti cancellation, 20 years with Rip Curl, Thoughts on Trestles, Championship picks, and who she gets inspiration from.
  8. 8.
    EP 83: Live pod with Mick Fanning - Thoughts on Trestles, Finals picks, Life off tour, Would he take another wildcard, Australia's up and comers, and his highest pressure moments
  1. 9.
    BONUS: The Ultimate Surfer Post Show Ep 03 - A game-changing twist, Wild wildcards, Triumphant returns, Heated Surf Offs, Relationships on set, Bachelor meets Surf Ranch, “Honey in your eyeballs,” and A behind-the-scenes interview with a cast member
  2. 10.
    EP 82: Kolohe Andino - Rip Curl WSL Finals predictions, His new film “Reckless Isolation,” Qualifying as a teenager, “Aha” moments on tour, Returning to the jersey, Becoming a father, Board shaping, Beating the Brazilians, and Growing up at Lower Trestles
  3. 11.
    BONUS: The Ultimate Surfer Post Show Ep 02 - Life on set, The stand outs so far, One very funny challenge, Surf Off strategy, Tough eliminations, A potential power team, Off-day activities, and A behind-the-scenes interview with a surprise cast member
  4. 12.
    EP 81: The Break Room - Rip Curl WSL Finals picks, One wild end to the CT season, Scenarios Galore, Big names missed requalification, The Challenger Series, Traveling for work, The Ultimate Surfer, Listener questions, and More insights from inside WSL HQ
  5. 13.
    BONUS: The Ultimate Surfer Post Show EP 01 - First impressions, The teams to beat, A heated rivalry early on, Surprise challenges, The pressure of the wave at Surf Ranch, and An insider interview with a cast member
  6. 14.
    EP 80: Keala Kennelly - Equality in women’s surfing, Charging Teahupo’o, The importance of opportunity, Competing against the Irons brothers, Big Wave surfing, Working in Hollywood, and Her career on the Championship Tour
  7. 15.
    EP 79: Cory Lopez - How to surf Teahupo’o, The magic of Barra De La Cruz, Putting Skeleton Bay on the map, His favorite Andy Irons story, Pushing it with airs, The Florida Gulf Coast, and A long career on the Championship Tour
  8. 16.
    EP 78: Joe Turpel - Calling the Olympics, Filming “The Ultimate Surfer,” Kelly Slater’s future, The new tour schedule, What to expect from The Challenger Series, Committing to the craft of commentating, and Highlights from Tokyo
  9. 17.
    BONUS EPISODE: WSL CEO Erik Logan - The 2022 Championship Tour Schedule, The new Challenger Series, Introducing the Midseason Cut, The fight for the WSL Final 5, and Big upcoming surf content
  10. 18.
    EP 77: Lisa Andersen - Surfing’s debut at the Olympics, Surfing Florida vs California, Her path to four World Titles, Learning life lessons from surfing, Motherhood on the Championship Tour, and Her thoughts on the Rip Curl WSL Finals format
  11. 19.
    Re-Air: EP 23 Johanne Defay - Sharks in Her Hometown, Quarantine, Transitioning from the QS to CT, and Her 2014 Semifinal Against Tyler Wright
  12. 20.
    Re-Air: EP 16 Ryan Callinan - Newcastle Legends, Grief and Loss on Tour, Competing with The Best in the World, and Psychology in Surfing
  13. 21.
    Re-Air: EP 29 Rosy Hodge - From Competitor to Commentator, Growing up in South Africa, Surfing's Role in Political Movements, The WSL Finals, and More.
  14. 22.
    EP 76: The Break Room - Surprise superstars, The women’s World Title race, Icons fighting for requalification, Rip Curl WSL Finals strategy, Tour trivia, and A behind-the-scenes look at the WSL
  15. 23.
    EP 75: Isabella Nichols - An unforgettable rookie season, Pursuing an education while chasing the CT, Wave pool engineering, Stories from Sunset Beach, Working as a stunt double, and Rip Curl WSL Finals strategy
  16. 24.
    EP 74: Kanoa Igarashi Returns - WSL Final 5 chances, World Title vs Gold Medal, Being the face of the upcoming Olympics, Surfing against Gabriel Medina, and The hardest maneuver to land in surfing
  17. 25.
    EP 73: Matt Biolos - Shaping for some of the best ever, Mayhem’s punk rock origins, The 25th anniversary of “5’5” 19 x ¼”, Anti-heroes, The evolution of Lost, 2020’s COVID surfing boom, and Working with Irons, Andino, Wright and Moore
  18. 26.
    EP 72: The Break Room - Morgan Cibilic’s unexpected rise, The new Gabriel Medina, A title-altering Tie, What’s up with Tyler Wright, An Unpopular Opinion about John John Florence, and Listener questions about working for WSL
  19. 27.
    EP 71: Australian Crawl - Rock n roll stories, The genesis of the band, Sponsoring the Bells Beach contest, The lifelong connection to surfing, and the fortieth anniversary of their hit album “Sirocco”
  20. 28.
    EP 70 Meg Bernardo - Creating the foundation for Pro Surfing, The first days of the ASP, Finding her place in the lineup, The league’s evolution, The WSL Finals format, and The best character in surfing
  21. 29.
    EP 69: Ian Cairns - Starting the ASP, The makeshift early days of the tour, The growth of surfing worldwide, Pushing limits in Hawaii, Western Australia, and His place in surfing history
  22. 30.
    EP 68: Connor O’Leary - The Inspiring road to the CT, Representing Australia and Japan, Growing up as a multicultural kid, Inspiring the next generation, Battling to get back on tour, and His desire for more lefts
  23. 31.
    EP 67: Jack Robinson - Facing your idols, How Western Australia shaped him, Wild times on the QS with dad, Dealing with high expectations at a young age, Being inspired by Taj Burrow, and His best shark story
  24. 32.
    EP 66: Sally Fitzgibbons - Her constant title chase, Surfing at The Box, Her evolution as a surfer, The importance of running in her life, Non-endemic partners, Having experience with rugged waves
  25. 33.
    EP 65: Laura Enever - Big Wave vs. CT surfing, Her film “Undone”, Growing up at Narrabeen, Surfing on the Nike team, Local standouts, Making another run at the CT, The Red Bull Cape Fear contest
  26. 34.
    EP 64: Damien Hardman - The “Girls Can’t Surf” documentary, Narrabeen and the upcoming Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic, The next level of progression on tour, How the “Ice Man” won his titles, The Championship Tour in the 1990s, Being a ruthless competitor
  27. 35.
    EP 63: Ross Williams - Surfing in 2021 vs the 1990s, Coaching John John Florence, Shooting the Momentum films, Growing up on the North Shore, and Kelly Slater’s retirement
  28. 36.
    EP 62: Mark Richards - Newcastle Cup Contenders, Twin fin inspirations, The growth of the Championship Tour, Hawaii and Eddie Aikau, and Newcastle’s surf culture
  29. 37.
    EP 61: Jordy Smith - The obsessive pursuit of a World Title, Surviving the pro surfing hype machine, Video parts vs tour events, An eventful quarantine, South Africa, His surfing inspirations, and Shaping surfboards
  30. 38.
    EP 60: Nick Carroll - Surf Journalism, Australia vs California, Rebellion in Surfing, The pandemic surfing boom, The death of surf culture, and Kelly Slater’s future
  31. 39.
    Introducing: Caught Inside w Joe Turpel (Ep 1 - Jack Robinson)
  32. 40.
    EP 59: Pam Burridge - 1980s trailblazers in women’s surfing, The upcoming film “Girls Can’t Surf,” Fighting for equality in pro surfing, Narrabeen, Turning pro at 15, and adding Pipeline and Teahupo’o to the women’s tour
  33. 41.
    EP 58: Billy Kemper - His docuseries “Billy,” His injury in Morocco, Feeling alive at Jaws, The importance of family, Fighting spirit, and The Top 5 most helpful actions on the road to recovery
  34. 42.
    Introducing: Getting Heated w/ Mick Fanning and Ross Williams
  35. 43.
    EP 57: Hunter Jones - The Los Angeles surf scene, Being a stunt double in Hollywood, Diversity in the lineup, and his Top 5 side hustles while trying to make it as a surfer
  36. 44.
    EP 56: Easkey Britton - The 30x30 petition and We Are One Ocean campaign, Blue Health, The Irish surf scene, and the Top 5 ways the ocean can benefit your health
  37. 45.
    EP 55: Randy Rarick - The early days of the Championship Tour, The all-time greats at Sunset Beach, Crowning the first World Champion, The shift to Pipeline, His Top 5 moments of North Shore lore
  38. 46.
    EP 54: Maui Pro & Pipe Masters Recap Plus Listener Mailbag - Women surfing Pipeline, Big winners from the first events, Top Contenders at Sunset.
  39. 47.
    EP 53: Nathan Florence - Progression in big wave surfing, His scariest moment in the ocean, Growing up at surfing’s ultimate proving ground, The Florence family
  40. 48.
    EP 52: Jack Freestone - Starting the season at Pipeline, Surfing against Kelly, Cracking the CT code, and Talking trash during heats
  41. 49.
    EP 51: Tyler Wright - The Maui Pro, Her long road to recovery, Using her platform for change, Mind games in the lineup, and the best Wright family surfer
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