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Michael Bartlett of Collective Church is a great leader you will not want to miss! In this discussion Dyke and Rebecca sit down with Michael to learn about the journey of the young Church Plant, Collective, but also how they have built the team culture as well as shifted the focus back to gathering on Sunday mornings.Learn More about Collective ChurchIf you want to learn about partnering with Church Plants head toiPlant.comAs always you can find us

Nov 23

1 hr 2 min

Visioneering Studios exists to help churches reimagine how they can best use their physical space. Dyke & Rebecca sit down with Dave Milam, Vice-President of Strategic Design at Visioneering Studios, for a fascinating conversation about the physical buildings that make up our churches. Remember to register for ICOMRegister for The Church Working Right Pre-Conference EventYou can always find us at

Nov 9

49 min 23 sec

If you have a disability ministry or you don't have one yet,  this conversation with Ryan Wolfe needs to be a priority. In this 20th episode of the Waypoint Podcast Dyke & Rebecca lead a fascinating & necessary conversation about making sure your church is reaching all it's people effectively!To find out more from Ryan check out abilityministry.comTo register for The Church Working Right ICOM Pre-conference Church Partners exists to come alongside you in ministry, if there is anything we can do, don't hesitate to reach out!

Oct 26

52 min 41 sec

* Special Early Release Episode*After Leading Compassion Christian Church in Savannah, GA for 37 years, Cam Huxford has a wealth of wisdom to share with church leaders. Join Dyke & Rebecca as they sit down with Cam to talk about the current state of the church, the hope of the future, and practical realities for today's church leaders.Cam is out key speaker at LEADER CARE | Myrtle BeachFriday, October 8thRegister here: code: COMETOCARE for a special price!Join us at ICOM, November 18th-21st in Richmond, VACheck it out: theicom.orgYou can always reach us at waypointchurchpartners.comfor events, ways to partner, or to get in contact with one of our staffThanks for listening!

Oct 5

54 min 17 sec

A brand new Waypoint Church Plant has launched, Canvas Church, in Goldsboro, NC! You do not want to miss Dyke and Rebecca sitting down with planter, Kevin McNeil to hear fresh out of the gate wisdom and stories about how it is going. To learn more about Leader Care and to Register head find out more about church planting head to

Sep 28

56 min

This is a great conversion where Dyke and Rebecca sit down with urban church planter, Joel Pazmino, of Encounter Church in DC. Joel is full of wisdom and interesting take aways from his time bringing Jesus to the city at his church. Don't miss this episode!If you want to learn more about church planting  through Waypoint check-outiplantchurches.comWaypoint loves to help ANY church leaders, if you need to get ahold of us you can find us atwaypointchurchpartners.comIf you want to find out more about the NEW Waypoint Pastors' Wives Podcast find it

Sep 14

52 min 32 sec

Jacob Albrecht joins Dyke and Rebecca as they explore how SICOM can help be a catalyst to the next generation of church leaders locally and globally. Find out more If you need to reach us you can find us

Aug 24

37 min 53 sec

In episode 15, Dyke and Rebecca sit down with Stacy Bishop.  All  church leadership presents its challenges and joys, and being the wife to the pastor is no different. Hear Stacy's heart for pastors' wives and how she is striving to help encourage them find their joy in their ministry context.The Waypoint Pastors' Wives PodcastFind it here: More about Waypointwaypointchurchpartner.comRegister for the next Waypoint55

Aug 10

41 min 35 sec

Dyke & Rebecca ( who love Bible Colleges in general!) sit down with Dr. Ken Greene who is a Professor of Family Ministry at MAC University. Dr. Greene identifies some of the trends he is seeing in Family Ministry and shares encouragement to churches. If you want to learn more about Waypoint Church Partners, please head to

Jul 27

45 min 25 sec

Dyke and Rebecca host a conversation with Zac Holt and Paul Viers of the Table, a church plant, a campus, a new kind of Church reaching people for Jesus.If you'd like to contact Zac to talk about the Table:zholt@whcc.infoIf you'd like to talk to Paul about how the Table works as a campus:pviers@whcc.infoIf you want more information of Waypoint's church plants, you can go toiplantchurches.comYou can find out more about Waypoint Church Partners

Jul 13

40 min 7 sec

Tim Wolf joins Dyke & Rebecca to tell his story of ministry and the story of United Church. How churches rallied around, supported, and continue to support this plant.You are not going to want to miss this fascinating & encouraging episode!If you want to learn more about WaypointWaypointChurchPartners.comLearn more about partnering with church

Jun 22

45 min 20 sec

Dr. Ruth Reyes has quite a resume! We are so thrilled to share this conversation on The Waypoint Podcast. Dr. Reyes has spent her life performing, serving,  and preparing the next generation of Worship Leaders, she is full of wisdom about corporate worship. You don't want to miss this episode!Watch Dr. Reyes PerformLearn More About the Concert TourFind our more about WaypointPartner with New Church Plants

Jun 8

38 min 38 sec

Dyke McCord & Rebecca Hott celebrate our 10th episode with Marie Paddock. You want to know Marie Paddock, as a counselor she give real insight to church leaders on the last year, as a pastor's wife Marie is honest about the hard work of ministry. Enjoy & thanks for listening!Register for the Marion Harris Memorial Golf OutingFind Out More About Waypoint

May 25

25 min 26 sec

Dyke & Rebecca talk with Andy Bowersox of Energize Ministries to talk about the important, important work of protecting and preserving church leaders. Leading a church brings very personal, hard, and even dark consequences, one of the first things that can be done is bringing these topics to light. We hope you leave a little more encouraged than when you came as we navigate ministry together! Check out Energize Ministries atenergizeministries.comTo find out more about Waypoint's Marion Harris Memorial Golf outing head out about current Fusion Groups, about joining, or STARTING a Fusion group go

May 11

51 min 14 sec

Dominick Jenkins Associate Pastor of The Crossing joins Dyke & Rebecca to talk about leaders: young and seasoned. Why we need them and how to make them feel needed.You can hear more from Dom on his Podcast Leaderology Co!Remember you can answer this week's question by emailing us at thepodcast@waypointchurchpartners.comYou can always learn more about Waypoint and what's going on atwaypointchurchpartners.comFind out more about our church plants

Apr 27

43 min 29 sec

Dyke & Rebecca are joined by Neil Wheeler, Waypoint's Director of Leader Care. The discussion is about  leaders and self care, best practices and current trends.To answer this week's question email us atthepodcast@waypointchurchpartners.comTo join a Fusion Group or to talk about starting one emailnwheeler@waypointchurchpartners.comLearn more

Apr 6

34 min 54 sec

Dyke & Rebecca are are joined another one of our region's church leaders. Today, Children's Ministry: Sissy Giffin, leading Children, leading families. How has children's ministry shifted this year, how is is shifting forever? Hear some great thoughts on families and the community and how the Children's Ministry of Towne South has had an impact.Answer the question at the end of the episode so we can pick and read our favorites in Episode 7! Submit your answers to !As always you can find us atwaypointchurchpartners.comPartner with NEW Churches

Mar 22

26 min 15 sec

Chris Hankins, Lead Pastor of  Point Church , sits down with Dyke and Rebecca for this episode of The Waypoint Podcast. The discussion focuses on church planting and how Point's "family of churches across the triangle" operate and were created, along ways they have pivoted in the last year.Check out Art of the Sermon locations at in getting involved in Church Planting, check out: iplantchurches.comTo learn more about Waypoint Church Partners, visit us at

Mar 9

50 min 5 sec

Dyke & Rebecca are joined by Taylor Brown to discuss communicating the gospel inSERMONS, STORYTELLING, & STRUGGLE.Register for the Art of the Sermon SeminarHEREFind Us timestamp you are looking for is 11:35. Get a pencil, take notes, you're welcome.

Feb 23

44 min 58 sec

Dyke & Rebecca are joined by Matt & Tina Wilson of Ekklesia Church in Conway, South Carolina. The Wilsons are a church-planting, ministry team, they discuss the hard work of leading the church and leading their family.To find out more about LeaderCare'21 & other Waypoint Events: Partner in Church Planting:

Feb 9

59 min 47 sec

Church leaders, what have we learned and where are we going?Dyke & Rebecca are joined by Waypoint Church Partners' Executive Director, Tim Cole to discuss what he has observed.  Practical tips & encouragement to church leaders as we head into a new year!If you want to learn more about Waypoint Church Partners, find out about events, learn about giving to church plants, head to 

Jan 26

49 min 41 sec

Thanks for joining us! You can find out more from us at Learn more about church planting at iplanchurches.comYou can find Carl Kuhl and Mosaic at https://mosaicchristian.orgCarl’s Book: The Contrarian's Guide to Church PlantingRegister for LeaderCare'21

Jan 12

46 min 41 sec

Join us January 12th 2021, where we will launch our first episode!

Dec 2020

1 min 17 sec