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 Since 2015, Bryan Tobin has been hosting, editing, and producing Tobin Tonight where he interviews celebrities.

Tobin talks to musicians, comedians actresses, actors, and athletes. Bryan was born and raised in Newfoundland. His passion is media, and he loves to conduct interviews and be a bit of a character in front of the camera. Secretly he'd like to be a comedian but he loves hosting and interviewing. Bryan's past work includes working with

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Tobin chats with Jacob, Jeremy and Alex of the Montreal based band, Group Project.  The three talk about how they formed the band, coming up with the name, and their latest song Alma Mater.  We also chat about the media and how it can potray people,  accents in music and what's next for the band? What is their goals for 2022? Oh and we have a lot of laughs. Fun Fact: Classe Ajournée (Class Dismissed)   Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.


Nov 24

45 min 12 sec

Tobin chats with Canadian Country singer, Greg Rider on his path into music.  Originally  Greg wanted to be a sports journalist but a car accident during an internship changed his whole life and path.  Greg discusses this on the podcast and opens up about being a class clown and finding out he has ADHD.  Greg talks about dealing with depression and anxiety and we chat about the importance of being a good entertainer/communicator and how it can help in whatever career you choose.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.


Nov 17

53 min 44 sec

Tobin welcomes Mayko Nguyen to the podcast. Mayko has been featured in Rookie Blue, Killjoys and is currently potraying Chief of Forensics, Sarah Truong on City TV's  Hudson and Rex.  The series is filmed in St. John's, Newfoundland.  Mayko discussed getting the role for the show, the changes they have made in the latest season, working with Rex (a german sheppard dog) and how originally she struggled when first making the move from Toronto to Newfoundland.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Nov 11

1 hr 1 min

Tobin chats with North Harbour Author, Ida Linehan Young about how she started writing books, and how she continues to come up with more ideas for her books.  Ida discusses writing her first book about a fire in North Harbour that ended up taking five members of her family and how it took her a long time to get the details of the story.   Ida also talks about her latest book, "The Stolen Ones" and what her future plans are for her books.  You can buy Ida's latest  book Here Check  Out the Full Video Interview Here See for privacy information.

Nov 3

38 min 27 sec

Tobin welcomes Canadian Curler turned Broadcaster, Jill Officer to the show.  Jill talks about her curling career, her friendship with Jennifer Jones,  transitioning away from curling, and about going back to school to pursue another interest of hers that could potentially take her back into curling but in a different role.  Jill and I also discuss being screeched in,  curling in a bubble and if there were any other sports Jill considered playing that could have possibly reached the same success as her curling career.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Oct 27

52 min 29 sec

Tobin welcomes Canada Tonight host, Ginella Massa to the podcast. You would think the fact we both use TONIGHT in our title would be the only similarity Ginella and I would have, but throughout this conversation, I find out we have a lot more in common than just a communications degree. Ginella talks about getting her break with CANADA TONIGHT, how the show's name came to be, and she talks about being one of the first hosts in Canada to wear a hijab. Ginella also tells an interesting story about her time in university and how one teacher wanted her to lose the hijab. Trust Me You're Going to Want to Check This Interview Out Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Oct 20

28 min 24 sec

Tobin welcomes Canadian Singer, Madison Olds to the podcast.  Madison talks about her love of Halloween,  Harry Potter, Candy Corn, and the music business.  Madison and I talk about cancel culture, her musical career and she shares an interesting Chris Brown story.  Can you still like an artist's music but dislike the artist as a person, we debate that as well.  It's an episode that is full of conversation, just what you expect from this podcast.  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.


Oct 6

1 hr 1 min

Tobin welcomes Crash and Adams from Crash Adams to the show. The duo talk about how they met, coming up with the idea of always wearing a suit, the instalment of the famous red couch to their identity, and much much more. It's a good thing they have more than one suit each as the duo were in stitches throughout this chat, hope you check it out and enjoy it. Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.


Oct 2

44 min 1 sec

Tobin welcomes Canadian Country Singer, Shantaia to the show. Shantaia and Tobin dive into a range of topics.  Topics include the power of music labels and how they may affect an artist's creativity,  why she turned down auditioning for The Voice, and how Martina McBride and Maren Morris have left an impact on her career.     We also talk about Shantaias move to Nashville and her most embarrassing moment.  Don't worry I share mine as well, we don't leave her hanging. Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Sep 22

49 min 16 sec

Tobin welcomes one of Newfoundland's household names and the Creator of This Hour Has 22 minutes, Mary Walsh.   Mary talks about her career from CODCO to forming 22 minutes, battling alcoholism, and how the perception of being from Newfoundland has changed over the years.    We also discuss other famous Newfoundlanders and how they got into the comedy/ sketch business.  Check out the episode here: Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.


Sep 15

52 min 20 sec

Tobin welcomes back Sarah Wickett to the show.  It has been roughly over a year since we last chatted with Sarah,  how has she handled COVID, what has she been doing to keep busy? How about releasing new music?  Glad you asked as Sarah talks about her new song and music video for Momma's Boy, how she edited the video herself, and how she is learning Punjabi.   She also tells a funny sea doo story and how she once was a celebrity chaser.   All this and more can be found in this episode.  Catch It Here   See for privacy information.

Sep 1

55 min 40 sec

Tobin welcomes Canadian singer and songwriter, Parker Graye to the show.  Parker and Tobin talk about a whole variety of topics.  They touch on mental health awareness during and after the pandemic,  cancel culture, and whether you can separate an artist's music from their actions (R.Kelly, Chris Brown, Morgan Wallen).  Parker and Tobin also poke some fun at a certain gift Tobin was given by a country artist.   Check out the episode and laugh as hard and as often as these two did.  Catch It Here     See for privacy information.


Aug 25

57 min 23 sec

Tobin chats with Patrick Kordyback from the band, Stereos to the show.  Patrick talks about forming the band, its early success, and what caused the band to break up, and then finally reunite. (It's an interesting story that I believe many young bands can learn from).  Pat and I also bond over some NHL video games and discuss what the future holds for the band.  Catch It Here     See for privacy information.


Aug 18

52 min 50 sec

Tobin chats with  Newfoundlander Singer, Carolina East . Carolina talks about how she got into music, performing in a cover band and eventually making the move to go solo.   Carolina talks about rejection and how hard it is to receive "No's" and just trying to remain positive.  We also touch on Carolina finding out she is indigenous and how she is trying her best to learn more about the culture and become a voice in the community.  Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.

Aug 11

48 min 8 sec

Tobin chats with Audriix about her new song, "Taking Back My Life", growing up in California,  playing a bunch of instruments and she tells an interesting story about a guy who got sick of seeing her face on his exercise equipment.    She also talks about how she went to school in Computer Science to help her music career, it's an interesting take.  Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.


Aug 4

50 min 46 sec

 Tobin chats with Canadian Country Singer, Olivia Rose.  Olivia talks about how she got her start in country music,  how COVID impacted her music career, and her song, "Gold" and we play a fun game of firsts.    We also talk some 90's / 2000's content, so relax and enjoy the episode.  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.

Jul 28

57 min 19 sec

Tobin chats with Mark Brusegard of The Treble.  Mark talks about how the band came to be (it's an interesting story) and how the name came to be (also an interesting story).     Mark talks about the album Rivals and the song/video for No Secrets and how he originally was against the idea.   We also talk about how COVID impacted the band and what the goal is for the band when things start opening up again.  Check It Out     See for privacy information.

Jul 21

57 min 54 sec

Tobin chats with Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty (better known as Broadtree).  The two talk about how they coped during the pandemic,  how that pandemic lead to creating this duo, and how that in turn lead to months of rushing to get things done and in order.      Armand and Nicole also talk about their own personal struggles with Mental Health and the importance for them to be a voice for others and to let them know they are not fighting alone.     We also ask the TOUGH questions like why so many Taylor Swift covers and how did "Broadtree Does..." become a thing.    Check It Out   See for privacy information.

Jul 14

56 min

Tobin chats with Country Singer, Kailey Nicole.  Kailey talks about how she got her interest in music, her acting background and gives a really in-depth comparison of music and football using Tom Brady (hence the name of the episode)   Kailey also talks about her song/video for "Aim A Little Higher", her love of Hilary Duff and the double edge sword that is social media.  It's a fun bubbly interview that clues up with a game of Firsts, so why not check it all out!  Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.

Jul 7

27 min 43 sec

Tobin chats with Canadian Curler, Kerri Einarson.  Kerri talks about getting involved in curling, her time in the bubble during the Scotties and Mixed World Doubles, and how she as able to make it through the tough times of isolation.   Some sad songs and phone calls were included in the process.     Kerri also opens up about the non-curling side of her life, including losing her brother and grandparents,  the symbolism behind her tattoo and necklace, and what she enjoys doing for fun.   It's an interview you don't want to miss.  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.

Jun 30

54 min

  Tobin chats with Troy Doherty.  Troy is a jack of all trades (his words not mine),  but if you see his body of work you'll agree.  Troy has been in broadway musicals at the age of nine, has been featured on This is Us and Victorious and now has his own EP out called, Calvin Court.  We talk all about his career and Ep on this episode.  Plus we learn something new about Mambo #5.   Check It Out Here See for privacy information.


Jun 23

50 min 14 sec

Tobin welcomes Canadian Country Singer, Paige Rutledge to the show.  Paige talks about her latest song, Broken Record and where she hopes the song leads her.  She also talks about idolizing Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood and Shaina Twain and how it was actually a sombre moment in her life that led her into this career.  We also play a game with Paige called "Turning the Paige" which even Paige admits was her favorite part.  So why not check it out.  Watch Here:     See for privacy information.

Jun 16

47 min 35 sec

  Tobin welcomes ET Canada's Carlos Bustamante to the show. Carlos talks about his career in broadcasting, life in a pandemic with kids, and dealing with negativity on Twitter.   Oh right, we also talk about YTV, how he got his start, his favorite memories and what ended up making him leave. It was a fun interview, hope you enjoy it. Check It Out Here       See for privacy information.

Jun 9

53 min 1 sec

   In this unedited/ cut from LIVE Recording, Tobin is joined by a few Newfoundland artists who were recently on the podcast to promote their music and the upcoming East Coast Music Awards.     We gathered them all together to chat about the music scene in Newfoundland, the importance of having a supportive community and being a part of the MusicNL family.      It's just a fun conversation PRE -ECMA's.   It's like the Friends Reunion but with Newfoundland Musicians Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.

Jun 8

1 hr 49 min

Tobin welcomes back to the show, Rachel Cousins. This episode is part of our East Coast Music Awards Special (ECMAs), therefore we talk to Rachel about her involvement with the show,  how she has handled the uncertainty of everything going on with the event, and how she is handling COVID.  We also talk to Rachel about social media, haters, bullying, some sprinkles of mental health, and about her new song/album Aftermath.  So why not relax, and catch up on some Tobin Tonight.  Check It Out Here       See for privacy information.


May 26

55 min 13 sec

Tobin welcomes Jess and Tay to the show. The duo talk about how they formed, performing at Boots and Hearts for the first time, being compared to another act of a similar name and we create a new month called OcNover.   We also talk some music and how they found out they were nominated for CMA Ontario Group of the Year, it's a great episode to check out, so go ahead and listen Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.


May 19

51 min 57 sec

Tobin welcomes Mallory Johnson to the show. Mallory had just arrived back from Nashville to Newfoundland and we chatted about her career, the move to Nashville, the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA's), and more. Mallory tells an interesting story about trying out for Canadian Idol and I also find out Mallory's favorite sour candy.  CHECK It OUT  HERE:   See for privacy information.

May 18

54 min 52 sec

 Tobin chats with Rosemary Lawton.  We are still focusing on the East Coast Specials as news hit the ECMA's were postponed to a later date in June.  That being said, Rosemary talks about the ECMA Awards and what she will be doing for the show, how she got into playing the fiddle, the importance of women in music and she talks about what she has been doing during COVID.  We also have an interesting conversation relating to extroverts and introverts.  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.


May 12

43 min 47 sec

Tobin welcomes  Jordan Coaker and Kirsten Rodden-Clarke to the podcast. I call them that cause we're friends now but you may know them as Quote The Raven.   Jordan, Kirsten, and I talk about the good old days of MSN, how they came up with the name and become a duo and they fill us in on what they will be doing for the ECMA's and more. Check it Out Here     See for privacy information.


May 6

45 min 55 sec

Tobin chats with Newfoundland singer/songwriter, Ian Foster.   Ian talks about getting into his own podcast "If and When"  and we bond over being podcast hosts.     We also talk to Ian about the ECMA's, what he has been doing during COVID, and how a trip to radioshack got him into music.  He also tells a really funny Ron Hynes story.  So tune in and enjoy  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.


May 4

44 min 54 sec

Tobin welcomes Abigale to the show.  Abigale is a country folk singer from Hodge's Cove, Newfoundland.  In this episode Abigale talked about how she got into country music, the instruments she can play,  how she is handling COVID and how she was excited to go to Nova Scotia for the ECMA's, and how they plan to do her performance now due to COVID.    We also go off on different topics such as Blues Clues,  HEY any topic can pop up on Tobin Tonight.   Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.

May 3

36 min 49 sec

Tobin chats with Canadian Country singer and songwriter Jason Blaine about his move from Pembroke to Nashville, raising four kids in COVID, and about his current project and music including When I See You.     Tobin and Jason also go into a deep dive of country music hitting on artists like Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, and more, what they enjoy and how they changed the game.   Check It Out Now   See for privacy information.

Apr 28

52 min 47 sec

 Tobin chats with Canadian Curler, Laura Walker.  How is she handling being in the Curling Bubble with her Husband and newborn?  How is she keeping busy?  Has she binged watched any new shows?       We also have some serious conversations involving Curling for the basic of fans like myself,  questions like, how does one even get involved in curling or hear about it? How do you create a team?  How do you become as great as Laura Walker?      Laura also has some fun explaining her chose of mixed doubles partners, what she still wants to accomplish and has some advice for curling fans, simply just let them curl.  Check out the episode here.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Apr 21

40 min 23 sec

Tobin welcomes R&B Singer, Jenna Nation to the show.  The two talk about how Jenna came up with the name,  her new song Roses, and about being Canadian.    Jenna also explains how due to apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and internet radio she has found and built a following outside of Canada.  Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Check out this podcast and learn something new.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Apr 14

33 min 21 sec

 Tobin welcomes Justin Kelly from the show, Hudson, and Rex on the podcast. You may also remember him as Noah on Family Channels, The Latest Buzz (it does get mentioned).   Justin talks about how he got cast on the show, coming to Newfoundland for the first time, working with a dog on the show and we tease about a Jesse spinoff and much much more. Check out this fun interview and Check out Hudson and Rex on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm ET/CT on Citytv  Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.

Apr 7

46 min 19 sec

  Tobin chats with  Canadian Country Singer and Rising Star, Robyn Ottolini.  Robyn and Tobin converse on the things you probably wouldn't get in an everyday run-of-the-mill interview.     For instance, does Robyn fall in the shower,  why did she not date until 18,  the reason she can handle internet trolls. All 90's kids with an email address would be able to relate.  And yes of course we ask Robyn about F-150 and how she got into music.    Fun Fact: If Robyn never made it as a musician she wanted to be involved with sea life, specifically SHARKS.  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.


Mar 24

47 min 55 sec

Tobin welcomes Bob Saget to the podcast. Tobin chats with Bob on his career from Full House to How I Met Your Mother. What he enjoyed about the shows, how he ended up being cast and the alternate ending of HIMYM is a topic as well.  Bob also chat America's Funniest HOME Videos, the re-vamping of the series with "Video's After Dark", "cancel culture" and his new podcast Bob Saget's Here For You. What are you waiting for?   Check It Out Here See for privacy information.


Mar 17

50 min 9 sec

Tobin welcomes Sharon Hampson and her daughter Randi to the show.   Sharon is a member of the family-friendly entertainment group, Sharon, Lois and Bram.  We talk to both of them about forming the trio, its success in Canada and abroad, the passing of Lois  Lilienstein, and the impact they had on acts like Splash n Boots, Jeremy Fisher,  and others.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Mar 10

41 min

Tobin welcomes Canadian Singer/Songwriter Bad Child to the podcast.  Bad Child talks about his latest song and album.  We also chat about losing his mom at a young age and how music was his way of coping with the pain and finding a way out from the dark times.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Mar 3

33 min 57 sec

Tobin welcomes James, Jonny, Aimee and Emily of Paper Jackets to the show.   We talk about the band name,  how they all met and how they each got into music and life during COVID.  The band also learns something new about Jonny, does it break up the band? Can they forgive him? Stay tuned to find out.  This was the first interview we did with streamyard and with more than two people.   There is some lag due to connection issues but hope you enjoy the episode.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.


Feb 24

1 hr 1 min

Tobin chats with guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Justin Benlolo of BRKN LOVE.  The two talk about Justin's love of KISS,  his musical influences,  hoping to someday get his music in an NHL or Wrestling Game (though it has played in an NHL Stadium during playoffs) and we clue it up by finding out what Justin hopes for 2021 brings him and the band.  Check it Out Here See for privacy information.


Feb 17

28 min 3 sec

 Tobin chats with the great, Natalie MacMaster.  Natalie has numerous awards under her belt.  She has several Artist of the Year awards from the East Coast Music Association, two Juno Awards for the best instrumental album, and has won Fiddler of the Year from the Canadian Country Music Association.  She has been honored with the Order of both Canada and Nova Scotia as well, not too shabby for a girl from Troy, Nova Scotia.      Tobin and Natalie talk about how she got into fiddling, the success it has brought her, and how it has had such a huge impact on the East Coast lifestyle.  Natalie discusses how she has taken what she has learned through the process and has passed it down to her children as well.     Natalie also opens up about having a child with down syndrome and making them feel included and what lessons and memories she wants her kids to have when she is gone.  So check out the episode! Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Feb 10

45 min 54 sec

Tobin welcomes Hal Johnson of Body Break fame to the show. Hal talks about how the project came about due to discrimination.  Hal also opens up about his past/present experiences with discrimination and how he handles it.  Although Body Break became a successful project, did you know 40 or so companies turned it down and some even wanted Hal replaced?  Tune in to learn more about Hal Johnson and how he overcame the obstacles he faced.  Check It Out Here   See for privacy information.

Feb 3

56 min 11 sec

Tobin chats with Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go's. Kathy talks about growing up in Texas, creating bands, and how she eventually joined  The Go-Go's. She talks about the issues they faced, the reunions, and her book "All I Ever Wanted"  plus she tells a few interesting stories along the way.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Jan 28

44 min 11 sec

Tobin welcomes Jennifer Hedger to the show.  Hedger talks about becoming a dog lover, how she got involved in sports media and she opens up about depression and dealing with it in a pandemic.   All of this and more on this week's episode of Tobin Tonight.    Whose Dog is Barking?  Check It Out Here     See for privacy information.

Jan 20

53 min 18 sec

 In the 100TH Episode of Tobin Tonight, we celebrate Christmas, a very different kind of Christmas,  The Christmas in COVID.    We reached out to past guests and got their input on what Christmas means to them.  What are some of their favorite traditions, their favorite Christmas songs and movies and their favorite Christmas Memories.   So sit back and relax as Tobin and his guests try their best to spread some holiday cheer!  See you in 2021 :)    See for privacy information.

Dec 2020

31 min 42 sec

In Episode 99 of the podcast,  Tobin experiences what it is like to be on the other side of the question mark.  Instead of being the interviewer, he is now the interviewee.   With the help of his brother, Sean, we learn more about the host of Tobin Tonight.  How did the podcast start? Who were some of his favorite guests?  How does he get the acts that he has had on the show to agree to come on?  And where there acts Tobin wanted on the show and said no, how does he respond?  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.


Dec 2020

1 hr 7 min

Tobin chats with Newfoundland Comic, Josh Menchions, and his business partner Kelly McGuire on disability in Newfoundland and the struggles they face in the province especially in Downtown St. John's.   Josh also talks about his unique comic style and how people react to his standup material which includes Josh poking fun at himself and his disability.  Check it Out Here See for privacy information.


Dec 2020

30 min 58 sec

Tobin welcomes Tyler Ransom to the show to discuss his interest and passion in jazz and blues music.  Tyler has a kidney illness called Nephrotic Syndrome which he discusses on the podcast and explains how that has not set him back from pursuing his musical career.  Tyler also talks about his new album out in February and how John Mayer once LIKED his video.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.

Dec 2020

32 min 3 sec

Tobin welcomes Sally Shaar of the Canadian rock band, Monowhales to the show.   Sally talks about the new album the band is putting out,  and the song All or Nothing.   Tobin and Sally take a virtual walk down memory lane remembering the days of MSN, Habbo Hotel,  Neopets and of course MySpace.  They talk about the times before PR reps for bands and how bands were essentially their own promoters in the digital age.   Hey, if you like retro 90's talk with an easy-going fun personality who also sings in a band,  you have VERY distinctive tastes but WE got you covered.  Check It Out Here See for privacy information.


Dec 2020

39 min 15 sec