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To rethink the way we see things.

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In this episode, Al discusses the importance of community and having the right people in your ear.

Sep 30

15 min 17 sec

Tell people what they need to hear right now. Give people love right now. Tomorrow is not promised.

Sep 22

12 min 55 sec

Reflecting on September 11th, 2001 and how we can be a better community with each other.

Sep 11

20 min 39 sec

In this episode, Al discusses struggles preachers kids deal and the importance of remembering leaders in your prayers.

Jun 8

22 min 4 sec

Pt. 2 of Son of the Preacher Women. Al dives into the time he found out his mother had cancer and what emotions he was dealing with.

May 20

30 min 42 sec

In the first official episode after Mother’s Day, Al talks about his mother and being a preachers kid. Al gives out 3 things that he learned from his mother while she was alive.

May 11

14 min 51 sec

The expectations of the Relaunch of the podcast

May 10

3 min 38 sec

Happy Birthday to Al. Al shares some lessons that he has learned on his journey in life.

Jul 2020

11 min 6 sec

In this episode, my sister, Tallisha Williams brings forth a powerful word of God as well as music from her debut album, A Renewed Mind

Jun 2020

14 min 24 sec

Today we reference John 3:16. What is your belief in Christ.

May 2020

5 min 35 sec

What moves has God told you to make?

Feb 2019

8 min 14 sec