For The Love Of Food With Suzie The Foodie

Suzie Ridler

My site Suzie The Foodie has been my passion for over 10 years. My story and connection to food even longer. Follow me on my journey through food from my origin story, to the foodie life I am living today and interviewing amazing foodies in the world. Let's celebrate food without shame. Let food bring us comfort and creativity to our lives. I don't care what anyone says. Food is love and I want it all. No judgment, no rules. Let's talk and eat!

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Leaving Westwood Pleateau to Vancouver Island, my person Nexus, and the brutal realization that leaving the island was the worst mistake of my life. Shifting from my life as Sacred Suzie to becoming Suzie The Foodie while being trapped in my home for more than half the year. Food became my sacred calling and therapy as I learned now to cope missing BC with the painful physical shift of living in Nova Scotia. How I find my path in my kitchen and learning how to focus my pain and loss on food. 

Jan 2

22 min 8 sec

At first, life on a mountain in British Columbia was amazing but then, everything changed. I learned coping mechanism of suddenly being forced to be alone through my love of nature, delving into creativity and finally discovering my new love of food.

May 2020

15 min 39 sec