The Happy Gynecologist

Amanda Miles M.D.

"The Happy Gynecologist" is a podcast specifically for Burnt-out OB/GYN physicians. As a life coach and practicing OB/GYN, I help OB/GYN's emerge from burnout, stop relying on food and alcohol to cope with stress, and love their lives again.

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Do you struggle with the holidays or with the end of year hustle at the office? This episode is for you. Today I am going to walk you through 5 examples of how to get rid of the drama, now and all year long. Whether it's dealing with relatives, procrastinating, patients wanting in before January 1st, being on call, or overeating/overdrinking--let's make a plan to deal with it together.  Also, I want you to come have coffee with me! I have another Coffee with Coach coming up on December 4th at 8am CST, to register for this fun, free event, go to:


Nov 25

39 min 23 sec

This BONUS episode is a recording of the first Coffee with Coach session that I hosted. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, snuggle in your jammies and let me chat with you. Today's topic is all about morning routines and how they can set us up for success and decrease our burnout.  If you would like more free help from me, check out my free course. To register for instant access, go to:


Nov 20

59 min 18 sec

This week we are going to be talking about how we collectively tend to think that Call Sucks. This is a solid belief and is true for many of us as OB/GYNs, but thinking this way tends to lead us to have terrible life experiences leading up to and while on call. Come listen in today to learn how to start to shift how you think about call in order to have a better experience of it and to prevent burnout.  Also, don't forget to register to come have coffee with me on Saturday November 20th at 9AM CST:


Nov 18

34 min 56 sec

Want to know what motivates us as humans? Anything we can do to avoid pain, get dopamine, and conserve energy. So how are we able to take care of ourselves when we are wired to not do anything except sit around, snack and scroll our phones? Come listen to today's episode where we will be discussing just this! Also, I want to invite you to come have coffee with me! Join me on Saturday, November 20th at 9AM CST for Coffee With Coach! We will be chatting about morning routines that can help us get out of burnout and up-level our lives as OB/GYN's. To register, click here: If you have a question or topic you'd like to hear about on the podcast, you can now submit it here:


Nov 11

26 min 32 sec

When one of my favorite TV show characters said "Be Curious, Not Judgmental" I really took that to heart. When we are coming from a curious mindset, we are wondering and learning and exploring. We aren't criticizing or judging. Let's dive into how to employ this tactic in our every day lives. I'll also give you examples of how it can change our patient care and how we treat ourselves. If you would like more free help from me, visit my website: If this work has helped you, DEFINITELY check out my coaching program, The Happy Gynecologist Group, where we work on burnout and up-leveling our lives as OB/GYN's. You can learn more by going to:


Nov 4

23 min 45 sec

This week, I want to share with you my interpretation of former Secretary of State Colin Powell's 13 Rules for leadership and how they apply to OB/GYN life.  I also share with you how I am working on applying these more in my life and some simple questions to ask yourself to dive deeper. If you'd like more free help from me, sign up to get immediate access to my free course 3 Steps to End Your Burnout by clicking here.


Oct 28

29 min

Today I share my top 5 life lessons that I learned from taking my oral boards and how they apply to life now. So if you are preparing for boards, or long past that, there is something for everyone in this episode!  You can get more free help from me on my website:


Oct 21

25 min 57 sec

Today, in honor of pumpkin season, I want to tell you a story about how some rotten pumpkins exemplified my burnout journey and what I learned from it that truly changed my life. This experience changed how I view myself as a mom and as a doctor and has helped fix my burnout. Let me share what I learned to help you on your burnout journey.  If I can help you change your life in any of these ways, please let me know! Send me an email at and we can set up a time to chat. 


Oct 14

19 min 45 sec

I'm going to tell you a story of how a scheduling mishap led to me to make several realizations about my work schedule. Today I'll teach you the lessons I learned and help you figure out your crazy schedule too. If you'd like to learn more or enroll in The Happy Gynecologist Group, click here:


Oct 7

19 min 10 sec

The Happy Gynecologist is 1 Year Old!  In this episode, I will be telling you about my story of how I got here, and the things I have learned over the last year. This is an excellent episode to review any time you are feeling stressed or burnt-out, as it is all of my favorite burn-out teachings rolled into one jam-packed episode.  Enrollment for The Happy Gynecologist Group is open and I want you to join me! Click here to learn more and enroll: 

Sep 30

29 min

When the pandemic started last year, we all thought tried to stay positive and get through 2020 the best we could. Now that we are 18 months in, we need to change the way we are caring for ourselves and our mindset around the pandemic so that we don't get stuck in burnout. Today, let me take you through the exact steps I am using to keep going through the pandemic and to stay out of burnout.  Don't miss out on my next free, live training: "What Our Burnout Costs Us" on September 26th, 2021 at 8PM CST. Register (so I can send you the Zoom link and the replay securely) by clicking here:

Sep 23

24 min 41 sec

Are you considering making a change at work? Changing the schedule or how much call you take? Changing how many patients you see? Changing to GYN only or being a hospitalist? You are going to want to listen to this episode first! So often we try to change our surroundings to try to feel better, but if our thinking remains the same, guess what? You will still feel the same! Let me walk you through what I mean with examples from when I was super burnt-out, and how I started to fix it.  Also, if you would like to come to my next live training, register here:


Sep 16

18 min 41 sec

Today I share one of my favorite mantras that helps me get through crazy times (like when COVID first started) and how I apply it. "Everything is Figureoutable" is a mindset that I learned from Marie Forleo and it has not only driven me to be a better OB/GYN but it gives me hope when things seem bleak. With current events containing lots of negative events right now, I wanted to share my favorite mantra and teach you the deeper meaning as it applies to our lives as OB/GYNs. Also, join me September 9th, 2021 at 7pm for my FREE training. Register here so I can securely send you the Zoom link or the replay if you can't make it live:


Sep 9

16 min 55 sec

When was the last time you were so mad that you thought "I just.can't.even..." You just couldn't deal with it. You were so frustrated and upset and angry.  How did you end up feeling better?  As humans, we typically try to avoid feeling negatively and will deal with our negative emotions in a few ways that are less than ideal usually. We have been taught by society and by medicine some ways to resist, react or avoid these negative feelings.  But these coping mechanisms often lead to burnout. So today, I am going to teach you how to process your negative emotions in a way that actually helps you. Because when we end up face down in a carton of ice cream or buying all the things on Amazon to feel better, we usually only feel better temporarily.  I'm also hosting a live, FREE training on September 9th, 2021 at 7PM CST, where I will teach you what burnout can look like, if you need to address your burnout and how to do so. To register for this fun event, go to and I will send you the link to join and a replay if you can't make it live. I'll also be telling you about my new Happy Gynecologist Group at the end if you are interested in learning more. 


Sep 2

31 min 33 sec

What's your self-talk like? Does it resemble the movie Mean Girls? What happens when you have a complication at work? What does your inner self-talk sound like then? We often have negative self-talk in order to try to make ourselves do better or be better. But having negative thoughts NEVER leads to a positive result--only negative results come from negative thoughts. Let me show you how to stop the Mean Girl self-talk and to start building the relationship with yourself again.  Also, come register for my FREE training "How to Tell if You Need to Address Your Burnout" on September 9th, 2021 at 7PM CST by registering here:


Aug 26

25 min 54 sec

Today we are going to learn about the science behind anxiety to better understand why we have it and how it can become a frequent emotion that we feel when we are burnt-out. In this episode I will also teach you the exact steps I teach my clients for processing the emotion of anxiety and how it applies to life as an OB/GYN.  Be sure to check out my free course if you would like more help:


Aug 19

31 min 44 sec

Today on the podcast, we are going to explore the possibilities. What would your dream practice look like? Most of us don't know where to start on even answering that question. My guest today, Dr. Carolyn Moyers, shows us how she is chasing her dreams by creating a unique practice in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Moyers is an example of what is possible when it comes to creating the life you want.   If you would like to explore creating the life that YOU want, send me an email at so we can arrange a time to chat and go through my Before and After Process--no strings attached. 


Aug 12

28 min 8 sec

Was call busy? Is the clinic crazy busy?  What does busy look like for you? How do you know what is busy vs. crazy busy?  Busy is a mindset. Come listen to today's episode to learn how to stop being busy and some of my favorite ways to maximize your time.  Come get my free training course: CLICK HERE

Aug 5

21 min 53 sec

When we are employed physicians, often we think we don't have any control over the things that happen at work, which results in us being miserable. We think we aren't in charge, so we can't make any positive changes at work.  But in reality, we should be taking charge of ourselves and who we are at work in order to make a positive change. In today's episode I will teach you how to do this and I will also teach you The Model can help us when we are employed physicians.  If you'd like to send me a question or topic you'd like answered in an upcoming episode, email me at: If you'd like to get my free course "3 Steps to End Your Burnout" click here. 


Jul 29

31 min 14 sec

Medicine teaches us many things. It teaches us to spot abnormalities and anomalies and disease. So often, it is also modeled to us that we should hate call, that the ER likes to punish us and that patients are wasting our time.  These are lessons we learn over years of training that we accept to be true. These lessons condition our brain to be Committed to Suffering. We look for the ways that our job causes us to suffer. We revel in misery. We find comradery in complaining. But what if it didn't have to be like that? What if call didn't suck? What if the ER's aim wasn't to punish us?   Come learn some valuable tools for dealing with our Commitment to Suffering that medicine has taught us and learn how to re-wire that conditioning in a way that serves you better. 


Jul 22

22 min 53 sec

In medicine, we often relate to feeling "called" to our field. Answering our calling is what gets us through the hard years of training. However, once we are done with training, we can find ourselves feeling more like it's just a job we clock in and out of to pay the bills. Today we discuss a parable that I find useful in evaluating how we think and feel about our job. Come let me walk you through the steps to evaluating where you are at with your job, and how to feel like it's your calling again.  For more free resources, go to my website: and click on "Free Resources."


Jul 15

19 min 51 sec

Do you like to control things? Are you "Type A" or a "control freak" so to speak? We like to control outcomes in medicine, but do we really ever have true control?  Many of us find ourselves trying to control more than just outcomes as a way to feel better. Today, we dive in to why we often try to control our surroundings, and what to do when it isn't helping us to do so.  If you are interested in working with me, go to my website to learn more and enroll: For my Free Course, 3 Steps to End Your Burnout, sign up for instant access by clicking here.


Jul 8

29 min 2 sec

Our training in medicine often teaches us that what we want doesn't matter. We put off our interests and lives until we complete our training, then we can find ourselves struggling with who we are outside of medicine. This is often a major contributor to burnout amongst my clients and amongst physicians in general. By allowing ourselves to want things and to dream about things again, we open our mind to living intentionally and creating the life we want.  For more information on my coaching program (Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job), click here:

Jul 1

20 min 40 sec

Our medical training often makes it hard for us to tell others that we are struggling. Often we think they should just know and offer to help us. We often assume that our boss or administrator knows that we are struggling and we feel victimized when they don't help. But when we think this way, it strips us of all of our power in the situation. We need to realize that the company we work for highly values us as a physician and that we are experts at being OB/GYN's, so when something in the workflow isn't gong well, our opinion matters. In today's episode, I walk you through how to approach admin and ask for a scribe, as an example, in a way that focuses on solutions and empowers you to have a say in things. Email me: Website: Instagram: CoachMilesMD


Jun 24

25 min 43 sec

Today I am going to walk you through my process for how to handle the day-to-day stress of being an OB/GYN and then what to do to handle the Shit Shows that happen in this job.  I have developed a Shit Show Plan for myself and I walk you through what that looks like and what to do to make yours.  Enrollment is open for Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job! To work with me click here: To get my free mini course, 3 Steps to End Your Burnout, click here and sign up so I can email it directly to you:


Jun 17

29 min 9 sec

Do you find yourself running behind in clinic? Then do you find yourself beating yourself up or stressing over how much you run behind? Many of us have beliefs about how running behind makes us bad people or rude. These beliefs don't serve us and may actually lead us to run even more behind! Come listen today to learn more.  Also check out my newest FREE Mini Course on my website that I have developed to teach you the REAL causes of burnout and 3 essential steps to beating it.  You can sign up for this 3-part video course by going to and signing up with your email to gain free access! Enrollment for my July session of Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job is also opening this week, and I talk about the details in my free Mini Course. 


Jun 10

12 min 47 sec

 Have you ever wondered why we work such long hours in this field? I think the answer to that question is much deeper than "because there's a lot of work to be done."  I see 5 common reasons why we work long hours in OB/GYN and they aren't what you might think! We need to look at the real reasons why we end up overworking and begin to realize it's not just the amount of work. Our beliefs and our conditioning often lead us to over-work, not our contract.  For more free resources, check out my website:

Jun 3

28 min 46 sec

Burnout can feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel--running and running, exhausted, but getting no where. Often, this is related to the questions we ask ourselves.  When we ask our brain a question, it's job is to find potential answers. So if we ask negative, Dead End Questions, we get negative, dead end answers...and a negative, dead end mindset.  In this episode, we discuss what Dead End Questions are and I give you some Better Questions to ask yourself.  For more free resources, go to my website:


May 27

17 min 42 sec

Wanna know the truth? Your truth is different from mine. Because it is based on your thoughts, experiences and life. The truth is subjective. This applies to when patients bring birth plans to the hospital. Come learn why patients do this and how to deal with it in a way that doesn't add to burnout.  To reserve your spot on my wait-list for "Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job" click here:

May 20

16 min 44 sec

We will all pay a price to do the things we love. How much is too much to do those things? What if we thought about call/charts/clinic as the price we pay to play? Come learn what I mean by this and how to start changing your beliefs about work so that you are ready to pay the price of admission without feeling burnt-out. In this episode, I teach you a technique to change your thoughts about work in an easy and doable way.  Come join the waitlist for my next round of "Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job" by clicking here:

May 13

19 min 30 sec

For some more free resources, head over to my website: Listen in today to learn about what validation is and how it leads to burnout Learn a helpful metaphor for being an OBGYN that can help you prioritize yourself  Learn the questions to ask yourself to begin working on your self worth so that you no longer have to rely on validation from others. 

May 6

18 min 47 sec

When we are burnt-out, our brain doesn't have much dopamine floating around. It is in survival mode. Dopamine is what gives us motivation and satisfaction. Many times, our brain will try to feel better by seeking out large amounts of dopamine from external sources, such as sugary snacks, alcohol, social media, or online shopping. These are all examples of concentrated pleasures, which give our brain a large amount of dopamine all at once. When we seek these things out, our brain then prefers these things over natural pleasures. This is problematic in a couple of ways--first, the natural pleasures help us decrease burnout, and secondly, the concentrated pleasures usually lead to negative results for us. Come listen to learn if you are using natural or concentrated pleasures for dopamine, and how to harness natural sources of dopamine to reverse your burnout.  For questions or comments, find me on:  Instagram:  CoachMilesMD Facebook: Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job My Website: Or email me:

Apr 29

26 min 4 sec

One of the leading causes of burnout is the lack of respect from admin, staff and colleagues. The problem is, respect is a feeling, and feelings come from our thoughts. When we are burnt-out, our brain is in survival mode and primarily is run by the primitive part of our brain, which views most interactions as negative. Today we are going to discuss why we often feel disrespected when we are burnt-out and some strategies for what to do about it. Follow me on Instagram at: or on Facebook at: Visit my website: to learn more about my program, Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job!


Apr 22

19 min 32 sec

Beliefs are thoughts that we have thought over and over again. They are thoughts that we believe to be true. When we have beliefs about work, sometimes they can lead to burnout, as I quickly learned. By examining these beliefs, you can start to question whether your beliefs about work are really serving you or not. Listen to find out what beliefs are, and how they may be leading to burnout for you! If you have questions, you can always email me at or visit me on Instagram (CoachMilesMD) or Facebook. 

Apr 15

15 min 37 sec

In medicine and on the road to get here, we have been taught many things about failure.  Mostly that it is bad. And that to be good, we must avoid it at all costs. After a recent event at work, I decided to dig deeper into failure and what we make it mean about us as physicians, and as people. Come listen today to see if you do the same, and how to go about addressing it.  You can always find me at my website: or on Instagram (CoachMilesMD)

Apr 8

15 min 53 sec

Sunday Scaries. I'm pretty sure they should have their own ICD-10 code. And they suck. That's what I've decided. I used to struggle with this regularly, even on non-Sundays... Sometimes it was a mini-version of the Sunday Scaries, where I didn't want to get out of the car when I get to work. But I've found the way to get rid of the Sunday Scaries for GOOD. So come and listen to find out whether you have Sunday Scaries, where they come from, and what to do about it.  If you have any questions about this or other topics, reach out to me at:  You can also find more information on my 1:1 Coaching Program, Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job, which is enrolling right now, on my website: I'm also on instagram:

Apr 1

15 min 32 sec

Doctor's day is next week, and with "feeling unappreciated or disrespected" as a top cause of physician burnout, I want to talk about how to celebrate YOU so that you don't fall into this category! Because it doesn't matter what kind of Doctor's Day celebration is held--it's your thinking about it that matters. So if you find yourself grumbling because the hospital provided lunch is lackluster, I want YOU to celebrate YOU in a way that brings joy. And this isn't just for Doctor's Day--birthdays, anniversaries, or just a random Thursday--celebrate YOU. Because YOU are AH-MAZING. 


Mar 25

14 min 55 sec

So many of us in medicine have perfectionistic tendencies, and to a point it has served us well. Come listen to today's episode to find out if perfectionistic thinking is still serving you or if it is leading to negative results in your life at home, at work and with your relationships. I will also teach you a concept that helps my clients ditch their perfectionistic thinking to start thriving and growing as the perfectly imperfect human that you are.  Also tune in to learn about my 12 week coaching program, Quit Your Burnout, Not Your Job, and some freebies I am offering on my website!

Mar 18

25 min 19 sec

I'll admit it, I have had kind of a love/hate relationship with social media in the past. I have definitely used it as a source of buffering in the past. Especially while waiting on a delivery or on a surgery to start.  The negative consequences included me not doing my charts and orders in a timely fashion and it also contributed to my burnout!  This week we are going to discuss social media and it's affects on our brains.  We will discuss how to evaluate whether this is something that you need to work on or not, and the questions to ask yourself to get started.  

Mar 11

21 min 36 sec

So often our Burnout story is a rough one. It is a painful one. It can be full of negative emotions and terrible details. In today's episode, we talk about how I rewrote my burnout story, and how you can too. Tune in to hear my original burn out story and how I changed it. For more details on my upcoming program, visit my website at or follow me on Instagram (CoachMilesMD) for updates on when to enroll! And I'd love it if you left me an iTunes review!

Mar 4

17 min 48 sec

Buffering can show up a lot of ways in our lives, like emotional eating, having a glass of wine and watching Netflix or scrolling our phones. Essentially what we are doing is trying to escape or trying to feel better. Come learn more about how to tell if you are buffering and what to do about it! 

Feb 25

19 min 51 sec

While on call this week, it was interesting to see my brain go into a scarcity mindset, and it got me thinking about how scarcity can play into burnout. Come listen to what scarcity is, how it can show up in our lives, and how we can get out of scarcity and live from a place of abundance instead.  I'd also love it if you left me a review on iTunes so I can get the word out to other OB/GYN's! You can also find me on Instagram (CoachMilesMD) if you have any questions, or on my website:

Feb 18

32 min 39 sec

With Valentine's Day approaching, come find out how I can make any situation better, by Sprinkling a Little Love on Top. In today's episode, we will discuss what love is, where it comes from, how we feel it, and how we can use it to take care of ourselves and reduce burnout. You will also find out if you are placing conditions on your love for other people (which means certain conditions must be met before you feel love towards them). I will also give you tips and tricks on how to show yourself more love! Leave me a review on iTunes and follow me on Instagram (coachmilesMD). You can also find more free resources on my website: 


Feb 11

19 min 8 sec

I like my creature comforts when I am on call. Yes, I bring my own pillow and bedding and body wash. But after an unexpected outcome, I found myself looking for more comfort to my stress. I was looking to sugar and phone scrolling to feel better. The problem with these things is, they don't actually comfort us. They just numb or blunt our emotions. So go get your comfy pants on and listen to ways that you can provide your mind and body comfort to close the stress cycle!  While you are there, leave me a review so together we can spread the word to other OB/GYNs that this podcast exists!  You can always find me on Instagram at CoachMilesMD or on my website,

Feb 4

23 min 45 sec

The manual is a list of unspoken rules you have for other people. Like a Girl Scout manual that says what a good girls scout is, we also have a manual for what a good spouse is, what a good sister is, what a good friend is. It is a list of things we think other people should do, so that we can be happy. But often, this leads to tension and resentment in relationships or feeling frustrated with people/patients/coworkers. Come listen to find out more details on what a manual is and if you currently have one for the relationships in your life.   Then leave me a review so I can spread the word to more OB/GYN's (or healthcare workers in general) about this podcast! The goal is to help as many others that I can with this work!  To find me, visit my website: or follow me on Instagram at CoachMilesMD

Jan 28

22 min 30 sec

Did you know that there is a difference between guilt and shame? And that if you experience more shame, there are higher rates of associated depression, anxiety and burnout? Mom Guilt is like "I feel bad for giving my kid M&M's with breakfast," whereas Mom Shame is like "I'm a bad mom for giving my kid M&M's with breakfast."  We also tend to shame ourselves as doctors when we have complications.  The difference between these is vital to how we view ourselves as a Mom, as a Doc, and as a person.  Come and listen to today's episode and discover if you are shaming or guilting yourself regularly and what to do about it. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcasts! You can always follow me on Instagram at coachmilesmd  or visit my website at


Jan 21

30 min 41 sec

I'm a recovering people pleaser. There, I said it. Maybe you relate. People pleasing comes from our deepest primal fear of rejection, because if we were kicked out of the herd, we would be in danger. So no wonder it sucks to feel rejection. Come listen and we will discuss the ways that people pleasing often shows up, and how to show up in a more authentic way (to yourself and others).

Jan 14

18 min 45 sec

Overwhelm is a part of being an OB/GYN at times. But today, we dive into the causes and the tools I often use when coaching my clients to ditch their overwhelm and get a place of finding better solutions.  From deep seated beliefs, to the evolution of women in the workplace, we talk about all the things that lead to our overwhelm and what to do about it.  Listen in to hear more! For questions, comments or topics you'd like help with on the podcast, send me an email at or find me on instagram @ CoachMilesMD

Jan 7

23 min 37 sec

Toxic People can really get us in a negative mood if we let them. Come along and listen today to find out my Secret to dealing with them. I'll also share the concept of Emotional Childhood and Emotional Adulthood, which is a something I teach my coaching clients to help them take charge of their emotions 100% of the time.  I also am discussing my new coaching program, "Quit your Burnout, not your Job," which starts enrolling on January 1st, 2021. If you are interested in details, listen in, or go to my website or find me on Instagram at CoachMilesMD .

Dec 2020

24 min 30 sec

As an OB/GYN, we expect to lose sleep to deliveries and call and getting paged. However, many times, we aren't taking advantage of time off to actually catch up and get the right amount of sleep that we require! We often want to stay up late to take advantage of our time off, but this leaves us feeling chronically tired. With studies showing sleep deprivation leads to build up of beta-amyloid, and possibly increased risk of Alzheimer's, it is more important than ever that we prioritize getting sleep when we are able to. Come listen to find out the best sleep recommendations and ways to start improving your sleep, and your burnout, tonight. 

Dec 2020

19 min 47 sec