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Welcome to the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast bringing you inspiring conversation with Christian leaders and thinkers from around the world, designed to help you thrive as a follower of Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you're going through.

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Season 2 // Episode 7 In this episode Jez spoke to Phil Mash a freelance camera operator and member of Community Church Putney. They discuss Phil's experience of the TV industry, his Teletubby claim to fame and his experience of baby loss following the stillbirth of his daughter in 2011.  The link to the photo mentioned in the episode can be found here:

Nov 29

47 min 11 sec

- Season 2 // Episode 6 In this episode Jez speaks to Kris Defriend, inpatient consultant for children and young people's mental health and psychiatry and member of Jubilee church Sussex. 

Nov 15

1 hr 4 min

- Series 2 - Episode 5 In this episode Jez speaks to Alex Johnson, part of Jubilee Church East Grinstead and professional drummer about how he got into the work and how he's learning to stay faithful to Christ in the unusual world of rock music.

Nov 1

36 min 23 sec

- Season 2 - // Episode 4 // In this episode Jez speaks to Chris Ashurst about hearing God's voice, following God's lead and making an impact as a blessing in the world. Chris, together with his wife Jill are part of New ground church, Kings Church Edinburgh and have been active serving in leadership and church life for over 40 years. 

Oct 18

53 min 8 sec

Season 2 // Episode 3 In this episode Jez interviews three women who've each moved from England to France with the intention of helping to establish and support new churches. Rachel Mumford, Georgina Eaton & Beki Lambert.  

Oct 4

58 min 27 sec

- Season 2: Episode 2 -   In this episode Jez speaks to double MOBO award winning rapper, author, activist, and broadcaster  Isaac BorQwuaye, better known as GuvnaB. Find out more about GuvnaB here: His book ‘Unspoken’ Toxic Masculinity and how I faced the man within the man was out earlier this year and tells the story of he coped with the loss of his dad two years ago. You can order a copy here:   The excerpts of GuvnaB’s songs used in today’s episode are used with the permission of the artist and record label.

Sep 20

54 min 41 sec

- Episode 25 - Welcome to Season 2 of the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast. In this episode Jez speaks to Natalie Williams the new CEO of Jubilee+ a national charity that aims to equip churches to engage in social action within their communities. Natalie is a former journalist who grew up one of the most deprived areas in England and is now a CEO and author of three books: The Myth of the Undeserving Poor:  A Church For the Poor:  & A Call to Act:  For more information about Natalie and the work of Jubilee Plus visit: 

Sep 6

1 hr

- Episode 25 - In this Episode Jez shares his 5 standout comments and moments from season 1. Featuring clips from conversations with Kate Middleton, David Bennett, Kemi Koleoso, Andrew Bunt and Jonny Mellor.

Aug 23

23 min 59 sec

- Episode 24 - In today's episode we feature clips from a variety of conversations over the past year all on the subject of pastoral leadership and the lessons of Covid. In it you'll find comments from: Simon Elliott, David Holden, Terry Virgo, Simon Holley, Phil Moore, Stef Liston & Mike Betts. We cover a range of topics including: Advice for lost Christians, growth and the gift of Covid, the need for the presence of the Holy Spirit, & tips for healthy spirituality; enjoy!  

Aug 9

22 min 53 sec

- Episode 23 - Grace Filled Marriage - Claire & Steve Musters. In today’s episode Jez speaks to Claire & Steve Musters. Part of River Church Sutton, Steve leads the eldership team (  & Claire has been an author for many years. Claire’s books and more information about her writing can be found here:   Their book ‘Grace Filled Marriage’ is available to buy online:

Jul 26

59 min 59 sec

- Episode 22 - In today’s episode Jez spoke to Jonny Mellor. Jonny co-founded  sputnik growing network of artists who identify as christian but who don’t make christian art, he’s a rapper and part of the preaching team at church central in Birmingham. Married to Gemma and they have three kids.   Sputnik regularly host events for christians and artists including one on Monday 19th July, hosting Alastair Gordon for a discussion event on zoom about the importance of the arts for the church. Alastair is an elder at Christ Church at All Saints Wandsworth and a painter, who is very well regarded in the contemporary fine art scene. He also leads Morphe Arts, which is a charity that works with Christians working professionally in the arts.   Jonny writes about this event: It is very rare to find someone who can straddle the worlds of the local church and the arts and Ally is brilliant at this. If you would like to further your understanding of the place of the arts in our faith, and in our communal church lives together, I can’t think of a better person in the UK to present on this subject. There will also be plenty of time given over to q and a at the event too, so you’ll have a chance to ask any questions you’d like on this topic.   All of the details about the event and how to get tickets are here- 'Why Art Matters' with Alastair Gordon Tickets, Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite  

Jul 12

59 min 5 sec

- Episode 21 - In today’s episode Jez speaks to author and psychiatrist Glynn Harrison. Formerly Glynn was professor and head of the department of psychiatry at the University of Bristol. He is a past President of the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology and has acted as an advisor to WHO. Since retiring from academic life he is a regular speaker and trainer for churches and universities, speaking about Christian faith in relation to psychology, neuroscience and mental health.  Glynn is also the author of a couple of books: A Better Story: God, Sex & Human Flourishing   The Big Ego Trip: finding true significance in a culture of self-esteem.  

Jun 28

58 min 50 sec

- Episode 20 - In today’s episode Jez speaks to Kemi Koleoso, popular conference speaker, founder of the Courageous sisters charity, wife and mother. We discuss everything from how she maintains a healthy devotional life, tips for parenting and raising boys in church as well as overcoming fear. Recorded a few days after the anniversary of the death of George Floyd and the global reaction his death provoked we spoke about the impact of that moment on racial justice in the UK as well as Kemi’s experiences of racism and the way being black impacts on the choices she makes and the underlying beliefs she has to combat.   To connect with Kemi you can follow her on social media @kemikoleoso or visit the website:

Jun 14

59 min 59 sec

- Episode 19 -    In this episode Jez caught up with Tom Head church planter and team leader at The East End Church, London. More information about Tom and the church can be found here:   

May 31

1 hr 4 min

- Episode 18 - In this episode Jez speaks to Stef Liston, one of the elders of Revelation Church Camden and part of the team leading Relational Mission churches.     

May 17

1 hr 3 min

- Episode 17 - In this episode Jez is in conversation with Mike Betts, pastor, author and founder of the Relational Mission apostolic sphere of churches. Mike has over 30 years of ministry experience and is the author of two books: Relational Mission, a way of life: The Prayers of Many: They discuss the post-pandemic revival of 1921 Lowestoft and the power and gift of prayer.

May 3

1 hr 13 min

- Episode 16 -   In today’s episode we welcome Emma Goulds onto the podcast to discuss violence against women and the challenges created by a hyper sexualised culture such as our own. Along with that we also discuss the #metoo movement started by Tarana Burke, and the need for church leaders to engage in the subject.   Emma is one of the cofounders of Orchardsuk a charity that works in partnership with local churches to support women who have experienced different forms of sexual exploitation. Emma is also a leader at Beacon church London and a mum of 3 children.   More information about her charity can be found by visiting:   And for links to some of her recent talks or blogs on the subject visit:   Youth Culture 2019 Address:    Blogs: &   All of us involved with producing this podcast would like to thank Emma for her courage and willingness to share personal and vulnerable stories for the benefit of us all and to help us all learn. We honour you.

Apr 19

1 hr

- Episode 15 - Henk & Eunee Kirsten In today’s episode Jez discusses parenting, church planting and leadership with Henk & Eunee Kirsten. Henk is part of the New Ground leadership team and together he and Eunee have been involved in church leadership and church planting both in the UK and in the Netherlands for many years.

Apr 5

59 min 50 sec

- Episode 14 - David Bennett   Today’s episode features a conversation Jez had with author David Bennett. David describes his journey to Christianity as an unlikely one coming as he did from the background of being an atheist, gay activist.   In this episode he shares with us his story of coming to faith as well as reflections he’s had since on the nature of Christianity and sexuality.   His fantastic book: ‘A War of Loves’ tells this story in more detail and is available here

Mar 22

1 hr 25 min

- Episode 12 -  In this episode Jez speaks to Owen Hylton, pastor of Beacon Church Brixton and author of 'Crossing the Divide: A call to embrace diversity'. You can find Owen's book here: and access his resources on pathways to peace within the church here:  

Feb 22

1 hr 4 min

- Episode 11 - In this episode Jez speaks to Andrew Bunt, assistant pastor for Kings Church Bexhill & Hastings, author and staff member for Living Out an organisation seeking to equip churches and Christians to talk about sexuality. Prior to our conversation new legal rulings were passed by the High Court in the UK concerning the restriction of hormone treatment for under 18s. Andrew has written about the implications of this here: You can find more information and articles by Andrew at Think theology and on the Living Out webpage:  

Feb 8

51 min 16 sec

- Episode 10 - Kieran Dunne, associate pastor and evangelist at The Kings Church Mid Sussex shares his heart for lost and encourages us with a mixture of powerful stories and humour how we can be God's mouthpiece to a needy world. 

Jan 25

1 hr 2 min

- Episode 9 - Happy New Year!!  In this episode Jez caught up with Terry Virgo, founder of New Frontiers, who shared his thoughts on the need of the church and his desire for revival.  For more information about Terry Virgo visit his website: To contact Jez or any of the team behind the podcast you can email: 

Jan 4

1 hr 24 min

- Episode 8 - Jez caught up with Christian psychologist and popular conference speaker Dr Kate Middleton to discuss mental health in a time of crisis and her tips for safeguarding wellbeing in a time of crisis.    For more information about Dr Middleton's work visit: or    Dr Kate's top tips on looking after your wellbeing were: 1. Manage your stress levels; be aware of how close to becoming overwhelmed you are 2. Recognise the value of negative emotions  3. Get some processing space 4. Overcome your negative biases  5. People. We need other people to help us.

Dec 2020

1 hr 1 min

- Episode 7 - In this episode Jez caught up with Dr Andy Johnston our resident church historian to discuss the pandemic against the backdrop of church history. Dr Johnston is the lead elder at Kings Community Church, Hedge End 

Dec 2020

40 min 10 sec

- Episode 6 - In this episode Jez speaks to author and mum of three Rachel Wilson to discuss parenting through lockdown, the challenge and pain of vulnerability and the things she's learnt as a mum of two children with additional needs. Her book 'The Life You Never Expected' is available to buy on Amazon:…aps%2C152&sr=8-1

Dec 2020

43 min 45 sec

Episode 5 - Discipleship, Vulnerability & Authenticity In this conversation Jez caught up with Simon Holley from the Kings Arms church Bedford to talk about discipleship and the Christian life. Simon's book 'Sustainable Power' is available to buy here on Amazon. If you're interested in reading more on disciple making movements Simon suggests: 'Church Planting Movements' by David garrison 'Spent matches' by Roy Moran 'Made to Switch' by Chip and Dan Heath And on the subject of change and change management: 'Our Iceberg Is Melting' by John Cotter

Dec 2020

46 min 36 sec

Episode 1 - The First - Welcome to the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast here to help you thrive as a follower of Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you're going through. Jez caught up with pastor, author and leadership consultant Phil Moore to discuss his new commentary on the book of Job. We explore the role that sacrifice and suffering plays in the Christian life as well as look at some tips on how to stay spiritually healthy. For more resources from Phil or to order yourself a copy of his one of his books check out:

Nov 2020

41 min 50 sec

Episode 4 - How to Be a Spiritual Mother or Father Jez caught up with David Holden, founder of New Ground Churches to talk about the vital role that mentoring others plays in the Christian life.

Nov 2020

49 min 23 sec

Episode 3 - Understanding Cultural Change, Sexuality & Secularism Jez caught up with pastor, author and popular conference speaker Andrew Wilson to discuss the advance of secularism and the challenge on the church. Andrew offers some insights into sexuality, and the rapid cultural change that is extremely helpful and thought provoking. Find more of Andrew's thoughts and insights as well as information about his books and conferences at: sexualityculturechangesecularismhistorical changechristian lifelifeapologetics      

Nov 2020

53 min 45 sec

Episode 2 - How to Manage Your Emotional Health - Jez caught up with pastor, and leadership consultant Simon Elliott to discuss emotional intelligence. In this episode we cover a wide range of topics offering tips on how to stay healthy emotionally and how to cultivate good friendships.

Nov 2020

48 min 42 sec