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Erik Simins

Rejection after rejection. Mis-hires. Resume fraud. $600B lost every year. Workwolf tackles it all in weekly episodes on all the latest in hiring and getting hired in a time where these things matter more than ever before.

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How is innovative technology changing the way we work more rapidly than ever before? What can we expect in the upcoming months and years in work post-COVID-19? How can we be prepared for those changes and the challenges that will arise as a result? Workwolf Podcast host Frank Crupi discusses it all live on the air with Jim Harris, a renowned leading disruptive innovation speaker. Make sure to follow us on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages so you don’t miss the next live broadcast! --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 3

29 min 47 sec

What is Workwolf, how are we working towards improving hiring for all involved, what does the future of the employment market look like, and what does it take to launch or even work at a start-up? CEO Erik Simins and Frank Crupi discuss it all in our pilot episode. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 8

33 min 8 sec